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I Had A Nightmare,Daddy..

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Hozzie's oneshot. Hope ya like it,it's really cute :3

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I Had A Nightmare,Daddy.

"Daddy!!"Hozzie screamed from down the hall."Daddy,help me!".
"I'm coming,Hozzie! Daddy is coming!"I call back to her as I quickly get out of bed,put on my dressing gown and run to her room.
I spotted my 6-year-old daughter,Hozzie,in tears as she was sat in her bed,shaking with fear.
"D-Daddy? Please help me."She trembled,and I sat on her bed and pulled her into a tight hug in one fluid motion.
"'s okay.Daddy's here.Now,what happened?"
"I-I had a nightmare,Daddy."Hozzie trembled in my arms as she began to cry.
"What was the nightmare about,Hozzie?"I ask.
"G-Ghosts.M-Monsters.V-Vampires.Not the ones you draw,the mean ones!"
"It's okay.There are no monsters,no ghosts and no vampires.I promise."
"Can you check the closet,Daddy?"Hozzie asked,looking up at me with wide eyes.
"Okay,little one.Whatever you say."
I walk over to her pink closet and open it.
All that was in there was pink fluffy tu-tus,pink dresses and teddy bear t-shirts and butterfly jeans.
"No monsters,or ghosts.Definitely no vampires."I tell her as I sit back on the bed and cuddle her again.
"But,I'm still scared,Daddy."She cried."Could you sing me a song,to send me to sleep?"
"Alright.Just one,it's late okay?"
"Okay,just one.I want Small Petunia!"She mused,and got back under the covers.
"Alright then!"I smile as I tuck her in.
I'd written Small Petunia for Hozzie's 3 year old sister and my other daughter,Bandit.Just before me and Lyn-Z had divorced,and Bandit was no longer allowed in my life.

I slowly begin to sing Small Petunia.

I was wondering if you know,anyone that's a small petunia.
Reaching up to the sky,33 inches high.
Acting like she ain't ever knew ya.

'Cause I was wondering if you know,anyone that's a wee little girl.
Jumping off of the bed,but please don't hit your head.
Little girl,I'd sure like to keep ya.

And I like the way you smile.
Soaring way up in the sky.

"Thank you for chasing the monsters away,Daddy."Hozzie whispered and closed her eyes."I love you."
"I love you too,Small Petunia.I love you too."I whispered back,and kissed her forehead.
I then left her room,leaving the door open a crack,and went back to bed.

A/N:Okay,I love this fic.I love Small Petunia Of The Galaxy too! It is such a cute song,and I find it super adorable that Gee really wrote it for Bandit.Really Dad-like,don't ya think?

I hope you liked this oneshot Hozzie.
Rate and Review everyone,Okay?

xo Sadie
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