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The taste of ashes

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Odin, Loki, and Angrboda. Maybe love.

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The taste of ashes

Angrboda is lovely and sweet, and like so many other women, quite taken with Loki, said the Norns, and Odin laughed. She can have my sympathies, he said, my oblivious blood brother has yet to notice even sweet Freya's attentions, bold though she can be.

Angrboda is lovely and sweet, the fairest of the Jotun and frost to Loki's fire, a perfect match for him, see how happy they are together, said the Norns. Odin answered, she has my blessing, for my dear Loki grows dull, and I fear he will get up to mischief again shortly, and the Norns were silenced.

Angrboda is lovely and sweet, as strong as any of her kind, and Loki is no less strong, whispered the Norns. From whence came your brother, Urd asked, and Verdandi said, the Jotun have always been your enemy.

They will have strong children, Skuld sighed.

Loki is my blood brother and will never think of causing me harm, said Odin warningly, dismissing the Norns, but they lingered in his hall.

But Loki began to grow distant, wandering away from Asgard in her company, forgetting to make time for even his best friend, Thor, and doubt crept into Odin's heart, that his brother should leave as easily and without warning as he came. He cast his vision far and wide, watching uneasily as Loki and Angrboda strolled through the woods, holding hands and whispering in each other's ears, laughing together like lovestruck humans.

How lovely Angrboda is! Loki only stays for love of you, lord, said the Norns, and Odin replied, shall I not wish my blood brother well, then, if he loves me so? watching the couple foray deeper into Jotunheim, and waiting for Loki to visit his hall again.

He has no respect for your children, said the Norns, sad and wistful with the weight of destiny. How great and terrible his own children will become! They will surely bring about Ragnarok.

Loki is no threat to me, said Odin, wroth, and sent the Norns from his presence. But still Loki would not come.

Then Odin summoned Thor into his hall, and said to him, my son, kill the giantess Angrboda for me.

Why do you want her dead? Loki loves her, Thor cried.

She will bring destruction and sorrow upon us, said Odin. You must kill her.

I cannot harm a woman, Father, and she has done nothing to harm us, Thor protested, appalled by the command.

Will you defy me? Angrboda must die, or we will all be doomed, Odin said, relentless,

and Loki said

I will do it.

I will kill Angrboda for you, my brother, if such is your will. I will kill her to protect you, he said, and left Odin's hall.

When they caught up to Loki, he stood over her pyre and reached into the ashes. Do not begrudge me this, he said, I only wish for a memento of my love to keep with me. And he ate her blackened heart.


In some accounts, Loki bore the monsters Fenrir, Hel and Jormungand after he ate the burnt heart of Angrboda.
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