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EDITED! Horror Frerard oneshot where our heroes learn that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, please R&R

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A/N So my lovelies I decided that this little oneshot needed a slight overhaul so I got to editing it. I was be so super psyced if you could give it a little read and let me know what you all think because I live for your rates and seriously...they give me life...

Anyway now my creepy side had it's say I hope you enjoy and I love you for reading it. Thank you xo



"I'm scared..."

"So am I..."

The two boys quaked with fear as they hid in the darkness, the cold air biting at their cheeks and arms causing them to shiver even more. She was coming and they had nowhere to run, nobody to save them. Gerard looked down at his smaller friend and twisted his face in concern, Frank was gripping his body just below his ribcage trying to stop the flow of blood coming from the wound she'd given him. If they didn't get to safety soon Frank was gonna lose too much blood.

Gerard removed a strip of his shirt and wrapped it around his skinny friend in a vain hope it may stem the bleeding, at least for now anyway. He could barely look at Frank's face as the pain he was suffering was evident in his features, guilt flooding Gerard's mind and heart as he thought back to the day they met her and the conversation he had with his best friend...

"There is something not right with that girl Gee..."

"It's fine, we should talk to her..."

"No way, you talk to her. It's your fucking funeral..."

Frank had always been a great judge of character and Gerard wished so badly he could go back in time and tell himself to stay away. He was losing his best friend and his brother was already potentially dead, Gerard had a tiny glimmer hope Ray could save them. Little did he know she had gotten to him first.

Gerard shifted uncomfortably beside Frank weighing up their options, they couldn't hide forever because she'd find them soon enough. He peered warily into the woodland surrounding them, his heart jumping into his throat at the sight each shadow praying she hadn't caught up yet. They had to keep running, as long as they made it til morning they would be fine and Frank could get the help he so desperatley needs. Sure she would be trailing them every step of the way, she could smell Frank's blood and would be tracing the scent but running was their only chance.

Frank looked up at his older friend and watched as his face contorted, the way it always did when he was in deep thought. He knew he should be angry at him, he was the one to talk to her first. He brought her into their lives but he couldn't feel the anger he should, not at Gerard, he loved him too much. A wave of nausea washed over Frank and he forced himself to swallow back his vomit. He looked down at the wound in his side, thankful Gerard had wrapped it as the flesh was torn open. He wanted so badly to keep positive, to reassure Gerard they were going to survive this, but the words just wouldn't come.

Gerard turned to Frank and saw the tears that had formed in the youngers eyes. He pulled him into an embrace careful not to hurt him and allowed him to sob into his shirt, Frank trying to bite back the small sounds threatening to escape his trembling lips as he buried his face into his best friends shoulder. Gerard knew what he had to do, he had to tell Frank the truth, had to tell him why all of this was happening

"Frankie, I'm sorry, this is all my fault..."

"No Gee..."

"Yes it is, I was the one who spoke to her, I was the one who allowed her to get close to us and I am the one who broke her heart..." Frank looked at his friend with confusion etched into his features, he didn't understand. What the hell did he mean broke her heart? Gerard could sense that Frank needed an explanation and took a deep breath before continuing "She told me she loved me, that we were destined to be together and I rejected her. I told her I couldn't ever be with her..."

"I thought you liked her, she seemed a bit full on but you like that crazy shit..."

"No Frankie, I do like the crazy shit, YOUR crazy shit...I like you..." Frank felt happiness elevate within him for a moment, followed quickly by anger. He felt the same about Gerard, in fact he fucking loved him but to tell Frank now that the feelings were mutual, right when they could die at any minute. He just felt so pissed off

"You tell me now! I've been so fucking obvious for weeks and you decide to tell me when we're about to die?! Dammit Gerard you need to work on your timing...." Frank was cut off by his friends lips gently pressing to his own and all of the anger seemed to wash out of him. He allowed himself to melt into it for a moment before pulling away, knowing he shouldn't allow himself to get his hopes up. Not when they are at risk of slaughter from...he didn't know what she was.

"Gerard what do we do now?" The older looked down at Frank and frowned before gazing back out into the tangled and twisted deformed trees

"We run..."

The boys began running as fast as their legs would allow. They were completley exposed and knew she was watching them but they didn't know where she was and she could strike at any time. The thicket on the forest floor cut at there legs, gnarled brambles slicing at the tender flesh of their calves and caused them to stumble but they had to keep going. Frank began to slow so Gerard grabbed his hand and pulled him along. The thorny brambles tearing into the bare skin of Gerard's torso and face as he attempted to protect the one he loved from anymore injuries. All they had to do was keep running, get out of the forest and keep running until the morning.

They stopped momentarily to catch their breaths and Frank looked up at the older boys face. Concern flooded through him as he saw the large gash across the pale skin of his cheek, he knew their scent would be stronger now but all he could focus on was the fact that Gerard was injured. He pulled the Gerard's face toward him and gently brushed away the blood before kissing his lips softly. Gerard pulled away and nodded to Frank before running again, their jagged broken breaths fogging in the cold night. He knew that they were close to the edge of the forest and only had a short way to go before they could get to, what they hoped would be, safety.

They ran faster than they had in their whole lives when the edge of the tree's came into view, only a few more seconds and they'd be out in the open. Franks legs gave way underneath him and Gerard quickly scooped him up knowing inside Frank wouldn't have the strength to get back up. The pace slowed but he kept running and soon enough he burst from the tree's onto the grassy clearing, dropping to his knees. He pulled his weakend lover onto his legs and held him tight against him "I love you Frank, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before..."

"I love you too..." Gerard leaned his head forward and captured his lovers lips in his own. He had gotten them to safety. He thought she couldn't get them now they had left the forest. They pulled apart and grinned weakly at each other, tears falling freely from their eyes cutting through the blood and dirt on their faces. The metallic scent of each others blood filling their nostrils, making their heads swim with fear for the other. They thought they had made it when they saw the first signs of sunrise on the horizon, soft golden rays slowly spreading across the darkened landscape.

But they were still in the darkness...

"Hello boys...."


Everybody in the town had heard of the deaths of the local boys, they described it as horrific like it had been "Lifted from a nightmare..."

The first Ray had been found inside his home, his lips stitched together and his eyes missing, wounds slashed into his torso and chest...

The second Mikey had been found just outside the forest, his neck had been sliced open then stiched back together, his lips were also sewn together, eyes missing...

The other two boys Gerard and Frank had been found together, hanging from a tree. Their hands were stitched together as if the were holding each others, their eyes were also missing and mouths sewn shut but that was not all. Their hearts had been removed from their chests, sewn together and nailed to the tree...

People of the town gathered and watched as the boys were taken down and parted, the ugly stitching making their lifeless bodies seem like ragdolls, before being taken away in seperate coroners vans. People watched their bodies being buried side by side at their funerals.

She watched everything. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
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