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How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying...

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Frank is given an offer he can't refuse. Vampire Frerard Oneshot.

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Frank was enchanted, dizzied by the hold this man had over him and it frightened him. Never had he been so willing to let go of all his senses but this man, the way he touched Frank, it drove him wild. He had been dancing at a local nightclub when he had seen the man, deep hazel eyes had captured Frank and although he wouldn't admit it he felt overpowered.

Frank had caught the mans eye too, he was perfection with his small stature and beautiful olive eyes. The way he moved, the way his hips swayed and his arms moving in an almost fluid motion. It was all so...tantalizing. The man had made his way over to Frank never once breaking eye contact and ran his fingers across his bare midrift whilst stepping behind him. Almost immediatly Frank had begun dancing against the man, grinding himself into him. Never before had he been so desperate to be close to someone.

Suddenly the man was gone and Frank felt empty. He looked to where his friends had been seated and saw that they had already left without him. This frightened Frank as he was afraid to walk alone at night, especially since he was attacked just one year before and he began to shake at the thought of travelling home alone but knew he had no choice. He grabbed his coat and pulled it on, fastening it as far as he could. He took a few deep breaths before exiting the building and begining his journey home.

Cold air bit at his cheeks as he started his journey head down, he didn't want anybody to see his face. He knew he was pretty and people took that as a sign of vulnerability, an easy target. He was cursing his friends inside his head, not that they were really his friends just aquaintences, when he was pulled from his thoughts by a voice that spread heat through his body

"You shouldn't be out alone at night..." He spun to see the man who had captured him inside of the club and immediatly felt himself pulled in again "Aren't you afraid?"

"I'm terrified..." Frank found himself confessing as the man stepped closer to him and held out his hand

"Would you like me to walk you?" Frank looked at the mans hand and began chewing his lip nervously

"I'm scared..." The man smiled softly at Frank and it took his breath away, he drunk in the mans features. His hair was shoulder length and the colour of a raven, his skin was pale making him almost glow in the moonlight. He was truly mesmerizing. The man ran his fingers down Franks cheek and down the exposed flesh of his neck

"Take my hand and never be afraid again..." Frank placed his hand into the mans outstretched one and somehow felt safer, like it was supposed to be there "Whats your name?"

"Frank..." the man began walking in the direction Frank had been headed pulling the younger along with him

"Frank...My name is Gerard" Frank smiled and tried to think, he had heard that name before someplace, like in a dream maybe. He couldn't be sure though.

As they walked Frank and Gerard got lost in each others eyes and before they knew it they had reached Franks home. It was a small house that stood alone at the end of a small suburban street "Would you like to come in?" Gerard looked at the house and then back to the younger smiling

"Would you like me to?" Frank nodded eagerly as they made their way to the front door. The second the door closed behind them Frank found himself pressing his lips to Gerard's. There was just something about the man that he couldn't resist and felt himself needing to feel every inch of him. He pulled away and dragged Gerard up the stairs and into his room.

Gerard pulled his hand away from Franks and began unbuttoning the youngers jacket and slipping of his shirt before doing the same with his own. He spun Frank around and wrapped his arm around Franks waist whilst brushing his fingers up and down Franks neck "Tell me Frank, what are you afraid of?" Frank couldn't seem to control himself as Gerards touch alone made him want to cry out with pleasure

"Death...dying alone..."

"What if I said I could give you a gift that could end your fear of both those things?" Frank felt his pulse begin to race as the older man kissed across his shoulder and up his neck

"How? What gift?" The older man whispered in Franks ear softly making him shiver

"Immortalis est donum ego tribuo vos, you could live forever with me..." Frank didn't understand but couldn't bring himself to pull away from the man, he knew he wasn't human though.

"What...mmm..what are you?" The man grinned against Franks neck and began kissing up and down it again

"operor vos puto in lamia?" Lamia, Frank had heard that word before and wracked his brain trying to think of it's meaning when suddenly it clicked

"Vampire..." he breathed. Gerard turned Frank again to face him and kissed his lips softly

"Would you like to be with me forever Frank?" He began kissing across his jawline "Would you like to become what I am and never die? Because we don't exist Frankie not in mortals eyes so we won't be hunted you never have to be afraid again, would you like to Frank?" Frank rolled his head back as Gerard ran his tongue up his throat before plunging it into his mouth

"Yes Gerard..." Before Frank had time to react Gerard had sunk his teeth into his neck and a wave of pain but immense pleasure began crashing through Frankie. He heard Gerard gulping as his vision began to blur, he knew he was dying but at least he wasn't dying alone just like Gerard had said he wouldn't.

Gerard felt Frank collapse into his arms and pulled his fangs away from his neck and lifting him up gently. He walked to the bed and lay him down softly, kissing his forehead. He could feel it wouldn't be long now until Frank would reawaken and they could spend eternity together. Gerard leaned forward and whispered into the ear of the younger man "I'll animadverto vos ut vos es mortuus meus amare..."

I'll see you when you are dead my love...

Hey guys! I'm sorry if this totally blows but I had a shitty day so I thought I'd write it out anyway it would mean like a whole lot if you could please rate and review for me so I can improve or mentally hug you all or both. Thanks for reading xoxo
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