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Sophie's Oneshot.

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What the title says yo! Hope you like this oneshot,Sophie!

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A/N:Sophie,I hope you like your oneshot.I took time out of my 'busy' schedule (okay,my shedule wasn't exactly busy,I don't do much..) to write this for you,because you are awesome.

xo Sadie

I sat at the back of the class,alone.
My Ipod on full volume,blocking out the entire world.
"Sophie.SOPHIE!"The teacher shouted.
"God,what?!"I shout back,taking a headphone out."Can't you see I am fucking busy!"
"Excuse me?"The teacher glared at me with devil-like eyes that could kill you if they got hot enough."Language like that isn't allowed here."
"My language is fucking English,you bitch."I mutter under my breath.
The door then swung open,and the hottest boy ever walked in.
"Um..hi.I'm Mikey.Mikey Way.Am I in the right class?"
"Let me look..Oh yes,you are,Mr.Way.Take a seat anywhere you like."
"Thanks.."Mikey muttered,taking back his timetable and walking towards me.
Well,the back of the class,but still..

"Hey,I'm Mikey.And you are?"
"Sophie.."I mutter,shaking his outstretched hand.
My fucking god,it's soft!
Calm yourself,Sophie.
Right,back to the normal me.
"Why are you sat at the back for?"Mikey asks.
"Because no one likes me.."I mutter.
"Well,now somebody does."Mikey smiles.

The months that passed were pretty cool.
Me and Mikey had become pretty cool friends,and his brother,Gerard,is cool too.
I beat them every time at Dungeons and Dragons.
Or,maybe,cuz I'm a girl,they let me win.
Eh,doesn't really matter.

"Take that,Mikey Way!"I cheer as I beat him yet again at Dungeons and Dragons.
"Oh,I am slain!"He jokes,dramtically placing the back of his hand to his forehead.
I start laughing as he dramitacally 'dies'.
"Okay,stop! I can't breathe!"I say whilst bursting with laughter,falling to the floor.
"I'll save you!"Mikey says heroically as he pretends to give me mouth to mouth,whilst he was actually kissing me.
I started smiling.
"You kissed me."
"Yep."He smiled cutely.
"You planned that,didn't you!"I say.
"You caught me!"He raised his palms in the air."Red handed!"
"I did indeed."I say as I kiss him.

A/N:Like that,Sophie?
P.S:I'm shipping Sikey now.Just like I ship Franina,Frasmine,Serard (me and Gerard,in case you didn't know,other readers) and Atomicstumph.
Rate and Review guys!
Love ya
xo Sadie
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