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Sakura's Addiction

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Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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Chapter 11
[*Sakura's Addiction

[*Okay, here's the 11th chapter of pile of lemon's! I hope you reader's liked Temari's Special Welcoming because this chapter will be just as good! In this chapter there will be a Naruto x Sakura lemon. Also I have a goal for this story, in December I had 9,344 Hits and 3,813 Visitors for that month. So I want to beat that this mouth, and if I do? I'll make a surprise lemon at the end of the month. So far this month I've got 4,551 Hits and 1,758 so let's try and beat last month's reading so leave a review, a suggestion or give me a scenario for a lemon.

[*P.s. this will be a Naruto x Sakura lemon chapter, But i will start adding more Yuri chapter's after i post chapter's 11- 15 so it may be awhile till then.

_-_-_-_-_The Next Day_-_-_-_-_

It was another beautiful day in the leaf village, the birds were singing, the newly graduated genin were falling out of trees, and Sakura was in her bed sleeping. Having another wet dream about herself getting plowed by her blond lover.

_-_-_-_-_Sakura's Dream_-_-_-_-_

Sakura and Naruto were in the hospital because, once again, Naruto hurt himself training. So Tsunade told Sakura to heal him while she went back to the tower and got back to the endless battle against legal jargon.
[/Naruto was laying propped up on his pillow on his personal hospital bed. He had destroyed his shirt and pants in an effort to master the wind rasen-shuriken. "Hi Sakura-chan! Your looking stunning s usual I see." Complimented the injured teen as his eyes greedily roamed her body. She was dressed in her old style nurse outfit (just for him) that showed off her body, the lack of underwear was painfully apparent when she bent over or when she was just standing there. The tight material doing nothing to hide her nipples.

[/"Why thank you Naruto-kun, now hold still. I have to heal your injuries so don't move. One wrong move and I may accidentally give you an extra arm!" Sakura chirped. She molded her chakra into her hand's, causing them to glow green as she activated her Mystic Palms Jutsu and started to heal the various cuts and one nasty red mark along his thighs. She did her best to ignore his hardening cock as the medical chakra had a slight aphrodisiac effect if used on certain parts of the male anatomy.

[/After a few grueling minutes all his injuries were healed. "Okay Naruto-kun your all done, so just sign yourself out when you’re ready." Sakura was about to leave before Naruto grabbed her wrist.

[/"Well let me give you a thank you gift for your hard work." Whispered Naruto as he pulled her close to him and kissed her. She all but jumped on his lap as she started to moan while he pulled her uniform down, revealing she was in fact not wearing a bra, freeing her constricted perky breasts.

[/"Hold on Naruto-kun I have to lock the door, I don't want anyone interrupting us." She commented as she attempted to get up. Her efforts were for naught as his grip remained. He smirked mischievously and told her, "Your mine Sakura-chan, I don't care if anyone finds us."

[/Sakura bit her lip as she thought of someone catching them; she had to admit the added danger was quite the turn on. "Fine Naruto-kun, but if anyone opens that door you'd better not stop, I'm so horny right now. Take me, make me cum!" She demanded as she lifted up her skirt, shuddering as her wet pussy was exposed to the air conditioned air of Naruto's fancy private hospital room. She gave him one last kiss before she seductively crawled down his body. Finally reaching his crotch she grabbed his cock and put it between her breasts. She forced them together wither her hands and quickly started giving him a titfuck.

[/Naruto, wanting her to go faster, started talking, "Faster slut, make me cum all over your hot body. Tell me how much you love giving me a titfuck my little slutty nurse." Groaned out Naruto as he started moving his hips.

[/"I love giving your huge cock Naruto-kun. I want your cum and only your cum. Make me scream your name while you fuck me silly. Naruto-kun hurry, I want to suck your cock so much, please cum on me. I beg you. “She repositioned her legs and started going even faster, almost hurting herself in an effort to go even faster.

[/"Almost there slut. I'm gonna blow." He grunted as he came all over her face covering her upper body with cum. She was in la-la land as she started licking herself off."Ah, Master your cum is so good! More, i want more Master. Please can i suck your cock Master?" She gave him a pout, the effect was either ruined or boosted by the fact that she was covered in his cum. She wasn't quite sure which.

[/"Now now slut you should know you don't have to ask, in fact you can suck me off anytime you want." He told her.

[/A now smiling Sakura grabbed his cock and crammed it in her mouth, not even bothering licking him, wanting more of his cum. She was doing rather well, ten whole inches were disappearing into her mouth. But Naruto wanted to fuck her sooner so he grabbed her by the hair and shoved himself deeper into her mouth, causing her to choke before continuing sucking on his cock as if her life depended on it.

[/"Keep sucking like that, Mmm God that feels so good. I know you want it badly, come on my slut make me cum. Make sure not to waste a drop." He ordered as he roughly grabbed her head making her head go faster and started thrusting upwards in short powerful thrusts.

[/ "Almost there, I love your mouth. I'm Cumming." Sakura felt his hands disappear from her head after a few seconds of cumming so she pulled her head back so he was filling her mouth. She marveled at how much cum was pouring our. It wasn't shooing out in spurts like normal he was now cumming like a fire hose. For the next three minutes she enjoyed the taste of his cum as her stomach got more and more full.

[/Finally the flow slowed down, she made sure to keep a mouthful so she could savor it for a few more seconds. Looking up at Naruto she opened her mouth and played with the creamy white liquid before she swallowed loudly. "It was so good Master, I didn't want to stop drinking it! My pussy's so wet. Please fuck me! I need it so badly!" Pleaded the desperate pinkette as she sat on his lap and ground her pussy into his length.

[/Naruto flipped them over so she was on her back with her leg's wide open. He didn't waste a second as he thrust into her pussy a second later.

[/"Master! Oh God more! Fuck my dirty pussy with your hard cock! Deeper Master, cum in me! I want to cum so badly! I love you Master, I love the way you fuck me! I'm your whore, I'm a dirty slut and I'm gonna cum!" She screamed as her orgasm slammed into her enough to toss her out of her dream.

_-_-_-_-_Sakura's Home_-_Sakura's Room_-_8:00 A.M_-_-_-_-_

Sakura's eyes snapped open. She on her back, her blankets were thrown off of her. She noticed her legs were open and one of her hands was desperately trying to imitate the glorious cock of her dreams. Letting her hand keep going she looked up at her ceiling and tried to catch her breath.

'Dammit! Another one. Why is it when he's just about gonna cum in my pussy I wake up? When will i see Naruto-kun again? He hasn't fucked me in a while... I'm gonna find him, and when I do, I'm gonna fuck him so hard he wont even be able to think about training or other girls for at least a few hours!' Sakura wasn't going to fool herself into thinking she could keep him down any longer the that, he just had to much sat up and fixed her sleep ware. She was wearing a tight pink tank top cut to just above her belly button with pink panties on.

"If he saw us in this outfit right now he'd take us right here and now. I bet he wouldn't mind us fucking another girl too, I mean, we already had a threesome with Hinata and another with Ino. The only time he fucked just us was when we were in the underground cabin. Then it was always a threesome from then on. So should we just fuck him alone or add another girl? If I had to choose I'd choose Ten-ten. I bet she has quite the collection of sex toys with her. And knowing Hinata's friendship with her she probably already suggested Naruto-kun pound that huge ass of hers through a wall. Who knows how many time's he's fucked her by now." Inner Sakura piped in.

"An excellent choice, but I think I wanna try and take him on alone once before we bring Ten-ten into it. It's going to be me and him alone next time. we'll have another threesome after that. The sex is better when he's pounding me from behind and i'm eating out of the other girl's pussy... I think I may be addicted to threesomes." She wondered aloud, she owned her own house nowadays so there was no need to hold back. Her inner self took control of her mouth a second later and answered.

"Yeah your right, but for right now let's just work on getting Naruto-kun's attention. Wear something sexy, who knows? We might even get one of the others attention to while we're at it. It's like you said, sex with Naruto-kun is mind-blowingly good but threesomes are even better."

"I know right? Now lets pick out something to wear..."

She went to the closet took off her sleeping clothes, and after a small argument with her inner self, put on a pink short shirt that showed just enough cleavage to make you think she had small D-cups and a short skirt without any panties she walked to her bathroom. Fixed up her she hair she brushed her teeth and headed out of the house with only one thing in mind. Making Naruto-kun hers for the rest of the day, maybe even all night.

_-_-_-_-_Meanwhile_-_Naruto's New house_-_8:00 A.M_-_-_-_-_

Both blonds were in the bed as Naruto started to wake up. when he was fully awoke he looked down and saw Temari still looked pregnant with the amount of his cum inside her and his cock was still within her tight ass. He was actually a little surprised, he assumed he, or she, would have rolled over sometime in the night.

'I'd better let her sleep for a few more hours.' He decided as he carefully pulled out of his fellow blond. He was again surprised when pure white semen poured out of her ass. He was, once again, assuming it would have started to turn an off yellow color with age. Maybe it was a demon thing? Cum that never dried? Deciding he'd made an ass out of you and me enough for one morning he put on his boxers, not even bothering with clothes. it was his house after all, no reason to wear clothes until he needed too.

Making his way to the kitchen his morning wood had time to mostly disappear, only to twitch and harden back up as he saw Hinata, naked, brewing some tea with her back turned. Sneaking up behind her he wrapped his arms around her waist as he set his head on her shoulder. Slipping his cock in between her thighs he started slowly thrusting while kissing her collar bone.

"Mmm, morning Naruto-kun. Not satisfied with just last night are we? Good, i'm not either." She reached down and moaned as she slipped him into her pussy before continuing, "And i could tell Temari had fun last night, I don't think i've ever seen a more content look on a passed out person before. Noticing the tea was done she poured two cups worth and Smirked as she clenched her pussy. she was rewarded with his hands around her waist going slack as he clenched his teeth, he was most likely going to thrust as far into her as he could and cum but she quickly ducked down, spinning as she went, and engulfed most of his cock with her mouth before he even noticed. Enjoying her morning drink she kept a mouth full. Smiling contently she stood back up and spit her smuggled cargo into her own cup before stirring it in.

Taking a sip her muttered comment of, "Yummy, Minty Green tea and Naruto-kun, my new favorite flavor." awoke him from his dazed status.

Grinning happily he picked up the tea kettle and his cup and pulled out two chair right next to each other. Sitting in one he took a sip of out of his cup, not bothering to put his half erect dick back into his boxers. "yeah Temari-chan's just like you. She won't stop until she drops. Wow... This IS good tea, you've gotta make minty things more often. So, you have any plans for today Hime?" He asked.

Sitting next to him she turned, trying hard not to stare at his exposed cock she answered and occasionally sipped from her own cup. "Well actually, just before you woke up, Hokage-sama sent a messenger bird for me. It said that I have to report to the mission room with my team for a routine C-rank. Border patrol." Hinata deadpanned. He sympathized with her. Border patrol was usually boring as hell.

He couldn't help but comment. "Man. You're lucky that your team get's to have a mission. Even just border patrol. Mine hasn't had one in forever! Look at the bright side though. Since we're currently seen as 'weakened' you may run into a vengeful rain nin or an overconfident rock nin." He tried to cheer her up. "Today I just might see how Sakura-chan is doing, I haven't spoken to
her in a few days so I might spend the day with her since Temari-chan's still out cold." as he downed the rest of his cup his self restraint had nothing to distract itself with and he leaned forward and locked lips with Hinata before asking, "so when do you have to leave for the mission?

"I have to get ready in about an hour. You wanna split a shower and have a quickie before you walk me to the gate?" She was barely able to keep the desperation out of her voice. The simple fact that she would be without her Naruto-kun and his addictivly delicious cum for anywhere from a few days to two weeks was quite the disturbing thought.

"sure! You go start the shower, I'll clean this up. Once we're done I'll walk you to the gate." He was also dreading being without his Hime for who knows how long. Watching her naked ass sway as she walked away he rushed as fast as he could to empty out the small bit of tea that was left in the kettle and clean out the cups before sprinting to the nearest bathroom. Finding her just getting into the shower he all but ripped his boxers off and jumped in.

They started by sensually washing each other with body wash. Once they had washed all the scent removing liquid off Naruto pushed her up against the wall of the shower, casting a quick Kage Henge, he slipped into both her holes. She moaned out his name and got to work using her inner muscles to milk as much cum as she could from him.

Fifteen minutes later and four orgasms each Hinata realized she wasn't going to be satisfied with the amount of cum she was going to get in the relatively short amount of time to keep her happy for her entire mission.

"Last night your clone's cock looked different. Do you think you could do that?" She said.
"I don't know, maybe? Lets try." He answered as he pulled out. First he tried to simply pump chakra into his dick. All that did was make it glow, and cause Hinata to suck him off. Something about it being even more appetizing then usual, he was to busy climaxing when she explained.
Then he tried forming a ring at the base and sliding the ring of chakra upwards. It failed, but as he tried it in reverse he was taken by surprise as he suddenly grew the same fleshy spikes his clone did. This time though they looked slightly bigger, they all pointed downwards, toward the base, and lastly they looked a bit more solid.

Repeating the process for his second dick he found that it worked again. He would have found out how to turn it off if his hime hadn't jumped onto his waist and speared herself on his newly spiked equipment.

It wasn't long before Hinata made another request. "Now use that technique you did on the couch. Fill me up completely!"

Naruto was all to happy too and started sucking on one of her nipples as he groaned and activated the ability. Pouring massive amounts of chakra into the Endless Supply ability he was actually surprised as her eyes became half lidded, her tongue started to hang out of her mouth (it was also rather long, he noted, longer then usual.), and lastly her stomach started to swell. Reveling in the added pleasure of the technique he continued to do his best to pound his blue haired lover through the wall. Keeping the flow of chakra to his balls on high.

Half an hour later a deliriously happy Hyuuga and a lightly panting Naruto stepped out of his apartment with new clothes on. He had found out that yes, he could turn the ability off. All he had to do was use the chakra ring again, but it went from base to tip. In lamens terms against the spikes made the transformation reverse and going with the spikes activated it.

As they were walking to the west gate they noticed that the villagers were giving them strange looks. It seemed like they were the main focus of the villages gossip. Everyone noticed that they were a lot more comfortable around each other, the formerly shy hyuuga more so then the blond. The woman thought they made a cute couple and the men couldn't help but nod in respect.
Some of the female ANBU also happened to notice the slightest of limps in the Hyuuga's step. Some cried and other cried harder as they had to inform Tsunade about The Bet. The Bet was simple. Everyone had voted on when Hinata would finally bag Naruto.

And the only one to vote for year seventeen was Tsunade herself. Tsunade 'The Legendary Sucker' Senju had just won the worlds largest betting pool. The world was well and truly fucked now.
Moving on.

So Hinata took the opportunity and grasped Naruto's hand within her own. Liking the feeling of everyone knowing. After a few minutes of walking they reached the gate, noticing that her team was at the gate waiting for her they stopped and wrapped their arms around the others shoulders.
"Okay Hinata-chan, I'll see you in a few days. Try not to kill Kiba okay? With your new choice in outfits he's most likely going to be ogling you more then looking where he's going." He told her, talking about her absent jacket.

"I know, I look forward to seeing if he runs into a tree. But don't worry about me, just enjoy yourself and train a little or something. I'll be back before you know it, and when I get back you better be naked, rock hard, and in your bed waiting for me. Now that I think about it I never got my brunch after we were done in the shower." She whispered seductively to him. Reaching into his pants she grabbed his half erect dick. Seeing as her team hadn't seen her yet she grinned mischievously and pulled him into the nearby alley. Ripping his pants down she inhaled his cock.

Giving few slow sucks she poked a spot just below the base of his length with a precise jyuuken shot. His hands instantly grabbed the back of her head and she moaned as his sack was suddenly flush up against her chin. Purring as best as she could around his length she felt a familiar warmth as he filled her stomach one last time.

Naruto's knees went weak as his climax finally passed. As Hinata pulled her head back, making sure to suck out any cum left within his cock, he tried to make his eyes go uncrossed. Giving a weak wave and a muttered "See ya." to her as she all but bounced out of the alleyway and down the street toward her waiting team.

After a few seconds more of recovering he pulled up his pants and started walking back into the village, contemplating what he was going to do next. 'Okay so what to do now? Hinata-chan's gone, and Temari-chan's most likely still blissfully unconscious. I haven't seen either Sakura-chan, Ten-ten-chan, or Ino-chan recently so i'll probably go see one of them today. For now though I might as well go work on my sage mode, just in case I need to use it more. Seeing as how I can only go for half an hour in combat and an hour out of combat maybe if i keep using it I could make it last longer? Like leveling up in a video game.' He mused as he made his way to a secluded part of training ground seven. It was one of the few places in Konoha with an artificial waterfall.

Stripping down to his boxers he sat cross legged on a patch of raised ground about eight or so feet from the falling water.

_-_-_-_-_With Sakura_-_-_-_-_

Sakura had looked everywhere for Naruto. She naturally went to the ramen stand first only to find he wasn't there. Nor was he with any of their friends.

'I wonder where he could be? I think the only place I didn't look so far was our team training ground. Might as well look there. If not i'll check his apartment, I doubt he'd still be asleep but you never know.' She reasoned as she headed to training ground 7.

A quarter of an hour later she was there. Looking around she didn't see him. 'Dammit where the hell is he! I looked everywhere! Sigh I might as well head back to his place.' she sniffed herself a second later and recoiled slightly before adding, 'But first, I need to wash up. There should be a waterfall a minute or two away and I still smell like sweat and sex thanks to that dream.'

As she approached the waterfall Sakura had to go through some bushes to get to the water while all that time she was thinking that no matter what she was going to punish Naruto for this. "That moron, good for nothing, the next time i see him I'm not gonna even let him touch me. Even if he begs me! I'm still not gonna no matter what." Sakura grumbled as she thought of a plan to make Naruto suffer. When she finally got to the waterfall she noticed Naruto sitting on a small island in the middle of the lake. She didn't know what to do so she crouched behind a bush and peeked her head through it.

She was rather impressed with what she saw. He had his hands cupped together with his fingers connecting, reminding her of Shikamaru's 'thinking pose', and he had a Rasengan in his connected hands. When he pulled his hands apart the Rasengan got bigger, then smaller as he brought his hands together again. She watched as he repeated the process. The gentle hum of the technique never changing volume. Showing his mastery over the jutsu.

Sakura also felt like face-palming though. This was Naruto, of coarse he was training. 'I should have know he was going to train. He hasn't had much time for training in awhile so he must of felt rusty. This is good tough, we're both alone and he's already half naked, what luck! So now what do i do? should I just go over there and take him? Or should I give him a little show before we get to the main event?' She mused as she moved from her spot behind the bush and headed towards Naruto. As she was walking she started to take off her clothes, tossing them in a relatively neat pile on a large rock by the shore. Then she slipped under the water trying to get as close to Naruto as she could without him knowing.

Swimming extremely slowly she used chakra to extend her breath so she didn't run out of air. Reaching her target after just a minutes and a half she slowly raised herself out of the water. She was halfway out of the lake when Naruto's voice interrupted her sneaking.
"Sakura-chan? What are you doing here?" He asked, with his eyes still closed.

"How did you know I was here, and why didn't you tell me where you were? I've looked everywhere for you! And just when I was about to quit i found you here." She explained, giving up sneaking around she walked forward and sat herself down on his lap. Putting her arms around his neck she started kissing his whisker marks.

She was rather startled when she felt a pain in her back was suddenly aware Naruto had flipped them forward roughly and was grinding his concealed length against her pussy. The fact that his eyes were a golden/red color, his pupil looked like a jagged plus symbol, and he was growling caught her attention more however.

His grinding slowed to a stop as his eyes returned to their usual blue with a red ring around the pupil. "Please don't touch the whiskers." He muttered as he picked her back up. Sakura made a mental note to use this in the future.

Without warning she put her arms back around his neck and said "Naruto-kun I like seeing you this way but it's not fair that you get to see me nude and I don't get to see anything. Take them off and lay on your back." She ordered as she pushed Naruto on the ground and hurried up and took off the boxers, releasing his fully erect length.

Sakura got down on her knees and crawled on top of him. "Naruto-kun i want to so badly. So fuck me, use my dirty body to get yourself off one hundred times. Please Master, fuck my pussy i'm so hot, I need it." She begged causing him to get even harder as she got on top of him and grabbed his cock. Slipping it into her pussy she moaned at the feeling of his cock spreading her pussy out and started to bounce up and down.

"Oh yes..." Sakura hissed as she kept bouncing like a mad women "It's been far to long."

"Your pussy's so tight Sakura-chan. Your gonna make me cum in no time if you keep this up." He told her as he held onto her hips. Thrusting upwards to increase the pleasure for both of them.
"You love fucking my dirty medic pussy don't you Naruto-kun? I'm almost there, make me cum hard! Faster, just a little bit more! I love your cock! Yes harder, i'm so wet,more. I'm cumming!" Sakura screamed as they both came. Naruto did his best to full her up while Sakura sat back and enjoyed her first real orgasm in days. Her womb was full of his cum by the time his orgasm subsided but that wasn't enough for them both.

"Get up my sexy slut, i'm gonna try fucking you while standing up." Naruto ordered her as they both got up and Sakura guided his cock back into her pussy, he hammering into her not a second later. Forcing her to bend at the waist.

"You like that don't you? Damn your even tighter then before. Tell me how much of a whore you really are." grabbing her breast roughly he squeezed them together while Sakura moaned.
"I'm a dirty whore Master! I've had dream's of you fucking me like this. I even had one of you last night, you were fucking me senseless again. I've had dreams of you every night since out first time. The more dream's I had of you the more I wanted you to fuck me! More Master fuck me! I'm so close. Ram me harder, your cock is so good! I love it when it's inside me! Cum in me master! I want all you can give me! I'm Cumming!" Sakura's juices sprayed all over Naruto's long cock and fell to her as her climax washed over her.

She was so lost in all of the ecstasy that she didn't noticed when Naruto changed positions. She DID notice when he pointed his cock in her face, having had flipped her around when she was still dazed, she got the idea real fast.

"You want me to suck it Master? She whispered seductively as she stated licking.
"Yes I do." said Naruto as she opened her mouth to start sucking. "Ah yes, Suck it harder my whore. Faster, I want to see my cum covering that pretty face of yours. I know you can do better than this, go deeper." He was getting frustrated, after spending the night with Hinata and Temari, who could both not only take his entire length, but enjoyed a rough face fucking the ten inches she could barely fit in were, disappointing.
Giving up he grabbed her head and started thrusting forward, she started choking but he paid it no mind remembering her list of fetishes.

Sakura didn't want him to stop but her throat started to hurt due to Naruto's cock forcing it's way deeper and deeper in her throat. she could almost feel her face going blue until, "I'm Cumming slut." he grunted as he grabbed her head and forced his cock all the way down her throat.

Naruto felt himself start spraying and used a low powered Endless supply. He just couldn't get enough of the feeling of Sakura's throat as she tried to drink all of his cum. She had to drink faster and faster, he didn't want the wonderful feeling to stop so he started increasing the chakra to his jutsu. More and more cum was filling her stomach but her efforts were for naught as with one final increase of chakra the flood became to much and it started pouring out of her filled lips.

'He's still going? Just how much is he going to cum! My throat's so sore! Why can't he just pull out and spray his cum all over me? I don't know if I can keep going like this.' Her prayers were answered a few seconds later as the flow of cum finally stopped as Naruto finally pulled out causing Sakura to cough and start taking big gulps of air.

"Wow Sakura-chan, you really drank a lot. Now get on your hand's and knees I want to fuck that ass of yours, and while i'm fucking your ass I want you to tell me every dirty detail of your dreams of me. You might just get a reward for it." He told her as Sakura got in position.

Naruto grabbed her hip's and started to pound her hard and rough. After a minute of getting used to the feeling Sakura started to tell him everything. "I'm your slutty whore, I need this more than ever. Fuck me harder!" She couldn't help herself, she just loved how Naruto was fucking her finally.

Naruto, however, didn't hear what he wanted so he molded a massive amount of chakra to power himself up and started slamming into her hard enough to hurt her. When she tried to reach back and heal herself he grabbed her wrists in one hand and started slapping her ass with the other.
"Master! My ass it hurts, your pounding me too hard!... Make me cum Master!" Sakura couldn't help but love it. She was really enjoying the rough treatment.

Seeing as how the rough approach wasn't working he started to slow down. "That's not what I wanted to hear you whore. I said tell me about the dreams you had about me. Or else i'll stop and leave you and your needy pussy here unsatisfied." He warned as he almost slowed to a complete stop.

Sakura, having a flashback to her dreams, remembered that he never was able to finish because she woke up, the last thing she wanted was to live that nightmare. So she began to tell him about the dreams

"I dreamed that you got injured while training and I healed you. Then you wanted to thank me so you fucked me senseless for hours. But I always woke up before you could fill me up with your cum so please, Cum inside me! I need it!" She begged. Seeing him start to speed up she noticed he was gritting his teeth, a clear sign he was close. So she continued.

"I masturbated about you every day, when I woke up, when I went on lunch break, when I went to bed. Almost any time I had a few minutes I masturbated while thinking about your giant cock! I specially liked it in the dreams when you made a clone or two. I'm gonna cum!" She moaned.
But Naruto wasn't done with her yet. He wanted to make sure she understood what she was and he was going to enjoy it. Naruto summoned a shadow clone, as the clone went to her face and grabbed her hair, forcing it's cock down her throat, he used the the Unbearable pleasure jutsu on her.
Still having massive amounts of chakra circulating through him, and thus his clone did too, Both blonds started fucking her senseless. Sakura couldn't keep up, so she didn't even try, just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

The clone was roughly face fucking her but that didn't stop her from sucking him back in the best she could when he pulled back. She wanted more of his cum, she felt like a sex toy but she was loving every second of it.

Ten minutes later Sakura was getting desperate, she didn't know he blocked her from cumming and now it was getting unbearable. Se started moaning and thrusting backward in an effort to get him off more, both Naruto's had cum inside her at least once, twice for the original.

Grinning down at her desperate muffled pleas he picked up the pace. "Thats a good slut. I know you love it this way. Dont you my fuck slave? We're almost done just keep moaning." He told her.
It only took thirty seconds before both Naruto's slammed into her and started cumming. Having the same idea they shifted the chakra powering themselves up to the Endless Supply jutsu. After a few seconds of filling her to the brim the original remembered he used Unbearable Pleasure on her. Quickly canceling that he had to hold himself steady as she had several climaxes at once. Her blissful screaming and tightening muscles caused the flow of cum that was stopping to pick back up.

Groaning in pleasure the original Naruto pulled out slowly and sat down as the clone dispelled. Sakura simply flopped down and tried to get precious air. Stars were dancing across her vision and she wasn't sure if it was from pleasure, the near suffocation, or both but she was spent for the moment.

Shifting back into the meditation pose recommended by that old toad Fukusaku Naruto spoke up. "That was a good fucking Sakura-chan, i'm surprised that you could take so much. But I really do need to train." Ignoring his efforts to go into sage mode Sakura sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck once more. "Come on Naruto-kun! You can train later, how about you come over to my house and I can make you a nice home cooked meal."

Her intentions were as clear as glass so Naruto saw through them in a second. "Alright, alright, i'll train tomorrow. But in exchange you won't be sleeping tonight. So you better be ready, I don't care if you fall a sleep while fucking you. I'll finish myself off with your unconscious body and make some clones to fuck you until morning."

"I won't Naruto-kun, you not the only one who's been practicing. I won't let you down!" She grinned at him as they began to put on their clothes. They were off a minute later as they made their way back into town. On their way to the pinkette's house.

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