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Just some gratitude to you people here and a whole bunch of stories for those looking for something to read.

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LET’S JUST ASSUME THAT EVERY TIME I UPDATE THIS I AM ADDING REC’S – So if you’ve already read the thank you then feel free to skip ahead and find the new rec’s.
If you haven’t read the thank then I SUGGEST YOU READ IT because who doesn’t like to be thanked once in a while? =)

So I’ve been creepin’ around all over MCR and Panic! Fandom for the past couple years and during my adventures on the internet I have to say that there are some amazing authors out there with stories that have affected me and made me feel things I don’t even know how to express properly. It has amazed me how many wonderful people are out there showing their creativity and brilliant minds with strangers and I would just like to thank all of you on this site and anyone who’s story I have ever read for doing what makes you happy =) (and in turn making me happy)

Also shout out to all those people who actually review things, because your words most likely mean more to the author than you think. Constructive criticism and positive feedback can do miracles to authors, so make sure to show your appreciation!

Now as a thank you to all you fabulous people I am going to link a few authors, sites and stories I have really enjoyed over the years. This way these authors get noticed and you get to enjoy kickass stories.
Win/win right? Hope you like at least some of them! =)

Recs Done by Others Including Both Panic and MCR –
(Mostly Ryan/Brendon)

The BandomBigBang website with all of its master posts for every year. Check all of those out, they’re pretty spectacular. Should take you a while to make a dent in all of that fic they have =) For Mature Eyes ONLY

* = Favourite
** = MUST READ because it would just be so sad if you missed out on something so glorious

Panic! At the Disco -

Authors –

beggarsnotes/Anna Green ** – Read all of this woman’s work. You will not regret it, I promise you (unless you are under 16, then stay away!!) She is a God and I seriously just can’t even explain how much her stories just make me feel every single emotion I have and ones I didn’t know existed. And she writes really good smut scenes :P (always a plus) Some of her stories are lengthy but she does have a few short ones and although there is definitely a lot of angsty goodness she has a good bit of humor put into each one along with humorous one shots. (Some more than others)
Here are the Mems of artic_grey. It’s a Fic. Rec. of sorts on livejournal. I’ve really liked some of the things she’s put on there so you might too.

killmyending – Has some pretty good oneshots.

Wicked_Lovely – Really hope she would update more (winkwink) but all of her stuff is amazing. I like her descriptions and emotions. I really look forward to seeing more from her (hopefully) because she is definitely an amazing writer.

PartyPoison * – Also enjoy her oneshots. Full of angst though so beware!

Chaptered –

Our Success Story by: indie chick
Success hasn't exactly made Ryan Ross happy. In fact, it's made him everything but.

Take It a Day at a Time by: ipanicdaily
No drug was denied, no party over passed, no drink turned away, and no request for sex denied; regardless of who was asking. There was no such thing as 'too much'; there was only 'more'.

All Was Golden In the Sky by: misguidedghost-x
I’m Brendon. My life is average, at least I thought it was until this GORGEOUS boy called Ryan Ross came into my life and changed it for better or for worse. (Could do with a grammar and spell check so grammar-nazi’s should stay away but I still liked it. Also it’s all in one chapter but it’s still longer than a Oneshot by quite a bit.)

Freaks by: spazzyskittles *
An accident lands Ryan in the hospital. He meets Jon, who tells him of a mysterious patient on their floor. There's something not quite right about him, but then again, there's something not quite right about Ryan as well.

I Don’t Have a Library Card… But I’d Love to Check You Out by: spazzyskittles *
AU college. Brendon is close to flunking out of college, and his roommate and partner in crime, Jon, is not helping. He seeks refuge in the school's library and finds a little more than a place to study. This is a story about finding love, taking chances, and being true to one's self.

One Shots –

The ‘Ring’ by: GoGothGirl **
"Don't play dumb with me, Urie. A ring on your ring finger means you're married, hitched, not available, stuck with one woman for the next sixty years!"

No Blinding Lights or Tunnels to Gates of White by: _Aj *
When we were kids, Ryan had always loved the month of June. He was your typical 10 year old boy, eager to get away from those long days of school, the bitchy teachers who'd take a gold star away if...

Face Down by: heartcandii x
Desperate. Desperate thoughts. Desperate hands. Anything to stop the blood, to make the other okay. .Brendon/Ryan. .Rated R for some language.

Torn by: PartyPoison **
The truth doesn’t flatter anyone.

I Will Destroy Ryan Ross and All That He Loves by: Jae
William Beckett vs. Ryan Ross. This is Thunderdome, dollface. (Can’t explain how much I enjoyed this)

The Present and the Distant by: behindthec
There are 17,508 islands in Indonesia, about 6,000 of which are inhabited. On August 31, 2008, returning from an Australian tour in the middle of the year's most violent storm to date, a plane carrying Panic at the Disco loses power, veers off course, and crashes into one of the remaining 11,508 islands. This is their story. (Haven’t finished yet but ANGST warning, also apparently an eventual GSF)

If you have any suggestions of stories that really stuck out for you and think others would like just put them in a review and I'll add them here :)

Recs Done by Others –

By: Mason **
Joncer Rec Sorted by Length:
Joncer Rec Sorted by Rating:

By: panic-smile

The mems of repulsive_x (Found them by doing a google search a while back and was not sorry. There’s some good ones on there)

By: principessahope (It’s more a directory of all her work. Ryden with a side of Gabilliam, quite a bit of smut)

By: ivesia19 (Small hint of MCR down at the bottom)

By: Leah

By: gothicxpianist



My Chemical Romance

Authors –

Got some good chaptered (smutty) stories along with oneshots.

She has a couple funny oneshots I really liked.

woah-that * |
Just, amazing. Enjoy them so much!

CosmicZombie **
I can't even explain how marvellous this writer is. Just go and find out for yourself... do it... do it now

Chaptered –

Mezzanine by: horsie890
Gerard is the leader of a gang and the resident school bully. When his second-in-command has to move away, his life begins to fall apart. Faced with depression, his relationship with his…

Five Beautiful Boys by: Sassy
In the middle of a gunfight...

Faring Well by: woah-that
Gerard Way cares for his little brother, Mikey, and it's certainly not easy. Just as he's reaching breaking point, he meets Frank Iero.

Stockholm Syndrome by: woah-that
Have you ever been...kidnapped? No, I didn't think so. Well, you wouldn't understand, anyway.
(Based on a OC which I usually don’t like but this one is done VERY well. At least worth a look at)

One Shots –

Let Me Go by: Dr-Giggles
It's not always easy to let go.

Rain by: shehadtheworld12
I’m just Mikey….

The Greaser Gang by: Shiwoggi
1950's Frerard. Cadillacs, guns and the boy from the diner.

All He Wants by: StormVandal
All Frank wants is for Gerard to be okay.

Single Story Recs From Others-
(I haven't read these yet but hey, others say they're good so give 'em a try)


From: Mikeys_Glasses

Frank On A Leash by: uptoenmassacre
Mikey Way is the school nerd until he switches to Newark's lovely grounds and turns goth.

The Lunatic's Prize by: SleepingBeast
A strange boy walks out the shadows, his uncanny eyes laughing at them. He wants to play a game. Winner takes all,and Frank is the grand prize. The only way to save Frank is to win, but how do you win a game when you're facing your deepest fears?

If you have any suggestions of stories that really stuck out for you and think others would like just put them in a review and I'll add them here :)

Fic Recs Done by Others-

By: Shiwoggi

By: SyraStrange

By: CatscanFlyy

By: CosmicZombie

All right so that concludes my Fic. Rec. I apologize if you didn’t find anything you like, but I hope you found something that clicked with you =) Happy Reading!

Email me any time about anything. SERIOUSLY, I MEAN IT. I wouldn't tell you to email me if I didn't want you emailing me :) (But sorry if I randomly don't reply for a long time because that happens sometimes.)

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