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Chapter 13

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Hi! Sorry it's been a while, but I've been getting a lot more work form school. According to Ficwad, no one has viewed the last seven chapters, even though people have reviewed them....hmmmm....Ficwad??? Oh well. Thank you all so much for the reviews and rates and everything! It makes me so happy! Two chapters are green! (though a quick reminder, "here's a link to rate the story itself":'s only one away from a green and it would make me so happy if it was) Hope you enjoy the chapter! :* xx


“Everything is uncomfortable,” Gerard groaned as he struggled to get up from the couch. He gave up after three attempts and just whined, throwing his head back. Frank smiled sympathetically and took one of Gerard’s hands, helping to hoist him up. Gerard was 31 weeks pregnant, his stomach really prominent now. Gerard struggled to his feet and sighed, rubbing his stomach.

“You going to bed now?” Frank asked. Gerard nodded and rubbed his eyes, “Just let me grab a book.”

Gerard laughed, “What are you reading him tonight?”

“Apparently,” Frank said, looking at the back, “I’m reading The Da Vinci Code. We finished To Kill A Mockingbird yesterday.”

“Our child is going to be the most educated child ever,” Gerard said, getting changed into a pair of sweatpants and a baggy top and lying on top of the covers on their bed. He spread his legs so that Frank could settle in between them, cross legged, and leant forward to push Gerard’s top up and press a kiss to Gerard’s stomach. Gerard tipped his head back to lie on the pillow and closed his eyes, relaxing completely.

“Renowned curator Jacques Saunière staggered through the vaulted archway of the museum's Grand Gallery,” Frank began, talking to Gerard’s stomach. Gerard couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled through his mouth.

“This is so ridiculous,” Gerard snorted. Frank tutted.

“Our child is going to be so ahead of all the other kids at nursery. He’s gonna know all about the aluminati before he can count to ten,” Frank said proudly, kissing Gerard’s bump.

Frank’s mom had come around for a surprise visit one afternoon while Frank was at work, bringing with her two casseroles, four pasta bakes and a pot of ice-cream.

“It’s a hot September this year,” Linda commented, shuffling through the door with trays piled in her arms.

“Let me take one of those for you,” Gerard offered, but was quickly shooed away by Linda.

“No, no,” She insisted, piling the pots and trays on the kitchen counter, “I’ll have done of that. Almost a month till the baby is due.”

“Yeah,” Gerard sighed, “I kind of just want it to be over now, really. Everything is just so uncomfortable

“I know, sweetie. Frank was a big baby,” She reminisced. Gerard laughed, “He used to cry through everyday, but he always slept through the nights. Usually he slept for twelve hours. I took him to the doctor’s once because I was sure that something must be wrong.”

Gerard laughed and shook his head, “He’s like that now. If he didn’t have an alarm I think he would quite happily sleep through each day.”

“I’m sure he would,” Linda smiled, “He’s just a big child, that boy.”

Gerard nodded fervently, “Amen to that. Would you like anything to drink?”


Frank came home to see his mom showing his childhood photo album to Gerard on the sofa. He rolled his eyes and greeted them both before getting changed quickly, slipping into sweatpants and a t shirt instead of remaining in his suit all day.

“How’re you, Mom?” He asked as he wandered into the kitchen, “Can I get you some more coffee?”

“I’m fine, Frankie. Gerard’s just topped me up,” She chirped, turning a page over in the book. Gerard burst out laughing, even though he’d already seen the picture of Frank tangled in the swing set before.

“Thank god the child has half of your DNA, it’ll be his only saving grace,” Linda said, nudging Gerard.

“Hey!” Frank called indignantly from the kitchen, walking to the living room with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“You can’t tell me off because I’m speaking the truth,” Linda declared, messing up Frank’s hair. Frank bent down to kiss Gerard quickly on the mouth.

“How’s baby been?” He asked, settling himself on the sofa opposite them.

“Annoying. He’s been playing punchbag with my bladder all day,” Gerard sighed, rubbing his stomach.

“Less than a month now!” Linda chimed in, “I haven’t got anything big planned just in case you go into labour. I’m not going to miss the birth of my first grandchild!”

Frank rolled his eyes again and laughed, “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll make sure to phone you when Gerard goes into labour, y’know, between the screaming and having to drive him to hospital.”

“Who’ll be screaming, you or me?” Gerard asked, sipping his water.

“Both,” Frank said grimly, “Also, forgot to tell you when I phoned earlier, but we decided to hire Lily in the end.”

“She was a sweet girl,” Gerard smiled, before wincing, “Ahh, that’ll be him again. I just need to use the bathroom, be back in a minute.”

Gerard waddled across the room to the hall where the bathroom was, and Frank took another gulp of coffee.

“So how are you handling everything, Sweetheart? Do you have everything ready?” Linda asked, leaning forward. Frank frowned and set his cup down.

“Yeah. I mean, I think so. We’ve read practically all the books, we have the nursery ready, we have all the furniture. The only thing we don’t seem to have is the damn baby!” Frank exclaimed, laughing.

“All in good time,” Linda smiled, taking a sip from her cup knowingly.

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