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Baby, Seasons Change But People Don't

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Pandora and Joe were friends years ago. What happens when they meet again 6 years later and who is sending the weird notes?

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As I sat at the edge of his bed I noticed how peaceful he looked. I was going to miss him more than anyone or any part of Chicago. I closed my eyes not wanting them to start welling up. I had cried enough the last 24 hours since my parents had told me we would be moving back to Melbourne. How am I meant to tell my only real friend that I was leaving?

I realised I wasn’t ready. Slowly got up from the bed and started towards the door trying not to make a noise. Maybe I would feel stronger later.

“Hey” said a groggy voice. I hung my head, he was awake, no backing out now Pandora, time to tell him.

“Hi” I turned to look at him and he was trying to get his curly fro out of his eyes.

“What’s wrong” Joe sat up and looked concerned.

“Umm.....I...We.....Oh Joe” I rushed to him and pretty much fell on him crying. It was sometime before he was about to understand what I was saying in between the sobbing. I explained that my dad had been offered a partnership at his old law firm and it was just too much of a great opportunity to turn down.

“Hey Panda it’s alright, we will keep in contact, email, text phone calls. I might even use that old fashion equipment called a pen and paper” He smiled. He was trying his best to cheer me up and it was working.

“Thanks Joe” I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him close.

As Panda held me close I realised that I had lost my chance to make her more than just my friend. I have liked her since the day I saw her walk into my English class. Even after all these years you could still hear the Australian accent in her voice.

I didn’t let her see how sad and crushed I was by everything that was happening. I didn’t want to make her any more upset.

I breathed in as much of her smell as I could. It wouldn’t be too long til I wouldn’t be able to, only two more weeks of having her around.


I walked up to Panda standing there looking out the big glass windows to the planes below. “Hey” I said softly not wanting to scare her

“Hey Joe, well this is it” Panda looked down at the ground and fiddled with the zip of her hoodie. Well my hoodie I was my favourite black hoodie but I wanted her to have it, as a way of being with her.

“We still have about 20 minutes” I forced a smile. I know she knew it was forced but I did it anyway.

“I have something for you” She said and put her hand in her pocket and took out something silver. “I have a matching one, well mine is the girl version”

She put it in my hand, it was a sliver bracelet with Friends engraved on one side and Joe and Panda on the other side. I hugged her so tight she had to ask for me to let go.

“I’ll never take it off” I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek just as her dad was calling her over to get ready to board.


“Hey Joe what’s this?” asked Andy as he was helping me pack up my old room getting ready to move into my new apartment. I saw something sliver in his hand.

“Ummm” I walked over and saw the familiar bracelet that was well worn, you could only just make out the words “Joes and Panda” on the back I had forgotten about it. When was the last time I even wore it? I remembered back to the day at the airport when I said I would never take it off, I had meant it at the time but people change. It must have been about 2 years ago. “A present from an old friend” I said as I placed it in my jeans pocket. I wonder what Panda was up to these days.

“Guys are you done yet?” Called Pete from down the hall

“Just about” I called back “Would go faster if you helped”

“Am busy” I could hear the familiar tapping of the keys of his laptop going “Anyway we have to get to the venue in like an hour”

“Pandora, are you ready?” Called my friend Cherie, She was in the kitchen waiting for me. “I want to get there early so we get a good spot”

“Hmmmm” I want to get there late so we are way in the back and Joe has no chance of seeing me. I had told Cherie about Joe back when I meet her at school and he was just a friend from Chicago, now he was in one of the big bands of the moment and as much as I loved their music I never wanted to go to a show, I didn’t want to see him, even if he couldn’t see me. Cherie was a big fan and figured that it didn’t matter if we used to be friends, if I like the band I should go and see them live.

“You look great. Let’s go” Cherie was standing in the door way looking great with her long blonde hair a pink tips which matched the skirt she was wearing and black tank. I took a look in the mirror. I went for the safe choice of jeans and a plain black top. “Pandora he won’t even notice you because if he sees you, if he even remembers you, he won’t expect you to be back in Chicago so will assume he is imagining things” I couldn’t argue with that logic, well I could but I know Cherie well enough to know there was no point.

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