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I was listening to a song called 'I Love Your Existence' by Goot and I thought of this Stashley.. idk. a few owl city lyrics have been put in this too. Can you see them?? xD :') enjoy... xx this ...

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Stefan felt his boyfriends hand slide into his as they walked, barefoot down to the pier by the beach, clutching towels and only wearing swimming trunks.
Ashley occasionally stopped walking to caress Stefan's cheek or play with his curls that were softly blowing in the summer breeze.
Stefan sighed contentedly as he felt the gentle tropical breeze blowing at his face.
The sun was setting, and the sky was an orangey-red colour, with swirls of yellow and pink.
The beach was completely deserted, it was just the two of them.

That was all that mattered to Ashley.
Him and his Stefan, the person he cared the most about in the whole entire world, alone on their romantic holiday.
Ashley looked up at Stefan before saying "Stef, my heart stops without you, theres something about you that makes me feel so happy."
Stefan smiled and whispered "Oh Ashley..." before pulling his boyfriend into a hug and breathing in Ashley's scent.
Stefan loved everything about Ashley. Even his scent. It was Stefan's favorite smell in the whole world. A little Musky, yet fresh. It was perfect, just as Ashley was.

Stefan played with his and Ashley's entwined fingers as they walked. "The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly Ash" Stefan spoke gently. His hand fit perfectly into Ashley's. Absolutely completely perfectly.
Stefan couldn't even begin to explain how much he loved Ashley.
Ashley was Stefan's world, his everything.

As soon as they reached the pier, they set their towels down on the soft sand. Stefan giggled as he felt Ashley come behind him and slide his arms around Stefan's waist, hugging him from behind. Ashley nibbled at Stefan's earlobe before whispering softly "I love you."
Stefan sighed happily and blushed. "I love you too baby.." Stefan giggled as he took Ashley's hand in his again, and began to lead him down towards the sea.

Ashley felt the warm-ish Caribbean sea at his feet as the waves gently broke at his toes. Stefan lead Ashley further into the water before stopping when they were about elbow deep.
Ashley slid his arms around Stefan's waist and pulled Stefan in close to him.
Stefan brought his legs around Ashley's waist and Ashley rested his hands on Stefan's lower back.
Stefan slid his now slippery arms around Ashley's neck and pressed their foreheads together. Ashley gazed deep into Stefan's big dark brown eyes, and Stefan gazed back into Ashley's light brown eyes.

Stefan held up his left hand and Ashley pressed the palm of his right hand into Stefan's hand. "Ashley... p-promise me, we'll be together f-forever?" Stefan said softly.
Ashley nodded before whispering "Inseparable." before nuzzling his nose against Stefan's softly.
Tears slowly fell from Stefan's eyes and Ashley shed a few tears too.
Stefan rested his head on Ashley's shoulder and Ashley traced small circles with his thumbs at the bottom of Stefan's spine.
They stayed like that for a few moments, completely at a loss for words.
They loved each other so much it was hard for them to contemplate it.

After a while Ashley gently licked at Stefan's neck before planting a trail of soft kisses up it.
He gently licked at Stefan's earlobe and nibbled it.

Stefan wrapped his legs tighter around Ashley's waist as his knees went weak with lust.
Ashley placed a line of kisses from Stefan's ear along his jaw line. Stefan made a soft high pitched whimper.
Ashley smirked as Stefan took his head off Ashley's shoulder and looked into Ashley's eyes.
Stefan bit his lip looked down at Ashley's lips for a few moments before tilting his head slightly, and crashing his lips against Ashley's.

Stefan brought his hands up to Ash's hair and tugged on it gently. Ashley kissed Stefan back, pressing their bodies even closer together, Stefan's legs still around Ashley's waist.
Stefan slid his tongue along Ashley's bottom lip softly, begging for entry. Ashley willingly obliged and open his mouth slightly.
Stefan slid his tongue into Ashley's mouth, savoring the taste of Ashley. Ashley moaned as he felt Stefan's tongue slide against his.

Stefan pulled out of the kiss and looked into Ashley's eyes again.
Ashley licked at Stefan's prominent collar bone before biting and sucking at it softly, giving him little love bites.
Stefan knew he'd have some marks on his skin later, but those marks meant he belonged to Ashley, and Stefan loved that.
Stefan's head fell back a little as he whimpered in pleasure.
Stefan began to rub himself against Ashley, pressing his growing bulge into Ashley's.

Stefan brought his legs off Ashley's waist and stood on the sand.
Ashley's eyes went wide as he felt Stefan's hands lightly tapping at his waist.
Stefan smirked as he trailed his fingers around the waistband of Ashley's swimming shorts. Suddenly Stefan pushed both his hands into Ashley's shorts and grabbed Ashley's now extremely hard cock.
Ashley whimpered "Oh shit Stef- oh fuck-" Stefan stroked Ashley slowly, looking up at his boyfriend, Ashley's mouth slightly open, spilling moans and swears, his head thrown back a bit as Stefan pumped his erection.
Ashley ran his hands up Stefan's chest and tugged on Stefan's nipples. "OhMyGoD AsH-" Stefan squeaked.
Ashley suddenly pushed his hands into Stefan's swimming trunks and took hold of Stefan's leaking erection.
Stefan's breathing became ragged and uneven as Ashley began to rapidly fist Stefan's cock, being rewarded with shaky moans of pleasure from Stefan.
"Oh a-Ash, yeah just Ohh-" Stefan moaned, before crashing his lips against Ashley's again, as they stroked each other.
They both knew that if they continued this they'd come soon.
"Ash I- Im gonna- Ash-" Stefan stammered. "Me too Stef, I- I ohH-"

Stefan felt the familiar ticklish feeling in the pit of his stomach, he knew he was close. Ashley's knees went weak.
Ashley squeezed Stefan's cock, and Stefan squeezed Ashley's at the same time and they both came, looking into each others eyes as they did.
"Stef.." Ashley panted. "I love your come face." Stefan giggled "And I love yours AshBash."
Stefan removed his hand from Ash's swimming trunks and brought his fingers still covered some of Ashley's come up to Ashley's mouth.
Ashley sucked on Stefan's fingers, moaning at the taste.
Ashley did the same with his hand and Stefan sucked on Ashley's fingers, enjoying the strange taste of the salty sea water mixed with his come and Ashley's hand.
Stefan smiled and wrapped his legs around Ashley's waist and pressed their foreheads together again.
Ashley held Stefan in place and swayed gently, letting the small waves wash over them both. The sun had now almost completely set, and they were black silhouettes in the water. Ashley brought his hand up to cup Stefan's cheek, before he pressed a small kiss to Stefan's nose. "You're my ickle baby Steffy Weffy" Ashley giggled.
Stefan blushed and pressed a small kiss to Ashley's lips, smiling into the kiss. "Mhmm" mumbled Stefan contentedly.

Ashley picked Stefan up bridal style, carrying him out of the water and onto the beach.
Stefan immediately relaxed in Ash's strong arms.
He loved being in Ashley's arms, it was were Stefan felt safest.
Ashley set Stefan down gently and picked up one of the multicolored towels that were lying on the powdery white sand.
Ash wrapped the towel around his boyfriend and pulled Stefan into his chest.
Ashley put the other towel over his shoulders and took Stefan's hand in his.

They began walking the moonlit path back up to their villa.
Completely lost in the moment.
If Stefan had his way this moment would last forever. It was just so perfect. Stefan played with Ashley's fingers as they walked.
Ashley spoke up after a while "We're gonna be together forever Stef, yeah?"

Stefan nodded before kissing Ashley again,smiling into the kiss. "Inseparable......"
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