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Le Profile of a Ficwaffledian... DANIATADISCO STYLE

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MUAHAHA! I FIGURED FICWAD OUT! Now, time for a profile thing-y-ma-bob...

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Real Name: welp... part of my real name is in my user name... Dani... but I'm not telling you my last name...

Username: ummm ??? look abouve to see who wrote this. DaniAtaDisco

Gender: I'll give you a hint MOST OF THE TIME Danny is how boys spell it. Danni, Dannie, Danie, or Dani are how girls spell it most of the time. Figured out ma genderrrrrrrr?

Country: K.S.A. Killjoy States of Ameeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrica. I'll give you a hint. S.A. is part of the country. It also begins with U.

City: ... BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Like I'm going to tell you so you can come stalk me... I like your thinking. Not going to pass this killj- hey look a UNICORN!

Religion: I have none. I don't like religion partly because of the people who are all "IMMA SHOVE MY RELIGION DOWN YOUR THROAT' and part because it's just any thing for people to make fun of you for. but music and killjoytism is mine if those were considered religions.

Relationship status: FOREVER SINGLE!! XDXDXD or until I start dating someone...

Favourite Musicians/Bands:
My Chemical Romance,
Panic! At The Disco,
Fall Out Boy,
The Academy Is...,
William Beckett,
Green Day,
Bon Jovi,
Pierce The Veil,
Sleeping With Sirens,
Black Veil Brides,
Neon Trees,
Three Days Grace,
The Fray,
30 Seconds To Mars,
All-American Reject,
Blood On The Dance Floor,
Toby Keith (yus I do like country music),
Linkin Park,
Avril Lsvigne,
Katy Perry,
Mindless Self Indulgence,
Owl City,
Pencey Prep,
The Brobecks,
The Ting Tins,
The Young Veins
plus many, many more...

Favourite Movies:
Rise Of The Guardians,
Ice Age,
Harry Potter sires,
that glorious moment when I start listing Tim Burton Movies)
Alice in Wonderland,
A Nightmare Before Christmas,
The Corpse Bride,
Edward Scissorhands,
Sweeny Todd,
anything else by Tim Burton (because I love the dude),
anything Batman,
many more that I can't think of at the moment...

Favourite TV shows: when I was a kid a boat load. Now.. um... I don't watch tv much any more but I do like Friends,
How I Met Your Mother,
Invader Zim,
other stuff that can't come to mind...

Favourite Books: anything by Edgar Allen Poe,
Charles Dickens,
Emily Dickeson,
I like Moby Dick... er at least what I read of it so far.
Many more that I can not put in a profile thing.

Fall Out Boy,
Panic! At The Disco,
My Chemical Romance,
30 Seconds To Mars,
Pierce The Veil,
Sleeping With Sirens,
My bestest friend imakilljoywanabe,
other bands,
my other friends,
many authors on here...

Bandoms you write for:
As long as I know them I will write them. (MCR, P!ATD, FOB, Green Day tic)

Pairings you ship: I go with any EXCEPT BAYCEST AND WAYCEST BECAUSE THAT IS JUST PLAIN GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your favourite authors on here: all of them. Y'all are to amazing to choose from.

Sample of my writing:
My life as we know it is over. I give up. I'm tired of this life, of getting bullied. Of teachers not noticing, or just not caring. Tired of everything going wrong. At least I have some vodka and some sleeping pills. I hope Frank doesn't find out. He'll be mad. Eh... I doubt he'll keep his promise. 'Till the end Gerard, I will stay with you. I'll keep you alive.' Ha... I doubt it. he's always off with her, Jamia as he calls her. No more will he have to put up with me. As I slowly walk to my basement room I take a good look around. Mentally saying goodbye to the things I will miss. I get into my room and get out a sheet of paper. Time to write my final goodbyes. Oh what to say? I start writing when I notice tears falling. I know I'm not crying. Who could be? I look up to see Franks tear stained face.

"Crap... uh Frank, please don't cry, or get mad... I... I-i just can't take it anymore! I can't! I hate my life! I just c-can't deal with it anymore!" I plead him not to say anything to my parents.

"G-gerard," he whispers obviously choking up. "w-why? Pills and vodka? You think death is the answer to everything?!! Gerard no! Please! I'm begging you," he hugs me tightly, " please, please, please don't do it!!"

"I'm sorry Frankie... I just... I have to." I hug but to try and comfort him, knowing it's useless though.

"I need you, you're the only thing keeping the light behind my eye, if you leave I go to... please. I need you..." He is full on sobbing now. I'm starting to tear up as well. I wish I could just tell him I love him. He has always been like a brother to me. We grew up together. Played together. Were freaks and outcast together. Then I lost him to her right when I needed him most.

"Don't you have Jamia?" I spit, "she can help you move one."

(from My story Promise Me Tonight, You'll Stay By Me? on I'm ForEverAFan on there by the way...)

that is all for now folks!! bye!!!
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