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Emma is a typical school wallflower, Alexander is the new kid with a secret. Emma finds herself tangled up in Alexander's secret. Will she put herself in danger to save a guy she barely knows or wi...

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Darkness. Then I'm running. my heart beat filling my ears. I look behind me as I feel the presence nearing me. A maze, I'm in a stone maze, the fog hangs low and sends goosebumps up my arms. I must have been running for several minutes but what was I running from? His tantalizing laugh echoes against the walls my fear building up with every step I take. My legs feel heavy and weighed down, I run into a dead end, my heart drops into my stomach and I fall to my knees. His laughing gets louder and louder until the figure casts a shadow in front of me. i drop my head and close my eyes-

"Good morning, everyone, we have a lot to get through today so let's get started. First thing's first, we have a new student attending Far View High. Mister Alexander Scott." A tall somewhat built guy walked in, his blonde hair stuck out from under a grey beanie. His blue eyes scanned the classroom until they landed on me. I looked down at my Civil Technology book that, at this point, seems more interesting. I sank down into my seat and flipped my hair to the side so my face was covered from view.
"Take a seat next to Emily at the back, Alexander." I closed my eyes.
"Just my luck." I murmmered under my breath. Trust me to always pick the seat at the back and trust people not to sit next to the girl at the back. But trust the teacher to place the new kid next to the social reject. Great.
"Excuse me?" the boy, Alexander, asked me. I looked up at him dumbfounded.
"You said 'great'?" he asked somewhat confused.
"Oh... I was thinking out loud, sorry." I shook my head and looked down again.
"I'm Alex." he said.
"Hi." I said monotonously. he chuckled softly.
"You are?"
"Didn't you hear what Mister Chapman said?"
"I did. But I'd rather you introduce yourself."
I rolled my eyes. "I'm Emily."
"That wasn't so hard." he joked. I shook my head and rested my chin on my books.

"Em, have you seen the new eye-candy?" Shanah cried out from across the quad. Her dramatic personality stood out amongst the group. I walked to the table and sat down next to her.
"You know, the new kid." she whispered loudly. "I heard he's totally ho-"
"Hi, Emily." I looked up and squinted at Alexander.
"Oh, hi." I looked back down and opened my can of coke. Anything to avoid eye-contact.
"Do you mind if I si-"
"No!" Shanah screamed. She jumped up and pushed him down on the seat next to me. I sighed irritated. I placed my tin down and put my glasses on.
"So, Alex, are you single?" Shanah asked.
"You don't beat around the bush." I snorted.
"Shush, you." She teased, drawing her sttention to Alexander again. He shuffled a bit before answering.
"It's complicated."
"There is no such thing." I said bluntly. "You're either single, or you're not." I must admit, I was very curious too. I never said he wasn't good looking or that I wasn't attracted to him, I'm just me. I'm opinionated and honest and very sarcastic. Not like a wallflower at all, but I am, according to Shanah.
"Em, don't be rude to our guest."
"Well, I don't know, it's long distance." Alexander answered my remark, even though it wasn't necessary.
"Emily's single." Shanah stated. I groaned and stood up.
"That isn't so shocking, Shay." I took my coke and walked away from the table, I'm not usually, I just don't know how to compose myself around guys.

When the bell went for the end of the day I shot up from my seat and ran out the door. Finally, freedom for three days.
"So, Em, what are your plans for the three-day study break?"
"Not studying?"
"That's my girl." Shanah placed a hand to her chest and faked a small sob of delight. "A few of us are getting together tonight, wanna join?"
"Can't, mom and dad are on a holiday and little-man is my responsibility."
"That's alright, we'll come over to your place and help baby-sit the little devil." I smiled and nodded.
"Alright. My place at six." We said our goodbyes and we went our own ways.

"Hey, Emily!" A voice called out. I turned around and groaned.
"Are you stalking me now?"
"What? No, I live three blocks away." I stopped and eyed him suspiciously but he gave no hint of lying so I continued.
"Great." I sped up my pace.
"Listen, I'm sorry if I did anything to make you mad." I stopped for a brief second noticing a car parked across the road, a man staring straight at us. The man started the car and drove off.
"What is it?" Alexander turned around to see where I was looking.
"Hi, Emily!" I turned my head to the side and saw Penny, the neighbourhood cutie (and my brothers biggest crush), waving excitedly from her yard. I smiled and waved back. "Hi, sweetheart! Is Charlie joining us tonight?"
"No. Mom says he must watch me."
"Why don't you and your brother come over tonight and you can keep Tommy company?" I smiled to myself, forgetting that Alexander was still there.
"This is my stop." Alexander stopped and waited for me to turn around.
"Alright, see you." I continued walking.

The doorbell rang and I was still in the kitchen tending to the drinks. I heard Shanah scream excitedly. Oh no. Please no.
"Em, Alex is here!" I groaned.
"Shay, can you come here for a second?" I shouted from the kitchen. Shanah's footsteps grew louder until she stopped by the door.
"Why did you invite him?"
"He wasn't doing anything and I figured you'd love to have him here." She smiled sneekily. I handed her the tray of drinks and headed out of the kitchen.
"I'm going to my room and changing into something comfortable, you can put the movie in and start it so long."

I walked into my room and shut the door. Putting off going downstairs for as long as possible. Finally after some time, I decided to join everyone downstairs.
"Emma!" Tommy screamed from his room. I walked to his room to find he and Penny were staring out of the window. "Tiger got out and now he's stuck in the tree. His paw is stuck." I stepped to where they were and saw that my brothers cat was very high up and his paw was caught in between the branches.
"You owe me." I stood on the windowframe and stepped onto a thick branch that I knew could not hold my weight for very long. I walked the branch until I reached a comfortable spot to start climbing.
"I hate this cat. I hate this cat." I kept saying to myself. The cat didn't like me either, he'd wake me in the middle of the night, scratching my arms and legs. I stepped on a branch and extended my arm towards the cat but I couldn't reach him yet.
"Try you stupid cat!" I yelled softly. He hissed at me and tried to swipe at my hand. "I'll leave you up here, I don't care." I stepped up on a loose branch that gave way under my weight. I grabbed another branch and swung myself up onto another branch until, after some struggle, I reached the top where Tiger was. I freed his paw and held him to my chest. He immediately dug his claws into me.
"Ouch, easy." I whispered. I looked out acroos the neighbourhood from the trees height and noticed something across the street. A man, leaning against his car in a coat under a street lamp, stared up at me. His cigarette burned in his mouth. He took a device out, brought it to his eyes and a flash went off. Just at that moment, the branch I was seated on gave way to my weight and I was falling. I fell onto a thinker, steadier branch, one that could hold my weight. I let go of Tiger who had immediately run to the window. I swung my leg over the branch and hugged it for a while. My arms were tired and I was just tired.
"Hello?" I looked down and saw Alexander walking around the garden. AT first I thought he was talking to me but when I looked again he was on a phone.
"Who is this? If you go anywhere near her I'll-" He went quiet for a while. He was quiet for so long that I thought he had hung up his phone.
"Listen, I don't have it." I leaned further down on the branch. "Don't you dare come near her." The branch creaked and lowered a bit. It was finally getting tired of holding me. I stood up slowly and with caution. As I stood up straight the branch broke and I and it went falling down.
I closed my eyes expecting the worst but when I opened them I saw ALexander looking down at me.
"Are you okay?" His eyes were searching mine for a sign that I wasn't.
"How did yo-" I stopped mid-sentence.
"What were you doing up there?"
"C-Cat. How did-" I was still shocked, he wasnt close enough to the tree to get to me fast enough. He laughed nervously and put me down. Before he had a chance to walk back inside I composed myself and called for him.
"Who were you talking to?" After a while of silence he answered.
"An aquaintence."
"Who were you talking about?"
"No one, are you okay?"
"What were you talking about?" I kept pushing for information.
"I'll take that as a yes." He turned around and headed back in.

After a long night, I was glad I could finally go to bed. Falling asleep was easy, which was new to me. I was woken up by a hand pressed over my mouth and a figure sitting on top of me. I closed my eyes and opened them again to find that I wasn't dreaming. I started shuffling in my bed, trying to get this figure off of me but it was no use, he was too heavy. The man brought a rag to my face and I instantly smelt chloroform. I remember still trying to fight off the man until my arms had fallen numbly from the mans arms. The last thing I heard was, "I warned him." then I had lost all control of myself.

AN: My first story posted on the internet, it's late here so my English won't be amazing. I'll try and edit it soon. ANyway, hope you guys like it :) Second Chapter will be ahhhhh-maaaaaaaa-zing. (She said hopefully) OH and although the character doesn't like her brother's cat doesn't mean I don't like cats. I love animals. A lot.
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