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Ten-ten's Fantasy

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Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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Chapter 12

Ten-ten's Fantasy

So like I said in the last chapter I know that this chapter was supposed to be Shizune's Fantasy, I even had an idea for it, but after awhile of thinking about it I felt that it wouldn't fit in the story just yet. So what I will do is switch it for Ten-ten's fantasy instead, and Shizune's fantasy will be another chapter. So for my screw up chapter thirteen will just be called 'The Big Lemon' ( with all the girl's so far)and if think you can come up with a better title for it tell me, and I might change it so review, leave a suggestion, or leave a scenario. So enjoy, this chapter will have two lemon's in it. The next chapter will have all the girl's Naruto's done so far, and there will be a story leading to the lemon's in the chapter.

_-_-_-_-_Shorty After Last Chapter_-_Noon_-_-_-_-_

Walking side by side Sakura decided to ask, "So Naruto-kun, do you want to just Shunshin back to my place and pick up where we left off now?" So sue her, she was horny. Scenic route be damned.
"Sorry Sakura-chan, but I have to get a few things for training. I need to work on my sage mode for a little while just in case I need to use it. You never know when we could get a mission, or be attacked by some psychopath with a god complex, or maybe even some crazy old guy who thinks he can brainwash the world using the moon of all things." He explained to her, not exactly knowing where that last one came from.

"Have you had any of Tsunade-sensei's special brownies lately Naruto-kun?" She stopped and looked into his eyes for a second before continuing with her walking. "Anyway, can't you get your supplies later? I want some more sex." She whined.

"I normally would, but I kinda got a little... sidetracked, when I last tried to get my weapons and supplies."

Noticing her blank stare he couldn't help but avert his eyes and laugh nervously. "What? Ten-ten-chan's ass happens to be a master negotiator. I'll meet you back at your house. And if you could, could you make us something to eat? I haven't eaten all day and I've always wanted to try your cooking." He asked, trying to flatter his way out of being beaten, dragged back to her place, and raped.

"Okay, I'll head to my place and you can come over in a few hours. After dinner we better be skipping straight to dessert." She threatened.

Raising his hands in surrender he placated her, "Of coarse, I wouldn't dream of leaving you high and dry like that. Wear something sexy and cook a filling dinner so you can keep up with me better okay? I may have promised to keep you up all night but would prefer you being coherent." Sealing the deal he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her flush against himself. Bringing his lips to hers he started making out with her.

'I never knew that he was such a great kisser! Dammit I want him now! Even after he just fucked me, just that alone made me so hot.' She had to willingly stop her self from either knocking him out and kidnapping him or just shove her hand down her panties right then and there.

Naruto was about to head toward Ten-ten's ninja supply store but Sakura grabbed his hand. "Before you go Naruto-kun, if I know you I might have to set up another plate to the table. So make her wear something sexy, I want something delicious to look at while I'm cooking. Aside from you, and the food that is." She teased as she let go of him. Naruto got the idea and nodded his head.

As he was walking he couldn't help but think about Sakura and Ten-ten going down on each other, plus he couldn't wait to get a double blowjob from them. For every step he took another perverted idea popped into his head.

Ten-ten was currently leaning forward on her elbows while standing up behind the counter, she wearing the same tight pants she was a few says ago with a thin white top. She didn't know when Naruto was going to show up but she wanted his thoughts to instantly turn to sex when he saw her.

Checking the clock on the wall she stood straight and worked out the kinks in her back from standing there for a few hours straight and walked over to the windows. After applying the security seals and locking the one window that could open she was about to do the same for the front door when Naruto stepped in.

"Hey Ten-ten-chan, are you closed already, or do you think I could shop a little?" He asked.
"Sure, Naruto-kun, I had a few customer's order some high cost merchandise so i've gotta get those ready for pickup but after that I can help you get whatever you need." She explained as she started grabbing random items from the shelves.

"Alright, i'll help. Sakura-chan wanted me to invite you over for dinner after you get off work." She nodded as she handed him a few boxes full of high grade kunai.

About twenty minutes of working later they had all the items ready for pickup the next day. Naruto couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She was sweating from all the work so her top was easily see-through, revealing that she didn't have a bra on, and it looked like her giant ass was about ready to burst from her old training pants. Hell he could see the seams coming apart!
Walking back to the counter she got behind it and leaned over again, "So what did you need Naruto-kun." She asked while she stared at the growing bulge in his pants.

"Oh ya know, Kunai, Shuriken, Smoke Bombs, you..." He drifted off as he walked around the counter. Reaching down he grabbed the waist of her pants before giving a small tug, causing the already strained seams to finally rip, her pants splitting in half all the way down to the knees. Finishing the job he gave one final tug and threw the front half of her ruined pants over his shoulder as she all but ripped off her shirt and pulled down his pants. Jumping onto his waist she wrapped her legs and arms around him. Spinning around Naruto slammed her back against the wall behind them and thrust completely inside her pussy in one thrust.

"Ah Naruto-kun Faster, I love your cock, fuck me. Cum in my pussy! Oh God it feels so good!" She was in a world all her own, she had been wanting to fuck him for days now. Naruto kept pounding harder and faster.

Thinking quickly Naruto spun the around and pulled her off for a second, setting the confused brunette on her feet for a second he pushed her face down on the cold glass counter top and started fucking her pussy once again. The mix of the heat of their activities combined with the sudden shock of the cold glass on her nipples sent her into a screaming orgasm. Naruto followed shortly after, slamming into her one more time he emptied his load into her.

Pulling her down so she was sitting on her knees he grabbed her head. Noticing what he was doing she barely had time to open her mouth before he forced his entire length within her mouth. She started choking as he quickly started pounding her face just as hard as he was her pussy.

Bringing his hips to a stop Naruto made sure to get a good grip on her head and started quickly pumping her head back and forth. Ten-ten, who finally got her breathing problem under control just moaned in response. Gritting his teeth Naruto used both his hips and hands to speed up for a few seconds before he pulled her head flush against his pelvis, a low groan forced it's way out of his clenched teeth as he came down her throat. Pulling back he leaned against the wall as she got up and set her head on the counter, spreading her legs apart she shook her hips enticingly.

Naruto quickly grabbed her hips with one hand and his member with the other. Positioning himself at her entrance he silently shoved himself balls deep within her ass, not showing any mercy he started using chakra to speed himself up.

"Yes! More, fuck my ass!" She yelled, Naruto was to busy marveling at how her ass cheeks jiggled every time he pounded into her to hear. It was like jello made of sex and awesome. "I'm about to cum!" he said as he grabbed on tighter and pushed her hips down as he raised himself higher so he was thrusting downwards into her tight hole.

"Cum inside me! Fill me up with your seed! I need it!" She screamed. She couldn't wait feel his hot sticky cum pour into her ass. Naruto kept on going, he planned on enjoying her tight ass as much as he could. Unfortunately it was not to be and not even thirty seconds later he barely grunted out "Cumming." before he started filling her ass. She moaned as her own orgasm washed over her, enjoying the feeling of his thick cum filling her to the brim. Almost getting lost in the feeling of her orgasmic squeezing he pulled out, his cum pouring down her legs.

Now my sexy tool your going to show the village just how slutty you are." Naruto told her as he picked her up and marched towards the door, setting her down right in front of it he pushed her upper torso against the glass. Slipping himself into her ass once again he started slowly pumping in and out. The top half of the door was reinforced glass so anyone outside could see her.

"N-naruto-kun what are you doing! What if someone sees me!" She asked him, trying to pull back. His hand on the small of her back kept her in place however. He grinned viciously and answered her. "Then I guess they'll get a free show huh? Your mine Ten-ten-chan and I intend to show anyone who walks by just what that means."

Her response was cut off as she had to turn her head and push her cheek against the glass so she didn't hit her nose as he sped up even further. An absolutely devious idea popped into his head as he felt his orgasm approaching. Setting a decent flow of chakra he used Endless Supply as he came. Restarting his pounding not even a second later he didn't give her a chance to rest.

Ten-ten was to busy watching the people pass by, any second now one of them would see her she just knew it.

Miraculously it was a whole twenty minutes of constantly being filled with Naruto's cum before a passing teenage genin glanced at the supposedly closed store. Standing stock still the teen just gaped at the brown haired girl's face and bust as she was fucked from behind. Her face had long since become the perfect 'Fucked Silly' expression, eyes rolled back, tongue hanging out. It was quite the sight. A crowd of men, and even quite a few women, joined the genin to watch the show. A few of the ninja's in the group nodded in manly respect as they saw a bit of spiky blond hair behind the very distracting brunette.

For the gathered crowd it was a nice return to the norm, living in a ninja village the sight of two ninja screwing each other in a fairly public spot wasn't as uncommon as most would think. Ninja work was stressful and some kunoichi just happened to only be able to get off with other people watching.

Naruto was in heaven right now, it seemed Ten-ten got off on voyeurism, she seemed to be having one constant orgasm and it felt amazing, he had lost track of how many times he had came.

Noticing a steady stream of his cum pouring down her leg he glanced at the floor then at her stomach. He chuckled at the giant puddle forming under them and her bloated stomach. Giving one last hard thrust he moved the hand on the small of her back down to just above her rear entrance and used Touch of Heat. Causing her to tighten up while giving him a nice burst of pleasure that drove him over the edge. He simultaneously ramped up the amount of chakra going to his Endless Supply Jutsu and enjoyed his orgasm as he struggled to hold himself within her.

The amount of cum she was holding combined with her tightened ass due to the Touch of heat was almost to much. Hearing a strange gurgling sound he looked at her turned face and could help the swell of pride as he saw cum start to pour out of her mouth. Seems he just didn't pour enough into Temari the night before. Of coarse he had to pull out as he noticed she couldn't actually breath with all the liquid blocking her throat.

Pulling out he pulled the curtain down on the door, blocking them from view, much to the growing crowds displeasure. They were quick to disperse, remembering their individual reason for passing this particular road though.

Waiting a minute or two for all of his cum to pour out of her he held her steady, playing with her breasts in the meantime. Finally the flood slowed to a stop. Picking Ten-ten up, who was still in La-la land, he threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potato's and made his way the where he remembered the basement door being. It took a bit of trying but he managed to find the invisible doorknob and used her hand to unlock it. Carrying her down the stairs and into her room he headed toward the shower.

Setting her down he stripped down and climbed in. getting the water just right he barely turned around before the now awake weapons expert was sucking on his cock once again. Reaching down he grabbed her head and started jacking himself off with it. Her moan of approval was to much and he pulled out of her throat, feeling a bit territorial he held her head up by the hair with his right hand and finished himself off with his left. Blasting her face with a thick layer of his cum.

As she licked off his cum Ten-ten undid her trademark hair buns, her now wet hair falling onto her shoulders. "Lay down, I want it in my pussy next." She said, finding her voice.
Nodding his head he laid down, the spray of water from the shower only briefly pelting his lower stomach before her back blocked it as she sat down, his length sinking deep within her as she slowly pushed herself down with a drawn out moan.

As she started bouncing Naruto brought his hand up as if to perform a justu and said, "Kage Henge." This was just to distract her of coarse, as he didn't want anyone to find out his demon cock ability was just that, a natural ability, instead of just an offshoot of his Kage Henge. So while his hands moving caught her attention she missed the very faint glow of a chakra ring sliding up his encased length.

What she didn't miss was the brain melting pleasure that hit her a second later. She threw her head back and silently screamed as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had crashed into her. She barely noticed the warm full feeling a second later as her blond lover lost the battle against her clenched hole and came inside her.

Collapsing onto his chest her eyes started to droop. Noticing this he thought about it for a second and decided against using the Stamina Boost Jutsu, they could get a nap in and got to Sakura's house later. No need to tire her out now.

Unfortunately for our tired weapon's mistress Naruto was still horny, so he gently pushed her downward, thanks to the warm water making both of them slippery, so she was laying with her face next to his crotch and her breasts pressing into his lower thighs.

Raising his upper body he half expected her to start sucking him off on her own, but when he looked down he rolled his eyes and sighed as she was barely awake, and what little conscious thought she had was busy being overloaded as she took in his cocks new appearance. Grabbing her by the hair he lifted her head up and lined it up with his length, not even bothering to wait until she opened her mouth he dropped her head, his cock easily slipping past her slack jaw and part of the way into her throat. With a little push from his hand he was enjoying the sensation of being balls deep in her throat, the spikes on his cock enhancing the pleasure he was getting by a little bit.

Pulling her head back up he had to stop himself from cumming right then and there, since the fleshy spikes were facing down they scraped against the walls of her throat when he pulled out, shooting vast amounts of pleasure to his brain. He never had a blowjob with the demonized cock before, Hinata in the alley didn't count, she used her jyuuken before he could even get a bearing on what was happening.

Pulling out with a shudder he started up a fast paced rhythm, quickly slamming her head down he would slowly pull it up before repeating the process. He didn't know how long he held up against the constant waves of pleasure, it could have been ten seconds, or it could have been half an hour. But when he felt a familiar pressure in his balls he subconsciously used half of the chakra he had left, which was about ¾ if his overall reserves, and used Endless Supply.

As if in a trance he kept using her throat to get himself off through three more orgasms and countless pints of cum. The tired Ten-ten couldn't keep up and simply did her best to get in a breath when she could and swallow as much semen as her abused throat would allow, the excess actually shooting out from her stretched lips onto the shower floor.

When Naruto finally awoke from his self induced pleasure trance he lifted her head from its resting position on his lap. His cock was completely covered in cum and it had well over a dozen thick ropes of saliva still connecting it to the now asleep brunette.

Lifting her up and checking if she was still breathing he sighed in relief when he heard her take a big intake of breath and then start breathing normally. He cleaned them both off with the now room temperature shower water and got out of the shower. Grabbing a towel he dried himself off as he set her on the towel covered bathroom floor.

Finishing up with his hair he got started on drying her off. Barely restraining himself from slipping himself back into her when he got to drying her waist he hurried up, finishing up her upper torso and hair in record time.

He carefully carried her to her bed and pulled back the covers before laying her down, not bothering with clothes he laid down behind her and pulled the blankets over them and tried to get to sleep.

It was a whole fifteen minutes of torture later before he gave up and just shoved himself into her ass, using Touch of Heat to tighten it up even further before he was finally able to sleep. He was to desperate to be gentle so she woke up briefly before shifting a little and fell back asleep as well.

End of Chapter.

Okay so tell me if the chapter was good or if it needs work, because i'm thinking about updating my other stories. As for this story I know I said that this chapter was going to have a Naruto/Sakura/Ten-ten threesome lemon but I thought about it and decided to have a Naruto/Ten-ten lemon instead. So the next chapter will be called 'Naruto's Lucky Day' I had first named it the 'Big Lemon' but it didn't work. The chapter will have all the girls Naruto's done so far (excluding Hinata) and after that chapter will be Hanabi's chapter. So review, leave a suggestion, or give me a scenario for a lemon and i'll see what I can do.

Slicerness: Only one more chapter, only one more chapter, only one more chapter.

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1(- if you haven't noticed I like Hanabi. Like, a lot. Almost as much as Hinata. The reason I agreed to beta originally was so I could have my wicked way with that chapter in fact. So that's why i'm just a wee bit obsessed.

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