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Level 3

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Help ME!!!! Pretty please? There's an audition post as well now.

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As a general rule, people on this site have treated me extremely well with only a few exceptions. I'm not one to post my whole story, mainly because I don't come on here much to post anymore. The reason being when I write, I'm trying to move out of fan fiction and into my own style. If you have ever read anything of mine before, you may realise that I'm drifting heavily into my own pen of horror.

I'm wanting to write a proper story, not a long 700 page novel, but something more substantial than the typical small chapter fan fics that I've usually done.

I'm starting on the ideas and building the foundations of the story and I want those of you who have supported me before through any means - be it beta, reviewer or just a helpful email-er - to be part of it. I don't know how I'm going to do it, I'll be basing some characters off you guys and I might end up doing that in the same style of the auditions, but instead of you must being the character, I'll be melding your auditions together into the character I need. I'll probably need loads of beta's, I'll be wanting to just get some people reading it as I go to make sure the whole thing keeps people interested.

It's going to be a steampunk horror, I can't really say much more yet because the ideas need work on and I really don't know how to explain the ideas in my head yet. I guess best I can say is it's based on the different levels on an elevator, but the sign tells you level 3 is out of bounds. Any other level you select takes you nowhere or to level 3, but the doors won't open unless you actually select level 3 and if you enter level 3 loads of psychological horror things happen, playing on your fears but in a post-apocalyptic world.

Right now, I was just thinking that if you want to be part of this, email me at and let me know in reviews if you've emailed me because if your email goes straight into my junk box, I can't access it from my phone.

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