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The Sister Of The Best Friend

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AJ's Oneshot. Sorry it's so late,I've been busy and stuff. xo Sadie

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Sorry this oneshot's so late AJ,I just didn't know the plot and I wanted it to be EXACTLY how you desired it.But,now I know the plot,I know exactly how ya want here it is!

xo Sadie

The Sister Of The Best Friend.

I stand in front of the large bathroom mirror,sobbing.
Why did this have to happen to me?
I didn't think it would happen,it was just a one night stand.

My name is Jennifer Flores,and I'm pregnant with Patrick Stumph's baby.

You see,I fancied Patrick.He was in a band,and I like band dudes.
My brother,is his best friend.He introduced him to me,3 weeks ago.
We hit it off.We had the same intrests.

My phone vibrates in my jean pocket.
I flip up the lid of my phone,a crappy nokia,and look at the caller ID.
Oh shit.
I press the green button and place the phone to my ear.

"H-Hello?"I respond.
"Jen!"Patrick's shrill voice travels down the line."Great news!"
"What is it?"I ask,moving towards my room.
"Well,Pete is sick and had to go home.So,our manager cancelled the tour."
"Why couldn't you find another guitarist?"I responded,sitting on my bed and placing my head on the pillow.
"It'd take too much time.Anyway,the point is.I'm coming home,to see you."
"That's great!"I lie,faking happiness.
"Something wrong?"Patrick asked."You know I hate it when you get upset."
"No.Nothing's wrong.When are you gonna be here?"
"Umm...well,we just arrived into town now so I'll be at yours within half an hour."
"Great!"I say quickly and hang up.I then snap the lid shut and throw my phone across the room,screaming.
"Jen? Is everything alright?"My brother,Donny,asks from outside my door.He briefly pushes it open to see me curled up in a ball on my bed,shaking.
"Jen.What happened,chica?"Donny asked as he sat next to me on the bed and put his arms around me.
"D-Donny.I-I-I'm P-Pregnant."I stutter,and his eyes widen in shock.
"You're what?"
"Pregnant."I sigh."I,Jennifer Flores,am pregnant.Patrick's the father."
"You've only known him for 3 weeks."
"I know,it was a one night thing.It'll never happen again."
"Have you told him yet?"Donny asks.
"No.He's gonna be here in half an hour.Their tour got cancelled because Pete got sick and they can't find another guitarist."
"You'll have to tell him when he gets here."
"I know.I'm going to."I say,getting up off the bed and walking towards my window.
A black car comes into view.It's him.

"Yeah."I say as I tell Patrick everything."I'm sorry.I'll get rid of it,Patrick.I promise."
"No."He says,getting up from the couch and turning to face me.
"I won't let you get rid of our kid."
"So,this means you're happy about all this..?"I ask,confused.
"Yep.I love you,Jen."He smiles,kissing me softly.

After 9 months

"Welcome to the world,AJ."I whisper as I held my newly born daughter for the first time.
"She's beautiful.Just like you."Patrick smiles as he kisses her forehead.
We did it.

Okay,why am I shaking? God! fucking nerves.I guess I'm just nervous you won't like it AJ.
Someone calm my nerves...

xo Sadie
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