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River of the Night - Part 1 (Chapter 1)

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Naruto/Fairy Tail Crossover. She found him on the remains of a battlefield. Wrapped in the arms of a red haired woman as she lay on the ground struggling to hold on to the last remains of her life....

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Warning:This is a Naruto/Fairy Tail Crossover. So, please be aware of that before you try to read it. This is a rougher version of my work. If you would like to read the more official version then go to

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or Naruto. If I did I would find some way to get Naruto out of Konoha and into Fairy Tail. As it is I shall make do.

Author's Note: First before I would begin I would like to clarify something. In my story the Elemental Nations do not exist. Naruto was born in Fiore. Next off I don't claim to now the specifics of how Fairy Tail magic works because neither the manga nor the anime are very specific. I'll just do the best with what I know. I should warn you that Naruto will be a little OOC. I mean he ends up that way most of the time, but I thought it best to warn you anyway.

And with that onward with the show!

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He was found on the remains of a battlefield. Wrapped in the arms of a red haired woman as she lay on the ground struggling to hold on to the last remains of her life. Choking on air as she did her best to keep breathing though she knew it was a struggle she was doomed to lose. She had no magic left in her system either and without that there was little hope for her survival. It should have been a consolation that at least her son would survive, but with her life slowly fading she knew he had no chance of surviving in this desolate place without help.

Would our sacrifice have been in vain? she wondered as she stared at his soft sleeping face.

A tear slowly leaked from the corner of her eye. Slipping down until it hit the floor with a splash. It all seemed so cruel for it to end this way. She looking on at the sleeping face of her child knowing that there was nothing she could do to save him from this fate. She choked slightly, a trail of blood dripping from the corner of her mouth as she managed to spit out some of the blood that clogged her throat.

How much time do I have left? she wondered.

A minute?


It was then that she felt it. A sudden slam that hit the earth and sent quakes shuddering through the surrounding land. It shook her to her very core. It also had the consequence of waking the blonde haired baby in her arms. His blue eyes flickering open as he yawned sleepily. Eyes surveying his surroundings with a disorientated look until he recognised the familiar red hair of his mother and smiled. A little hand reaching up to touch her face.

Even though the situation was still dire she couldn't help, but smile faintly in return. Unable to stop herself returning her sons affection even now. That is until another quake followed.

It was smaller then the first, but still shook the earth with it's power.

Then another came, followed by another until the sounds were following rapidly in sequence slowly gaining in volume and power. If it wasn't for the power of the shaking she would have thought them footsteps, but she knew nothing large enough to make such noise. Still, it was a thought that remained faintly in the back of her mind.

She would've tried to take a look at the cause of the shaking, but she was unable to even move her head. It was pitiful - she knew - but there was little she could do to assuage the situation even if the shaking was almost disturbing enough to distract her from her impending death. Not even the happy smile on her son's face could change that.

In fact it stabbed at something in her heart.

If only I could just… just…

She tried desperately to search for her magic. Reaching as deep as she could, but there was nothing. Not even a trickle to call on to keep her boy safe, but she was so close to deaths door her fingers would't even tremble. If it had been within her range of capabilities she would have shouted out her frustration to the sky. If it were possible though, then she wouldn't have reason to. Then she could save him.

Instead all she could do was lay in the dirt and blood on the battle field. Longing to feel her husbands arms around her once again. Longing for the energy to protect her son. Longing for life. In the end that's all she wanted.

Another quake shook the ground.

And so, she thought, what will happen now?

Chapter 1:

"Kaa-san," said a soft voice as little hands gently rubbed her snout. Scratching at the scales there.

A rumble started deep in her chest, settling at the back of her throat in a contented purr. Though a wise man would never call it a purr. She was a dragon after all and she had her pride.

"Kaa-san," he repeated his voice vibrating with her purr as it shook his little body.

He waited several moments for her response and as he expected he got none. His mother really hated the day time. It's not that she wasn't a morning person, she just wasn't a daytime person… period. As such it wasn't an easy task waking her up in the morning, but it was something that had to happen. Even if it meant he'd end up flying out the cave.

Sighing to himself he climbed off her snout and walked round her body, completely slumped in resignation.

This was going to hurt. He even found his face involuntarily twitching in phantom pain the closer he got to his destination. It wasn't just going to hurt. It was really going to hurt. Running a hand through soft blonde hair he stared down at the way to wake her up. To rouse the sleeping dragon.

Gathering his courage he reached down and took hold of her tail, sucked in a deep breath… and yanked.

Here it came.

A roar shot through the cave and her tail went whipping through the air. Unfortunately for Naruto he was still attached to said tail and was sent sailing out the cave. A look of resignation on his face, at least until he smashed face first into a large boulder. The rest of his body then joining his face in impact. Sending little fissures along the rock's surface before he his injured body then slowly slid down the rock and he landed in a crumpled heap on the floor.

There was the sound of several earth shaking thumps before a large scaly body emerged from within the large cave. Considered large even amongst her own kind the female dragon was an equally beautiful and majestic creature. Her body covered almost head to toe in black scales that shimmered blue faintly in the morning light. There was only a faint hint of white slivery scales around the claws of her hands and feet.

She stared down at the fallen boy and shook her head in exasperation.

"Naruto-kun, why is it every morning when I tell you to wake me up I find you incapacitated lying down in front of that rock?" she asked exasperatedly.

No reply was given, not that she really expected one.

He'd tried to tell her several times that when he woke her up she flung him into the rock with her tail, but she refused to believe him. She wasn't a violent dragon and there was no way she'd lose control of herself that way, even in sleep. It simply wasn't in her nature. Eventually he'd given up trying to explain to her that it was in fact what happened and had just taken his morning face plant with grim resignation.

Sighing in exasperation she moved forward and nudged him with her nose. Rolling him onto his back. His limbs flopping limply by his sides. Whatever he was doing she was sure was quite exaggerated. Nothing but a dragon could incapacitate a dragon slayer in training so badly, but another dragon or a powerful mage. Given that there were no mages around and she was the only dragon in the vicinity she assumed he was clearly being dramatic. After all it wasn't her that put him in this situation and so he should be fine.

"Naruto-kun wake up or I will find an ocean, drop you in the middle of it and make you swim back," she said. Actually that's not a bad idea, she thought. It would be good to test the limits of his constitution.

"Kaa-san, please don't," he mumbled, as he's struggled to a standing position.

"Then stop dramatising. I will accept nothing less then one hundred and ten percent of your effort. As the dragon slayer of one of the most powerful dragons I expect nothing less then perfection," she said arrogantly. Though even if said in arrogance it was true. She stood on a level above many other dragons. Knowing only one stood above her and few, but her brother could stand on equal footing with her.

"Hai kaa-san," he said. Standing up straight at her words and giving a small bow.

"Good, now any idea what we will be doing today?" she asked.

"What we have been doing for the last year kaa-san," he answered. A year which had involved the pain of getting slammed into that rock every morning.

"And what have we been doing for a year?" she asked.

Naruto resisted the urge to sigh. She asked him every morning testing his knowledge despite the fact that she knew the answer.

"I am to follow you around. Mimicking any and all of your actions in an attempt to assimilate any and all information I can in order to become a dragon slayer that is truly equal and worthy of his master," he replied, giving a another small bow at the end of the answer as she always expected.

"Correct," she smirked, "and now with that out the way, let us be off."

And with that said she flared out her wings and took off.

Naruto sighed.

It was really cruel of her to continuously overlook the fact that he couldn't fly.


Naruto could do nothing, but stare at the floor in complete exhaustion as he walked up the pathway to the cave. Why me!? he lamented. Why did I have to be stuck with a dragon hell bent on training me to death!?

"Naruto! That doesn't look like how I walk!" she cried, "It reeks of defeat! Does my walk reek of defeat!?"

"No Kaa-san!" he replied.

Pulling himself together he shifted his stance. His body taking on a more predatory appearance, or at least it would if he was older then five.

"Better," he heard her rumble as he continued his walk up. Using up his remaining energy to sink gracefully into his seat next to the large dragon instead of just collapsing to the ground.

They sat in companionable silence for several moments before she spoke, "Naruto-kun, I have been taking a look at your magical continuer lately and-"

"When will you teach me that Kaa-san?" he interrupted.

"When you've learnt all you need to learn then you will know," she replied.

He pouted.

"Will you let me continue now?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Good, now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I've been taking a closer look at your magical container lately and something has come to my attention," she paused as if unsure how to explain it to him. "Naruto-kun, what can you tell me about the different types of magic? Do you remember your lessons?"

"Hai Kaa-san," he said even now giving a little bow of his head as she'd drilled into him. Apparently she wanted constant courtesy and respect. "There are several categories to magic. However, what is important to know is that any magic can be learned by anyone if they have the knowledge and power to do so. It's also really hard to learn even one magic and become proficient in it. Never mind more then one which is why people specialise. Being extremely good at one is better then being just okay with a lot. Of course getting the knowledge as most mages don't write down the secrets to their magic especially if it's a powerful one, which is why you normally need a good teacher. Right Kaa-san?"

She nodded, "Mostly correct."

"Then there's the magic you inherit called innate or inborn magic. Which means that without even learning it the magic is simply something that comes naturally to you. An innate magic that is usually showed when people unlock their magic. You did mention that most of the time it's hereditary. I think you said that elemental affinity is similar to that. Those with an affinity to a certain element will always be able to perform the magic better then others. It's something you're born with though you did mention that if a child starts training extremely young it can be taught though most mages don't start training young enough to do so. Which is why I'm confused about why you won't train me to get an elemental affinity," he said as he flicked a stone down the slop.

"Because you're learning dragon slayer magic, that's why," she retorted. "You also forgot to mention people like celestial mages who use holder magic."

"Argh… do I have to?" he begged.

She gave him a look.

He pouted.

Sighing she decided to let it go. It wasn't relevant to what she wanted to tell him anyway

"Right, well then you get stuff like dragon slayer magic which is… what's the word for not common again Kaa-san?" he asked.


"Yeah, my magic's rare. It's part of a category called lost magic which is older magic of which there is little knowledge of. It isn't a magic that requires an in-born talent to use it just requires the right teacher, knowledge and power. It's the close to the one magic which is considered the origin of all other magics and where they come from. However, finding anything on the magic is obviously kind of hard to come by," he said with a smile. "But, I got one big source of dragon slayer knowledge sitting right next to me."

"Cheeky brat," she growled.

"Yes I am," he agreed with grin. "Anyway you never let me finished Kaa-san. There's also forbidden magics which are forbidden for a reason. They usually cause great harm to the user and to the people around them. It can also be evil if it's a magic that requires living sacrifice."

She nodded her head in agreement and smiled to herself. He really was a bright boy. At least ninety-five percent of the time. It was that last five percent that made her occasionally want to bang his head against a wall.

"Do you remember why I made you tell me all of that again?" she asked.

"Well, I'm assuming it wasn't to refresh your memory," he remarked.

She growled.

"Hey, I said I'm assuming it's not. Anyway it must have something to do with my magic container," he said with a smile.

"Correct," she replied. "You see most dragons chose dragon slayers that have an affinity towards their particular element. Given that what I use is not really an element and therefore almost impossible for a human to be aligned to that is not that case."

"Kaa-san?" he question.

"The reason you are able to use my magic is because it is a lost magic and lost magic can be taught to anyone. However, you have slowly built an affinity towards my magic which is generally what happens when a dragon picks a child that doesn't share an affinity," she said.

"Oh, I guess that's why you never wanted me to build another affinity," he said feeling slightly dazed.

She nodded, "But, that is not what I wanted to talk to you about."

He looked at her sharply.

"It's about your natural in-born magic," she said.

"What!? I have an in-born magic!" he exclaimed. "That's so cool! What is it?"

He expected an immediate reply and when he didn't get one he observed her more closely. Did she seem uneasy?

Finally she answered, "The same magic your human mother had, take-over magic."

"That's so cool! I can do- wait… how do you know what magic my mother had?" he asked.

"I was there when she died. I watched the final moments of the battle that killed her."

Naruto stared at her for several moments in shock.

When the words finally seemed to sink in he jumped to his feet body shaking with anger. "You saw her die! You saw the battle that killed her! You could have saved her!" he yelled. His small fists beating uselessly at the scales on her sides. "Why didn't you save her!?"

"Naruto!" she barked and he froze instinctively his body reacting to his automatic response to obey her. "What do I always say?"

"Keep your emotions under control or they control you," he replied stiffly, then he snapped. "But this is different!"

"No it's not. It's a perfect opportunity to learn how difficult that can truly be. Feel emotion. Never stop feeling it, but do not let it control you!" she ordered.

He sat back down. His body tense and trembling.

She sighed.

"Besides, you weren't listening to me. I said I saw the final moments, not the entire thing. No matter what I did I wouldn't have been quick enough to save her," the dragon replied.

He looked over at her before glaring at the floor.

Finally he spoke, "You promise?"

"I swear on my honour as a dragon," she replied.

Naruto nodded. She'd never lie when her honour was at stake. Still there was a heavy silence that lingered for several moments.

"She named you, you know."


"Not what, pardon," she automatically correct.

"Pardon?" he repeated, not bothering to fight about it.

"When I found her she was just barely alive. No magic left, but enough life to tell me your name when I told her what I intended to do for you," she explained.

"Is that the only reason you picked me," he asked, "because I was just a human child you stumbled upon."

"Never… I would have taken you to a nearby town had I found you unworthy," she replied. "I watched the final moments of that fight and even if I had not seen the entire thing I saw the bodies littered on the floor. Bodies wearing the same uniform as whose who were attacking her. Which meant she'd been fighting them all and winning. She showed such fighting spirit. The spirit of a dragon. I knew that there was no possible way such a strong spirit would not pass along to her child."

Naruto sniffed slightly, wiping tears away from the corners of his eyes.

"Do you know her name?" he asked.

"No, unfortunately yours was the only name I got. But, I think you share a surname and so that is something to think on I suppose. That, however, is not why I brought this topic up."

He could take a guess at what she really wanted to talk about, "My take-over magic."

"Hai, your take-over magic. I will be giving you two days off every week to work on this magic," she explained.

"But, who'll teach me?" he asked confusedly.

She sighed, "Naruto what do you know of innate magic?" she asked.

He paused for several seconds to think over what she wanted before his eyes light with recognition, "Innate magic is not something to be learned, only perfected. It comes instinctively to the user and only practice perfects and betters their skill."

"Which means you already have the knowledge to use your magic. You just have to find it… I do fear though that using dragon slayer magic has suppressed your other magic and is part of the reason you cannot simply use it instinctively. So, during your meditation periods instead of working on finding and controlling the night's light I want you to search for this magic and knowledge. Understood?"

"Hai, kaa-san," he nodded. His voice still a little shaky from his earlier tears.

"Good, now off to bed."

"Hai, kaa-san," he repeated.


Okay, okay, he thought as he sat on the large rock by the river. Kaa-san said I have to find this other magic inside of me. Which honestly seems like it could be some really cool magic if what kaa-san taught me is true.

"Come on, focus," he muttered out loud.

Meditation was no easy task especially for a boy he was only nearing his sixth year, but he certainly did well despite that. It might have been because he'd been practicing such a thing since he'd turned three, even so it was a great achievement. His kaa-san had told him so, saying that the speed with which he could fall into a meditative state was impressive as was the time he could hold it. She'd then said it wasn't nearly good enough.

Very little was to her, she was a perfectionist and expected him to perfect each and every technique she taught him. She wouldn't accept any excuses. In regards to meditation she wanted him to be able to fall into the state instantly. Of course she'd also promised him a way to use it in battle once he did. While he knew it helped him gain a better understanding of his powers and therefore greater control over them he wasn't sure how he could use it in battle.

He shrugged.

It wasn't for him to know yet. What he was to learn now was.

Deep breathe's, he thought.

In… and out.

In… and out.

In… ignore the flie that is buzzing round your face, and out.

Ignore it.

In… and out.

Ignore it!

In and out!

Come on, Naruto! Ignore it!

It landed on his nose. His face twitched. He snapped.

His eyes flicked open with a snap and with a viciousness he reserved only for flies that interrupted his meditation he grabbed the offending thing off his nose with lightning speed and crushed it with satisfaction. A dark grin on his face.

"Naruto!" he heard and winced. "Stop messing around and meditate!"

"How does she always know," he muttered.


"Hai, kaa-san!" he yelled in reply and returned to his earlier position.

In... and out.

Author's Note: I'm really a fan of well done crossovers. They just have so much potential. Anyway, I know Dragon Slayer Naruto isn't exactly original, but hopefully I can make this story awesome enough for that not to matter! Also, I know my magical explanation might not be correct, but it's hard to figure out what exactly is right. So, I just went with a combination of different explanations I had read before.

I thought the whole giving Kushina take-over magic was pretty original. I mean everyone focuses on the whole Uzumaki sealing thing and forgets that she was the Kyuubi's container. I kind of thought it would be interesting to have had her use Satan Soul like Mirajane.
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