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Auditions :)

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Male characters? -- Something a little bit different with a really long explanation. I would be grateful for your help!

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NB: If you help fill in parts of this for me, pop your email address at the bottom of the post and I'll put you on an email list and keep you updated :) not fair if you fill some in then never hear of it again.
This is long...if you could stick with me through the whole thing, I'll love you forever!

there is nothing to fear but fear itself

"What do you do when your only chance of survival is heading towards certain death?" - don't even know if I'll end up using this... - draft cover

This isn't a story for on here, I've actually just posted about this before if you could read that if you're interested.

I'm writing a "book" or something that I'm hoping I can publish on Amazon and see if I can get any interest in my writing, but I could use some help. These auditions aren't exactly auditions for an individual character - I want you to audition a character but I won't use it as such, I'm taking parts from each audition and mixing them together to create perfect characters. Does that make sense?


So, the whole thing is an industrial/steam-punk horror & thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Draft blurb:
" 'Level 3 is forbidden to AirSmith guests. Thank you for your understanding.'
In a world where there are more rats than humans and the filth coats the streets, the new AirSmith apartment block that seemed to appear overnight draws people in like a magnet. What happens when you step into the elevator only to be met with the vile stench of stale urine and before you can leave, the door clangs shut behind you...never to open again.

The flashing green light surrounding the level 3 button seems so exciting now, the only button to be worn down from excessive use.

A psychological thriller."

Basically, the only way out is by going to level 3, when the doors open you're met with a damaged world, overrun with monsters that have only ever been dreamt of. The characters meet their own fears and have to battle their way out. The idea is that when they've destroyed their monster, they wake up as though it was from a nightmare, but they've been branded with the number 3 on their side plus any battle scars they get.

So what I want from you is to fill this next bit out and I'll also make sure I send you all info re: this project over email. Feel free to be as creative as you want, or maybe put a couple of ideas down like you might have a couple of names or something... :) The things to fill in are a bit long, you can cut some of it down or miss bits out if you want. I just wanted to be really specific to make it easier to mix-and-match. Some styles of what I'm thinking...if you want ideas :) // // // //

Your Name:
Character Name(s):
Character Physical
Skin tone:
Hair colour/style:
Eye colour:

Character Clothing
Top BODY colour/style:
Top SLEEVES colour/style:
Any lacing?:
Bottom colour/style:
Shoes colour/style:

Character Mental(really important bit)
What is your biggest fear?
How would you combat this fear?
What happens when you're scared?
What do you think about swear/cuss words?
What could you not live without?
What makes you crazy?
What makes you nauseous/sick?

Can you think of a better name for the company than 'AirSmith'?
Anything else?

If you want to know how this goes, either email me at or leave me your email in the reviews.

thanks for sticking this out until the end :D
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