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Two Hyuuga's Are Better Than One

by NaruHinaSakuFan1

Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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Two Hyuuga's Are Better Than One

This chapter goes out to [Daniel 29 and Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. Daniel 29 was the one who wanted Hanabi in the story in the first place while Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki let me use a little bit of his style of lemon writing. If you haven't read his story called Naruto's Payment Methods you should read it. It's a great lemon story so thank them for Hanabi being added okay?]

Slicerness: This chapter will hopefully be my you like this and wish to thank the genius behind it (aside from myself) then copypasta the name 'The Booze Hound of Konoha' into the search bar above. We worked together to make the greatest lemon, and the greatest personality, for the character you will be seeing in a second.

Which to be honest isn't saying much, aside from the occasional harem story here and there She's barely even mentioned in most fics unless it's an offhand remark about how her and Konohamaru's relationship is going. Bah! I fart in those fic's general direction!

Rewritten by: Slicerness

Co-Written by: The Booze Hound of Konoha


_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_The Next Day - 6:00 am_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Groaning as She felt herself slowly start to awaken Sakura became aware of how utterly full she felt. Blearily opening her eyes and rubbing the sleep from them she looked down. Seeing her round belly she barely held back a squeal of happiness. This must be a dream about her future with her Naruto-kun! Smiling to herself she slowly performed the standard Ultrasound Jutsu.

'What should I check first? Knowing how much cum Naruto-kun can release at once and how potent he must be i've probably got triplets right now! So I should check how many first.' adding one last hand seal she connected one hand onto her belly and one to her temple. The information from the jutsu showing itself like it would on a computer monitor behind her eyelids.

Gender: Male and Female. 'Okay that means at least twins. Lets see exactly how many...' She thought in anticipation.

Total Number of Children Within Womb: One Trillion, One Hundred Fifty Five Billion, Six Million, Seven Hundred Four Thousand, And Twelve Children.

Eyes snapping completely open, as her arms fell limply onto the cushion of the love seat Sakura stood stock still, shocked and confused for several seconds before she realized she wasn't dreaming and her belly was so full because of cum, and not a baby. Shaking the slight feeling of disappointment away she reminded herself Naruto had enough energy to fill her up like this several times a day, maybe even once or twice every hour, so when the time was right getting her pregnant was going to be the least of their worries. Looking around the room for proof of her theory she scanned the other girls briefly. Looking up she saw that Ten-ten and Temari were sleeping on the couch by the end table, before she turned her head and saw Ino laying sprawled out upon the other couch.

Ino was laying on her back with her head propped up by the armrest of the couch. Her mouth was opened a little and she had a thin line of drool mixed with a whiter liquid slowly leaking out and dripping onto her barely covered chest. Her skirt/loincloth was still there, it being between her spread legs, covering her, most likely, plugged holes. What really caught her attention was the fact that her stomach was enormous. About twice the size of her own. Sakura couldn't even begin to imagine how many gallons of cum had been poured into her to make her blow up to the size she was now.

Tearing her eyes away she turned her attention from one blond to the other. Temari was covered in what looked like dozens of claw marks that never broke the skin, the only clothing she had left was the fishnet she wore under her outfit. The pieces on her arms and legs were left relatively untouched, but the piece covering her torso was in tatters. The only part intact was the elastic bands on her biceps and thighs, the criss-crossing threads were either barely hanging together or in a pile underneath her. Her stomach was also large, not as large as her own though, she noted with a hint of pride. She was laying on her side and due to the angle Sakura could see what appeared to be handcuffs locking her wrists together behind her back.
Idly shifting her hands behind her she grabbed her blond lover's limp dick and started pumping her hand along it as she focused on the last of her fellow cum-sluts.

She smiled as she saw Ten-ten in the fetal position holder her belly, which was a tad bigger then hers, while wearing the warmest smile she'd ever seen the normally tomboyish weapon's expert wear before, she knew the feeling. She was probably dreaming about the future just as she thought she was a few minutes ago. Seeing as how Naruto was fully erect in her hand she got off the love seat and started licking him from base to tip.

Or at least, that's what she meant to do. What actually happened was that when she tried to get up her larger than usual belly got in the way. After almost a full minute of her grunting in effort and barely containing her moans as the pleasure of the cum shaking around within her she finally got off the couch. Having had to just roll her way off the bed, she fell off and landed on her side, unknowingly waking up the other three girls as she struggled into a sitting position and started giving Naruto a nice good morning blowjob.

Temari was the first to wake up, attempting to get the hair out of her eyes that slipped out of it's pony tail when she passed out. The sudden pain in her wrists reminding her exactly how she got in this position. Looking down at her stomach she couldn't help but grin. When she had woken up that morning and seen all the cum behind her, some still leaking out of her, and her felt her sore stomach she was able to deduce this must have happened, but it drained to fast for her to enjoy. Crawling like a worm she was barely able to crawl to the armrest and sit upright as the pleasure was mounting.

Ten-ten awoke at the same time as her blond couchmate. She was curled in a ball with her knees pulled up as far as they could go and her arms wrapped around her belly. Still half asleep she was currently lost on thought. 'Master found a better use for his sexy tool then to fuck it's face it seems. The very though of being used as the ultimate baby making tool is-ahhh.' She gave a low moan as the very thought caused her to orgasm lightly.

Waking up further she felt two hard objects within her lower holes. Reaching down she started pulling the one in her pussy out, only to slap it back in and clench her muscles tight as warm cum started pouring out of her. A brief feeling of ecstasy washed over her as she reminded herself to properly thank her master for his gift. It may not have been a baby but it made her sleep so soundly thinking it was, not to mention how good it felt.

Ino was the last to awaken. Raising her head she looked down and pulled a Hinata. She 'Eep!'ed before fainting.

The other girls looked at her (Sakura did as best as one could with eight inches of man meat down her throat) and broke out in muffled giggles at the bloated Ino actually having passed out. She hadn't seen her long time friend do that since she got her headband.

Shuddering in pleasure Naruto woke up, his arm subconsciously going down to keep Sakura's head in place he started cumming in her mouth. Sakura was taken by surprise, as she was still watching a limp Ino slump to the couch, and could only widen her eyes as her mouth filled up with his first load of the morning, quickly pouring out of her mouth and onto the floor.

Gripping his cock with both hands she shoved a few more inches into her mouth and started swallowing as fast as she could. A few seconds later the flood stopped and she sucked and swallowed every drop she could before slipping him out of her mouth.

Giving the head a kiss she pulled back and looked up at him, "Morning Naruto-kun. I think the girls and I would like to talk..." She explained as she grabbed him by his 'tenth tail', as he'd heard Kyuubi refer to it as. "I think it's time you explained how you know so many sex jutsu."

Naruto started to sweat, he couldn't tell them about the Kyuubi's involvement but Sakura had him by the balls here, literally! 'Think Naruto, think! How to get out of trouble from women... Ero-sennin I swear to god if this doesn't work i'm bringing you back and killing you again.'

"Well after our first time I wanted to please you and any potential lovers as much as I could, so I worked really hard on creating a few jutsu to bring you girls some extra pleasure." He gave a smile, but inside he was nervous. Ero-sennin said the only easy way to get out of trouble is to try and make whatever bad thing you did either their fault or done for them.

Glancing around he saw Tenten and Temari looking at him with pride and Sakura was smiling and blushing in embarrassment. Letting go of his balls she gave his cock another kiss and got up slowly. Stifling a moan she plopped back down on the couch next to the now sitting up Naruto, failing to stop the moan that escaped her mouth as her rough landing drove the dildo's in another inch. Wrapping her arms around Naruto she dragged him back down as he tried to get up. "Come on Naruto-kun, one more round." She pouted

"Sorry Sakura-chan, I gotta train. While sex is a great work out and the constant use of chakra is increasing my reserves even more i'm starting to feel out of shape when it comes to jutsu." He admitted, taking her arms off of his waist. Getting up he started to get his clothes.

As he finished putting his pants on he gave the conscious girls a kiss and headed towards the purple clad blond. It was about this time that Ino awakened. Looking down again she screamed, "Damn you Uzumaki Naruto! I'm to young and pretty to be pregnant and as big as a whale!" Her flailing limbs finally caught and she picked herself up off the couch. Lunging for Naruto the other girls were to far away and weighed down by cum filled bellies to help and watched as Ino flew, as gracefully as she could with a couple dozen pounds of cream inside her, and... tripped.
Landing belly first on the ground on the ground she let out an "Oomph!" and then moaned.

Her 'corks', having come completely out when she landed, flew across the room and hit the wall with enough force to crack the drywall. Ino bit her lip as all the cum stored within her started pouring out like a waterfall.

Ino's moaned even louder as a pleasurable sensation washed over her, the cum flooding out and pleasuring her in ways she hadn't been before. Trying to clench her legs together she attempted to stop the flow. It was all for naught however as the last few spurts shot out anyway. Picking herself up off the ground, now that she could move freely, she felt her smooth stomach and saw the puddle of cum that used be be inside her.

"Naruto-kun! It's all gone!" She whined like a child, she was really enjoying the feeling after she had calmed down and realized she wasn't with child. "Fill me back up!" She demanded, "Ino-chan I really need to tra- I said, Fill. Me. Back. Up." She ground out right in his face as she grabbed his collar.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto had a very nice idea. "Fine, Ino-chan. I'll make a clone and he'll fill you up just as much as you were before... but in return I get to face fuck you."

Ino scoffed, "Okay, I can handle that. No probl-With Kage Henge, as roughly as I want." He interrupted. Ino thought about it. While she did enjoy her ability to talk and breath she also liked her womb and ass being filled with gallons of cum, just the thought of it all sloshing around, stimulating every pleasure receptor it touched-"Deal!" She almost yelled.

Grinning like a shark Naruto made a seal less clone as he used the Kage Henge. Since he was back to one hundred percent chakra Naruto decided to give the clone about thirty percent to the clone and use twenty percent himself. Leading Ino over to the couch he was on before he instructed her to lay down on her back with her legs spread and her head dangling off the armrest. "Ready Ino-chan?" he asked as the clone and himself got into position, the clone deciding to fill up just her womb, but even more so then before.

"Yea-Gph!" Naruto was already happily pounding away at her face before she even finished. The clone slipping into her slick, tight pussy and doing the same.

'He could have at least let me finish responding...' Ino thought to herself as she tried to distract herself from her stinging throat. The clone hammering into her pussy did wonders. Curiously she reached her hand up and felt her throat, only a tad bit disturbed when her hand stopped earlier then it normally would. In the next couple of minutes of throat hammering, pussy pounding fun she grew to like feeling her throat bulge with her hands when he would thrust all the way inside her. Feeling the original groan and speed up she braced for impact, so to speak.
Gritting his teeth Naruto leaned himself forward before thrusting straight down into her warm mouth and used a high powered Endless Supply, maybe about a fifth of his total amount of chakra, he estimated before the pleasure of his climax stole most thought besides 'Goooood.' from his brain.

Ino reveled in the feeling of the warm cum filling her stomach. She put both her hands on her throat and would have smiled if she could as her throat got even bigger as the cum came up and out of her clenched lips, pouring down her face.

Giving a few more short thrusts he pulled back. Admiring her cough up a bit of cum and raise her head, she was covered in a thick layer of his seed, even her eyes. Thinking quick he grabbed her discarded top and used the cum free side to clean her off. Glancing at the clone he noticed it was starting to speed up. Giving another glance back at the dildo's that were previously stuck in her holes he found them each in two pieces. Having split in half when they hit the wall. Slowly walking to the backpack he rummaged through it. The only thing left was the novelty size dildo's more meant for the freaky kind of girls or to be used on dares.

He almost chuckled when he noticed the dildo was only an inch bigger and just a tad bit thicker then his own cock.

Grabbing the two of the four novelty dildo's he walked even slower back over to the to see the clone slam his hips into Ino's three times in quick succession before he groaned and came, using every bit of chakra his body was made of.

The other girls in the room were too busy to notice Naruto grab the massive hunks of plastic due to Ino's stomach ballooning up to just a tad bit bigger then it was before in the span of two seconds.

Casually walking up next to the two, Naruto waited until the clone was spent and started to fall backward, poofing out of existence in mid-fall. Lining up the dildo with is honed reflexes he was able to slide it in so fast and with such a short break that Ino didn't even react. She did react when he forced the other dildo up her ass using the cum on her chest as lube. Throwing her head farther back she screamed in pleasure as the orgasm that was just barely out of reach hit her.

Leaning down to the panting Ino's clean-ish face he proudly declared, "Pleasure doin' business with you Ino-chan." and gave her a peck on the lips. "Bye girls, have a nice day!" he called over his shoulder as he left. Heading out to training ground seven.

The girls all sat in their respective spots, Ino having to crawl to the other half of her couch so she could see, and all started watching TV. They were all holding their bellies. occasionally, or almost constantly in Ino's case, shaking them to enjoy the pleasure filled sloshing of their 'cream filling'.

"Hey Tenten, where are the keys for these? I like them on during sex but my shoulders are starting to get really sore." Temari spoke up, turning away from Tenten a little she showed her red wrists.

"Got 'em right here." The brunette answered as she took the handcuff key out of the pocket of her barely there pants. She held them up before she threw them across the room, landing right next to the wall mounted TV. "Oops." She grinned.

"That was a little mean Tenten." Ino said, Sakura nodding her agreement as well from the love seat.

"Temari almost broke my back five years ago, I could have been crippled. So now i'm willing to settle that grudge by making her walk across a room. That's not very extreme if you ask me." Tenten explained.

The blond and pink haired girls looked like they wanted to protest but Temari cut them off. "Girls, she's right. I crossed the line back then. Besides how hard will a walk across the room be?" Although she said this she was nervous on the inside, just shifting back and forth felt orgasmic, getting up, walking, bending down, getting up again, and walking back was another story.

Sitting up straight she used her increased lower weight to her advantage. Scooting to the end up the couch cushion she dropped of onto her feet, using her long legs to push herself up and stand straight. This was all well and good in theory but when she scooted to the end of the couch it pushed the dildos in even more, and when she stood up the spikes and bumps on them scraped up against her sensitive insides.

Steadying herself once she stood up came with it's own problems. The cum inside her womb, stomach, and rectum was swishing back and forth. Not only throwing her off balance but almost causing her to collapse in added pleasure.

'One foot after the other.' She chanted as she made her way to the small metallic objects. Every step she took was one step closer to the keys and her building orgasm alike. Finally reaching them she was panting, thinking for several seconds she reached the conclusion she couldn't just bend over, due to her arms being trapped behind her back she would have to do this carefully.
Bending down quickly she was unprepared as the friction of the dildos finally caused her to climax, her legs weakened and she couldn't catch herself. Continuing to fall she landed right on her ass. Forcing the bigger spikes at the base of the dildo to force themselves into her ass, the enhanced pleasure/pain sending a normal orgasm into a mind melting one.

Sitting in a pile of her own juices for several seconds she finally reached down, got the keys, and unlocked the handcuffs. She tried to rub her sore wrists but the added sting only made her already hyper sensitive body to tingle. Due to just cumming she was rather sensitive and the walk back was even more difficult. Finally making it she almost collapsed onto the couch.

Feeling an arm circle her shoulders she looked over and saw Tenten looking at her in pride... and if she wasn't mistaken, camaraderie. Looking at the other two girls she saw them clapping and congratulating her from their spots on their own sofa's. She smiled to herself and pulled the surprised Tenten into a kiss. 'So this is what's it's like to fit in? It's nice...' She commented as she busied herself with dominating the brunette, she would show this little mouse just who the pussycat in this group was.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_With Naruto - 10:00 pm_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

More then twelve hours had past since he left Sakura's house, he had trained in his sage mode, a few jutsu he was working on, and even a little bit of the Hiraishen jutsu. The jutsu wasn't actually that hard, it was just a long range Kawarimi mixed with a Shunshin. It was a bit more complex then that but the only thing keeping the average joe from learning the jutsu was the chakra cost. Well... that, and learning how to stop. Drift of several yards was common between jumps. If that drift was a few feet before you reached the kunai, who cares? But if it was a few feet after what you were aiming for you ended up slamming into a tree. Which hurt, as Naruto found out.

'Man I think i'm getting a fetish, it's just so... sexy, to see the girls completely filled with my cum. So big they looked preg... nant...

...OH SHIT! What if their actually pregnant!' Lost in his own little world he was unaware as his surrounding melted away into the familiar house inside his mindscape. Nor was he aware of Kyuubi walking up and bitch slapping him with a tail.

Shaking his head and holding his stinging cheek he looked at the fox, slightly pissed off at his smug expression. "What the hell Fox?"

"Relax, it's one of your more passive demon abilities. Most demons have it actually. Some of us call it Optional Fertility but that just sounds kinda stupid in my opinion. Basically, your firing blanks until you want to get the girl pregnant. So relax."

"Oh... thanks, that takes a load off my mind. Being a father before I become Hokage doesn't sound like a good idea." Kyuubi nodded and Naruto found himself back in the training ground.
Sighing he scrounged up the last of his chakra and pictured the special kunai he left under his welcome mat. Forming a line with his chakra from his current spot to the kunai he disappeared in an orange streak a second later.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_At Naruto's Doorstep_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

SLAM! "hhhm, mm fafe." (Ooow, my face) Naruto mumbled as he pried his face off of his door. No lasting damage to himself, and no damage at all to his door. Good, he liked this place, no need to put a face print in his own door In the first week of living in it.

That was planned for next week...

Stumbling in Naruto shambled for the shower, twenty minutes later he came back out, only slightly more awake then when he came in. To tired to get a new pair of clothes from all the way up in his room just threw his old clothes in the hamper in the bathroom and collapsed naked onto his couch and started watching TV.

Shifting himself so he was laying on his back with his head propped up on the armrest with his right side facing the TV he grabbed the remote with his limp right arm and started channel surfing. Groaning in despair as all four hundred normal channels offered nothing but crappy movies and late night infomercials he switched the channel over to the five hundreds, the Pay-Per-View section. Chuckling as he saw 'Kunoichi gangbang Nine: Demon Edition' he selected it.

These kunoichi gangbangs were always good for a laugh to any actual ninja. It was always just civilians dressed up in silly looking ninja clothes and really sucked at acting. Reading the description he said aloud, "Watch as these daring demons kidnap themselves a supple young kunoichi and have their wicked way with her."

"That actually sounds kinda good, I got a bit of extra money so what the hell, i'll check it out." He decided, selecting the 'Buy movie' button. The movie opened in a cave. It was your standard cave, stalactites, stalagmites, dark, what wasn't standard was the two silhouettes standing over a table with a crystal ball on it. Within the ball was the image of a fairly attractive orange haired woman battling a group of enemy ninja.

Her head-band couldn't be made out but Naruto assumed that it was some made up village. The few movies that had ever had non-fictional villages battling other non-fictional villages was usually banned from the country it featured. This particular movie series had only two villages, a kunoichi village, and a shinobi village.

Back on the movie front the kunoichi had just beaten the enemy shinobi, she was acting overly tired but she did seem to be genuinely sweating. It zoomed out from the crystal ball to show both silhouettes nod to each other and fade out of existence.

As soon as they reappeared behind the tired kunoichi Naruto almost fell of the couch, 'Is that Dad?' And sure enough right next to a red headed man that very well could have been Gaara's father was Namikaze Minato, the eventual yondaime and father of Uzumaki Naruto.

Getting over his shock he quickly exited out of the movie and deleted it, checking the description he read the names of the actors. Sure enough right behind Sabaku no Zankoku (1) was Namikaze Minato. He didn't hear the door open and close as someone came in and the shuffling of clothing being hung up as he was looking through other movies. Counting a whole seven movies with his father in them he didn't notice the rapid footsteps before someone jumped over the back of the couch he was sitting on and landing on his chest butt first.

Feeling the air leave his lungs rather painfully Naruto was trying to get his breath so he could ask the... ask the... rather shapely ass two inches in front of his face that was connected to a the head of the girl who was franticly trying to suck his organs out through his dick.

Feeling the cross eye inducing suction the lips were producing and the face that every inch of his cock was rapidly being sucked in and out of the mystery girls mouth was either Hinata, who was back and horny or a porn star who specialized in deepthroating had just snuck into his house and jumped him. Leaning his head to the right he saw dark blue hair waving in the air, confirming who it was.

"I'm close Hinata-chan." He moaned. Hinata moved even faster and her sucking was almost painful it felt so good. "Coming!" He exclaimed, shuddering in pleasure. He felt her mouth raise up to just the very top of his cock and start sucking even harder as her hands started jerking the remaining thirteen inches. The slight pain of her sucking only added to the overall pleasure of the experience and he felt himself hard pressed to stop cumming.

Still feeling her sucking as hard as she could as his orgasm finally stopped he was just about to tell her to stop when she poked the base of his length four times rapidly. Stars danced across his vision as the mind numbing pleasure was brought back twofold. Letting his head and arms fall limply back to the couch he only half hoped she was done soon. Hinata was hands down the best blowjob giver out of the girls but he hadn't recovered completely from the orgy he had with the girls yesterday and this morning.

Feeling Hinata finally pull her head away from her drinking fountain he saw her turn around. Seeing the bags under her eyes he saw how tired she was, frazzled to, her hair was a mess. Giving her a kiss he helped her strip down to nothing. Noticing her eyes drooping he pulled her against his chest, she gave a murmur of thanks and drifted off to sleep. He was quick to follow, her rapid fire assault having exhausted the stamina he'd gotten back on the walk here.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_The Next Morning_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

The first thing Naruto noticed when he woke up was that he loved his new pillows. Reaching a hand up to fluff them he was rewarded with a feminine moan. Opening his eyes the first thing he saw was supple flesh and a pink nipple that was just asking for it.

Hinata woke up a bit faster, having awoken a minute before Naruto she enjoyed having his head laying on her breasts, his soft hair and warm breath tickling and pleasing her. Seeing him groan she was about to greet him good morning when he reached up and started playing with her breast. Letting out a moan she was unprepared for him to suddenly lift up his head and start sucking on her nipple, pinching the other with his hand.

Opening his mouth a bit Naruto started lightly nibbling on her nipple before switching to the other, using his previously occupied right hand he lifted himself up so he was suspended above her. Reaching up with his left hand he started tweaking her left nipple, pulling, pinching, and rolling it between his thumb and index fingers.

Hinata was close, he could tell. Moving his knee up so his right hand was free he switched tactics. Using his right hand he pulled both her nipples together and started sucking on both of them at once. While he reached down and pinched her clit.

Hinata's back arched as she let out a silent scream, shaking in ecstasy she dropped back down onto the couch. "You were right Naruto-kun, that is a good way to wake up!" She exclaimed as she hugged Naruto to her chest.

"Very, so what's on the to do list today?" He asked, enjoying his high quality pillows once again.

"well I do need to get some of my furniture from my old room at he Hyuuga compound. So you wanna come with?" She asked, hoping for a yes. She'd bought a nice present for him of the way back and she wanted to show it to him as early as possible.

"Sure! Lets me get some clothes and we can go." He answered as her (with great hesitation) got up and went to his room to grab some clothes. Meeting a fully dressed Hinata by the door they left, locking the door behind them. On the way to the Hyuuga mansion Hinata took full advantage of the fact that people knew they were together and slung his arm around her shoulders.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_Hyuuga mansion_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Opening her eyes Hanabi couldn't help but sigh. The mansion was empty, a very lonely prospect for a twelve year old. She knew her Oneesama wasn't here.

Last night was an... interesting and confusing night, to be sure. Getting up and heading for the shower she absently reached down and ran her fingers between her breasts, getting some of the milk that was still between them.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_Flashback - The Previous Day_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

"Are we there yet?" Hanabi knew her father was a very patient man with her.


"Are we there yet?" But she also knew he had his limits.


"Are we there yet?" Because of the heat they should have been jumping through the trees. Shade, wind whipping through your hair, ya know, very cooling and relaxing.


"Are we there yet?" But no, thanks to the old, stupid wind bags, who were prideful enough to call themselves The Illustrious Hyuuga Council were old as dirt and had to be driven by carriage. So everyone else had to walk in the hot sun at a snails pace (for a ninja) while the old fart got the nice air conditioned carriages. (chakra powered Hyouton conversion seal)


"Are we there yet?" She didn't even want to go to this stupid convention thingy anyway.


"Are we there yet?" If she pestered him long enough he would snap and punish her somehow, probably make her sit with the oldies in the carriages. Just a little more.


"Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?" In her personal experience it worked best to work her father up slowly and finish it off quick.

"NO! NO! NO! AND NO! I Swear young lady if you ask me that one more time I will send you to your room this instant!"

Raising an eyebrow she questioned his words. Maybe his irritation clouded his judgment? Whatever, she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Are we- THAT'S IT, HANABI HYUUGA, I ORDER YOU TO GO TO YOUR ROOM AND STAY THERE UNTIL ONE OF YOUR SENIOR CLAN MEMBERS GRANTS YOU PERMISSION TO LEAVE!" Hanabi hid the grin that threatened to split her face in two, he was just to easy.

Putting on her Sad Face she was the perfect image of depressed as she turned heel and walked the exact opposite direction of the rest of the clan. Until she was out of sight and hearing range that is. Throwing her hands up in the air she gave a cry of happiness and quickly started tree jumping towards Konoha. Since they had just walked for several days straight she could probably make it back to Konoha at around ten-ish.

It was an hour later before Hiashi cooled down enough to realize they were on the road and not in their mansion.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_That Night - Konoha Village Gate_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Slowing down as she got to the gate Hanabi Saw her oneesama's team getting back. Judging by their tired, haggard, and extremely bored looks she assumed they just got back from a rather long border patrol mission. She noticed the black haired Sensei lady, Kurenai, if she remembered right, tell Hinata something before her sister smiled and jumped away. Assuming she was heading for the compound Hanabi decided to follow her home.

She was confused, after a few minutes they got to the road that lead to the clan housing and the ninja housing, which was mostly apartments she noticed, and her sister headed for the ninja houses. She had to activate her Byakugan just to keep up, Hinata started going faster then she'd ever seen her go before.

After stopping about one hundred yards from where her oneesama stopped Hanabi paused and caught her breath, watching her sister enter the fourth floor of an apartment building she'd never seen before. She realized that the instant her sister entered the building and closed the door she was breaking the law, as looking inside of private residents with any jutsu/doujutsu was an offense that warranted a heavy fine, but in her defense she wanted to know what her sister was doing and was to tired to care about silly things like 'laws' and 'morals'.

Watching her all but tear her ninja gear off and sprint for the living room of the floor she had to feel sorry for Naruto-kun when her sister knocked the wind out of him by launching herself over the back of the couch and landed on his chest. She was shocked at how large he was down there but that was quickly over shadowed by the bigger shock of her sister taking the entire thing down her throat in one swift lunge.

Seeing Naruto-kun's curious face almost made her burst out laughing, he was just so cute. She'd first seen him during the chunin exams all those years ago. She realized now that even back then she had the makings of a crush on him. He was just so... exotic! Unlike her clan he was fun, light hearted, and most of all he was emotional. Not that he was an emo or anything, it was just that considering to ninety-nine percent of the people she saw on a daily basis were stone walls of emotion, even just a smile was alien to her until the exams. But seeing a boy get so worked up over a clan he wasn't even part of, and defending her oneesama like that... she had started to see what Hinata liked in him.

Focusing back on the sight she saw a bit of white stuff stop flowing from Naruto-kun's... penis and into Hinata's mouth. She may have stolen her sister's icha icha whenever she went out on missions but she was still nervous about saying things like that. 'I didn't know you could use the jyuuken like that...' She thought as she saw her oneesama poked Naruto-kun's penis. He froze for a second and the same milk from before started coming out again, only several times faster this time.

Seeing Naruto fall back onto the couch and her Oneesama snuggle up next to him made her just a slight bit jealous. Her father may have started to love her more and care about her more then 'That girl he trained into the ground', but he was still cold to her at times, focusing more on Hinata then her.

Seeing the content smile on Hinata's face as she snuggled with Naruto-kun made her want to feel that too. She wanted to be loved as well, an end to the loneliness. Sighing she was about to head back to the compound when she looked at Naruto one last time, seeing a bit of chakra left from a drop of milk that had spilled out of Hinata's mouth she was stuck looking at it. The tiny bit of chakra inside the milky liquid looked like some sort of visual chocolate to her Byakugan. She was even more saddened she would most likely never have any of the milk, it looked so good.
Deactivating her bloodline she trudged back to her house.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_Back at the Mansion_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Hanabi walked into her dark room and blindly navigated her way to the bathroom, having long since been able to navigate her room in the dark. After a nice shower she was in a much better mood as she dried herself off and threw herself onto her bed with a childish 'Wee!'. Landing with a splat Hanabi quickly got up and activated her Byakugan, her bed was covered in some kind of liquid. Looking at it more closely she was shocked to find that it was the same milk that had come from Naruto-kun earlier.

Taking a small lick of the bit on her hand she found it tasted wonderful. So wonderful she took another, and another.

Twenty minutes later when the haze up utter enjoyment she was in wore off she found herself sucking on a pillow, trying to get the soaked in liquid out. Shaking her head to clear the fogginess she felt an unfamiliar heat between her legs. She reached a hand down across her slick stomach and down to her... pussy. She'd read this in the book. The girl liked the guy she was thinking about a lot and stuck her fingers inside herself.

Gasping as she ran her fingers over her pussy, spine tingling pleasure just out of her reach. Hesitantly inserting one finger inside herself she started pumping her finger in and out. Going faster she reached up and started grabbing her breasts with her other hand like the girl in the book did.

Inserting another finger and speeding up she felt a pressure building. Breath coming in short gasps she pinched her nipples and pushed her middle two fingers in to the knuckle, accidentally brushing against her clit. The pressure that had built up all released at once, pleasure tore through her small body. Throwing her head back in a silent scream she fell back onto her pillows. Lying bonelessly on her back, breath coming in short pants she felt her eyes close. The tired girl welcomed the darkness, promising herself she would get more milk, even if she had to use that.

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_End Flashback_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Getting out of the shower Hanabi took the pillowcases off her pillows and pulled the blankets and sheets off her bed. Throwing them in a pile she made a note to wash them as soon as possible. Spit covered beddings didn't make for a very comfortable sleep.

Hearing the door open she activated her Byakugan, ignoring the black squares in her vision, as every bedroom had seals blocking her family's bloodline from seeing inside them, and focused on the door. Seeing her sister lead Naruto-kun inside she almost burst in maniacal laughter. But she held it in, she was the cutesy little sister of Hinata, not the scheming little rascal that drove her father up the wall on purpose just to see how he would react.

Thinking about it, she wanted more of that milk. She was feeling hungry, and it didn't feel like food would satisfy the hunger. Her body and mind were desperate for something and she was going to do anything she could to get it.

Seeing Hinata head to her room and Naruto get some breakfast She quickly grabbed her normal morning outfit and snuck out her room just as Hinata walked by, sliding down the railing for the stairs she composed herself into the perfect Hyuuga, prim, proper, and emotionless. Before walking slowly into the kitchen.

As he was just about to pour himself a bowl of cereal Naruto looked up and saw a young girl enter the kitchen. She was small, very small. She looked about ten years old, but she was probably a little older. She stopped walking and started looking him over as he sat there looking at her. She was wearing a short kimono, it had the Hyuuga symbol on the arms and it ended around the middle of her thigh.

"Uzumaki Naruto?" Hanabi asked, remembering a scene in one of the books. It would be perfect, he would be so flabbergasted she could walk right up and use that.
"Yes?" He answered back, confused.

"I am Hyuuga Hanabi, but you may call me slave, your sexy little bitch, or whatever else you wish to refer to me as. I would particularly like to be called cum-slut." She announced, pulling the front of the kimono apart she revealed her perky B-cup breasts.

"Eh?" She was fairly certain she just broke him.

"I have no experience, as I am young and a virgin. My lack of experience will hopefully be made up for in enthusiasm."

"... Uh."

"I don't know how it will taste but I will be more then happy to swallow if you wish." Seeing her chance Hanabi walked forward, pulled up the hem of her kimono, revealing her naked (and freshly shaved) pussy, and sat on his lap, her legs wrapping around his waist, facing him.

Stabbing her fingers into his neck she paralyzed him with a Jyuuken shot. Before he could protest she activated it and said, "You will tell my sister you no longer love her and only be with me."

She expected her to listen to her like that brat Konohamaru did, but he just looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Now Hanabi-chan you may be cute and almost naked but there's no need to make your eyes go all glowy and try to order me around."

Hanabi was about to try again but a voice behind her cut her off, "And just what, dear sister, are you doing with my boyfriend..." She turned around and saw her sister, wearing her normal outfit.

"I'm trying to use a jutsu I found on accident to steal him from you but it's not working." She answered calmly, she never saw the point in lying when you were caught.

Hinata calmed down a little. Naruto wasn't going to dump her for her sister any time soon.

'Besides, he'd rip her in half if she ever tried anal.' She commented wryly. "What's the jutsu?" She may as well find out.

"I don't know, my eyes felt funny when I was yelling at Konohamaru and now he stays at least fifty feet away from me at all times." Hanabi answered, feeling something rub against her crotch she started grinding into it. Seeing her sisters eye twitch was just a bonus.

"How do you know the Hyuuga family technique? No one taught it to you yet." Hinata demanded, she didn't get to learn that until she became chunin.

"I can answer that." Said Naruto, but it didn't sound like him.

"Who are you?" Hanabi finally stopped her grinding and asked. She didn't move however, she was rather comfortable where she was.

"I'm the kyuubi, i'm sure you both know about me being sealed inside Naruto?" Seeing them both nod, Hanabi having been told by Hiashi when she turned genin, he continued. " The boy seems to think your already aware of this but you both happen to be part succubi."

"How? And what did you do with Naruto-kun?" Hinata decided to go with the innocent until proven guilty approach.

"The boy is fine, I convinced him to give me control for a while so I could explain. He can see and feel everything like he normally would, i'm just using his head temporarily." As if to demonstrate his point Naruto's arm reached up and waved at Hinata before ruffling Hanabi's hair, much to her enjoyment. Seducing him would be easier if he felt okay with touching her, and thus being in range for another Jyuuken shot to the neck.

"Now, if you girls have any questions about any physical changes or anything succubi related feel free to ask."

Hinata thought about it for a few seconds, Hanabi meanwhile asked the first thing that popped into her head. "Why do I want more of Naruto's milk, there was some on my bed and I had some last night. Now I can't think of anything else.

"ahh, yes. That milk as you call it, is the life blood of the succubi. Used for power and survival alike. Your demon blood is still awakening, it seems. Unless you was to turn into a crazy nympho slut I suggest you get more from Naruto as soon as you can. You may want to be careful though. Unlike your sister your a loli type succubi, so it's going to take quite a bit more cum, or milk as you've dubbed it, to stabilize you.

"What's a nympho? Loli type?" Hanabi asked curiously.

"Don't worry about that first one. There are two kinds of succubi; the busty beauties, and the loli's. Your sister is a busty beauty type. Big butt, breasts, that kinda thing. But you, in all your adorable cuteness, are a loli type. Unless you will it, you'll probably stay looking like that for as long as your alive. If you wanted to you could make yourself flat chested actually. Your mother must have had quite the chest to make you even get an A-cup much less the B-cup you do, most loli's are flat. Your cuteness comes at the price of more cum needed before your back to your normal self though. "Kyuubi finished explaining.

"What physical changes can we expect?" Hinata finally spoke up.

"Aside from staying in your prime for the rest of eternity, as your immortal now, eternal youth, and maybe a really long tongue, nothing major for quite a while. Eventually you may start to grow bat wings and a thin whip like tail. Most succubi don't start to grow those until at least fifty years after they awaken." He hummed in thought before continuing, "Then again, most succubi don't feed off of Naruto now do they? I'd say give it a few years and you'll start actually looking like succubi, with some help from Naruto of coarse." Kyuubi grinned to himself.


"wondered when you would ask about those. I'm not familiar with succubi abilities as I have slept with very few. Besides Charm, all knowledge I have about any abilities you may or may not get is from rumors. Speaking of your Charm ability, Naruto is now immune to it, and your orders from before are null and void. Naruto's own demon blood has grown to strong for that."

"Any information would be better then none. Wait... Naruto-kun's a demon too?" Hinata asked curiously.

"Only partially, one of his ancestors was a succubi like yourself. His demon blood has thinned over the years but my own demonic chakra is bringing him back to his families previous half demon glory. As for the abilities, the only one i've heard about would be the ability to turn your clit into a cock. Aside from that, your on your own. Most of sex demon abilities are thought based though so just think it and it will hap-

"Yes, yes that's great. Now give Naruto-kun back. I want fresh milk." Hanabi snapped impatiently. Reaching down she started stroking Naruto's still hard length.

"Horny little firecracker aren't you? Fine." Naruto's head fell before he raised it again, his eyes their normal blue once again. "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner Hinata-chan, I thought you knew already."

"It's alright Naruto-kun. Now, I believe Hanabi-chan wants to get to know you better, shall we take this up to my room?" Hinata answered.

Naruto looked down and saw Hanabi lining herself up with his erect length. Giving a small gasp he grabbed her hips as she was about to slam herself down. He almost caved and let her injure herself when she looked up at him, the sheer lust held within her eyes was startling but her picked her up and motioned for Hinata to follow him. "Now Hanabi-chan we've gotta get you all nice and wet first, your very small and I could very easily injure you. Your not even listening anymore are you?" While he was busy walking up the stairs holding her bridal style Hanabi was busy trying to twist herself around so she could try and suck on his cock.
It was a very difficult ascent up the stairs, to be sure.

Finally giving up he tossed the girl over his shoulder and carried her like a bag of chakra weights into Hinata's room. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as the increasingly desperate Hanabi climbed off of his shoulder like a monkey as was licking his cock up and down the second he let her go.

"Naruto-kun" He heard a seductive voice purr. Looking up he saw Hinata saunter into the room. Giving her most of his attention he looked down at the younger Hyuuga every few seconds to make sure she wasn't going to impale herself prematurely. Seeing as how she was completely focused on her task of making his cock dripping wet and she was laying on her hands and knees next to him he grabbed her backside and started teasing her pussy, running his index finger along her dripping lips, inserting his finger every time she would attempt to get the head of his cock into her mouth.

Looking back up a second later Hinata started her dance. (she dances, undoes the bow, catching the stray bits of ribbon before anything is revealed and slowly reveals more and more of herself as she dances.)

Sending two clones Hinata's way he watched as one transformed into a very comfortable looking recliner, while the other pulled her against his chest and kissed her with every bit of passion the original had. (insert foreplay here to get medical tape off, then the clone fucks her. Reverse cowgirl, of coarse so she can watch her sister work.)

Feeling a small hand shove him back onto his back he saw Hanabi was sick of having a bad angle and sat on his knee's facing his head. She didn't even spare him a glance as she gripped his cock with both hands. Lowering her head she opened her mouth as wide as it could go and just barely managed to succeed in finally taking the entire head within her mouth. Mustering all of her strength she went as low as she could, growling in annoyance when his cock hit the top of her throat in the back of her mouth. She pulled her head all the way out and the head of his cock came out of her mouth with a meaty pop! as she started using the saliva coating it do jerk him off as she sulked.

Her growling and absolutely irresistible pouty face (which was probably her Mad Face) made Naruto almost cum instantly, but she stopped pumping and thankfully gave him a break to shift her position. Swiveling around so she was sitting on his chest now she leaned his massive cock lower and tried again, finding that it was a bit easier now to get him into her mouth. Relaxing her throat as best as she could she started pushing her head lower and lower.

Naruto was barely holding on, but when she reached the 1/3 mark and growled as she couldn't go any further he could hold it any more. "I'm Cumming Hanabi-chan!" He exclaimed. Her only answer was a mental grin (because a physical one was obviously impossible) and to start sucking as hard as she could while moving back and forth a few inches.

Feeling his penis get even thicker Hanabi tried to hold in her excitement as she pulled all the way back. In her inexperience however she pulled out to far and got the first shot of milk to the face. Blinking in surprise she paused, dumbfounded, for less then a second before she latched her mouth onto his spurting cock head. Savoring the taste she found out she liked her milk better fresh. Her eyes widened as the flood didn't stop after a few shots like the books said he would.

She forced her head lower, the head of his cock barely slipping into her throat. She felt more and more warm milk shoot down her throat as she started feel warm and tingly all over. Closing her eyes she enjoyed the feeling of getting fuller and fuller.

Feeling full and satisfied for the moment Hanabi let herself fall backwards onto Naruto's chest. Holding her slightly larger then normal belly, enjoying the pleasant warmth that it gave her.

"Ready Hanabi-chan?" Naruto asked as he turned her around, lifted her hips up, and lined himself up with her dripping lower lips. Nodding so fast she almost slipped from his grasp he pushed down while he slowly pushed his hips up. Gritting his teeth Naruto pushed as hard as he allowed himself to. She still wasn't wet enough. He could barely get a centimeter into her.

Lifting her up he created a clone and had it walk towards the bouncing Hinata, using Kage Henge on the way. Laying back down has positioned Hanabi on his lap, his cock laying flat against his stomach with Hanabi's pussy on top of it. "Watch your sister Hanabi-chan, she's going to put on a show for you. In fact, use your Byakugan, you may like what you see." He said, pumping his hips back and forth underneath her.

Turning on her Byakugan with only the slightest difficulty she watched as the second clone approached Hinata. The clones nodded and the one sitting on the couch lifted her up. Now sitting his knees of the chair he was at just the right angle to stay completely inside here pussy. The new clone Reach down, lifted on of her legs and set it up on his shoulder as he lined himself up with her already stuffed pussy.

Zooming in she saw inside her her sisters body, the penis that was already inside of her was going all the way inside her, passed her cervix and into her womb.

Almost gasping in phantom pleasure Hanabi ground against Naruto's penis extra hard when she saw all three cocks slip into Hinata's pussy. Stretching her out so far she didn't think her oneesama would ever recover. And yet when all three pulled back out her her pussy returned to it's normal shape, just as tight (she assumed) as it was before.

Hanabi was transfixed, subconsciously grinding her hips in time with the clones triple stuffing her sister. She started to feel the same pressure as before building within her. Not knowing it herself the clones sped up, and so did she. The veins of the penis below her stimulating her lower lips and occasionally running along something that send shivers of pleasure up her spine. Her breath came out if shallow pants as she watched the clones inside her sister speed up even further, she could see the chakra they used to make themselves go faster. She barely saw both clones's grips tighten on her sister before they both slammed all the way into her pussy.

Watching her sister throw her head back in pleasure she couldn't help but copy her as her own... orgasm hit her. Made even better as she watched her sisters already stuffed womb balloon up with milk.

Falling onto Naruto's chest after thoroughly covering both her own pussy and his penis with her juices she watched as the clones slowly pulled out of her sister. Her womb almost snapping shut to trap all the cum inside it. The Henge'd clone poofed away, but the single, original clone stayed. Gently setting Hinata down on his lap, his cock resting within the crack of her ass as she mewled in contentment.

"I think your ready Hanabi-chan." One seductive whisper into her ear was all it took for Hanabi to sit straight up on his lap in an instant. Lifting herself up as high as she could go she looked at Naruto's face. Getting a nod and a reassuring smile in return she lined him up again, both of them glistening in her own juices. Forcing herself down she succeeded in getting the entire head into her small pussy before she needed to catch her breath. The pleasure that lay just a foot away called to her, but a voice cut her off as she was about to start lowering herself
"Don't I get a show too Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked as she slipped the clone's rock hard length back into her now empty pussy and started bouncing.

Grinning Naruto admitted he should return the favor for getting Hanabi wet enough. Picking Hanabi up by the waist he stood up on the edge of the bed facing Hinata. Hanabi's feet were on Naruto's lower thighs so she wouldn't fall so he started lowering her down.

Hinata marveled at Naruto's giant cock slowly disappearing into her sister's small body. She didn't even need to use her Byakugan, his cock making a clear outline on the front of her sisters pelvis.

Hanabi was marveling at the pleasure she was receiving, it was at least three times as much as before and she couldn't help but arch her back as another orgasm suddenly washed over her.
Losing his grip on her hips when her head almost slammed into his chin Naruto started to panic for a whole fraction of a second before gravity took over and dragged Hanabi down. Naruto's cock was completely inside her not even a second later, the barrier of her cervix offering a tiny bit of resistance before Naruto's cock penetrated it and slipped into her womb, bumping against the top of it, where it rested. The room having gone still for several seconds.

Hanabi barely felt the pain of her hymen being ripped through, the ecstasy she felt when the tip of his penis entered her womb wiped anything but pleasure from her body.

Hinata was simply amused by the situation. The fact that her little sister was being held up by nothing but Naruto's cock combined with her sister's vacant pleasure filled look was just to funny. She absently wondered if that's how she looked when she'd had her first taste of Naruto's cock in her womb.

Naruto's breath had caught in his throat, the grinding from earlier had gotten him close, but he was one muscle twitch away from cumming. He tried to hold absolutely still but Hanabi had to be a little minx and tightened up even further. Groaning deeply his legs turned to jelly and his backside hit the edge of the bed as he fell back. Seeing as he'd slipped a few inches out of her on the way down his hands shot to her hips and pulled her pert ass flush against his pelvis, slipping back into her tight womb as the flood of cum started pouring out.

Hanabi watched in wonder as the very top of the long bump along her lower stomach got bigger as Naruto's cum started pouring into her. Moaning she tried to suppress her shivering as the tingling she was feeling got even stronger.

Collapsing backwards onto the bed Naruto felt Hanabi come with him, landing on his stomach. Wrapping his arms around her he heard her say, "I hope your not finished already Naruto-kun. I would be very unhappy." Grinning he flipped then around so she was on the bottom.

"'Coarse not Hanabi-chan, I was giving you a chance to rest. Because your so wittwe." He mocked, as he hoped she scowled up at him. He loved that face. What he didn't expect was for her to bring her hand up slowly, grin at him as she curled all but two of her fingers in, and poke her own stomach. Next thing he knew stars exploded into his vision as he fought to keep him arms solid enough to support his weight.

Hanabi's smug face and even fuller womb was the first thing he could see once the stars and pleasure subsided. "Point, Hanabi-chan." He muttered in amusement. This meant war.

He started pumping in and out of her slowly, he especially enjoyed watching her try and keep any trace of pleasure off of her face. Picking up speed as she got used to his length, as best as she could anyway, her cute scowl finally morphed into a moan as she finally gave up. Moaning she pushed her hips up off the bed.

Naruto took the hint and scooted a few inches forward so he was thrusting at an angle down into her and sped up just a bit. Feeling his orgasm approaching Naruto leaned his head down and shocked Hanabi by kissing her. The surprise made her control slip and she lost control of the climax she was barely holding back. Forcing her hips up into his crotch she stayed there, her mouth opened as she let out a moan from the pleasure.

Seeing an opening Naruto slipped his tongue into her mouth even as the rest of him froze, cum pouring into her womb once again. Licking her tongue with his she finally started responding. Wrapping her tongue around his she manages to force it back into his mouth, followed be her own tongue. Even when Naruto started pumping his hips and reached down to massage her breasts she was solely focused on beating him in their pseudo duel.

Closing her eyes she enjoyed the sensation of everything her was doing... not that she let him win, she was a Hyuuga dammit, mind numbing orgasm or not she would not let herself lose.

Smirking within his mind Naruto reached down and just before he guessed she was going to cum, pinched her exposed clit softly. If her furrowed eyebrows, clenching pussy, and muffled scream were anything to go by he just won this round. "Cumming Hanabi-chan." He groaned as he slammed his hips down into hers, a thin line of spit connecting their mouths still, and enjoyed the feeling of her already filled womb milking him for even more of his cum.

"I believe that's my point, Hanabi-chan" Naruto smiled down at her. His smug smile made her want to Jyuuken him again, but that wouldn't be very creative of her. So she wrapped her legs around his waist the best the could and, with the help of a bit of chakra, flipped them both over so she was on top with her body leaned forward. Looking up she grinned at his dazed expression and viciously attacked her mouth as she tried, and succeeded, to move her inner muscles on her command, instead of just instinct. Grinning in her head as she won both the tongue duel, and another dose of cum inside her womb as he let out a strangled moan.

Across the room Hinata was watching all this with her Byakugan. She couldn't be more proud of her sister. Feeling the clone below her stiffen as she tightened her pussy suddenly, taking him by surprise, she grinned as her womb was filled with even more cum. She'd gained control of her absorption abilities a few rounds ago and, being the cum slut she was, she enjoyed being filled with Naruto's cream.

Thinking back on what Kyuubi said about succubi abilities she tried to think about how to use them/recreate them. Growing a penis sounded odd, but she tried to imagine it anyway. Looking down she watched in shock as her clit grew longer. It didn't look like a penis when it was done growing, just a really long clit, about eight or nine inches and about an inch and a half thick. Her mental measurements were cut short when a slight breeze brushed against the new growth.

Shuddering she felt an odd warmth at the base of her clit. Going up quickly she marveled at the thick white cum that shot out of the small hole at the tip she barely noticed the amount of cum in her diminish just a bit. Panting her hands were a blur as she started stroking her clit she tried to think of how the technique worked while she was having an almost constant orgasm.

It seemed that she could use the cum from her love Naruto-kun as long as she kept some within her womb and turned off her absorption. Maybe that's what Kyuubi meant when he was referring to Hanabi 'stabilizing'? Gaining the ability to stop just blindly absorbing cum and start using abilities with it?

Getting back on topic she, as if it was painful, stopped stroking herself and tested how hard her clit was. Unlike Naruto's cock it wasn't hard as a rock, she could bend it in any angle she wanted, it was almost like a tentacle. She felt an amused smile cross her face at that thought, her very own genticle.

Zoning back in she saw that in her amusement she'd started jacking herself off again, this time she'd pointed her new cum cannon up in the air. Causing the cum that shot out to shoot up in the air and onto herself. Feeling her womb almost empty she Jyuukened the clone inside her every few seconds before he finally got the hint what she wanted. Using every last bit of chakra the clone had he molded all the chakra in one massive Endless Supply.

Feeling her womb fill up with warm cum Hinata smiled to herself as she watched her belly get bigger and bigger before another orgasm hit her. Moaning loudly the clone disappeared, her womb closed to keep all of her 'ammo' in.

looking at her sister riding Naruto-kun she couldn't help but stare at her sisters cute butt bouncing up and down as she flipped them over with an impressive show of strength. Imagining what it would feel like to stick her clit inside her. How much cum she could pour into her tiny body before it would all come shooting out.

Any disgust at the thought of fucking her own sister was suspiciously absent. If she were in the right frame of mind she would have probably just written it off as a succubi thing.

Blinking rapidly she realized she'd crossed the room and was lining her cum covered clit up with her sisters back entrance. Neither of the two had seemed to notice her yet. Her lust clouded mind calculated that due to the cum coating her clit and the fact that her clit was smaller and could bend she could probably both succeed in penetrating the tight hole she was lining up with and safely fuck Hanabi as long as she wanted. Due to Hanabi's small size it would be impossible for Naruto to use her ass without injuring her, but Hinata's smaller and more flexible length could.

Having succeeded in causing her inner muscles to move like she wanted, vibrating and tightening in certain places, she was mid gloat when she felt something hot press against her asshole. "I believe i'm winning Naruto-ku-?" Turning her head around she saw her sister holding a long pink thing in one hand and gripping her hips with the other. She was about to question her when she suddenly forced the pink thing, her oddly long clit, her mind told her, into her ass. Screaming in pain she collapsed onto Naruto's chest.

Hinata was in heaven, Hanabi was so tight and warm. She could feel her clit bend when it hit the first curve in Hanabi's intestines. When her hips finally met Hanabi's cheeks she let out a shaky huff of breath and finally looked at the girl she was inside of. She immediately felt horrible, her sister was whimpering into Naruto's chest, who had his arms wrapped around her in a comforting hug. What really hurt was the look her was giving her, he was disappointed in her for being so rough.

Having seen the clones memory, who had puzzled out the specifics of Hinata's new ability the same time she did, he suspected that she was going to try something like that, but he never thought the kind-hearted Hinata Hyuuga would hurt her own sister by shoving her new appendage inside her little sister like that.

For almost a full minute Naruto comforted the whimpering Hanabi as Hinata was almost in tears in regret. "I-i'm sorry Hanabi-chan. I..." Hinata stuttered out an apology but couldn't continue.
Turning her head Hanabi smiled as best as she could through teary eyes, "It's okay oneesama, it's starting to feel good. Just go slow okay?" Seeing her still beating herself up inside Hanabi lifted herself back up on her hands and knees and turned her head to kiss her sister on the lips.

Watching the heartwarming scene Naruto was content to sit and wait until they were ready, but he was surprised when Hanabi forced her tongue into the surprised Hinata's mouth and tightened both her holes. Groaning lowly he couldn't stop his hips and the started pumping into her, mirroring Hinata as she tried to put up some form of defense against her little sister's ruthless tongue as it ravaged her mouth. Feeling another orgasm approaching Hinata surrendered and let her oral invader win as she released the first, and certainly not the last, she'd ever shot into another girl, as Hanabi moaned and pulled her mouth away.

Naruto followed shortly after, seeing as how they didn't seem the remember he was here there reminded them as he slammed his hips against Hanabi's and used Touch of Heat of Hinata's clit. Both Hyuuga's screamed out as their respective orgasm's crashed into them. Hanabi collapsed onto his chest again, and Hinata however was a different matter. "I-i can't stop c-cumming! It's t-too g-good!" Hinata cried out as she pounded into her limp sister, releasing a steady flood of cum.

Naruto grinned as he found her weakness, it seemed just one little continuous Touch of Heat on her clit when her futa ability was activated would sent her into a screaming, constant orgasm.
Hinata didn't know how long she was in heaven for, but eventually everything went white and she felt herself falling.

Watching through half lidded eyes Hanabi was amused when Hinata's screams of pleasure died down before her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Attempting to tighten her holes enough to keep her upright she only succeeded in getting a shaky moan from Naruto as Hinata fell off the bed and onto her back.

Feeling Naruto get up to try and help her she raised herself up before slamming down. Stunning them both as his cock hit the top of her womb. Shaking off the mild orgasm she looked him In the eyes and told him, "Oneesama's fine Naruto-kun. She got very good at landing properly when she used to faint all the time." She said before a very Hyuuga-like grin formed on her face as she finished, "Besides, who said you could stop?"

_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_Forty-Five Minutes Later_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_

Hinata awoke to the sound of her sister's moaning voice. Picking herself up she shuddered as her more sensitive then it should be clit scraped against the carpet. Observing both people fucking on the bed she saw that Hanabi was on her hands and knees while Naruto was pounding into her far faster and harder then she thought he would. 'I must have been out for a while if Naruto's being so rough with her.' She thought.

She almost laughed as she saw the expression on her sisters face. Her eyes were out of focus, her tongue was lolling out of her mouth. She hadn't seen her sister drool this much since she was a baby. Hinata was just a tad jealous of her sisters large stomach though. Looking down her own belly was only a little bigger then it normally would be.

Climbing onto the bed she saw Naruto's thrusts start to speed up even further, guessing what was going to happen she sat next to the two, absently stroking her still extended clit.

Hanabi lost control of her arms as another orgasm slammed into her, along with Naruto's hips as he unloaded another load into her bulging womb. Letting her head fall onto one of the pillow she felt an unfamiliar warmth heat up her pussy as Naruto pulled out for the first time in the better part of an hour.

Pulling out Naruto used a quick Touch of Heat to heal any damage both him and Hinata may have caused. Setting her on her side he watched her curl into a ball and hug her belly. He could see it ever so slowly get smaller, so her absorption must have kicked in.

Hinata took that moment to make her move, picking Hanabi up gently she slid under her so her head was laying on her breasts and wrapped her arms around her so their stomachs were touching. Feeling her clit brush against Hanabi's stomach she couldn't help but reach her hand down and snake the pink appendage into her sister's pussy.

Hanabi couldn't even muster the strength to moan, she wasn't tired, and she still had energy, but she just wanted to rest for a minute and let the other two do all the work.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the Hyuuga limb pile in front of him, pouting lightly because Hinata had taken his hole... 'Or did she?' He wondered. Waddling up next the the already filled Hanabi he lined up the head of his cock with the very top of her pussy and started pushing forward slowly. Feeling the head suddenly force it's way into Hanabi's pussy he continued pushing. Her pussy was even tighter now and he could barely hold himself back from just grabbing her hips and slamming into her. But unlike Hinata, who was green as grass when I came to restraint, he was an expert.

Hanabi felt a light sting come from her lower lips, she could tell Naruto was putting his penis back in her even though her sister's... thing was already there. Despite the slight bit of pain she was quickly welcoming the new sensation. The pain melted away when he entered her womb and stopped, his hips flush against hers, then there was only pleasure. His breathing was shallow, and if her experience so far had told her anything that meant he was trying not to cum inside her. Feeling her seconds wind she squeezed her pussy as tight as she could and waited with baited breath. Sure enough With a cry of "I'm cumming!" He started pumping his hips and deposited more thick cum within her.

Closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation for a few seconds she looked at her oneesama's face. It was confused, she didn't know why until a second later when it melted into a pleasure filled one. Her own face transformed into one of cold fury as she found out why she was confused a second earlier.

Hinata was now missing the feeling of being filled up with cum like her sister was now. Feeling her womb get slightly fuller she was confused until she felt the sensation in her clit. She could feel it siphoning the cum from her little sister womb directly into her own. Some part of her pleaded for her to stop. Not knowing stealing cum was a serious offense among succubi she didn't realize the harm. Not like her sister could absorb all that cum anyway, right? So why put it to waste. What was the harm? A pleased smile formed on her face as she took more and more cum from her sister. Opening her eyes she almost had a heart attack when she saw Hanabi's face. Her eyes were glowing a faint purple and she had two small fangs poking out from her top lip. That alone was a very scary sight, but when she growled, actually growled, at her she couldn't submit fast enough, ducking her head in submission she pumped her hips into Hanabi a few times, enough to set off an orgasm and did her best to force every drop she stole, and then some, through her clit.

Naruto saw and felt the exchange, with a little help from Kyuubi to explain the situation he tried to calm them both down. Pulling back out with a little difficulty he used a quick Kage Henge and thrust back into both of them. Using a bit of chakra he sped himself up and was pounding into both of them as quick as he could. Seeing as how he had about ninety-five percent of his chakra left he used around forty percent on Endless Supply and used Touch of Heat as all three of them came together. Hanabi was actually lifted a few inches up in the air as both her and Hinata's stomachs were instantly filled with two or three gallons.

He had to pull out when Hinata suddenly lost her grip on Hanabi and the younger Hyuuga rolled onto her side, groaning as she landed. Creating a clone he moved towards Hanabi while the clone took Hinata. Slipping into her the real Naruto started slowly pumping his length into Hanabi's pussy before he remembered something.

Reaching over he gave a sizable chunk of his secondary chakra to the clone. It sped up instantly and Hinata, who was almost recovered, was thrown right back into her orgasmic stupor.

Hanabi was able to recover however, as Naruto was going slowly. Her moan was cut off as Naruto grabbed her shoulders and picked her up so she was bouncing on his lap. His hips kept up the pace as his arms encircled her. Closing her eyes Hanabi leaned against his chest and enjoyed the warm feeling in her chest.

She really like this feeling, well, feelings the amount pleasure his penis inside her was causing was almost as good. Testing it out she looked up and gently kissed him. Almost sighing as his arms tightened around her and he gently kissed back she decided she really liked Naruto. He seemed to care for her, and being in his arms like this made her safe, almost like a...
"Naruto-niisan..." She whispered as she pulled back. Her eyes widened in panic, she doubted the normal person would like to be called 'brother' by the girl they were making love to.

Naruto was surprised but really didn't see the harm. Growing up without a family had made him pretty much immune to the disgust of incest. Hell, he wanted to get into Ayame's pants and she was practically his sister in all but name. This presented a problem though... he needed a nickname for Hanabi.

"Hanabi-tan." He said aloud with a grin. Bringing his lips forward he continued kissing her. Lowering her back down onto her back he grinned viciously and pulled all but the head out of her. Forming a ring of chakra he slid it from the head to base of his cock, causing fleshy spikes to grow.

Thrusting back in he gave no warning and started slamming into her tight pussy. Her ear splitting scream of pleasure dies in her throat as her eyes rolled back as she came hard.
Feeling her tighten up Naruto had to use chakra to keep up the pace. Feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching he sped up even further. Giving one last thrust he emptied himself into her abused pussy with a loud groan. Catching his breath he lifted up on his arms he grinned as he saw she'd passed out. Judging by the smile on her face he doubted it was due to pain.

Lifting himself up completely he put his right hand above her lower lips and use a quick Massage of Healing as he pulled out. He almost wasn't able to control himself from slamming right back into her as the spikes scraped against her inner walls. Pulling free he watched with interest as her gaping pussy returned to it's former pristine pink shape and color. He wasn't sure if it was due to the jutsu, her succubi nature, or both, but it was one of the coolest things he'd ever seen.

Reversing the transformation on his cock he looked over at Hinata and the clone. The clone had activated the demon cock ability just as he had. It seems Hinata's pleasure threshold was higher than Hanabi's because Hinata was thrusting her hips in time with the clone instead of an unconscious puddle of feminine satisfaction.

Nodding to his clone Naruto tucked Hanabi in and kissed her forehead before heading down to the kitchen and looked for a snack. All he found was a box of pocky, chocolate flavored, but he wasn't complaining. Pocky was delicious. He could totally see why Weasel was so obsessed with the stuff.

Throwing the box away he looked around. He hadn't really paid attention to anything but Hinata's tight pussy and ass when they had looked around before. Going outside through the back door he saw a rather large one story building attached the the back of the mansion. Curious, he looked inside and found the Hyuuga head's personal hot springs. Giving himself a quick sniff he concluded he really didn't need a bath but he was kind of sore. Seeing as how he was naked already he just walked over to the edge of the water and lowered himself in.

It took a few minutes but he was starting to enjoy the soothing water of the bath/hot springs/swimming pool. Letting the hot water soothe his tired muscles he let out a sigh of contentment. Those Hyuuga sisters were going to be the death of him. That would be the way he wanted to go though. Balls deep in both his cute little Hanabi-tan and his busty beauty Hinata-chan.

Letting his mind wander he put his arms behind his head. Out of curiosity he reached up and felt his ears. They were even more pointed then the last time he saw them. Feeling hair inbetween his finger and the ear he was feeling he fulled the hair away. Or at least he tried to, pinching the hair he moved to set it behind his ear.

feeling a dull pain he brought his still pinched fingers in front of his face. Seeing the short golden hairs there he let go and brought his hand to his ear again, this time feeling the rim of his ear closer. Pinching lightly he pulled up on the hair he felt, an instant later the hand was stopped as the small hairs pulled taught. Narrowing his eyes he relaxed further, sitting on the highest stone bench so everything from his belly button and down was under water.
'Fox.' He called into his mind.

Yeah kid? Or should I start calling you Namikaze now?

'Ugh, i'm gonna get enough of that from the civilians, and maybe even some of the older ninja. I was born an Uzumaki, I made my first kill as an Uzumaki, and i'll die an Uzumaki. Anyway, we need to talk, I seem to be turning into a demon, or at least a half demon. I thought I was going to be an incubus, but now i'm growing furry ears. What gives?'

You do know most demons these days are some form of hybrid right? I myself am a fire demon with a hint of fox demon. Which is why I look like I do, fire demons don't have any specific race so the bit of fox demon in me is enough to make me look like this. There are very few pure blood demon left. Most of them are very old, most of which have long since retired and just settled down for the quite life. My best guess is my chakra super charging your dormant demon blood is making you into an incubus with a hint of fox demon. Your sexual techniques will probably grow more and more powerful as your chakra become thicker and more demon like. Although you should watch out. You already found out part of one of your abilities and the others can reveal themselves at any time.

'What power?' Naruto asked curiously, all but completely blocking out the outside world.

"It's a limited form of shape shifting used by most sex demons. You may not have realized but you don't have to use that Kage Henge of yours. The ability to change you genitalia's shape has already become unlocked for you. I would watch out though, some of the shapes just appear without your knowledge the first time they happen. Like when you were with that Temari girl and the clone changed. After the first usage you'll be able to use them at will, but the first time they appear they'll be uncontrollable, and insanely sensetive. Should I tell him the next version that's most likely to appear is a knot?... Nah. The fox thought the last part to himself with a small snicker.

'what can I expect in the ways of physical appearance?'

Your ears may shift to the top of your head and become more like fox ears, or they could stay where they are and be pointed with a bit of hair at the end. I don't know. Depending on which side of your demon blood is stronger, fox or incubi, you will either grow a fox tail, or gain the ability to make tentacles grow from you back. I always found that funny when my sex demon friends would seduce and fuck human woman. Never against their will of coarse. The women would come back for more later simply because they ruined them for normal men.

Besides those two things, and maybe a pair of wings, your eyes may also change. I'm thinking they'll just change to slit pupils. Blue is a very alluring color for women so they'll probably stay the same.

'That's good, I like my blue eyes how they ar-Splash!

Snapping his eyes open he scanned the foggy room. Finding nothing he closed his eyes again and sighed, he felt back to one hundred percent again. Even better actually, the constant use of chakra was doing wonders for his already large reserves.

His breath caught mid-yawn as his entire length was caught in something warm, wet, and tight. Looking down he saw the very top of someones head bobbing up and down. It was topped with straight dark brown hair so it must be Hanabi, Hinata's hair was dark purple.

Moaning as his length was rapidly getting harder Hanabi didn't slow down, even as he started getting big enough to go down her throat. When he was fully erect her head reached the surface of the water as she pulled back, allowing her to get a breath of air before she took the head into her mouth. Looking up at Naruto with wide innocent eyes she gave an extra hard suck as her tongue swirled around the head, enjoying his almost cross eyed face as it contorted in pleasure. Seeing his hands twitching she started lowering her head slowly.

She closed her eyes as her head went low enough to go below the water. Sinking ever lower she felt his penis going deeper and deeper into her throat. Clamping her lips in place so he wouldn't slip even an inch out of her mouth she re-adjusting her legs so her feet were right next to his, she could feel dry air hit her lower back and butt so those must have broken the surface. Concentrating on her goal she descended lower. Her tongue, barely able to move around the massive rod, was doing it's best to slide from side to side.

Naruto had to hold himself back from either cumming, passing out, or both as Hanabi passed the halfway mark. Her throat was putting enough pressure on his length to crush steel and her tongue... he didn't know what it was doing but if it kept doing that he was going to go insane. He barely held on until she got all the way down. Her lips kissing the very base of his cock.

He felt a the pressure decrease just a bit at the very tip of the head and wondered if he was actually in her stomach right now. Seeing as how she paused there he was hoping she was giving him a chance to catch his bearings. No such luck however as she started using his cock like a kazoo and was humming a loud victory tune. Giving a strangled cry he couldn't do anything but shudder in absolute bliss as torrents of cum poured straight into his Hanabi-tan's stomach.
Seeing as how she reached the very bottom of her new Oniisan's penis Hanabi started to hum a victorious tune to herself. Hearing a warbled cry sound from above her she only had to wait one glee filled instant for her Oniisan's delicious milk to start flooding into her. Knowing he was going to keep cumming for several more seconds from personal experience she simply enjoyed the warm liquid filling up her stomach before she quickly pulled back, sucking as hard as she could she clenched her lips as she pulled all but the head out. Moaning in happiness she let that last bit of milk fill her mouth completely, the flow trickling to a stop just as her cheeks were stretched as far as they could. Giving one last suck she successfully got every drop of milk off of her Oniisan and managed to keep the mouthful she had.

Swallowing half of what was in her mouth she looked up at him, seeing his unfocused eyes and the dopey grin on his face made her swell with pride... or was that cum? She wasn't quite sure. Opening her mouth for him to see she moved her tongue around, tasting his delicious milk for him to see before she closed her mouth and swallowed loudly.

Seeing his half limp penis she grabbed it with one hand while looking up at him and putting her best Cute Face on, "C'mon Oniisan, your little Cum-slut wants more milk." She cooed.

Seeing his eyes focusing she let got of his rapidly hardening length and slowly started crawling up his body. The tip of his penis making a trail from her collarbone to between her breasts, all the way down her stomach, past her belly button, and eventually resting on her pussy.

Slipping barely even half the head inside her tight pussy Naruto groaned. Pulling up he came out of her for less then a second before she lowered her butt again, the exact same amount of him going inside of her. After almost thirty more second of just slipping barely an inch inside she spoke up, "You want inside your cute little cum-slut don't you Oniisan? I bet you'd love to fuck my tight little pussy and fill me up with all of your thick tasty milk..." she teased as she slipped him out of her once again, but this time she moved a bit forward and slid all the way down, his length sliding up between her butt cheeks, the head hovering a few inches away from the middle of her back.

Sliding up and down a few more times. Still using her Cute Voice, as she dubbed it, she continued, "Or maybe my naughty Oniisan would like to try my tiny butt? I know how much Oneesama likes it and maybe we could see if I would like it too?"

Seeing him open and close his mouth a few times and fail to make any sound come out she put on her most adorable smile on and leaned up. Kissing his nose she whispered, "It's okay Oniichan, Hanabi-tan will choose for you." Raising herself up again, making sure to rub her dripping slit along him she lined herself up and slowly sat down on him. Sliding him inside herself she could feel her lower stomach expand as her small body absorbed inch after inch of her Oniisan's big penis. Staring into his eyes the whole time she couldn't stop a few of the squeaks that she let out when either the massive head of his penis or one of the veins rubbed up against one of her more sensitive spots.

She let out a long high pitched moan and activated her Byakugan as the head finally reached the entrance to her womb and sunk inside. Watching as her womb all but sucked it inside she almost came right then and there. Laying her head on his chest she used her legs and started sliding up and down.

Naruto, finally regaining his motor skills put his hands on her hips and helped keep her steady as she sped up, letting out those cute squeaks every few seconds that he'd grown to love so much. "I'm getting close Hanabi-tan..." He breathed.

"Me to Oniisan, fill me up with a lot of milk okay? My bottom mouth is thirsty too." she moaned into his chest. Leaning back she started bouncing faster, setting one hand on his shoulders to steady herself she placed another hand on the moving bump on her stomach and watched her own pussy with her Byakugan. Every time he would start to pull out of her womb it would try and suck him back in, only to fail and then try again when she dropped back down. "I'm cumming!" She heard above her.

Slamming down as hard as she could the feeling of his penis hitting the very top of her womb sent her into a screaming orgasm. She barely managed to keep her concentration but she kept her Byakugan active and watched. Her Oniichans milk started shooting out of the tip of his penis with enough force to send shivers up her spine, her petite body making sure not even a drop slipped out as he womb got bigger and bigger. Her arm on his shoulder giving out on her she collapsed onto his chest as the last waves of pleasure rushed through her.

Watching with barely contained excitement she saw proof that she was a succubus just like her Oneesama. All of Oniisan's milk was being transformed into chakra and being absorbed by her body. Feeling his grip on her hips she panicked as he started to pick her up. Looking up at him she pleaded, "Can we stay like this for a little while Oniisan?" feeling his grip become loose she forced herself down as hard as she could on the three inches that had been pulled out of her and enjoyed the mini-orgasm she had as he hit the top of her womb again.

Wrapping her arms around his chest and setting her head right under his chin she muttered, "I love you Oniisan." as she enjoyed the warm water and even warmer milk inside her that was slowly disappearing. Feeling two arms wrap themselves around her she closed her eyes. "I love you to Hanabi-tan." She could practically hear the smile in his voice.

_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_Half an Hour Later_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_

Now back to her normal fun size Hanabi felt it was time to get out. While it was funny to see her hands looking vaguely prune-like she also realized the load she managed to coax out of Naruto while they were relaxing wasn't going to keep her satisfied long.

Barely holding back the groan of disappointment Hanabi picked herself up, Naruto's cock slipping out of her with a bit of resistance. Looking up at him she raised an eye brow. He wasn't asleep and yet according to his heart rate he wasn't fully conscious either. Meditation maybe?
Well she would have none of that...

reaching down she gripped his still fully erect member and started pumping her hands up and down at a furious pace. Lowering her head she opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed as much as she could as quickly as she could

Naruto was still exploring the secrets of the cosmos and all that when he was awakened from his meditating by a pleasurable sensation from down below. Opening his eyes he noticed that once again Hanabi had somehow captured all fourteen inches of him. She was humming loudly while bobbing up and down at a quick pace. "Gonna cum Hanabi-tan." He warned.

Her mumbled "Okay." sent him ever the edge and his hands gripped the top of her head and held her in place. Using Endless Supply he made sure he filled her stomach before letting her head go. Even given the opportunity for air she chose to slowly raise her head, sucking the best she could, to try and get the last few drops within his cock.

Seeing as how her stomach was filled to the brim along with her throat and mouth Hanabi had the difficult decision of waiting until she absorbed enough of it to swallow the load in her mouth or spitting it out and get the air she sort of needed for living... quite the tough choice.
Naruto saw her conundrum. Rolling his eyes he sighed and muttered, "Only a Hyuuga would make choosing between cum or air a big deal." before he glared at her and spoke in his Hokage Voice, "Spit it out."

Hanabi, who's face was turning just a little blue at this point, cupped her hands in front of her mouth before relaxing her lips and letting the thick white liquid pour into her hands. Gasping for air she scowled up at him. The look being even more alluring then normal due to her chin being covered in his cum.

"I know this is shocking for you, but air is more important then cum, okay?" He deadpanned as she started sipping the cum from her cupped hands. "I'm sure I have no idea what your talking about." She answered back, finishing her snack she started licking her hands clean.

Her hands now clean she dipped them in the warm water of the springs and rubbed them together for a few seconds before she got up and walked onto the warmed stone floor.
Naruto just sat their and admired her beauty. The water made her skin shiny and the overall 'i'm an innocent little girl' look contradicted her overall demeanor so much he wanted to walk over and ravish her again and again until neither of them could move.

wait... why the hell couldn't he? Shaking his head he laughed at himself. Holding himself back so much had made him start to hold back when he didn't need to.

Getting out of the water Naruto used a quick drying jutsu on his skin, one of the few E-rank jutsu he could use, and walked over towards Hanabi. Picking her still dripping wet body up he held her bridal style and gave her a chaste kiss as he started walking back to Hinata's room.

"It's official, you've ruined me." Hanabi sighed over dramatically. Seeing his confused look she continued. "The main branch barely cares about me, almost already seeing me as a branch family servant. So i'm used to barely being talked to or even acknowledged, much less shown as much affection as you've been showering me with. Your nice, cute, and caring. And that's not even mentioning all the sexual bonuses of being with you. Compared to the guys in Onee-sama's Icha Icha book's you're the best by far. And considering the men in those books were thought up by a dirty old man who writes all of his character's at least two times better then what should be physically possible the only conclusion that makes sense is that I lucked out big time."

"Aw, your making me blush." He grinned down at her. Opening the door with his leg he saw his clone now had two cocks and was plowing into a drooling Hinata from behind. Smirking he carried Hanabi over to the bed before turning around and falling back onto the bed, bringing her with him.

Sitting up she backed up so his hard length was nestled with her small cheeks and started grinding up and down a few inches. "I hope your not done, because i'm not nearly satisfied." her lusty smile made him harden further, if that was possible, and start pumping his hips.
"Not even close. Any particular position you want?" He asked.

Giving it a bit of thought she crawled off of him and got off of the bed. Grabbing his ankles she used a bit of chakra to boost her strength and pulled him so his legs her hanging off of the bed before she let them drop to the floor. Literally jumping onto his lower stomach she spun around and spread her legs so they were on the outside of his. "Reverse cowgirl eh?"

"Yep, in the books and the one movie I saw this was the position that the guy could go the fastest in. I want it hard. By the time your done with me I better look like that," She explained as she pointed at Hinata, who's eyes had long since rolled into her head, her long tongue hung out, a pool of drool below her mouth, and last but certainly not least she had a belly fuller than he'd ever seen it before, "Or else." Hanabi finished, shaking her fist cutely.

Pushing down he lined himself up with her pussy before slipping inside as slowly as he possibly could, inching his way inside of her until he hit the very top of her womb. Hanabi gritted her teeth, how dare he disobey her? "I said rough, fuck me raw!" She yelled back.

"As you command my queen." He mocked. Pumping chakra through his body he pulled out slowly, ignoring her growling, before slamming back in. Grinning viciously at her shocked, breathless face he gripped her hips tightly and started hammering into her pussy at a rapid pace, not as fast or as hard as he could go, but he felt it was enough. His balls slapped her clit every other thrust and a loud slapping sound could be heard even over the duo next to them.

Getting himself comfortable Naruto readied himself for the long haul. He had a feeling Hanabi wouldn't go down this easily. Sure enough almost fifteen minutes and two orgasms on her part she managed to snap herself back to reality. "You call this rough? I bet the Uchiha could fuck me harder than this!" She realized she probably shouldn't have said that, but in her defense she was barely capable of coherent sentences at that point and she wanted more even pleasure.

Feeling herself be pulled up and off of him she suddenly felt weightless before she landed on her stomach on the top of the bed, her head landing on one of her sister's cloud-like pillows. Pulling her head out of the fluffy thing that threatened to suffocate her she looked back and up at the now very imposing blond grinding his cock on her ass. She let out a nervous laugh at his look. "You know I was just kidding right?" She asked hopefully. Her hope was crushed as he smirked and his length suddenly glowed and grew fleshy spikes along it. "Whoa... how did yo-aaahhhhh!" She tried to ask but was cut off as he slammed his entire length into her pussy. Biting ito her pillow in an effort to stop herself from doing the same to her tongue Hanabi help on as wave after wave of mind melting pleasure hit her.

'Probably should have held back a little...' Naruto mused to himself even using a bit of his secondary reserves to boost his speed and strength further and inserted his thumb into her ass. 'On the other hand if she wanted mercy she wouldn't have said the prick was better than me.' He decided before another thought hit him. 'Wonder how long she'll last before she passes out?'

_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_A While Later_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_

Apparently she could hold out for quite a while. She was still kind of, maybe, just a bit conscious at this point and she was rather large in the belly area. He didn't know what time it was but it had gotten dark just a bit ago. He was rather pleased to say that Hanabi's absorption abilities were getting a lot stronger she could almost keep up with him when he wasn't using Endless Supply.

His clone had grown a third cock (something Naruto didn't even know he could do) to fill her pussy and was still going strong, although he was almost out of chakra.

It had taken a while, about twelve Hanabi orgasms, which he was using to gauge time at this point, but he had found out how to use his chakra to make his fingers vibrate. It was kind of like clenching your arm as tight as you could so it started shaking, except doing that with your chakra points. Regardless, Hanabi seemed to really get off on just his now vibrating thumb in her ass.

Giving one last powerful thrust he emptied himself once more into her abused pussy before staying still. Pulling his thumb out and cutting the flow of chakra to it and the rest of his body he picked her up before he twisted her around, groaning in the process as he was still inside her, and flipped around onto his back and set her on his chest to recover and watched Hinata and played with Hanabi's ass, it was so tiny and cute, and yet really tight. He truly mourned the fact that he couldn't put anything bigger then a finger or two inside it.

Putting his right arm behind his head he draped his other arm around Hanabi's shoulder. She had stopped drooling a few seconds ago so she was probably going to wake up soon. He was about to shake her lightly to wake her up but Hinata's scream caused him to look at her. Looked like the clone was pushing every bit of chakra he had left into one last Endless Supply and Hinata was enjoying it. Quite a bit if the glass shattering orgasmic scream was any indication.

Her head collapsing down onto the mattress Hinata was passed out before she hit the silk sheets, luckily the clone had predicted it's imminent poofing and had switched to missionary position so she was laying with her head on the pillows.

Feeling Hanabi start to move he turned to look at her and was rather surprised to find her attempting to sit up. She was shaking just a bit and it looked like she didn't have the energy to fully sit up but he had to admire her determination. "Done already, I could go all night!" He had to hand that to her as well, she could bluff pretty well.

Chuckling in amusement he slowly flipped them over so Hanabi was on her back he started pumping into her slowly. "Sure you can Hanabi-tan, sure you can." She of course, pouted up at him in response. "I bet your just as tired as I am." She dared.

Rolling his eyes Naruto sped up, he really couldn't resist. No matter how many times or how rough he pounded her she was always virgin tight. So was Hinata, now that he thought about it. "well when you wake up tomorrow not remembering exactly when you passed out in pleasure just remember that I beat you." Grinning Naruto molded chakra again and went even faster. For some reason it was starting to feel really good at the base of his cock and he couldn't get enough.

Feeling herself becoming more and more split open with every thrust Hanabi activated her Byakugan and looked inside of herself. To her shock she found that Naruto's cock had changed shape. It was the same length but the head was flat with one fleshy spike on it and there was some sort of ball forming an inch or two above the very bottom. Her viewing was interrupted as she suddenly found herself on her hands and knees.

The ball, more like a knot, she corrected herself, was big enough that it wouldn't fit in her pussy anymore and Naruto had switched to slow powerful thrusts. Using her Byakugan she looked behind herself at him, having to turn her head a bit due to the blind spot, and thoroughly enjoyed his frustrated face. Feeling rather merciful and extremely curious about how it would feel she pumped chakra to her arms and hips and forced herself backwards at the same time he pushed forward. Giving a yelp as the knot forcing it's way into her hurt a bit at first she realized that Naruto had collapsed against her back and was panting. Seeing her chance for some revenge she flipped them over so he was laying on his back next to Hinata and she was sitting shakily on top of him.

Looking down with her normal eyes she was amazed at how it looked. It kind of looked like someone had put their entire fist inside of her. Raising an eyebrow she poked the round protrusion on her lower stomach and was rewarded with a groan, a halfhearted thrust upward, and another load of cum from Naruto.

Feeling a very evil grin come to her face she leaned down so her nose was almost touching his. "Looks like i've got the advantage now Oniisan." She finished with with another poke. He didn't cum that time but he did grit his teeth and gasp, so it must have felt good. Twisting her hips sharply to the right she was once again rewarded. "Ah, S-stop Hanabi-tan. It feels to good." Naruto barely managed to say.

"Oh now you want to stop? Weren't you just bragging about making me pass out?" She mocked as she tried to lift herself up. Managing to get a few inches before she couldn't push herself up any farther she slammed herself back down. She was really starting to enjoy this. Almost every move or muscle twitch on her part got her another dose of delicious milk.

This was probably the first time she'd seen Naruto look tired, aside from last night, so she must have been close to winning. The constant orgasms must be taking more out of him than she thought. Of coarse that thought lead to her realizing she herself was running on fumes. So she quickly started using a combination of Jyuuken shots on the knot, bouncing up and down as best as she could, and twisting her hips from side to side.

It was a desperate race to the finish, Naruto was losing energy quickly and Hanabi was shocked she hadn't passed out already. It only took five minutes but she finally succeeded. Her opponent was unconscious, she had a belly full of spoils of war, and she even had a few orgasms herself.
She would have threw her arms up in victory but all she managed to do was collapse onto his chest. Her heavy eyelids finally fell as she basked in her victory.

End of chapter

1-( means cruelty. The Yondaime Kazekage's name is never given so I made one up.
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