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new q&a just a diff pic and more q's. :)

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It has 50 questions.All questions related to Twitter,I'm changing to ficwad.
I can't post the pic,sadly.
You've probly heard it before,IDK.
Right,lets start.

1.Full Name -- Sadie Jeanne Hobbs.

2.Zodiac Sign -- Sagitaurius (Did I spell it right?)

3.3 Fears -- Needles,Spiders and claustrophobic spaces.I'm claustrophobic.

4.3 Things I love -- Dan Howell,Phil Lester and Bands.

5.My Best Friend -- Don't hate me everyone else,but Mia.

6.Last Song I Listened To -- Dead! by My Chem.

7.4 Turn Ons -- If you are Gerard or Mikey or Frank or you like bands and youtubers.

8.4 Turn Offs -- If you like One Direction,Justin Beiber.If you make fun of people because they're gay or bi.and if you HATE Dan and Phil.Or,if you are a peasant in general.

9.What Colour Underwear I'm Wearing Right Now -- Black..?? wait,I just told everyone that.. face-palm

10.How Many Tattoos/Piercings I Have -- None because a) needle fear and b) i'm 13.

11.The Reason I joined Ficwad -- I wrote a fic and I wanted to show it to the world,and now I'm addicted to Fics.

12.How I Feel Right Now -- Ficcy. Yes,that is an emotion,you feel fics.You wanna either read 'em or write 'em.

13.Something I Really Really Want -- My imaginary Boyfriend to be real please.

14.My Current Relationship Status -- Mentally Dating Revenge Gerard Way Because I'm Forever Alone.

15.Meaning Behind My Username -- I like MCR and the number 99 was the first number I thought of,okay?!

16.My Fave Movie(s):Life On The Murder Scene,hell yah!

17:My Fave Song(s):All MCR Songs,King For A Day by PTV,All FOB songs,I write sins not tragedies by P!ATD,Bow Ties On Dead Guys by FVK and In The End and Fallen Angels by BVB.

18:My Fave Band(s):MCR,PTV,BMTH,FOB,BVB,FVK,P!ATD,ATL,Green Day.Awesome music taste huh?

19:3 Things That Upset Me -- "OMG ur so EMO!" "MCR suxs,they're EMO!" "Your music taste sux dick!"

20:3 Things That Make Me Happy -- MCR,Ficwad ppl,Fics.

21:What I Find Atractive in other people -- If you like MCR or you like Bands and YouTubers.Yus.

22:Someone I Miss -- Mitch Lucker.Even though I just got into Suicide Silence,he seemed so cool.I miss him.Even if I've never heard of him..

23.Someone I Love -- Who do you think?! cough Revenge Gee cough.

24.My Relationship With My Parents -- S'okay,I guess.

25.My Fave holiday -- CHRISTMASSSS....

26.My Closest Ficwad Friend -- All my Ficwad friends.

27.Someone on Ficwad I'd date -- Someone with awesome music taste and who likes youtubers and bands.Mhmm.

28.A Confession -- I fangirl way too much for my own good.

29.3 Things That Annoy Me Easily -- Chart Music,Stereotyping and Facebook.

30.My Fave Animal(s):Doggies! OMG YES DOGS.

31.My Pets -- I have a dog and 2 fishies.

32.One Thing I Lied About -- I told my parents I got kept behind at school when I was at a singing club meeting..eternal shame.

33.Something that's currently worrying me -- Is Brandon OKAY?! (If you dunno who Brandon is,read my last post.)

34.An Embarrasing Moment -- Mum started an argument with a random woman the other day..(read a few posts back,the day I got my last Kerrang! mag,there's the story..)

35.Where I Work -- I don't have a job..but I'm a part time internet-er.

36.Something that's constantly on my mind -- "OMG WHAT IF 13 YEAR OLD GERARD CAME BACK AND CAME TO MY SCHOOL OMG OMG dies"

37.3 habits I have -- I giggle over The Universe,Frerard fics and MCR references..3 habits.there.

38.My Future Goals -- To meet MCR and hang out with them for a day,to be an awesome drawer and have my idol look at my drawings! yeah,that's it.

39.Something I Fantisise about -- Gay Frerard Fics.I did that during maths the other day lol.

40.My Fave Store(s) -- ASDA and The Little Red shop down my road.ASDA sells Kerrang! mag and the little red sells sweeties and coke.

41.My Fave Food(s):Sweets,Spag Bol,Burgers,Chicken Chow Mein and Chicken.Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

42.What I Did Yesterday -- Fics and Twitter.

43.Something I'm Talented At -- Singing to MCR.Yes,I'm fucking cool at it I look really crazy during the performances.

44.My Idea Of A Perf Date -- MCR concert,with Demolition Lovers playing in the background,then back to my place for Dan and Phil and Fics.MMHHMMM...PERF DATE RIGHT THERE.

45.My Celeb Crush(es) -- Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Frank Iero and other hot band members who are dudes.

46.A pic of myself -- no.I dunno how to post it.I'll describe myself though.Shoulder length brown hair,dark green eyes,kind of pale face..

47.My Fave Ficwad Account -- All you guys have awesome Ficwad accounts,so I'm not choosing one cuz you're all cool dudez and dudettez.

48.Number of Kids I Want -- 2.I'm naming them Helena and Destroya.Both will be girls.I'LL BE THE MOST AWESOME MUM EVUUURRRRR..WITH DA MCR REFERENCES.

49.Do I smoke/drink -- No.And I never want to,I saw what Gee went through,and I don't ever wanna go through that.

50.(enter question here).

My choise of question is.....WHO DO I SHIP IN FICS.

Answer:Frerard,Sikey,Serard (me + Revenge Gee),Cherard (Christy + Killjoy Gee),Franina,Frasmine,Atomicstumph (AJ + Patrick Stumph) and finally...

FRIA (Mia and Frankie Iero (there I shipped you too!) )


xoxo Sadie
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