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Asking Alexandria and Omegle Videos

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A little one-shot about my weekend :3

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[A/N] - Whenever something interesting happens to me, I write a one-shot about it ;L

I pulled my headphones off and stuffed them back into my bag along with my iPod, quickly checking my phone to check if Raven had sent me a message to ask where I was. She hadn't. Jennifer had probably shown her my pm on Blackberry saying that I was on my way. Now, Raven's house was the one on the end with the trampoline in the back garden that you could clearly see...

The trampoline wasn't there. Maybe I'd got that part wrong. Who was standing at Raven's kitchen window? It didn't look like her Dad but maybe I'd just forgotten what he looked like. Then again, did Raven definitely have a fence around her front garden? No. This was definitely Raven's house. House on the end of this small street. So I knocked three times on the door and it opened to reveal a blonde woman I'd never seen before "Hello?"

I stared at her for a moment, wondering if this was one of Raven's relatives "Have I got the wrong house?" I eventually asked then looked behind her, realising that the wall paper looked nothing like Raven's "I've got the wrong house. I'm so sorry."

The blonde woman started laughing "It's okay."

I walked away from the house feeling embarrassed and confused. I stood at the end of the street looking around. Had Raven moved or something? Then I noticed a trampoline in the back garden of the house at the end of the street... On the street behind the one I was standing on. I went bright red and walked towards the house then knocked at this door, praying it would be Raven's house.

There were loud footsteps, then Raven crying "Ray, you open the door! Open the door!"

"Someone open the door!" I heard Jennifer yell.

Eventually after lots of fussing, the door opened to reveal Ray wearing a David Beckham mask, Raven hiding behind a Carly Rae Jepsen poster and Jennifer hiding behind a Harry Styles poster. I raised my eye-brows "Uhh hello guys."

"We're on omegle video chat." Ray told me as he pulled his mask off and I untied my shoelaces "And we didn't want to show our faces."

"Ooh I've never been on omegle video chat." I replied.

We ran upstairs to Raven's room and she tore a Taylor Swift poster out of her little sisters magazine for me and I hid behind it and sat down in front of the laptop. There was a bored looking twelve year old boy staring at us, typing random things. Then the doorbell rang and Raven ran down to answer it. It was Mia, Gerard and Frank. We clicked onto another chatroom and there was a man saying he wanted us to show him some lesbian action. So me and Raven started dancing next to each other 'sexually' and laughing hysterically.

In the end we gave up on our masks and just showed our faces. The posters were annoying and Ray had to go home to babysit his little cousins. We'd see him tomorrow for the Asking Alexandria concert anyway.

"Alright let's click on someone else." Raven said after spending about ten minutes saying goodbye to Ray.

I clicked 'escape' and then 'new' and we all screamed when a man jacking off appeared on screen "GET RID OF IT! GET RID OF IT!" Mia shrieked so I quickly quicked escape while trying to look away from the screen.

"Alright from now on, Raven, you're on penis patrol." I said, putting my hand over my eyes as I clicked on 'new'.

"Why me?" Raven asked.

"Because out of all of us, you're the only one that's not a virgin." Jennifer replied.

"You don't know what me and Frank have been up to." Mia said teasingly.

"Pretty much nothing." Frank laughed, putting his arm around Mia's shoulders.

"It's not a penis." Raven said and we all looked at the screen to reveal a man who looked like he was in his early twenties. He told us he was from romania and showed us his little sister. We tried speaking romanian with a little help from Google Translate which made him laugh. We talked to him for about twenty minutes before we got bored and said goodbye.

Frank and Mia went downstairs to 'get some air' and Raven went to plug her phone in, leaving me, Gerard and Jennifer to talk to the next person who was a girl with long blonde hair "Hi!" I cried, smiling and waving my hand.

"I don't like talking to the girls." Jennifer whispered.

"Don't be rude." I whispered back.

"Bitch." The girl with the blonde hair said loudly, smiling sweetly at us.

"You want to say that to my face you blonde haired little slut?" Jennifer cried "Hell yeah, look scared Bitch 'cos Imma kick your ass!"


"Bitch. I fucking hate you!" And with that Jennifer clicked escape and groaned.

"It's okay Jennifer." I said soothingly "It's okay."

"Bitch." Jennifer repeated, giggling then screaming as a penis appeared on the screen and she quickly clicked exit.

We found ourselves talking to a little ten year old boy "Hi!" I grinned, waving "You're really cute."

The boy waved back and then typed 'do you want to watch my jack off?'. We all started shaking our heads violently yelling "NO! NO! NO! STOP!"

He stood up and started pulling his trousers down so we quickly exited. Raven came back and we joined a different room with two foreign guys standing in what looked like a phone shop "I'm confused, are you at work?" Raven asked, raising her eye-brows.

They ignored her and typed in 'where are you from?'. We got into a pretty innocent conversation with them until one of them said that one of us was cute so we asked which one we thought was cute. It took a while but in the end we realised that the person they thought was cute was Jennifer "Oh..." Jennifer said, smiling awkwardly "Thanks."

"You look so awkward." Gerard told her.

Jennifer giggled and they told her she had a really cute smile "Uhh thanks again."

'Show us your boobs.'

Jennifer's smile froze on her face and she shook her head slowly, laughing strangly "Ha... Ha... I'm not gonna do that."

'Come on Beautiful.'

"NO!" Jennifer cried "Get back to work!"

'Bitch. Whore.'

"Yeah I'm totally a whore for not showing you my breasts." Jennifer said, raising her eye-brows.

"I hate that word." Raven said, shuddering "Eugh. Breasts."

'So what are your names?'

"Hell no, you can't call me a bitch and a whore and expect me to share my name with you!" Jennifer yelled "Fuck you! Get back to work!" Then she clicked exit "I actually have to go now." She pouted "Sorry guys, I have horse riding. I'll see you later." She waved at us and then went downstairs and let herself out.

Mia and Frank came back upstairs, looking pretty happy and sat back down while Raven tried to download Amnesia but it didn't work so we returned to Omegle and talked to another pretty rude girl before clicking escape and waiting the three seconds to go down when I noticed something at the bottom "Uhh guys it says 'horny girls 18+'." I said and then the countdown was done and we joined another room where another penis immediately popped up.

"HOW DID WE END UP IN THE HORNY GIRL SECTION?" Raven cried, covering her eyes as she clicked exit but we couldn't click out of the section before the countdown ended so we ended up looking at another penis so Raven just closed the window "I need to pee." Raven sighed "Someone else put it back up."

I clicked on the window and got rid of the 'horny girl' section but it wouldn't click on 'video chat' so instead I pressed the little hyperlink beneath it that said 'unrestriced section.' "Hozzie, don't click that!" Gerard cried but it was too late.

The first thing I noticed was a couple of the buttons at the bottom saying 'Gay sex' and 'Lesbian sex' and then the person on the camera jacking off. I screamed and closed the window "Okay, someone else do it."

"I'll do it." Gerard sighed, opening it up and starting a new chat. At that moment I got a text off my Mom saying she was here so I had to leave.

I got a text off Mia a little bit later 'Me, Frank and Gerard are still at Raven's. We want a sleepover but Raven won't let us sleep at hers. Can we sleep at yours? xx'

So I text back to say yes they could because it'd be more conveniant for the concert tomorrow. They showed up about half-an-hour later and we decided we wanted chocolate but the shop up the road from me was closing in fifteen minutes so I had to quickly pull on my jeans and we went outside. It was pitch black. Gerard took my hand and I smiled. He knew I was scared of the dark.

"It's actually pretty creepy out here at dark." Mia said, edging closer to Frank who put his arm around her.

"Forever alone." Raven sighed, walking by herself.

"You have a boyfriend, he's just babysitting." Gerard replied just before I shrieked at a shed because I thought someone was leaping over a wall "It's okay, there's no one there."

"I thought there was." I said, huddling closer to Gerard. We made it to the shop, brought heaps of chocolate and then started making our way back down the road when a bunch of chavs walked across the road. I squeaked, worried they'd start something with us but they didn't.

"That was Harry." Mia said, wrinkling her nose at the mention of her ex-boyfriend.

"He was smoking weed." I pulled a face "It smells disgusting. How do people smoke that stuff?"

We walked back into the house, pulled out 'the break-up' and sat around lazily eating ice-cream. Mia showed me the prom dresses she was considering and Raven told us she wasn't going to prom "Why not?" I asked "Does Ray know that?"

"Yeah Ray's still going and he'll see me afterwards. But I just don't do the whole high-heels, dresses, make-up thing." Raven shrugged her shoulders "Oh well."

When the movie was over, we went upstairs and talked about random crap until about quarter to two until I insisted that we needed to sleep now because otherwise we wouldn't wake up at half 6. I set my alarm as 'Sarah Smiles by Panic! At The Disco' and went to sleep.

I had a strange dream that Jennifer was gypsy and her and her Mom ran off so I had to lie to the police woman who thought I was a boy when the alarm went off. Raven sat up and pulled a face at my song choice "It sounds like the gypsy circus has come to town or something." She yawned which I thought was pretty funny considering what I'd just dreamt about.

It took Raven and Mia two hours to do their hair and make-up while me, Frank and Gerard sat around in our pajamas for ages before finally bothering to get dressed in the last few minutes. The five of us walked down to the station and met Ray, Jennifer and Bob before getting on the bus to Wolverhampton. Sadly there weren't enough two seaters left so we all had to split up but it was okay because I just listened to my iPod and it only took fifteen minutes. Then we got on a train to Birmingham which wasn't as fun because it was cramped and I was squished in between Gerard and Raven. But finally we got there at around ten. And we didn't need to be at Blue Banana until eleven.

There were already people queuing to buy the Asking Alexandria tee-shirts that we wanted so we went and stood behind them. The queues were split into lanyards and people buying tee shirts so we stayed in the tee shirt queue because unfortunately we hadn't been able to get a lanyard in time. When we were allowed inside we got to choose between four different tee shirts. I chose the one I'd seen on the website because the white vest top saying 'Ben Bruce' with an England flag that Raven was buying just wouldn't have suited me and my Mom would kill me if I brought the tee shirt saying 'Ben Fucking Bruce' on. I paid twenty pounds for it and she told me to keep hold of my reciept and wrote 'AA signing' at the top.

"You do realise that we now have to queue for six hours to possibly meet them." Raven said as we went back to our space in the queue.

"Yeah but- Ooh! Magic corn!" Jennifer cried, noticing a large sign saying 'Magic corn' behind us.

The next six hours went incredibly slowly. It wouldn't have been so bad but for a start we weren't allowed to sit down. Every time we did, a security guard came over and told us that for our own health and safety we had to stay standing "For six fucking hours." Jennifer grumbled "I don't like the sound of that."

"We could watch TV on my iPod but it's running out of battery and I need it for pictures." Raven pouted. We tried plugging it in in one of the plug sockets by the mens toilets but a few minutes later some security guards showed up saying we couldn't charge our iPods. Then we tried it a bit away from the queue and a security guard said we had to move then said we could keep it there for a few more minutes but then never came back to tell us to move. Me and Jennifer went to McDonalds for lunch and by then it was about three. The signing started at four and we probably wouldn't be let in until five.

"I think I have a serious problem." I told them, rubbing my back awkwardly "It feels way more comfortable if I bent forward and look like an idiot than it does standing up. I seriously need to see a Doctor about that."

Raven had brought some 'make your own cards' set and some pens. She drew the Asking Alexandria logo on each of them so that we could get the band to sign them. I considered asking for one for Penina but then realised I'd be way too shy to ask.

Finally it reached four o clock and everyone started screaming. The doors were shut and locked and we couldn't see inside but apparently some people could and they could see the band "What's going on?" Bob yelled "I can't see a Motherfucker!"

The doors opened at about ten past and the lanyard people were let inside. Then they came to our queue and said only the first sixty people would be allowed in and they were sorry for any inconvience. There were only about ten people in front of us! We'd make it in!

People from the second queue started pushing into ours though and Bob nearly had a fit "Fucking bitches! We've been waiting here since ten AM now move the fuck out of the way!"

Luckily the people from the store heard him and told the people in the second queue that if they didn't move back and queue properly, they'd go to back of the queue. We smiled, handed in our reciepts and went inside. And there was Asking Alexandria, sitting down in front of a table.

It went fast. I handed over my card with the logo written in pink because pink's my favourite colour and Ben smiled at me and said thanks for buying the tee shirt and I could only smile in response. I could a picture with them then went to the end of the queue. Mia was shaking with excitement and looked like she was gonna start crying so Ben hugged her. We stood taking pictures of them for a couple of minutes before we got kicked out the shop. That was when Mia officially started crying.

[A/N] - It gets crap towards the end mainly because I can barely remember what happened at the AA signing and also because I wanted to post this before I had a shower ;L Hope you all liked it? :3
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