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chapter 2

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Sora woke to the sound of banging on his door, he looked up over his brother's shoulder and growled.

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Chapter 2

Sora woke to the sound of banging on his door, he looked up over his brother's shoulder and growled.
"Sora Roxas it's nearly noon and we have things to take care of today!" Cloud their father poked his spiky blonde head into the room.
`"What things?" Sora asked.
"As I told you a week ago Aerith's brother is moving into the house next door and we are helping."
"Okay we'll be down in minute."
Cloud left the room and went next door.

Sora and Roxas finally arrived at the house and saw their dad talking with a tall silver haired man in blue jeans and a black shirt. Squall was in a pair of leather pants and a white shirt, he was carrying a box from the truck in the driveway to the house where Zack and a silver haired boy about their age in a white top and jeans. He was pale and had bright green eyes.
"Hey Squall!" Sora called.
"Sora ROxas nice of you to join us."
"at least we're here."
"True, Riku these are Sora and Roxas Cloud's sons, Sora Roxas my nephew Riku."
"Hello so what needs moving?"
"The boxes mostly but they are set up by room I think most of the ones in here are basement or kitchen."
"All right."

They picked up a couple of boxes carrying them into the building. Roxas ' box had basement on it, so he carried it to the steps. Another silver haired boy was down there looking through some of the boxes he looked up as he came down.
"Oh hi."
"I'm Miki."
"Roxas umm where does this go?"
"Over there." He gestured and went back to the boxes.
"Okay." Roxas put the box with a bunch of others. "What is all this stuff?"
"Photography supplies mostly also some old keepsakes. "

They headed back upstairs to get some more boxes Roxas followed, deciding he enjoyed the view.
The others were still moving boxes and furniture. Sephiroth and Cloud had also started carrying stuff. They worked for a few hours before Aerith and Kairi as well as Squall's wife Rinoa with a pair of baskets.
"Hi guys we brought lunch." Aerith smiled brightly.
"Thank you Aerith."
"Of course Seph I'm happy to help my favorite brother."
"you say that to all of us."
"I know I hate to choose so you're all my favorites."
"Isn't she the best." Zack beamed and Squall simply smacked his brother on the back of the head.

"alright boys separate corners it's time to eat.":
"Yes Rin."

They sat around the dark wood table in the half unpacked dinning room of Seph's house.
"You know if all of our parents know eachother why don't we?" Roxas asked Aerith.
"Well Cloud and I went to school wit h Zack and Squall and your uncle. Seph's my older brother by about nine years so he was out of school but he and Zack met at work they hung out all the time but then Seph got a job at MIdgard and met your mother."
"We know what happened then." Miki spoke up.
"So how come we never met?"
"Well Zack and I usually brought Kairi to the city when we visited and Seph never came and visited us." She pouted at her older brother.
"Yes I had a lot of work Aerith."
"I know."
The rest of lunch passed with various anecdotes about the kids. After wards the five teens left to look around town Kairi Sora and Roxas giving Riku and Miki a tour.

They were about four blocks away near an apartment building when they ran into a group of their friends.
Two teen boys were playing Triple triad (1) at a picnic table.
"Come here Ruby Dragon" Hyne a blond a couple of inches taller then Roxas in a black tank top and camo pants, crowed picking up one of ther cards infront of Pence.
"Rematch." Pence said shuffling his cards. . A pair of girls Namine and a brunette named Orlette were on the swings. Namine was the first to spot them.
"Kairi!" she called jumping off the swing Orlette only a step behind her and Hyne and pence looked up from their game.
"Hey Nami Orlette." She smiled. "these are my cousins Riku and Miki, Riku Miki our friends Namine, orlette, Pence and Hyne."
"Actually I'm Sora and Roxas' cousin."
"Nice to meet you."
"A pleasure, You're Zack's nephews then right?"
"He's told me about you you want to go int oa modeling agency right?"
"Well there is a good on here The honey bee inn, Pence and I both work there."
"I can tell you defiantly look like a model." Riku smiled at her.
"So do you." he looked her up and down talking in the short white dress and strappy white sandals.
"Nami down." Sora joked and she smiled at him. "Aww is my little cousin embarrassed."
"I'm older then you Nami."

"So is there anything else to do around here?" Miki interrupted.
"Well ther is Blitz-ball. the Highschool team has won four championships, their captain and Forward are both being scouted by the professional league too." Hyne told him.
"Well Tidus is a given he's the Zararkand Abe's star player's son after all."
"Sounds good."

The group continued to talk Pence and Miki falling int o talks of camera's and their uses and subjects. the girls wandered off to talk and Sora, Hyne, and Riku started comparing blitz ball teams. Roxas listened but didn't join in he watched Riku and Miki carefully they were fitting well on only their first day. Namine kept glancing at Riku though and he at her.
"Hey Riku want to pose for me in a Blitz -ball uniform!" Miki called to him.
"Maybe." Riku answered.
"Miki does photography in fact he's my photographer."
"That's so cute."
"Well it's not like i'd trust just anybody."
"that's understandable."

The group finally split off everyone heading home. The boys found their family's at Kairi's home with her parents. after dinner they headed home.

Miki went up to his room to set up his computer and make sure his portfolio was in order, Zack had gotten them an interview with his boss. they were going with him to work in the morning. As he worked there was a knock on the door followed by his elder brother.
"Hey utoto."
"What are yo u doing?"
"Making sure my portfolio is up to date for tomorrow."
"Ahh well are yo u going to sleep soon we don't know when he'll be over." He looked over at miki's bed which was covered with boxes and books and most of his portfolio.
"Yeah i know."
"Come on gets some sleep."
"All right I'm coming."

Riku dragged him off to his room and they curled up to sleep.

(1) a card game you can play in Final fantasy VIII.
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