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Stay Beautiful,Keep It Ugly..

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For if you ever feel like giving up..

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Okay,for starters.I know I'm spamming the MCR catagory,but the title fits with them so I think it'll be acceptable.If you don't,just don't read this.

Let me get on with what I wanna say.

Christy,I'm writing this for you.
Please,whatever you do,don't die.
You took an overdose,so what?
We all do stupid things sometimes,but it helps us in a way.
It makes you a better person,helps you change who you are.

I have a lot of Gerard quotes for you,because I know how much you love him.

-Stay beautiful,keep it ugly-

-all your quirks,and problems.that's what makes you,you-

I don't really know where I am going with this,so this'll be what I really feel,about you.About everybody here on Ficwad.

You are all there to catch me when I fall.You are all like my rock.

Christy,I love you.
Like a sister,and a friend.

I want you to not die,for me.
For everybody here,who love you dearly,and don't want to see you like this.
This isn't you,I know that.
We all do.

If you could rate and review this,that would make my day.I am just a little sad,because Christy is my best friend,even if I don't know her.

xo Sadie
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