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All I want for Christmas

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“Frank! Will you quit dragging that fricking tinsel around! I’m gonna break my neck here!” Currently getting re-edited and updated.

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Prologue-All I want for Christmas

Gerard’s pov

I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know! Make my wish come true! All I want for Christmas is you!”
I giggled hysterically as I wrapped tinsel around the fire place while my boyfriend sang Mariah Carey which was playing through the house from the radio, at the top of his lungs as he danced around the house, tinsel trailing behind him as he held it in his hand, occasionally throwing it over his head.
My brother walked in the room, kicking the sitting room door open as he held a box of decorations in his arms, his eyes just peeping over the top as he walked, tripping over the tinsel as he did so.
“Frank! Will you quit dragging that fricking tinsel around! I’m gonna break my neck here!” Mikey said exasperated, placing the box on the sofa and readjusting his glasses.
“Sorry! But I’m so fucking hyper!” Frank exclaimed happily as he bounced on the sofa.
“Yeah, we kind of noticed that.” Mikey muttered, wisely removing the box from harms way by putting it on the floor, “Why the hell are you so hyper anyway?” he asked, hand on his hip.
Frankie stopped bouncing to give my brother a look of incredulous disbelief. I giggled quietly while Mikey raised his eyebrows.
“Why? Um try because Christmas is almost here four eyes.” Frank said tartly, placing both hands on his skinny hips.
“And …” Mikey made a gesture obviously wanting Frank to elaborate.
“What cha mean ‘and’?” Frankie asked pouting.
“So Christmas is almost here and you’re acting like a freaking two year old, explain the connection here.”
“Because I freaking love Christmas!” Mikey rolled his eyes mumbling something that sounded like ‘why the hell is my brother dating you again?’ while Frankie continued to bounce up and down, “Wanna know why dork face?”
“No but I got a feeling you’re gonna tell me any-“
“Because you get loads of presents!” Mikey threw his arms up in defeat while I laughed, “And then there’s snowball fights! Oh and chocolate! And snow angels and snow men!”
“Frank, babe, you might want to calm down a little bit.” I advised him hiccuping.
“Why?” Frankie asked bouncing still, Mikey watching him with an exasperated expression on his face.
“Because you might-“ I cut off, wincing slightly as Frank fell over the back of the sofa.
“Ow.” He said simply.
“Fall off the sofa.” I finished lamely while my brother laughed hysterically.
“Fucking idiot.” He managed to choke out, “What’s your age again?”
”What’s my age again, what’s my age again.”
“Thanks bro.” I said sarcastically, grinning weakly as Frank promptly shot up and began singing Blink 182.
“No prob Gee.” Mikey giggled insanely.
“Dude, you sound like a mental institute escapee.” I said smirking.
“Oh thank you so much I feel oh so flattered.”
“Yeah? Well, you should.”
Mikey rolled his eyes as he started digging in the box for some lights, “Hey has Ray called?” he asked abruptly.
I frowned slightly, putting some holly around the picture frames, “No, not that I know of, why?”
“Damn it I’m so gonna kill that lovable puffball!” Mikey cussed, “He said he would call round to help with these damn decorations.” He added in, noticing my confused expression as he tried to untangle a set of lights, “God damn it! Who the hell packed these away last year!?” he suddenly yelled frustrated, actually stamping his foot down.
“You.” Both I and Frank said in union, Frank popping up over the sofa.
“Why the hell did you let me?!”
“Because I couldn’t be assed.” I shrugged, standing back slightly to see how the decorations looked, “So I thought fuck it, let the walking hazard do it.”
“Oh that was real smart that was.” Mikey replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes as Frankie laughed, “I better not get electrocuted from these fuckers like last year.” He said disgruntled, holding up a set of fairy lights.
“Oh! Fairy lights!” Frankie all but squealed excitedly before promptly grabbing them from my brothers’ hands and running off to hang them around the tree.
I chuckled in amusement as Mikey blinked blankly in shock, “Gerard.” He said flatly.
“Yeah?” I asked as I looked away from scrutinizing my decoration skills to look at him, hand on my chin.
“How many candy canes has your psycho assed boyfriend had in the past hour?”
I frowned thoughtfully, gazing up at the decorated ceiling, tapping my chin, “Um, four, maybe five?” I suggested meekly.
“Great.” Mikey said rolling his eyes before slapping himself-only to poke himself in the eye with his glasses; I started laughing, “Oh be quiet you-“
“Guys!” We whipped round, “Um, a bit of help here? Uh please?”
Both I and Mikey’s jaws dropped in disbelief, “Oh. God.” I groaned, running a hand through my hair while Mikey put a hand to his forehead, mumbling something about candy canes being filled with drugs rather than sugar, “Frankie, sugar, how on earth did you manage to tie yourself to the Christmas tree?” I asked exasperated.
“No idea.” Frankie admitted grimly, “But um, I somehow managed it.” He said brightly.
“We noticed.” Mikey replied flatly before letting his arm fall limply to his side and going over to help him out.

“Right tinsel?”
“Tree up?”
No answer. I frowned, looking up from my check list while Frank sat on the sofa, hardly able to sit still.
“Lights?” I called a bit louder.
No answer again.
“Jesus Christ how hard is it to put up freaking lights on a roof?” I mumbled, “Lights! MIKEY!”
“Is he dead?” Frankie asked raising an eyebrow at me.
“He’s probably got his I-pod on again.” I realized then huffed loudly, “Damn it Mikey have we got fucking li-“
I cut off flinching and covered my face with my note book as there was a loud bang, unmistakable sounds of electric shocks, a sudden yell then a thump sound.
“Ooh.” Frankie said, grimacing as he flinched.
“Lights?” I called weakly, peeping over my book.
“Check!” was the half hearted reply.
“Is he dead now?” Frank asked, sounding as if he was biting back a laugh.
“No, but he’s probably not far from it.” I admitted grimacing before heading outside to the front of the house.
“Yo Mikey! You okay?” I called.
It was quiet then-“No! I’m not o-fucking-kay!” Mikey all but shrieked.
I bit back a laugh, “”Where the hell are you?” I asked giggling slightly.
“Over here!”
I frowned and walked downstairs from the porch, into the freezing cold December air, shivering slightly considering I was wearing a thin black sweater and skinnies, as I made my way through at least two feet of snow-my converse getting soaked as I did so- towards the hedges where Mikey was lying in a heap.
“Fuck man, you alright?” I asked concerned, my teeth chattering slightly.
“No, um, Gee? Can, can you get me out of here?” he asked weakly, “I think I broke something.”
My eyes widened then I blinked to get some sleet out of my eyes before I quickly pulled Mikey out of the hedges.
“What’s broken?” I asked worriedly, brushing off snow and dirt from his grey skinnies and Misfits shirt.
“My arm I think.” He said weakly then hissed in pain as I gently held his arm; It was bent at an odd angle.
“Shit bro, I think we need to get you to the hospital.”
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