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Chapter 39: Bubble-beards and bath-boners

The water was comfortably hot, and the mountains of bubbles hid their bodies. Gia stretched out her limbs, placed her head on Lucas’ chest and sighed contently. His eyes were closed, and his other hand was hanging out from the edge of the bathtub, squeezing the yellow rubber duck he’d found.

Gia and Lucas were up in the bathroom which was connected to her room, taking advantage of the rare moment of solitude. It was very rare that both Gerard and Lindsey were gone, and Bandit wasn’t ransacking the house like a tiny little Godzilla. Everything was quiet, apart from the sloshing of the water when one of them moved.

“We should have candles,” Gia muttered sleepily, breaking the silence.

“That’s so cheesy,” Lucas grinned. His eyes remained closed, but he sunk into the water a bit deeper, which forced Gia to climb up so that her head was now level with his neck. “I haven’t been this relaxed in weeks,” he admitted.

“Aww, is Hazel giving you boys a tough time?” Gia mocked. It’s been a few weeks since Hazel told Danny about the baby. It was a tough decision for Danny, but eventually he’d decided to do the responsible thing and take care of the kid with Hazel. Because of this she moved in with the two boys who, while a bit disgruntled that their bachelor pad was being invaded by a lady, were still both okay with Hazel living with them. The only problem is, now Hazel had began to make herself more at home.

“It’s nothing to laugh about,” Lucas complained. “She’s... redecorating. Has me and Danny moving furniture, painting walls, carrying heavy stuff... And the chores, they’re the worst. And we can’t just drink straight out of a carton anymore. No, we have to be so fucking fancy and use cups. Can you believe it?”

Gia laughed. “Oh yeah, you poor boys, having to actually do something around the apartment.” She picked up the bottle of bath bubbles and poured some more into the tub. She swirled her hand around in the water so it would start bubbling - as if there weren’t enough bubbles already.

“I’m gonna smell like a girl after this,” Lucas said when the strong scent of raspberry came wafting up from the water. “Danny’s gonna laugh himself to death.”

Gia laughed lightly, nuzzling her face to the crook of his beck. “You smell fine.”

“Yeah, to you maybe. Guys aren’t supposed to smell like bath bombs and bubble... shit. Whatever it is that you put in here,” he sighed.

“And what are guys supposed to smell like?”

“Manly and sweaty, fresh out of a dangerous battle to the death, like big, burly men with hairy chests.”

Gia ran a finger across his chest, a smile playing on her lips. “No hair. What now?”

“It was a metaphor,” he grunted in the manner that made it clear how displeased he was by the fact that his chest was smooth like a baby’s bottom.

“Also, apart from your ego there’s really only one part of you I’d call big,” she grinned and slid her hand lower underwater, finding quickly what she was looking for. But the second she touched it, he flinched so much that at least a galleon of the water fell over the edge and onto the floor tiles.

“Don’t do that unless you’re planning on finishing what you start,” he said with a hint of a scolding tone in his voice. “You know what it does to me.”

“Sorry,” she apologized. Lucas slid back into the water so that it was up to his collarbone. He started to shape himself a beard from the bubbles. Gia sat up as properly as she could. She was still half on top of him, since the bathtub wasn’t exactly big enough for two people, so when she sat up, the water reached only the lower halves of her breasts. She found it amusing that being like this with a boy would’ve been impossible for her two years ago, yet now it seemed so natural to soak naked in a tub of bubbles with her boyfriend. She could care less how naked she was in front of him. Not like he hadn’t seen it all before. It was just... comfortable.

“Well now that you brought it up,” Lucas said, stroking his bubble-beard thoughtfully, raising an eyebrow. “When are we going to do it?”


“I mean, I know you have this... Weird... Abstinence thing going on. But we do so much other stuff, why not go all the way? I mean there’s no rush, I can wait, it’s just... I don’t really get the logic.”

Gia hated it when he brought that up. She didn’t like the pressure. Sure, she was fine when they were, for example, taking a bath together, or making out, or if they even went a little bit further than that. But have real, proper sex? “I guess I’m just scared. Look at what happened to Hazel. And I’ve been pregnant, too. I don’t want that to happen,” she explained, and in order to avoid his eyes, she watched her own hand which was now gathering bubbles to one big mountain. “Besides, I suppose this sounds pretty stupid but... I don’t want it to happen just because we’re horny.”

“Okay,” Lucas said, though he didn’t quite understand.

“Okay, so you know Sean?”

Lucas nodded. “Your ex-boyfriend you had a lot of sex with, yeah I’ve heard of him.”

“With him it was just sex. You know? I didn’t love him. I didn’t even particularly like him, but maybe I would’ve grown to like him if we would have taken the time to stop fucking like animals and actually talked.”

Lucas frowned at the ‘fucking like animals’ bit. He wasn’t a particularly jealous boyfriend, but he doubted any guy wanted to hear that from their girlfriend.

“I want it to matter with you,” Gia continued with a sigh and finally looked at him in the eyes. “Is that so bad?”

“No,” he replied and sat up so he could kiss her. The beard of bubbles got on her chin, leaving a little goatee which he proceeded to wipe off with his thumb. “Besides, I guess this way your dad will have one less reason to hate me.”

“He doesn’t hate you,” Gia reminded. “At least not now that he knows you could be so much worse.”

“Oh no, that whole thing with Danny doesn’t mean he likes me any more than he did before,” Lucas scoffed. “He just tolerates me so you wouldn’t go off doing guys like Danny.”

“That’s enough for now, isn’t it?” she asked. “He’ll learn to like you eventually. There’s plenty of time.”

That brought a very disturbing thought to Lucas’ mind. It was something he’d been thinking about for a while, and it made him very uneasy. He pulled away from her slightly and opened his mouth to say something, but instantly closed it out of fear that he’d make her upset.

“What is it?”

“Is there time, though?” he asked, now looking a tad concerned.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know how many high school relationships actually last after high school. It’s not a big number. Let’s face it, we probably won’t end up in the same college, if I get in at all. You have your fancy Yale and we both know I’m never going there.”

“You’re not saying... you want to break up?” Gia asked, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“No!” he instantly cried out, panicked by the fact that she jumped to that conclusion. “That’s exactly what I’m worried will happen, though. I don’t want it to.”

“Look, at the risk of sounding like a bad, soppy romantic chick-flick, I really, really want this to last and I’d like to believe it will. I know we’re seventeen so it seems unlikely but... Haven’t been through enough already? Just don’t worry about it,” she told him calmingly. “We’ll cross those bridges when we come to them.”

Lucas nodded, but he wasn’t completely assured until her soft, pink lips touched his. They could have spent the rest of the evening like that, soaking in the water that was now cooling down, until all of the bubbles were gone, their bodies entwined, simply enjoying the now. But alas, as their bad luck seemed to always interfere, they heard the distant sound of a car drive up to the driveway. They both knew what that meant. The crazy father was home.

Gia was the one who broke off the kiss. “I guess that’s over, then,” she sighed. She knew that the second her father got home, he’d want to make sure nothing sinful was going on up in his daughter’s room.

The blonde rose from the bathtub, but Lucas remained in the water, watching her with a small smile on his lips.

“Like what you see?” she laughed when she realized he was staring. She wrapped a fluffy towel around her body, drying herself off. “You have to get out soon, my dad will kill you if he finds you naked in my bathtub.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna need a moment,” he said and nodded his head at his midriff which was still underwater. Though Gia couldn’t see, she knew exactly what he meant.

“Take your time, I’ll distract him,” she assured him and dropped the towel into the hamper before leaving with her ass shaking, knowing he was still watching, and left to bathroom to go to her bedroom, still not a piece of clothing on her.

“You’re not exactly helping,” he called out to her as she was leaving, and he could only hear her laugh before she closed the door.
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