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Facebook page :3

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So as Jazzy posted earlier, she started a page on FB which some of us admin (Mazy, Yaria and I..and Jazzy of course)

But can you guys like it? We have 24 likes, and it would be freaking amazing if we got more...
Pretty Please
Like it
We post a lot of diffrent bands (well going to) and stuff :D


MCR Part

Bob, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Gerard sat on the couch, all just looking forward.
Suddenly the t.v sucked them all up and brought them into the Fall Out Boy music video for their song America's Suithearts

"The fuck?! Why where we sucked here?" Frank said, receiving giggles from his band; for his comment did sound very sexual.

"FROM NOW ON, WE SHALL KNOW FEBRURARY AS THE MONTH THAT FALL OUT BOY CAME OFF HITAUS!" A voice screamed, causing Frank to jump into Gerard's arms.

"Why are you jumping on me?" The singer asked, giving the shorter man a look

With a shrug Frank explained "Too many OC ships, so I was like "FUCK IT! I have way to many girlfriends, wives, fuck buddies; hell why not just go gay for Gee?" This causing all the band to nod

"Frank, the man with the logic." Bob proclaimed

"And the gazillions of dogs." A llamacorn walked in, causing the band to stare in fear.
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