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The boys are back after so long.

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"Hey!" the black haired boy greeted, as he picked up the baby. Behind him, were three other boys: one with a small jew fro, one with brown hair, and one with glasses and light brown/red hair.

"What do you think this means, Pete?" the boy with the glasses asked.

"I don't know, Patrick. I mean, the baby wasn't here yesterday. I would've seen it when we came back from our first gig." Pete said, wondering whose baby it was.

"I still can't believe we're in a band!" the boy with the brown hair exclaimed.

"Pipe down, Andy." the boy with the jew fro said "We still don't have a name."

"Well, Joe, we could go with the name some person gave us yesterday." Andy said.

"What? Fall Out Boy? That's a Simpsons character. It could be a good name, though..." Patrick said, thoughtfully.

"I like it! Joe? Andy?" Pete asked, cradling the baby. The other two boys nodded.

"Well, then, I guess we're now and forever Fall Out Boy!" Patrick exclaimed with a smile. Suddenly, Pete felt the baby jump a bit. He looked at the baby. It now had a t-shirt that read "Fall Out Boy Fandom".

"Dude, that's so weird!" Joe exclaimed.

"Yeah! It's a crazy ass coincidence." Andy mumbled.


"Hey!" Pete exclaimed,as he dropped his bags. "You grew up fast!"

"Yeah! You did!" Patrick exclaimed, dropping his bags on the floor.

"Well, it's been about a year since you've left!" she responded.

"I like your shirt!" Joe said, walking into the house. She grinned. Her shirt read "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend" on one side, and "Take This To Your Grave" on the other.

"You could be a fashion designer!" Andy exclaimed, walking in and seeing her shirt.

"No! It's only 2003! Fashion changes." she responded with a smile.

"Well, you look a bit bigger. Almost like a 12 year old girl or something." Patrick said.

"Since Day 1, we always have joked that you were magic." Pete remembered "Every time we would come back from a gig, you would grow a bit, but since our two albums, you've really grown!"

"Yeah, I know!" she giggled.


"Hey, kid!" Pete greeted, as he walked in the house. He stopped in his tracks as he saw a 18 year old girl, with younger kids who looked almost identical to her,besides the different skin tones, and genders.

"Who are all of these kids?" Patrick asked, dropping is suitcase.

"They're my siblings! We're family!" she exclaimed.

"Hey-woah. You're big! And there's kids!" Andy exclaimed.

"You've grown! It's only been about 2 years!" Joe said, walking in. "But, again, nice shirts, you guys." She grinned. They all had "From Under The Cork Tree" shirts, except for the youngest kid, a baby, who had a shirt that had the same shirt that she had when she was a baby.

"Well, we're all growing!" she exclaimed.


"Hey!" Pete greeted, walking in the house. She grinned. She looked like she was 20 years old now. There were also more kids.

"Hey!" the rest of the guys greeted, walking in with Pete.

"Nice shirt, guys!" Joe exclaimed. They all had "Infinity On High" shirts. A few kids looked angry though, and still had "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend" shirts.

"What's up with them?" Andy asked, referring to the angry kids.

"Oh, they didn't like the new shirts, and they refuse to take off the old shirts." she shrugged. "And some of them just left. No one knows why. Some of them got old enough to leave, and did, but I'm still here!"

"Yeah, you are!" Patrick exclaimed, hugging her.

"I won't ever leave you!" she exclaimed. They all laughed and hugged her.


"Hey, kid!" Pete greeted, walking in with the guys. She smiled. There were more kids, some new faces, since others had left. A few kids were arguing, but nothing major.

"Hey, guys!" she greeted, wearing her "Folie a Deux" shirt. Some kids still were wearing their older shirts, but still smiling. There were also a few babies, too. "It's been about two years!"

"Yeah! You've all grown!" Patrick exclaimed.

"Again, nice shirts!" Joe complimented.

"We're glad you didn't get fed up and leave." Andy said. She smiled.

"Can't say the same for the others." she said, as she smiled sadly. They all shrugged.


"Why do you have to leave?" she whispered, hugging Pete.

"We just have to." he whispered back.

"No you don't! You can stay!" a kid shouted, while others cheered in agreement.

"Sorry, but we can't." Patrick said. "We love you guys, but we still have to go, no matter how much we love you all."

"Don't forget about us!" Joe exclaimed.

"I couldn't ever. We couldn't ever." she smiled. "Just don't forget about us."

"Never." Andy said, as they all walked out of the house with their suitcases. Pete stopped at the doorway.

"We'll be back." he whispered, before leaving the house.


"Dude, where the fuck are we?" Pete asked Patrick. They were in the middle of nowhere, and they had no idea how they had gotten there.

"I have no clue!" Patrick exclaimed.

"This place looks familiar..." Joe mumbled. At that moment, Andy's eyes widened. He grabbed Pete and Joe's arms, Patrick following along, and ran.

"Where the fuck are you taking us?!" Pete asked. Andy didn't say a word as he kept on running. Soon, they got to a house. They looked at the house. Suddenly, Pete remembered. So did Patrick and Joe. When they had left, the paint was chipped, faded, almost gone. Now, since they had reunited, the paint looked brand new. The weeds and yellowing grass was transformed into flowers and beautiful, fresh green grass.

They all grinned at one another. They quickly ran inside. As soon as the opened the door, kids, new and old faces, tackled them. There were floods of them, different skin tones, accents, genders. They all wore shirts from different albums, or more than one.

"Wait..where is she?" Joe asked. The kids all stood apart, and made a pathway for them. There she was, at the end of the pathway, wearing a shirt made of scraps of her other shirts, and her very first shirt. She looked as if she had never even aged. Even after all of that time, she had stayed. She ran at them, and hugged them once more.

"Welcome back." she whispered.

That was all that was needed to be said.
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