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Show Me a Starry Eyed Kid

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Show Me a Starry Eyed Kid

It had been just another Monday. A dreary work shift, a long commute, fattening fast food meals. Elaine was not looking forward to it. She had been scrolling through Facebook when she saw the post.

Fall Out Boy. New video. Real life?

Several breathless seconds later she had managed to click the youtube video and the sound of her favorite band filled her room. She squealed before falling silent to listen to every guitar riff, every lyric, every drum beat.

She listened to it twice on her way to work. Three times during her lunch. Once during her shift to share it with her coworkers. And a whopping four times on her way home. Over the next few months, it became her favorite. She felt like the fourteen year old girl who had discovered Fall Out Boy before any of her friends, thanks to her older brother, watching all the interviews and videos, listening and learning all the new tracks, buying tickets for their concert in Dallas. She was so so happy that they were making music again.

The song ‘Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year’ had fixed her attitude the summer after her freshman year of high school. ‘Calm Before The Storm’ had been tied for her favorite with ‘Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers.’ She had been an Overcast Kid. She had started fundraising for Invisible Children at her high school before Kony:2012 was a thing. ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs’ was the anthem to her senior year. She saw them live and it was the most powerful show she had been to, standing in the crowd shouting the words to ‘Sugar’ with a thousand other kids. She had waited in an obscene line to try to get an autograph only to be turned away because they had to leave.

Elaine had been twenty years old when the hiatus was announced and she cried. They were so important to her. It horrified her to think that they weren’t making music anymore.

But she had pressed on. Elaine listened to all of their side projects, liking some and not other. Followed their twitter accounts, waiting and hoping for the day they would get back together.

Now they were. Her world was right again. She stood with her best friend on the barricade in a crowd of screaming kids once again as the chords of ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ rang out across the club. The lights came up and there they were.

A/N: Just a thing. I could go on with it, maybs. What do ya think? Hearts and happy Fall-Out-Boy-is-real-again day, Corri
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