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Casper deals with her mother's new husband and step-sister on her birthday.

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“Text”= Japanese People Speaking
“/Text/”= English People Speaking
“+Text+”= American People Speaking
“#Text#”= Australian People Speaking
It’s been another long name. Casper walked home while lighting a cigarette and looking at herself in the mirror. Lynn got married again and Simon still can’t get it up. He’s still trying to be a good boyfriend, but it isn’t enough. Speaking of which, she passed by his house and shook her head. She kept walking when her phone rang. The woman paused and looked at her phone.
She had received a random text.
Sexy red top
The hippie looked around, confused. She turned towards the house and smiled. Simon stood in his bedroom window with his phone in his head. He gave her a little smile. Casper walked up to the front door.
Katie came to the door. Casper stood in front of her. The hippie pressed her lips together.
“/Hello Katie,/” she said. “/Is Simon in?/” The woman nodded.
“/He is,/” she said.
“/So, can I talk to him?/” the younger woman asked.
“/I haven’t seen you are around, Casper,” the mother said. “/Have you been busy lately?/” The younger hippie’s eyes darted away.
“/Well…/” she began. The girl paused for a moment. “/Katie… I’m sorry, it’s been difficult./”
“/Yeah, it has been difficult,/” the other woman replied. “/Very difficult./” She looked around for a moment. “/And he’s starting to get better,/” she said. “/I don’t want anyone to screw that up because they can’t make their mind up, okay?/” Casper looked at her, sheepishly. She was about to speak when she heard footsteps behind Katie.
“/Mum?/” someone asked behind her. The women looked to see Simon at the door. He gave Casper a little smile.
“/It’s rude to keep you waiting on the doorstep,/” he said. Katie sighed and moved aside to let the younger woman in. Casper walked inside with a little smile on her face. The mother closed the door behind them.
Subject: Casper
The former couple sat on his bed. Casper glanced over at him. This felt kind of awkward. She just had to try.
“/How are you feeling??” she asked. Simon turned to her.
“/Good,/” he said. “/I’m starting whole days at college next week. I can hold a pen with three pages now. The worst is all over then./”
“/Good on then,/” she said.
“/Okay,/” he replied. “/Let me get this. Okay./” He drew in a small breath. “/I am Simon,/” he began to sing. “/Simon, Simon, Simon./” Casper smiled as he kept singing the same thing again.
“/I am Simon, Simon, Simon, Simon. And I am feeling fine tonight,/” he sang.
“/That’s just the chorus,/” Casper said. Simon shrugged.
“/It’s a start,/” he said. Both sat in silence. Casper looked away a bit.
“/How do you want us back together, Simon?/” she asked.
“/I want…/” he said. Casper looked over at him.
“/Please tell me,/” she said.
“/Sid loves you,/” he said. His girlfriend shook her head.
“/No,/” she said. “/Sid loves Arisu, Simon./”
“/He loves you./”
“/That isn’t about you and me./”
“/Don’t like to think about us./”
“/Why not?/”
“/You told me some things might never come back./”
Casper battled back tears in her eyes and took off her jacket. She slid off her red top and turned to him. Simon still wouldn’t look at her.
“/You used to say that one tit was bigger than the other,/” the hippie said. He made an odd face to himself. Casper then took off her bra. He still wouldn’t look.
“/Look at me for f**k sakes,/” Casper pleaded. He turned around to her slowly.
“/They’re fine,/” he said. Casper leaned in by his side.
“/Simon,/” she said. “/What are we going to do?/” He glanced over at her. The man couldn’t answer her. Instead, Casper gently leaned in closer and gave him a kiss on the lips. She kissed him again and pushed him back onto his bed. Her legs came on either side of him.
“/We can do this, okay?/” she whispered to him.
“/Okay,/” Simon replied. The hippie kissed him again on the lips. This time, he kissed back. Maybe something could work out here. She slipped her tongue into his mouth. Simon flipped her onto her back as he returned the gesture. His hand slipped down to her pants. The kisses quickened as he made work with unzipping her jeans.
“/You want it?/” she asked.
“/Yeah,/” her boyfriend moaned. Her hand dug into his back. She pushed him back onto his back. Her hand slid down to his briefs. However, she paused and broke off the kiss, disappointed. Simon looked up at her. The feeling of nothing downstairs sent her heart into shocking pain. She withdrew immediately.
“/Oh my god,/” she said. “/This is ridiculous!/” Simon lied there, staring at her.
“/I’m sorry,/” he said. The man sat up as his girlfriend turned away with tears in her eyes. She had her answer as she redressed herself.
“/Why can’t you get better for me?/” she asked. “/We had so much and it’s f**d up forever!/” Simon sat there in silence before turning to her.
“/It’s just the way it is, Nips,/” he said. The hippie paused as sorrow turned into anger.
“/You bastard!/” she screamed as she slapped him across the face. “/What the f*k were you doing in the road?!? You idiot! You f**g idiot!/” Then, the door opened and Katie looked inside.
“/It’s time that you went, Casper,/” she said. “/Don’t you time?/” The younger woman turned around with a gasp.
“/I’m sorry! I’m sorry!/” she wailed. “/I didn’t mean for it to happen!/” The mother looked unconvinced.
“/No, but it did, didn’t it?/” she asked. “/So just go. I’ll wait for you downstairs./” Then, she quietly left the room. The couple sat quiet for a long while before Casper sobbed and got up. She paused and turned to him at the door.
“/I don’t think I can wait anymore, Simon,/” she said.
“/Got you a present,/” he said. He reached into his stereo and pulled out a small wrapped box. He handed it to his girlfriend.
“/It’s a birthday present,/” Simon told her. “/For the good times./”
“/I’m going camping for my birthday,/” Casper murmured.
“/Very well,/” he said. “/I don’t want to go, so take it./” Casper sighed as she did so. Then, she walked away, leaving Simon alone in his thoughts.
Moving day. Casper and Lynn were moving to their new house with Lynn’s new husband. The ride into the countryside was a long drive. Lynn offered her daughter her veggie burger, but Casper shook her head. Casper looked around the sanded yard as her mother directed the movers on where to put their boxed up things. She turned to her daughter.
“/Casper!/” she called. “/Come on./” Her daughter turned to her, frowning.
“/Why aren’t you bringing furniture here?/” she asked. “/It’s just weird./”
“/We discussed this,/” Lynn brushed off. “/New start, clean slate./”
“/You’ve known him for two months!/” Casper argued. “/You didn’t have to get married for Christ sake, again!/”
“/Well, f**k it!/” Lynn said. “/I did marry here, Reader. And here we are!/” Casper took another smoke of her cigarette.
“/Come on,/” her mother said. “/You’ll love it!/” One of the movers tossed a box to the other one.
“/Careful!/” Lyn called. “/That’s fragile!/” Her daughter followed behind.
“/F***g bitch,/” the mover muttered under his breath.
Mother and daughter walked into the darkened living room. Casper looked around her.
“/Where is everything?/” she demanded.
“/It’s minimal,/” Lynn said. “/Functional./”
“/Modern?/” Casper asked.
“/Yes!/” her mother said.
“/Bit wanky?/”
“/Yes. No! Christ! You don’t have to be negative just for the sake of it!/”
Casper smiled to herself.
“/It’s totally state of the art,/” her mother went on. “/Check this out./” She turned to the window.
“/Blinds up!/” Lynn commanded. The blackened blinds drew themselves upwards. Casper smiled at the wonder before her.
“/Lights on!/” Lynn commanded. The lights all turned on above.
“/Music on!/” the mother commanded. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” filled the room. Casper nodded a bit.
“/Marvelous,/” she said, sarcastically. “/We never have to use our hands again!/” They walked over to the kitchen area. Casper pushed open a cabinet to get a snack. When it didn’t open, Lynn pushed it open with a smile on her face.
“/It’s empty,/” she complained.
“/John hates mess,/” Lynn said.
“/No shite,/” her daughter replied.
“/Cas!/” her mother exclaimed.
“/Well this is exactly the kind of place you hate!/” her daughter argued. “/Totally up itself, over-designed, self-conscious, anal… What designed this bollocks room anyway?!? Some kind of knobby interior designer?/” Lynn looked away a bit. Then, she smiled at her daughter. Casper paused.
“/It was you, wasn’t it?/” she asked.
“/You can be so judgmental,/” Lynn said.
“/Oh my god!/” her daughter gasped. “/It’s a shag pad! You designed him a shag pad and shagged him in it!/”
“/It wasn’t like that,/” Lynn argued. Her daughter snorted back a laugh.
“/Well, it was a bit like that,/” her mother admitted. “/Must be the way he went through my swatches!/”
“/Eww,/” Casper said.
“/Look love,/” her mother said. “/He’s the one! We’ve got a future and I’m going to go for it!/” Casper rolled her eyes.
“/Just wished your future started after I left home,/” she muttered.
“/A few subtle changes here and there and a touch of color and we’ll be fine,/” Lynn said. She turned to the screen door.
“/Door open!/” she commanded to let the mover in. The door slid open and he walked inside.
“/Second bedroom, yeah?/” he asked.
“/Yeah, this one’s mine,/” Lynn said. She took the top box off. Unfortunately, it fell open upside down. The poor guy got look at all of her sex toys on the floor.
“/Bloody hell!/” he gasped. She rolled her eyes and picked up an object.
“/This one’s actually a lemon squeezer,/” she corrected him.
“/Thank Christ for that,/” the mover said. “/F**k me, senseless./” Casper looked at all of the toys on the floor.
The young hippie sat along in her new room. What was all of this? Lynn had a new husband, but it’s the same crap again. When would that woman get it? She reached over and picked up a brown envelope. Inside were pictures of her with the usual crew. She pulled out the picture of her, Sid, and Simon standing in front of Tokyo Cram College together. Ah, happier times. She stuffed it back into the envelope and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed an important number. The hippie waited as the other line rang.
“/Hi,/” she said at last.
“Hey,” Fujisaki said on the other line. “How is it?”
“/A f***g nightmare, of course, /” Casper complained. “/All there is nothing, empty shite, and Lynn./”
“Look Cas,” Fujisaki said. “I’m not so hot right now either. Can’t you come down and help?”
“/I don’t know how to get out of here,/” Casper complained. “/It’s f***g miles. What are you doing?/”
“Baby-sitting,” the keyboardist complained. Simon, Nick, Sid, and Emma all sat in front of him on the other side of the couch as he said that.
“/Are we still going camping for my birthday then?/” Casper asked.
“I’m not sure you want to share a tent with these guys,” Fujisaki told her. “Anyway, keep it together, okay?” He hung up the phone. Casper looked at her own phone and shook her head.
At the club, Fujisaki turned back to the crew.
“Right,” he said. “Where were we? Casper’s annoyed with you.”
“/Yeah,/” Simon replied. “/My willy’s got wonky. I’m a bit mad./”
“Okay,” Fujisaki said. “You don’t know how to get out of marriage with Cassie.”
“/I’m in Hell here,/” he said. “/She stop looking at bridal magazines./”
“/Then why did you say yes?/” Simon asked.
“/She threatened to jump,/” Nick said. “/I had to stop her from doing something stupid./”
“Okay…” Fujisaki said. “And you went to Mongolia to see Arisu and she wasn’t there. And you think she’s off sleeping with some Mongolia guy named Hong.”
“/And my dad’s dead,/” Sid added. Nick winced a bit to himself.
“/Bummer,/” he said. Simon sat in silence.
“/Sorry about that,/” he said. Fujisaki turned to his girlfriend.
“Emma,” he said. “Got anything to offer?” She only stared at her beer. The boys turned to her.
“#Bubbles,#” she mumbled to herself. “#They go up and up and up and then… disappear. Poof.#”
Back at her new house, Casper looked in her bathroom mirror.
“/Casper!/” her mother yelled. “/Casper! Need help with lunch! Casper! Casper!/” The younger hippie just ignored her and walked into the shower. She turned on the water and sat down on the toilet in her despair. Couldn’t get any worse, right? Finally, she went back to her room. The woman looked around for a moment.
“/Blinds up!/” she commanded. Nothing happened.
“/Blinds up!” she yelled again. Still nothing happened. Maybe try something else.
“/Music!/” she commanded. Bjork flooded through the air. The hippie smiled a bit.
“/Music better,/” she said. The song changed to Depeche Mode and that was good.
“/Okay,/” Casper said. Maybe this could work out.
“/Blinds could go f**k themselves,/” she muttered. Then, the woman began to change clothes. At that moment, the blinds drew themselves open. Casper didn’t realize it until she was topless and in her underwear. She screamed in shock.
“/Oh hi, Casper!/” Toby called when he got out of his car outside. “/Everything okay?/”
“/F**k!/” his step-daughter screamed. “/Blinds! Blinds! Close! Blinds! Blinds!/” Sadly, nothing happened and everyone outside got a free show.
“/Help!/” she yelped.
At lunch, the new family all had veggie sushi for lunch. Lynn still couldn’t handle chopsticks too well while her new husband ate up happily. Casper sat there in her hoodie in shame.
“/Yum!/” Toby called aloud. “/Perfect!/” Lynn finally put a piece in her mouth and ate up.
“/This is lovely, Toby,/” she lied as she put down her chopsticks.
“/Isn’t it?/” he asked. “/You had me dead-set when you said you loved veggie rolls. I said to myself any girl who loves pop art, modern history, and veggie rolls is the girl for me!/”
“/Oh, you’re so sweet, Toby,/” Lynn said. The two shared a kiss at the table. The devil in Casper lifted its head again.
“/You know,/” she said. “/Lynn’s last husband, George, said something very similar./”
“/Oh?/” Toby asked.
“/Oh yeah,/” his step-daughter went on. “/I’m actually not getting it wrong, am I?/”
“/You know darling,/” Lynn cut in. “/There is no need to…/”
“/He just said that he liked your fat arse, didn’t he?/” Casper asked. Lynn was so shocked that she dropped sushi down her big bosom.
“/Oh f**k!/” she cried out. “/Shite!/” Casper giggled to herself and went back to her food. Lynn struggled to get back her food.
“/Darling,/” Toby said. “/Allow me./” He reached down her breasts and pulled out the sushi. The older hippie screamed aloud. He got it out with success.
“/Ah, lovely,/” he said before putting it in his mouth. “/Mmm, nice and salty!/” he added. “/I hope we’re going to christen the tub later./”
“/The tub?/” Lynn asked.
“/Yeah,/” her husband said. “/New toy very social, fresh air, a couple of plum sake cocktails, hot tub, what could be better?/”
“/Um… I’m not sure,/” she said.
“/You know, we’re all going to be so happy together, right?/” he said.
“/Right,/” his wife agreed. Then, Toby’s phone rang.
“/Hello?/” he said when he answered it. “/Toby Franklin?/”
“/Ohhh yes…/” Casper said sarcastically.
“/Hey gorgeous plums,/” he said on the phone. “/What? What? A potato omelet? She made it with ham? Well, of course, protein. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course you can, come over./” Casper looked up as he talked on. Lynn sighed to herself.
“/Toby!/” Lynn said.
“/Yeah, yeah, yeah,/” the man said. “/Okay sweetheart. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Take your car. I f***g paid for it after all. Yeah, see you soon./” He blew a kiss into the phone and hung up. Lynn took a drink as he sat down.
“/Who was that?/” Casper asked.
“/Rachel, my daughter,/” he said.
“/Your daughter?/” the hippie asked.
“/Yes, darling I was going to tell you,/” Lynn said. “/Rachel lives with her mom in Osaka./”
“/You know, Kiki can be such a bitch. Poor Old Plums,/” Toby said. “/She’ll be here in an hour./” He picked up the glasses.
“/More Crazy Milk anyone?/” he asked.
“/Yes!/” Lynn said quickly. Casper looked on as another level of Hell opened up for her. She turned to her mother as her step-father prepared the drinks.
“/You didn’t tell me?/” she whispered. Lynn sighed.
“/I had forgotten,/” she said. “/And anyway I didn’t think she’d…/”
“/Gorgeous Plum?/” her daughter asked.
“/Oh yeah…/” Lynn whispered back. Toby turned to the girls. He had trouble with the ice machine.
“/Oh, I keep doing that,/” he said. An ice cube hit him in the crotch.
Moments later, Lynn and Casper sat in the living room, waiting. They heard a car roll up in the driveway.
“/Ah, she’s here,/” Toby said. “/Coming, darling! Here she is!/” The man ran outside.
“/Hey, Teddy Bear!/” he called as an over tanned older girl raced over to him for a hug. “/My Teddy Bear!/” Rachel cried on his shoulder. He blew a kiss on her cheek.
“+She is such a tit, a jealous bitch!+” the girl wailed. “+That’s what she is! What did you ever see in that shaggy old bint?!?+”
“/Now, lovely, you can’t call her that./”
“+That’s what you always call her.+”
“/Now sure that I do./”
“+You said that she was a menopausal old hag and they’d have to stockpile HRT for like a decade and…+” She paused and looked over at Casper and Lynn.
“+Oh, they’re here,+” she said.
“/Yes darling,/” Toby said. “/Remember I told you? They’re moving in today./”
“+Do they have to?+”
“/Yes, love. We discussed this. Now, you know Lynn./”
“/Nice to see you again, Rachel,/” his wife said.
“+Hi,+” the girl said.
“/And this is Casper,/” Toby said.
“+Caspa?+” Rachel asked.
“/It’s Casper, actually!/” the hippie corrected the bimbo.
“+Whatever,+” her step-sister brushed off. “+Daddy, you can’t make me live with her anymore!+” She hugged her dad tightly. Toby cooed in her ear.
“/Aww, Peaches,/” he said as he smacked and rubbed her on the ass. Casper looked on in disgust.
“/Um… Perhaps we could talk about it,/” Lynn said. “/I’m sure your mum…/”
“+She doesn’t want me here!+” Rachel complained.
“/I do!/” Lynn argued. “/It’s just that…/”
“+Anyway, I’ve decided to take out another year before going to uni,+” Rachel brushed her off.
“/Right,/” her dad said.
“+I’m not going to waste it,+” Rachel said. “+I am gonna do stuff. I thought I might take an evening class in Korean or something. I mean, the Koreans are coming back now, aren’t they? And you always said that tu casa was my casa.+”
“/Well, of course you can stay here, sweetheart,/” her dad said.
“+Well, it’s not like you would put me out on streets,+” she said.
“/No Bunny./”
“+Thanks you, Daddykins. I love you!+”
“/I love you too, Plum Blossom./”
The two shared a kiss together. They shared more kisses on the lips between them. Rachel giggled.
“+I’m going to my room,+” she said. Then, the girl hopped off of the bench and disappeared down the hall with the sake in her hand. Toby gave her a little wave. Casper and Lynn sat there in shock.
“+Dad! Someone’s put their stuff in my f***g room!+” Rachel called out. Moments later, Casper sat in her new room. Lynn peeked inside.
“/She won’t be here long,/” she said. “/Well, not that long. A few weeks. We’re not entirely sure, but…/” Casper didn’t believe her. She sighed to herself.
“/Lynn,/” she said.
“/I’m sorry,/” her mother said. Then, she came and sat down next to her on the bed.
“/I promise we’ll do something great for your birthday,/” she said. “/Yeah?/”
“/It’s okay,/” Casper said. “/Suguru says we can go camping, maybe. At least that will be out of the way./”
“/Oh darling, I’m not in the way!/”
“/It’s hard to be out of the way of those tits./”
“/Stop it./” Lynn sighed. “/Some pair of bazookas, eh?/”
Casper giggled. Mother and daughter broke down mocking them and giggling. Toby walked into the doorway. Lynn looked up at the sound of footsteps.
“/Hey,/” he said. “/Tub, anyone?/”
“/It’s totally heated by solar power,/” Toby bragged as they all stood in robes around the hot tub. “/12,000 liters of heaven, fifteen settings, whirlpool, uprush, and versuvo./” He turned on each button as he spoke.
“+Whoo,+” his daughter said. Toby laughed aloud.
“/Let’s give it a go,/” he said. Father and daughter took off their robes and much to Lynn’s shock, they were both naked while she had on a swimsuit.
“/No need to be shy, darling,/” her husband said. “/We’re all family now./” Rachel giggled. Casper walked outside to shock as Toby and Rachel walked in together. Lynn looked to her for help.
“/No,/” Casper mouthed as she turned and walked away.
“/Cas!/” her mother pleaded. Father and daughter enjoyed the heated water.
“/Come in, it’s lovely!/” Toby said. “/And where’s Casper? Poor old Plum’s stuck here with us oldies. Why don’t you get her to take her to meet some of her friends? They’ll love Rachel. Everyone loves Rachel./” He did a motorboat down his daughter’s breasts.
Rachel introduced herself to Casper’s friends. Ando and Shawn stared down her breasts.
“+I’m good with sewing,+” she bragged. “+I actually made these pants myself.+” She flipped up her skirt to show them off.
“Beautiful pair…” Ando murmured. “Really beautiful pair.” Rachel sat back, giggling.
“/Lovely,/” Sid said, staring. Casper cleared her throat.
“/Anyway,/” she said. “/Are we still going camping?/” Silence.
“/Sid!/” the hippie said. The dope turned to her.
“/Yeah?/” he asked. Casper made a face.
“/Fujisaki wants us to go camping,/” she said. “/For my birthday!/” The keyboardist looked away a bit.
“It was only a suggestion,” he said.
“I can’t,” Ando said. “I’m going to be…”
“What?” the keyboardist asked. Ando quickly drew his mouth closed.
“Nothing… uh… “ he said. “Hey, Shuichi!” The vocalist came and sat down next to him.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“Fine!” Ando lied. “Fine, I’m fine! Really fine as in… Whoa!”
“Okay…” Shuichi said. Rachel kept trying to move in for attention.
“Shuichi, this is Rachel,” Fujisaki said. The vocalist turned to the woman and saw her bust.
“Whoa, hi!” he said as he bowed. The woman bowed back.
“/What do you think about camping, Shuichi?/” Casper asked.
“Whatever,” he said. “I don’t care.”
“/Thing is, coursework,/” Sid said. The hippie turned to Emma.
“/Emma?/” she asked.
“#What?#” the Aussie asked. Casper frowned.
“/Thanks for the enthusiasm, everyone,/” she mumbled.
“+Camping’s wicked!+” Rachel said. “+Campfires, a few blunts, booze, alfresco sex! What could be better? We should go!+” Her step-sister frowned.
“/Hang on,/” she said. “/We?/”
“#Spliffs, booze, alfresco sex!#” Emma said, nodding. “#What? What is that?#”
“+Shagging under the stars,+” Rachel said. “+There’s nothing like it.+” She giggled.
“#I’m in!#” Emma said.
“Uh… we don’t have a working car that will fit all of us and…” Ando said.
“+I have an enormous van!+” Rachel bragged. That settled it. After class, Casper and Fujisaki sat alone in the classroom.
“What’s wrong?” he asked. “We’re going camping.”
“/I didn’t even invite Rachel-bitch and you’re all gagging over her!/” Casper snapped. Fujisaki shrugged.
“She… She seems really nice,” he said.
“/She’s a cow! I don’t want her coming! She’s just…/”
“Casper-chan, we are going to go camping and you’re going to be nice. Okay?”
The hippie said nothing. Then, they got up and left the classroom.
So, here was the camping trip to the beach. Casper tried to look on the upside of things. Emma talked to Rachel the whole time while Sid looked for his joint in the van. Casper turned to her friends.
“/Seriously guys,/” she said. “/What did you all get me for my birthday?/” Everyone went quiet. Opps… They all made it to the beach. Rachel parked in the sand.
“#Wow!#” Emma said.
“+Me and my friends always come here,+” Rachel said.
“#That was wicked, man,#” the Aussie said.
“+What do you think, Caspa?+” the tanned girl asked. The hippie frowned.
“/It’s f***g, Casper, okay?!?/” she barked.
“+Okay,+” Rachel said. “+People usually like my nicknames, don’t they, Ozzy?+” Emma chuckled.
“#Ozzy,#” she said. “#Love it#”
“/Oh for f**k sake,/” Casper muttered.
“What’s my nickname, Rachel?” Ando asked.
“This is beautiful, man!” Shuich said as Sid looked at the sea. “It’s like Ponyo!”
“#Right then, first thing’s first,#” Emma said. “#Skinny-dipping!#”
“Skinny-dipping?” Shuichi asked. Emma frowned.
“#No?#” she asked. “#Come on, there’s only us here! What are you guys, a bunch of pussies?#” Ando stepped forward.
“I’m not,” he said.
“#Sweet!#” Emma said. “#I’ll race you!#” They stripped down with the others watching. Ando stood there naked as the others laughed. He looked around confused.
“What?” he asked.
“/He really did it,/” Nicole said. Emma grinned at him.
“#Wearing all my clothes,#” she said. “#It’s compact. Saves luggage. I got ya!#”
“Ando have you been shaving stuff?” Fujisaki asked.
“YEAH!!!” Ando yelled. Then, he ran to the ocean. Everyone except Casper stripped down and ran to the ocean for a swim. The birthday girl smiled and walked after them. She sat down on the beach and took a smoke. She frowned when she saw Sid and Rachel playing together in the water. Casper walked away, annoyed. Beach soccer followed behind the swim. Sid sat down next to the birthday girl.
“/Well?/” he asked. They watched their friends play around. Sid nudged on Casper until she nudged back smiling.
“/Fujisaki said you went to see Simon,/” he said.
“/It’s over, Sid,/” Casper replied. “/I tried… I can’t… It just doesn’t work anymore. I’m not a good enough person, so…/”
“/Hey!/” Sid cut in. “/You’re good enough!/” Casper turned back and saw Rachel playing with the crew. The hippie sighed in disgust.
“/She does my head in,/” she said.
“/You’ve just got to get to know her a bit,/” Sid said. “/She’s fun./”
“/And I’m not?/”
Casper smiled. “/You okay, Sid?/”
“/Sometimes. Keep forgetting that dad’s…/” He paused and tried to cheer up. “/Anyways, we should get the tents up./” He helped his friend to her feet.
“/Give me a hand, get them off the…/” Sid said. It was then that he and Casper realized that the tents were gone off the top of the van.
“/Roof…/” he said.
“#Look, it’s not my fault!#” Emma protested later.
“I told you to tie the tents to the roof!” her boyfriend yelled.
“#No, no, no,#” Emma said. “#You said to put them on the roof. Nobody said anything about tying them!#”
“Nice going, Emma,” Shuichi said.
“/What do you think was holding them up there, you muppet?/” Sid asked. Ando pushed on her.
“/Where the f**k are we going to sleep?/” Casper asked.
“#I’m sorry!#” the Aussie yelled. “#F**k it, I’m inadequate, what can you do?#”
“This!” Fujisaki yelled. He smacked her upside the head.
“#Ow,#” she whimpered.
“/It’s okay,/” Rachel said. “/I’ve out mine in the boot!/” She pulled it out and set it up. “/Might be a bit of a squeeze, but we can make it work. All we have to do is peg it down./” The boys cheered in joy. Casper stood beside herself as the others ran to Rachel. She talked about her experience with traveling as the birthday girl walked away, frowning. Couldn’t get any worse. She sat down on the upper part of the beach.
“/Pull yourself together girl, for f**k sake’s,/” she muttered to herself. She pulled out Simon’s gift and looked at it. Shuichi walked up to her. He noticed the gift.
“What do you have?” he asked.
“/I don’t know,/” Casper said as she put it away. “I’ll save it for later./” She looked over at the vocalist.
“/What’s wrong with me?/” she asked. Shuichi gave her a little smile.
“How long you got?” he asked. Casper smiled as she rose to her feet. They went for a little walk on the party. Meanwhile, the tent partiers had a little problem. Fujisaki paused.
“Hang on,” he said.
“+What is it?+” Rachel asked.
“Does the sea sound louder?” he asked.
“#Huh?#” Emma asked. They all paused and realized the problem. The tide had come in.
“Shit!” they yelled as they jumped out of the tent. Water hit Rachel’s van.
“+Oh my god, my van!+” she screamed as she raced towards it. Casper and Shuichi turned to see the sight before them.
“/Nice,/” Casper said. She laughed as her step-sister raced to her car. She and Shuichi laughed as the other tried to save it.
Later in the evening, everyone slept out in the woods. Casper lied beside herself, unable to sleep. Voices caught her attention. She trailed down sounds to find Sid and Rachel alone on the beach talking together. The step-sister was hitting on him, in fact. Rage filled the hippie’s heart.
“+You have nice eyes,+” Rachel said. “+Surprising since they were burning a hole in my bra.+”
“/Sorry,/” Sid said.
“+It’s okay,+” the woman said. “+You can look, you can do more than look if you want.+” She nuzzled up close to Sid.
“/Oh… right…/” he said. “/Um… are you?/”
“+Yes, I am,+” she said.
“/Okay…/” However, he became too nervous and ran off.
“+I was just playing with you,+” Rachel said. She rose to her feet. “+Everyone loves my boobs,+” she said. Casper walked over to her, not taking anyone. Rachel frowned at her.
“+I was just having a laugh,+” she said.
“/Yeah, whatever,/” Casper mutter.
“+Seemed like he fancied me, or would have with a little push.+” She took a smoke of her lit cigarette.
“/Sid’s not like most guys./”
“+Yep, I know. It’s why I…+”
“/Maybe he doesn’t like you./”
“+No, that’s not it. He was telling me about his dad. He’s so cute.+”
“/His dad is dead. He’s probably a bit vulnerable, you know./”
“+I know, shite… He says you’re the only one who needs how to talk to him.+”
“/He said that?/”
“+Because you’ve known each other forever and sometimes he thinks he knows you better than you do. And that’s when I decided to show him my tits. I’m a bitch.+” She took another smoke. “+Go on, you can probably catch him. I even I can tell he needs a hug and I’m the insensitive cow.+”
“/Okay… Thanks./” Then, Casper went off after him. She paused and turned to Rachel.
“/You’re not a bitch, are you?/” she asked.
“+Just pretending,+” Rachel said. Casper went through the woods to the beach to find Sid.
“/Sid!/” she called as she ran faster. She found him on the beach. He sat alone crying. The man turned and saw Casper walking towards him.
“/Casper,/” he whimpered. “/I’m so lonely./”
“/I know,/” she said as she walked over to him. “/I know./” They shared a kiss that led to intimate open doors. By sunrise, a new love had opened. Casper awoke next to Sid. Oh Christ, she thought.
“/Happy birthday, Casper,” she whispered to herself. She sat up and pulled out Simon’s gift. She unwrapped it and opened the box. Inside was a broken watch with a note inside.
“You wanted some more time. Happy Birthday. S xx,” it said. The confusing pain led her to take a swim in the ocean. Casper and Sid sat on the beach together moments later.
“/Can we go home now, Sid?/” she asked.
“/Yeah, Cas,/” he said. “/Let’s go home./” They hitched a ride home. Sid invited her inside after much confusion. However in a few kisses, there came a twisted surprise. The new couple found Arisu sitting on Sid’s bed. The man looked at her puzzled.
“/Arisu-chan?/” he asked.
“Hello Sid,” she said. “Hello Casper.”
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