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Naruto's New Abilities

by NaruHinaSakuFan1

Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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_-_-_Touch of Heat_-_-_

How to Use: Simply by channeling chakra to coat his hands Naruto can create a pleasant warmth that can be increased to make his current lover more in the mood. (i.e. Horny)

Pro's: Self explanatory, although using this while fighting an enemy in Tai-jutsu it is possible to seduce them with a few well placed palm thrusts.

Con's: Naruto speeds up his demonic transformation. Although this really isn't that bad as this would happen naturally anyway.

Additional Info: Using a small amount of chakra for this jutsu plays down the sexual stimulation (although it's still there) and can be used as a minor healing jutsu. Appropriately named, Massage of Healing.

_-_-_Fantasy Vision_-_-_

How to Use: Making a thin chakra string Naruto can connect his head to a women's and see what their thinking, as long as it's a thought involving sex he can hear/see it.

Pro's: With this ability Naruto has an early warning in case a woman or women plan to ambush and sex him up and can counter accordingly.

Con's: While using the primitive version of this Jutsu the user is left relatively vulnerable, as what he happens to be seeing is much more attention grabbing then say, watching where he's going.

Additional Info: Using twice as much chakra to form the chakra string Naruto can bring up a menu of the target's fantasies, fetishes and even their ideal way to loss their virginity.

_-_-_Endless Supply_-_-_

How to Use: Right before, or as, he's cumming Naruto can send chakra into his balls in a clockwise spinning motion towards his penis, this ramps up regeneration in that area and causes a continuous stream of semen to be created. Put simply, the more chakra used, the more cum created.

Pro's: This ability can easily overwhelm Succubi given a little time. This also enhances the pleasure of sex for Naruto and is thus one of his favorite moves to use.

Con's: This ability requires quite a bit more chakra then any other of Naruto's abilities. It is therefore not recommended for use in orgies unless the event is coming to a close and he still has Chakra/Stamina to spare.

_-_-_Kage Henge_-_-_

How to Use: This is simply Naruto's normal Henge used in one specific location. Namely, to give himself another penis, usually above, or right next to, his original equipment.

Pro's: Self explanatory, with two dicks Naruto can, and has, fucked girls in both holes simultaneously.

Con's: While not nearly as draining as the Endless Supply Jutsu, this technique is still fairly high maintenance.

_-_-_Unnamed Demonic Transformation_-_-_

How to Use: Creating a ring around his penis Naruto can slide it downwards to activate it, causing fleshy spikes to grow in a downward angle, increasing pleasure for both parties, and then upwards to cancel it. Gained from his sex demon blood this is a natural ability, the chakra usage is simply because he doesn't know how to activate it mentally.

Pro's: Mentioned above.

Con's: Due to the added stimulation of the fleshy spikes this is better used for quickies, as it tends to be to much for normal girls.

Additional Notes: this ability can also be used in conjunction with the Kage Henge, although this isn't recommended for any of the girls except for Hinata as it will most likely cause a pleasure overload making them pass out after only a round or two.

_-_-_Stamina Boost_-_-_

How to Use: By infusing his semen with a decent amount of chakra Naruto then cums like he normally would, the semen then supercharges the girl who is usually half way unconscious by that point.

Pro's: New and inexperienced girls can keep going with the help of this ability long after they would have normally either passed out or simply fell asleep.

Con's: Due to the girl using a bit of the chakra from this ability every time she orgasms the jutsu's effectiveness is limited by how many orgasm the girls has, once the chakra is gone she will ussualy pass out right then and there, completely exhausted._-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

Slicerness: If you readers can think up any new abilities please feel free to contact either me or NHS. We'll tweak the ability if necessity, implement it, and give you credit.
Additional thanks are given for naming the ability as well. Maybe a preview of an upcoming chapter or something?

See ya.

Wow you readers broke my record from December. I had, in January, 15,067 Hits and 6,502. That's amazing, thank you so much! It makes me want to write more. Okay, so I have decided on which couples will be on this chapter and the other on the next chapter in this chapter it will be Naruto /Sakura/Tenten/Temari, this will be my first orgy lemon so tell me if i did a good job or if i need some work on my orgies so if this play's out okay i might add some more but not before i add the other's in the story first.
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