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It probably does count as spamming but a few of you might be at least a little bit interested...

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Okay so, hi! It's been a while, I know and this isn't the best grand return but it will have to do for now.

First off, I'm writing chapters to all my stories as well as a one shot that was supposed to be done for a writing challenge back in December (oops) so I haven't left, I've just been a bit stuck as well as busy with exams. But it's my final year of school so hopefully once they're all done I'll have a lot more time for the things I actually enjoy (Dom Gerard and Frank in a dress, yep).

Secondly, and really the point of this note, I want to do some cover art! it's gotten to the point where I've made some for every one of my stories (pretty much) and I can't keep making covers for blank word documents. So I was wracking my brain for ways to make more (half arsed, I must admit) 250 by 400 pieces of art and then it hit me. I'm not the only human being in the universe that writes stories for the internet!

Which is where you guys come in.

If you want a cover done please leave me a review (or email me if you prefer not to give way story details publicly with a few of the main themes behind your stories as well as any requirements (not too detailed please, I can't very often live up to your expectations!) and then I'll get cracking.

If you want to see my art for my own pieces, here's a lovely collage I made earlier.

Awww. As you can see I kind of have a style but that red and black thing was mainly so that the covers would look nice together. if you want other colours, just say!

Here's hoping this wont be a giant flop. Now I'm going to shower because I smell of me when I sit at home all day in pyjamas with no deodorant on.

Also if you want to you can follow me on twitter @Squid_stickz I'll follow you back
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