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I have actually run out of ideas...

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So, I've finished my last story "Gunshot," which I think did very well! I hope, for those of you that read it, you liked it!

So, now I've started to (re)write a story about Frank having recurring nightmares about his past, which is of his mother, who abused him from a very young age. The more time passes, the dreams get worse and worse, and, well, we'll have to see. I thought up of the idea a while ago and wrote it and posted it, but after re-reading, it completely sucked xD so I decided to write it again to add more detail and plot. It's called "Bruised Memories." It's not doing very well, since almost no people seemed to have liked it, so my question to you all is:

What should I write next?

I am FRESH out of ideas write now! So if you would be so kind to give me some basic scenarios or simple plots from which I could build, that would be great! I'd credit you in the story and everything as well.

My only restrictions is that it must be MCR and it cannot be smut. I'll add any other limitations if I remember something, but that's about it!

Thank you for reading and I'd really really really appreciate ideas!! :D
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