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Naruto's Lucky day

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Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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_-_-_-_-_A Few Hours Later_-_-_-_-_

Tenten started to wake up, not feeling nearly as tired as she would expect to be considering how long she had Naruto play with her and how short her nap was. Trying to turn around to face her blond lover she found she couldn't. Feeling a burst of pleasure every time she moved she guessed that Naruto was still horny when they finished in the shower. Feeling slightly guilty for leaving him hanging high and dry like that she shifted forward, slowly sliding his cock out of her ass, before it fell out with a loud pop. Getting off the bed, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and another on the tip of his cock, before turning away to look for something to wear.

Naruto awoke just as she leaned over her dresser to get some new clothes, her ass in a perfected viewing position as he watched last remains of his cum drip from her holes. "This is a very nice image to wake up to." he commented to himself as he sat up on the bed and stretched out his arms.

Having heard him Tenten turned around and smiled at him, "Do you think Sakura's done with the food by now?" Naruto tried to answer before a yawn interrupted him. Glancing at the clock he noticed it was already 4:15 pm. "Yeah, she probably is, lets get dressed and head over to her place." Walking to the bathroom he retrieved his clothes and put them on just as Tenten finished rummaging through her drawers. She realized, to her growing horror that she was out of clean clothes. Today was laundry day and the clothes she was wearing earlier today were the only clean ones she had left. Seeing as how her pants were ripped in half and her last shirt was soaking in a puddle of cum she couldn't exactly wear those…even though she found that last option oddly tempting.

Reaching into the very bottom of her dresser, where she kept things that she could use in case she needed to patch any of her normal clothes, she pulled out an outfit she thought she'd never wear again. It was a pink sleeveless shirt with baggy, dark blue mid-shin length pants, both of which she hadn't worn since about a year after her first chunin exam. Trying it on, she noticed that the pieces of golden rope holding her shirt closed were pulled dangerously tight, due to her breasts growing, making her worry about possibility of one of the buttons giving up. Her nipples were barely covered since she couldn't get the shirt to close and the pants were stretched almost skintight over her large ass. They were practically tights now, just loose enough to allow her to move freely.

When she met up with Naruto she blushed lightly when his eyes widened in surprise before starting to roam over her form. A simple comment of "Laundry day" had him nodding his head in understanding. However that didn't stop him from following behind her and admiring her ass.

As they made their way upstairs to the basement door Tenten opened the door and let Naruto through before turning back towards her bedroom. When she noticed him look at her curiously she explained, "I'll be right back. I forgot a few things."

He nodded as they parted ways, her going back down stairs and him walking into the store part of the building. Chuckling at the glossy puddle of their juices that has spread over the shops floor, he made three clones and had them start cleaning up. 'Speaking of clones...' He thought to himself before he walked out the back door and into a large backyard. Leaning against the wall Naruto brought his hands together and called out. "Tajuu Kage bunshin No Jutsu." even three hundred clones appearing in a large smoke cloud. Gesturing them to stand back he brought his hands back together again. This time one hundred clones popped up. Although this group was all wearing his red and black battle coat.

As the new group looked at him for orders he called out, "Alright listen up! You guys in coats are the team leaders; grab three of the clones without a coat and head over to the training ground seven while 10 of you go to the mission hall! Take as many missions as you feel you could do, and bring them to the training ground to divide them amongst yourselves! Move it!" The coat-wearing clones quickly organized the teams and within few minutes the yard was empty again.

Naruto knew that he won't get any of their memories until the clones dispelled when he went to sleep, so he walked back into the store and saw his clones were mostly done. Just a mop and a bucket full of soapy water easily cleaned it all up thanks to the floor being stone tile so he inched his way around the mop-wielding clone and waited at the basement door.

He didn't have to wait long as the door shimmered back into existence not even ten seconds later and Tenten walked out. Examining her as she locked the door back up he noticed a scroll in her right pocket, and the rather large backpack on her back.

"So what'd ya get?" He asked offhandedly as they made their was out the door.

"Well I got my standard ninja scroll with all my weapons in it and as for what's in the backpack? Its a secret." She answered mischievously as she locked the door.

Seeing that smug face made him want to just rip her pants off right in the middle of the street and fuck the secret right out of her but he couldn't do that. They had places to be after all.

_-_-_-_-_At Sakura's House_-_-_-_-_

Sakura had headed straight home when she and Naruto had split it. She actually ran into Ino on the way there, who proceeded to pester the ever loving crap out of her until she told her when Naruto was going to be stopping by. Sighing in defeat she had told the blonde about their plans to have a nice meal and fuck like rabbits later.

It was around three o'clock and the two of them were talking while they made some rice balls, when they heard someone knock on the door. Telling Ino to bring the food into the living room she walked through the house and opened the front door. "Temari? You got that vacation you requested?" working so close to Tsunade she had seen the vacation request form on her desk a week or two ago.

Coming inside as Sakura stepped aside the Suna kunoichi nodded, "Yes, I just got here yesterday. I was trying to find everyone and I thought I'd try here first."

"That's great, Ino is in the living room and Naruto-kun and Tenten are coming over some time later. So tell me. Have you found a place to stay while you're in Konoha?" Sakura asked as they made it to the living room. Ino waved at them from the love seat she was sprawled out on from as she watched a movie play on Sakura's TV.

"Well I'm living in Naruto's new apartment building. Since Hinata wanted to live there too I get room and board free in exchange for Tsunade-sama keeping this Hiashi guy, whoever that is, from throwing a tantrum." She explained as she ate one of the rice balls stacked on the low table in front of the TV. They were just common salmon stuffed ones but they were far better then the burned, twitching... things, Kankuro tried to feed her and Gaara last time it was his turn to make dinner.

"What? You're staying with Naruto-kun? Hmm… And you've only been there for a day, right?" Sakura asked cautiously.

"Yeah, but a lot can happen in only one day... Since we're both girls we can talk about this right?" Temari asked curiously. She wasn't exactly familiar with 'girl talk'.

"Sure! It can stay just between us." Sakura answered as she got comfortable on the couch next the Suna kunoichi. She was curious about how her day was at Naruto's.

"Well, when I first got to the village most of the hotels were booked, or not accepting foreign ninja, so I went to Tsunade-sama's office about it. After talking for a while Naruto and Hinata showed up at her door. We talked for a few more minutes and Tsunade-sama asked Naruto if I could stay at his new apartment. He said he didn't have trouble with that, but that Hinata was going to be living there as well. Tsunade-same looked annoyed but said that if I could stay for free she would take care of Hiashi. She eventually escorted us to his new place and we checked it out. I'm actually surprised how nice it is and how much space he's got. So while Naruto made dinner Hinata and I went to get some clothes from her family's compound. One thing lead to another and Hinata was fingering me on the way there.

"Wait Hinata started fingering you? Our shy little Hyuuga princess, that Hinata?" Ino asked, having found their conversation more interesting than the movie.

"Shy? That girl was raping my mouth with her tongue when we made out. But yeah, she got me off and then we hurried back to Naruto's apartment for dinner. He made some Udon, and it was surprisingly good. After dinner we decided to relax and watch some TV. Apparently Hinata had sex with him on the couch just a few feet away and I didn't even notice, I don't know how she did it, but she wouldn't tell me. After watching TV for a while and relaxing we got ready to go to bed. After fingering myself and not having even single orgasm for about an hour, I just gave up, kicked his door in, and fucked him. He sent a really feral looking clone Hinata's way too."

Temari finished her story before adding, "I would say how great he is in bed but you two already know that, don't you?" She smiled mischievously.

Both Ino and Sakura blushed lightly at the thought of their previous experiences with Naruto. Before Sakura bolted upright and gasped. "Oh shit that's right! Naruto's coming over later!"
Ino gave her pink haired friend a blank look and replied, "Yes forehead, you've known that for almost three hours now." She said slowly, as if talking to a child.

"Oh shut up pig, I knew he was coming over but I never thought about where we would be going once he got here! My room is a mess! I've been working overtime at the hospital and just forgot about cleaning. You girls have to help me, please!" She begged.

Sharing a glance both blonds nodded and got up. "Alright forehead, we'll help. Lets go, we don't know they're gonna get here so we should hurry."

So the three girls walked to Sakura's room. The two blond recoiled when Sakura opened the door. The musty smell of aging paper was almost over powering. The room had various clothes strewn about, the sheets were a mess and looked damp in the middle and scrolls or textbooks covered everything that wasn't covered by clothed.

"Kami! Pinky! Do you ever throw any of your old books and training scrolls away? Some of that stuff I remember back from the Academy! At least store them in the hall closet." Ino exclaimed.

Sakura's answer was a shaky nervous laugh as she looked around. She'd never really focused on her room before. I was like a war zone. Luckily she never ate in there so they wouldn't have to worry about stale food.

_-_-_-_-_One Hour Later_-_-_-_-_

After folding all the clothes into a neat pile in the corner of the room, either storing or simply throwing away all the medical scrolls, and changing the sheets (the cause of the dampness was used to tease the pinkette mercilessly) the girls were moving on to the closet. It made some odd sort of sense that the closet was actually the cleanest area in the room.

Picking through the clothes Sakura actually found some of her outfits from when she was a genin. The dress that hugged her frame (in an attempt to woo Sasuke with her budding breasts, if she remembered right) and spandex shorts that showed off as much of her legs as possible without being indecent.

Looking up she saw Ino raise her eyebrow in surprise as she had found one of her own genin outfits. Most likely left over from when they would have sleepovers at each other's houses. They may have been rivals but that didn't mean they didn't repair their broken friendship during that last year at the academy.

She grew a bit concerned when Ino's slightly surprised face melted into a daring look. "You wanna try them on?" Ino asked.

Sakura couldn't help but return her look as her mind concocted a quick mathematical equation. 'Four sexy and willing girls, times too small and tight clothing and all of that raised to the power of Shadow Clone spawning Naruto, equals said girls having their ass and pussy full of cock for the rest of the night.' "You bet I do, piggy"

Looking between the two friends Temari smiled as her mind quickly arrived at the same conclusion as Sakura's before she reached into her tool pouch, pulling out a small but rather thick scroll.

"I've been using this same storage scroll ever since I got it for Academy graduation so I might have one of my old outfits inside it. Let me have a look." Temari said while opening the scroll and scanning through it. She found that she not only had one of her old outfits, but she had three spares. With a bit of chakra and a poof of smoke all three girls now had one of their old genin outfits in their hands.

_-_-_-_-_Five Minutes of Struggling Later_-_-_-_-_

Sakura looked at her reflection in the mirror critically and other than the fact that the zipper of her dress didn't survive her attempt to zip it up completely, leaving it unzipped from her navel up exposing great deal of her breasts, she looked pretty good in her opinion. The dress hugged her frame even more the it did years ago, even though it was so short that the bottom flaps ended around her upper thigh, and if she wasn't able to actually feel her shorts with her hands she would have thought her spandex shorts were actually painted on and even exposing the shape of her pussy for all to see. It did make moving rather difficult, but she could say without a shadow of a doubt that by the end of the night the shorts were going to have two new holes in them. Naruto was just going to have to tear through them with his cock, mostly because she didn't think she could get them off again.

Ino, was having very little trouble putting it on since her outfit had been very baggy back in the day so it was only a bit tighter than her normal clothes except for the fact that it was too short to cower all of her breast, leaving everything below the nipple exposed. The only real problem was that the skirt might as well have been in two pieces; it was slit so high and was so short it now left her pussy visible. Back then her bandages covered anything the skirt didn't but she didn't have any, and since she had been foregoing panties ever since Naruto, Sakura, and her had the threesome in the hospital. It felt kind of freeing though; she felt like was wearing a loincloth and a tight sports bra.

Temari had even less trouble, her outfit was just elastic fishnet bodysuit with several more pieces covering her forearms and shins, a large piece of hardened leather covering the front of her torso to protect her from kunai and other projectiles while remaining soft enough to not get in the way of her flexibility, and a very light purple obi/skirt combo which she closed with her red sash tied in a bow on her back attracting attention to her shapely ass which was only half covered by the skirt. The only problem was that the fishnet that covered her chest wouldn't let her breathe very well. Of course if she just thought about Naruto while she was struggling to breathe that little problem turned into a bonus.

Looking at their fellow girl they all decided that Sakura looked the best. Before they could start hurling barely concealed jealous barbs at her they heard the doorbell.

"That's probably them, I'll go get the door, you two go and relax on the sofa and eat some food or something. Gonna need the energy." Sakura told them as she left her room and headed for the door.

Having been more focused on Sakura's suddenly irresistible back side Naruto wasn't even aware of her change of clothes until him and Tenten walked into the living room and saw the other two blonds sitting next to each other on the couch.

Looking at all the girls closely he had to say out loud, "So should I go buy one of my old jumpsuits or can I just stay like this?" He asked with a grin.

Before they could answer Tenten started to skip over to where the blonde girls sat, only for her breasts to bounce, causing one of the already strained buttons of her shirt to finally break setting Tenten's breasts free. With a loud Puh-ting! it ricocheted of the far wall and started it's journey around the room.

The ninja in the room followed its route with their head in unison. Ino was the first one to break out of her trance and tried to get out of the room. She quickly lifted one leg over the back of the couch in an effort to jump over, and hide behind it but the second she looked away the button seemed to zero in on her.

With a yelp Ino lost her footing and fell onto Sakura, landing with her face towards the pinkette's stomach with her head on her lap, she moaned as a pleasant stinging sensation spread along her left butt cheek. Looking up through half lidded eyes Ino lunged forward and latched her lips onto Sakura's.

Having made it over to the couch where Temari was intently watching the show, Naruto sat down next to her, followed by Tenten, as she sat on his lap having first set her backpack on the ground next to her.

Making five clones he sent them over towards the yuri duo and focused on Temari noticing the bow tie on her back. "Gift wrapped? For me? Thank you Temari-chan!" With a grin he grabbed her armor piece, cutting with his nails through the string holding up its top part, leaving it to hang while he roughly spread open her obi, revealing her plump breasts. While he started sucking on them happily, Tenten quickly undid his pants.

Naruto didn't even notice when Tenten pulled out a kunai and cut a slit in her pants, he was so focused on Temari's breasts. He did notice though when he felt a pleasant warmth and tightness slip onto his cock and spared a single glance at the bouncing Tenten before he grabbed both of his fellow blonds breasts and squeezed.

"Mmmm… Harder Naruto-kun." Temari moaned as she started rubbing her clit with her fingers. Pulling his hands back for a moment he grabbed both breasts by the base and squeezed even harder. Since his hands were big enough to grab all the way around them he dug his claws in. Temari moaned louder and closed her eyes in pleasure, "Harder! I'm almost there."

As he squeezed her breasts as hard as he could while turning his head to look at bouncing Tenten, he heard Temari scream out in pleasure as her body shook from her orgasm. What he found odd, were the several drops of liquid that hit the side of his face. Letting go of her breasts he felt warm liquid pour down his arms. Bringing them up in front of his face he saw a whitish liquid streaming down. He then turned his head slowly to look at the panting Temari. He saw the same white liquid steadily streaming down her breasts and onto her stomach.

'Is... is this milk? How is that... but she's not... Ya know what? I'm not even going to question this. Hmm… I've never tried breast milk though. Wonder what it tastes like?' Pulling her closer he started sucking on her left nipple. A wide eyed Tenten had seen the whole thing, quickly mimicked Naruto's thoughts down the to letter, as she did her best to keep impaling herself in Naruto's man meat and started sucking on Temari's right nipple.

Temari was just recovering from her orgasm when her aching breasts were assaulted again, first her left then the right. Moaning as she felt two mouths attached to her nipples suck she felt a very pleasant feeling coming from them. More pleasurable then two mouths sucking her tits normally would be anyway.

Naruto was the first to pull back, though having found Temari's milk very tasty he did so with great regret. But he was starting to feel his orgasm approaching and Tenten wasn't going fast enough for his liking. Thrusting upward a few times he grunted and emptied himself deep into her pussy, Tenten gasping and moaning as she felt his cum fill her and her own orgasm wash over her.
Making one more clone Naruto had it set Temari and Tenten on the couch on their hands and knees with the two girls looking at each as he moved behind Tenten and the clone took his position behind Temari. Getting the clones attention he raised his hand into a hand sign. The clone grinned, nodding he did the same.

"Kage Henge." both the blond clone and the creator both said in unison. The real Naruto started fucking Tenten doggy style with the clone following his example. As both Naruto's sped up the clone grabbed Temari's chest and started squeezing again. Finding that milk shot out if he gripped quickly enough he lifted her onto her knees and squeezed again. Grinning as he nailed his creator in the face with a shot of warm milk. The clone also noticed her holes would tighten up when he shot milk. He was going to enjoy this.

"Hey! No fair, I can't return fire! Unless you're somehow lactating to Tenten-chan?" He asked the moaning brunette. "Not that I know of, sorry Naruto-ku-ku-cumming!" She screamed as she pushed her ass against him. Her pleasure was interrupted as the shadow clone started shooting milk at her while giggling like a child. Solving that problem she opened her mouth and caught the shots in her mouth. Swallowing Temari's delicious milk she send a smug look the clones way only to find him clenching his teeth and groaning. Watching Temari slam hard against the clone's hips she barely felt the original Naruto start to fill both her holes as well. Mostly due to the pleasure but partly because the clone had pulled Temari down using her breasts alone and unleashed a rather large spray of milk that covered her face.

Temari's hands shot up and started massaging her breasts but the clone was quick to grab them and force them behind her back. "Ah ah ah, Temari-chan. We'll have none of that. These tits are mine now. And I don't like to share." He grinned.

Tenten, always the helpful one, reached down into her backpack on the ground pulling out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, which she tossed to the clone. Catching the piece of pink fuzz covered metal the clone looked at it before he threw them away. "Got any real handcuffs? Out little Temari-chan here likes when we play rough." As if to demonstrate his point he let go of her arms and held them there with one hand, bringing his now free hand around her, he used his slightly clawed nails and dragged them over her breasts, from right to left, shredding through the fishnet covering them before reaching down to her clit, giving it a light pinch for good measure.

Tenten expected Temari to cringe in pain and then pleasure. But what actually happened was Temari screaming in pleasure before arching her back and screaming in even more pleasure.

Judging by the tensing of the shadow clone and the bit of exposed cock she saw get a bit bigger as it pumped thick cum directly into her she correctly guessed that Temari had just climaxed rather violently, taking the clone with her.

Reaching into her pocket she tapped one of the seals on the outside of the scroll with a glowing finger. Dropping the scroll onto the floor she grabbed a pair of real stainless steel handcuffs tossing them to the clone before she arched her back in a screaming orgasm as Naruto spilled more of his warm seed into her eager womb and ass.

Catching the cuffs before they nailed his current lover in the face the clone roughly slapped them onto her wrists and tightened them more then what standard criminal capturing regulation demanded he should. Tipping her forward he let her fall until he head was about six inches from couch cushion before he caught her... by pulling the steel chain of the handcuffs.

Temari's world exploded in bright colors, as her arms almost got dislocated and the metal cuff dig into her wrists. Screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstasy she barely felt the clone start fucking her senseless. For the next few minutes everything was just one long orgasm for the Suna kunoichi.

Pushing Tentens face down onto the couch Naruto leaned over top of her and started pounding into the moaning brunette in earnest. Glancing at the backpack he saw almost two-dozen dildos within it. Getting a devious idea for when they were done he made one more shadow clone and dispelled it instantly. Sending the message to the other clones.

All Seven Naruto's were soon wearing the same grin on their face.

_-_-_-_-_With Sakura and Ino_-_When the Shadow Clones Showed up_-_-_-_-_

Too busy tasting each other tonsils both girls never noticed the five identical blonds walk up to them until they were right next to them, having taken off their jackets and pants and activated the Kage Henge the clones were ready for action. Grabbing the surprised Ino three of them hauled her off to the second couch while Sakura was still kissing air on the love seat. The pink haired girl opened her eyes just in time to see a shadow clones arm pull her up from her seat and spin her around. Before she could get her bearings back another clone bent her over and ripped off the back part of her dress, giving himself a perfect view of her spandex covered ass. As the world in front of her eyes stopped spinning, she came eye to eye with the twin dicks of the clone that had spun her around and took her seat.

Before she could even protest their rough treatment, the clone behind her thrust himself right through her shorts until he was balls deep in both her pussy and ass. As she felt two fourteen inch dicks invade her insides, Sakura couldn't help but open her mouth as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she gave a long moan of pleasure before a rough hand grabbed her by the hair, seven inches of dual cocks suddenly finding their way down her throat. Feeling the clone grab her head she was unprepared as he started to rapidly pull her down while thrusting into her mouth. He pulled on her hair as inch by inch of both his cocks slowly sunk deeper and deeper into her mouth, mindless of the tears streaking down her now red face.

When he hit the thirteen-inch mark Sakura's face was starting to go blue and her vision was darkening. Not seeing the clone she was currently choking on motion for the other one to help, she was taken by surprise as she felt the clone behind her grab her hips and slam his hips into hers with bone jarring force. Making her entire body lurch forward, her lips finally meeting the pelvis of the clone in front of her just as he unloaded his load down her abused throat. She would have celebrated getting two fourteen inch monsters down her throat but her air supply finally gave out on her and her eyes rolled completely into the back of her head.

Looking down at her the clone sitting on the love seat started to panic as he saw her blue face and vacant expression. Quickly trying to pull out of her mouth his efforts were made more difficult as he discovered that Sakura's efforts to breathe had created a nice vacuum within her throat

As he slipped out he could barely see the unconscious Sakura's cheeks dent inward through half lidded eyes as the pressure grew the farther he got out. With a loud Pop! both of his now spit drenched cocks were freed from the tightest thing he'd ever felt before. He quickly brought up her head up to his face and brought his ear closer to her mouth he confirmed that yes, she was still alive.

Looking up at the other clone he muttered a quick, "Thank God, if we killed Sakura-chan the boss would find some way to make us stay for more then one hit and torture us to death." Clone number two nodded as he clenched his teeth and started filling up the limp pinkette's holes continuously pumping his hips into hers, causing the remaining flap of her dress swing back and forth.

Deciding to keep going while he waited for Sakura to wake up the first clone laid her head on his lap and started to jerk himself off with her soft hands. It took only a few minutes for Sakura to wake up, slightly surprised to find her face covered in cum, before going back to sucking the twin cocks of the first clone, unashamedly slurping and moaning around them despite the gagging she had just experienced.

_-_-_-_-_With Ino_-_-_-_-_

Ino was just tossed onto the second couch in Sakura's living room by the clone that had carried her. Backing up in mock fear at the six, rock hard dicks pointing at her one of the clones was instantly sitting behind her lifting her top and letting her breasts bounce free. "Now Ino-chan we're going to have to punish you for just up and disappearing on us after we fucked you." he said as he shifted her so she was laying on his lap as he laid down on the couch. The other two clones took positions as well, one behind her, and the other standing next to the couch with his hand placed lightly on top of her head.

"But I was on a missio-Aaahh-Hmph!" That was as far as she got before all three clones pushed their cocks into the now stuffed girl. Unlike their counterparts currently double teaming the pink medic nin across the room these three clones all synched up their thrusts so the were filling their fellow blond to the limit before pulling out, leaving her empty except for the very tips of their dicks.

The clone fucking her mouth had a little trouble but he managed to get a tiny bit more then twelve inches into her mouth. The problem was the clone fucking her ass had started slapping her ass as hard as he could. Causing Ino to moan loudly around his encased length. Groaning he came right as he pulled most of the way out. The torrent of cum quickly overwhelmed her and it started pouring out of her mouth and onto the floor.

Giving a blank look at his fellow clone who was looking at him now (still thrusting and spanking Ino's ass, a man has priorities, after all) while looking apologetic he grabbed the surprised Ino's head by the hair and pulled back as he thrust his hips forward. The suddenly choking Ino's holes both tensed up and both clones found themselves cumming prematurely.

Sharing glances all three clones nodded, the time for petty revenge using Ino's tight orifices as a weapon was over. Time to commence phase one of The Plan. Turning his head and looking at the original Naruto he nodded causing all three clones fucking Ino, to activate a low powered Endless Supply.

_-_-_-_-_Two hours and Twelve Minutes Later_-_-_-_-_

Both couches were a mess, Tenten, Temari, Sakura and Ino were all feeling lightheaded as Naruto and his clones fucking them kept thrusting into them for hours, not showing a sign of tiring out, only a light sweat upon their brows. Feeling another orgasm approaching the original Naruto made two clones and dispelled one, the message transmitted this time being, 'On my mark.'

Every Naruto in the room except the two still slowly fucking Sakura picked up the pace and turned their heads to watch the clone who was sitting on the floor. A foxy grin broke out in its face as it raised its hand. Raising three fingers it slowly counted down as the sound of flesh slapping into succulent flesh got even louder within the room.

Once the clone hit zero he settled in to watch the show, grabbing six dildo's from the back pack he set two each within reach of the original and the clone on one couch and got closer to Ino in case the clones over there got carried away. The Naruto's fucking the female Yamanaka all used Touch of Heat to tighten up their respective dick sheathes and tripled the chakra going into their Endless Supply Jutsu's.

Ino's stomach got even bigger as the waves of cum from the clones fucking her mouth and ass fought for dominance somewhere within her. Having had a rivalry going for the past two hours both clones poured more and more chakra into the jutsu, trying to overpower the other. Ino's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she passed out, having experienced multiple simultaneous orgasms from all of their cum swirling around within her. With a mighty roar the clone inside her ass used all but a tiny bit of his chakra and over powered the oral clone. Cum pouring out like a waterfall from her stretched lips and out of her nostrils, even with the clone still firmly in place down her throat.

Franticly motioning for the clone on standby he poofed away just as the newest clone lined up one of the two dildos he had, a bright pink one, with her ass. Shoving it in and using another Touch of Heat he made sure no cum escaped. Looking at the other two clones still slowly pumping their hips he nodded, and they slowly leaned her onto her back. The clone in her mouth having to pull out, twist around, and start pumping his hips again while standing on the floor at the end of the sofa, as they set her head on the low armrest.

Groaning as his final orgasm hit him the clone using her mouth emptied one last load into her bulging stomach. As soon as he poofed into smoke the object blocking her throat disappeared with him and freed the liquid it was blocking. Almost a gallon of thick cum shot out of her mouth like a water fountain and drenched her chest. Still dripping from her lips at a steady rate as her head fell onto the soft armrest beneath.

Seeing the clone ready the second dildo, a dark purple one this time, the clone that was gently pumping into her pussy leaned forward and sped up. It wasn't long before he groaned and used every bit of chakra he had left and poured another gallon of semen straight into her womb. Giving half a nod to his fellow clone he disappeared as well, the purple dildo quickly replacing his cock as the new clone used another Touch of Heat to secure both Dildos in place. The clone looked over the blondes cum smothered body before wiping her mouth clean and giving it a small kiss. "Sleep well Ino-chan. I can't wait to see what will you think in the morning" quickly, as if an afterthought, the clone ripped off the remains of her top before dispelling himself.

_-_-_With Tenten, Temari and The Original Naruto - Right After the Countdown_-_-_

The young weapon mistress's clothing was in a bad state, the last of her shirts' button's was ripped away leaving it hanging open while her pants were now reduced to shorts with their material soaked with hers and Naruto's juices and most of their front missing, exposing her glistening pussy and one of Naruto's cocks as it kept hammering into her. Temari wasn't in a much better state as sometime in the last half hour the clone fucking her decided that her armor and obi/skirt combo got into his way before he shredded it with his claws and wind chakra. Now the Suna Wind Mistress was only wearing her tight fishnet body suit, which was already ripped open over her crotch and breasts, while her sash slid up until it stopped under her breasts.

Tenten and Temari were both lifted from the couch just few minutes earlier and were now kissing passionately as their tongues explored each others mouths. Tenten's hands kept squeezing more milk from the blonde kunoichi's bouncing breasts, while Naruto and his clone hooked their arms under the girls' knees spreading their legs and pushing them against each other as they kept thrusting their cocks into girls' tight holes. Seeing the clone in the center of the room finish the countdown both Naruto's thrust themselves deep into the kissing girls, while using the Touch of Heat on the front of the girls pelvises and their lower backs and used up all but a tiny bit of their chakra to unleash the full power of their Endless Supply technique.

Temari stopped still in the middle of the kiss as she felt familiar warmth rapidly flood her body, pooling in her belly till the heat become almost unbearable and shooting up again, soon reaching to her throat as her eyes snapped open, mirroring her brunette opponent before they rolled into back of their heads as their bodies started to shake in the greatest orgasm of their lives. Temari lost consciousness almost immediately, but Tenten remained awake long enough to see as from their mouths burst a torrent of cum the likes of which she never thought possible covering both her and Temari before everything went dark.

Naruto watched in rapt fascination as immediately after he and his clone started cumming, the bellies of both girls swelled up with his seed, tearing open Temari's fishnet, until they both looked as if they swallowed a medium sized beach ball. As if that wasn't enough, immediately afterwards both girls threw their heads back in a scream of ecstasy only for a massive fountain of his cum to burst out of their mouths, covering them, the couch, as well as him and his clone in a thick, milky white liquid.

Seeing that both girls were now unconscious, Naruto seallessly created another shadow clone, which quickly picked up and thrust two black dildos into Tenten's pussy and ass as soon as Naruto pulled out. Dispelling that clone, Naruto set the sleeping weapon mistress gently on the couch and started reaching his hand into the backpack. He had just grabbed the two new dildos, a blue one and a white one, before he got a better idea. Telling the clone holding Temari to wait he picked up Tenten's discarded backpack again, and after a minute of rummaging through it he found what he looked for. Pulling out a pair of two black dildos, easily double the size of other ones he chuckled lightly.

His chuckle turned into a low laughter as he eyed the blunt spikes and bumps covering their surface. Walking up to the remaining clone he thrust the monster dildos deep into Suna Jonin's pussy and ass, getting rewarded with her releasing a pleasurable moan. Grabbing her and dispelling his clone he set her down on her side next to the sleeping Tenten. Taking a moment to watch his cum mixed with saliva drip from their mouths he noticed that Tenten was shivering slightly as if she was cold. Without a second thought he spread his discarded jacket over her chest and belly, feeling his heart skip a beat at the sight of the peaceful smile that then graced her lips.

Watching her for a few more seconds he noticed a strange sound that seemed to come from her belly when she shifted. Carefully putting his ear against her stomach he gently shook her only to be rewarded with Tenten's low moan and a bubbling sound coming from inside her.
"You did quite a number on that brunette kid... I'm impressed."

'Yeah, she got the full treatment twice today though so I think she needs some rest.'
Picking up two more dildos from the backpack Naruto caught his breath before getting up. As he walked away from the passed out brunette towards the only conscious girl in the room he had a though, 'I really don't want to deactivate my Kage Henge and from what I saw earlier Sakura just can't take two in her mouth at once...What should I do?' As he was thinking Kyuubi suddenly spoke up.

"Well you could always make holes to fuck her in..."

'What are you talking about fox? I'm not going to stab Sakura-chan just so she has more holes to fuck. I'm not into guro.'

"Guro? Oh... OH! No, no! I don't mean that. Just follow my instructions and you'll have two new holes to fuck, and you won't even have to dispel the clones."

By the time Naruto had made it to the table on which the two clones were now fucking his pink haired teammate he knew what to do. Setting the dildo's down on the abandoned love seat he looked at the situation. He watched as she bounced on the hips of one clone that laid with his back on the table, his dicks pumping deep into her pussy, while the other sat behind her and thrust himself into her ass.

Grinning he walked up to her side "Turn towards me Slut." Her mind slightly fuzzy after the hours of sex she obeyed, opening her mouth. She was confused when she not only didn't start gagging instantly but he didn't even make a move to try shoving both dicks down her throat again. Instead he grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, and lined his cocks up with her nipples. She moaned feeling pleasant warmth spread through her breasts, but when a spiral of visible chakra appeared at the tip of both cocks she was starting to get freaked out a little. Her mind went black though when she felt her nipples... open, for lack of a better word and his cocks slip inside.

The pleasure hit her as soon as he hit the end of the pseudo orifice he'd made. The first thought Sakura had was 'I could really get used to this.' before both clones started picking up the pace and fuck her deep and hard, tired of Sakura sitting still.

Naruto was contemplating how good his new discovery felt. Her nipple holes, or whatever they were called, weren't as tight as her pussy or ass but they were hotter. And they... pulsated, he couldn't quite describe it. But every time her heart would beat he would get a burst of pleasure. Due to her breasts being standard B-cups he could barely fit any of his length inside her, and that was when he was stretching them.

Putting his hands on her shoulder he pulled back before thrusting forward. Sakura let out an "Oomph!" and looked up at him. Grimacing as he realized he just basically punched her in the chest, twice. He apologized and started up again, slower this time.

Getting a good feel for where the end of her new orifices was, Naruto sped up. Gripping her breasts and squeezing he moaned as the pressure on his cocks increased. Feeling his orgasm approaching he resisted the urge to just start jack hammering away at her. Sending the chakra to the right places he groaned and turned on an extremely low powered Endless Supply. Using his index and thumb fingers he pinched the rim of her nipples shut over his dicks and came. Sakura watched as her breasts started to slowly get bigger and bigger. Stopping just before they reached the size Hinata's were.

Canceling the flow of chakra Naruto felt weaker all of a sudden. Not enough to be a problem, but enough to be noticed. He was actually running low on chakra, sure he could dispel the clones fucking Sakura-chan and be back at around thirty percent but he always had his secondary reserves if he actually needed chakra. Like right now.

Reversing the jutsu that allowed him to penetrate Sakura's breasts he kept his hands pinched over her nipples even after he pulled out. A few seconds later he pulled his hands away, leaving her nipples normal again. Looking at her face he noticed that Sakura was looking a tad bit angry with him, oops.

"Naruto-kun! I liked my breasts the way they were, why didn't you ask first?" She demanded. The effect was ruined as she arched her back and gave a throaty moan as her body shook in an orgasm, the clones following shortly behind before they shook it off and continued pumping.

Looking a bit sheepish and even more apologetic he kissed her and replied, "Sorry Sakura-chan. You are right, I should have asked. The jutsu is temporary though, when you fall asleep all the cum will drain out and they'll be back to normal." He reassured her as he was forced to cancel the Kage Henge due to chakra shortage. "Now, may I fuck your new tits Sakura-chan?

She rolled her eyes; he was trying to give her a puppy dog look, which, fortunately for them both, was working. "Alright, alright, just stop looking at me like that. I want to see what having big breasts feels like, so go ahead." He couldn't contain the grin his lips formed into.
Grabbing her breasts again he squeezed them lightly. They felt kind of like balloons, but heavier and a bit more solid. They were also very warm to the touch. Moving his hips forward Sakura leaned towards him as well. It was a bit harder for her as for the first time since they started fucking her the clones started actually pounding into her using their chakra to increase their speed and power, but she managed.

Slowly, as if a religious experience is taking place, Naruto set his throbbing length in the valley of her new balloons and pushed them together. The sensation was new, due to the cum within them he couldn't push them together as hard as he could the other girls, but the sheer warmth coming from them was more then enough to make up for it.

Speeding up the pace, Naruto started pushing the wonderfully warm globes together harder. Sakura, feeling a pressure build up in her nipples realized if he squeezed any harder her enlarged breasts were going to go away early, which was something she really didn't want since she was starting to enjoy being busty. So, opening her mouth she leaned down and took the few inches that her new chest couldn't fit and started sucking. Not bothering to close her lips she was making all kinds of lewd noises.

Naruto would have reinforced his hips with chakra and gone faster if he could but he settled for gritting his teeth, getting a better grip and thrusting as fast as he could without chakra. Sakura's eyes widened as all three Naruto's sped up again, the clones pounding in and out of her at a pace that seemed impossible, before her orgasm hit her like a charging Akamichi berserker. Closing her eyes she barely held on to her thoughts as warm cum started to flood into her womb and intestines, causing her even more pleasure. What finally sent her over the edge was when the real Naruto came, pulling on her nipples with one hand he bounced her breasts on his pelvis. The tip of his cock still in her mouth started flooding her throat as he used his free hand to keep her head in place.

Swallowing the best she could gravity did its job anyway and quite a bit of Naruto's cum dripped from her mouth, sliding down his cock, and pooling on her breasts.

Letting go of her head and nipples Naruto pulled back, looking down he noticed the cum coating his cock. Raising an eyebrow at Sakura's rapidly growing belly, the clones making sure to use as much chakra as possible for their now active Endless Supply, he grabbed her hair again.

Shifting her tired half lidded eyes upwards from her cum covered breasts Sakura saw a white blob in her blurry vision before a voice commanded, "open your mouth." Obeying without question she opened her mouth and stick out her tongue, opening her lips as much as possible. The white blob set itself on her tongue before slowly sliding into her mouth, and eventually down her throat. Almost the entire blob was down her throat when two blurry shapes grabbed her head. The blob tried to force it's way deeper, but even with the two shapes help it wasn't working. So the blob pulled back and then rammed it's way in as hard as possible. Her still open lips now pressed tightly against a tanned wall.

"Close your lips and suck." the wall said, puckering her lips together as hard as she could she started sucking just as the wall moaned and started to slowly pull the now tan colored blob out of her mouth. The very end slipped out with a loud popping sound.

Swaying lightly Sakura tried to remain awake as the wall reached down and grabbed two brightly colored stick-shaped blurs. Two other shapes grabbed her shoulders and turned her so she was facing forward before they pushed her forward. The wall from earlier disappeared behind her before she heard a strange poofing noise and a feeling of emptiness before it was replaced with a smaller feeling of fullness and a soothing warmth.

The shape grabbed her shoulders again before lowering her on the soft green thing that seemed oddly familiar. The wall in front of her disappeared and the empty feeling came back. She didn't like the empty feeling. That problem went away as the same smaller fullness and mind-numbing warmth as before fixed it. The wall then slumped and then slowly crawled up over her and lay next to her. Turning her on her side it said again, this time in a softer tone that made her feel even more lightheaded, "Night Sakura-chan, I love you." She could only murmur back in agreement as the walls warmth lulled her to sleep.

End of Chapter

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