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When The Day Met The Night

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"A pair of green eyes stared at me from only a foot away. Almost summer coloured..."

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'When the moon fell in love with the sun,
All was golden in the sky,
All was golden when the day met the night.'

Long, outstretched aisles surrounded me. The familiar scent of coffee and faint wood smoke surrounded me. I walked through the quiet bookstore searching for a copy of 'Ecstasy' by Irvine Welsh for a close friend. Today was July the first, her long awaited twentieth birthday. And little did she know, I had a few surprises for her.

It was two fifteen in the afternoon right now, and my sister-like best friend was arriving at my house in just under three hours. Giving me just enough time to buy her last present.

I walked through the aisles, up and down, side to side, under ladders and up onto small platforms. The bookstore was truly a place of fantasy. It's beautiful and very much natural decor making it look like you had just stepped into the setting of Snow White. Intricate wooden engravings and designs covering every shelf and table. Red leather armchairs dotted around the beautiful space.

After traipsing around the many aisles, and stopping once or twice to look at books that interested myself. I found what I was looking for. The book was of a matte black print, it's design simple. One single Ecstasy tablet was fitted into the centre of the page. 

So this is the book that band was named after? I turned the book over to read the blurb.

'Follow these five stories of Chemical Romance...' I read almost out loud before being cut off.

'Nice choice ya got there,' I heard to my left. I ran a hand through my bright red, 'Hayley Williams' styled hair and nodded. Still concentrating on the back of the book.

'I'm serious, it's great, I'm sure you'll love it.' I looked up to give him some sort of impolite remark. A pair of green eyes stared at me from only a foot away. Almost summer coloured, I noticed thin lips were accompanied by a silver lip ring and I instantly found him more attractive. I stared at him, practically 'asdfghjkl'ing at his looks.

Or more so, his height...

Now I couldn't complain, only being a lame five foot two myself. Managing to grow only a few inches in the past three to four years. But this guy must have only been three inches taller than me at the most.

Realising I was staring at the kid I felt bad and stuttered through a response, 'A-actually it's fo-for my friend, she's a big fan o-of this band that are named after this like... after this book and it's her birthday so I thought I'd buy it for her.'

He laughed a little. Why was he laughing? It wasn't like I'd said anything hilarious...

'Oh I've heard about that band, they're like... My Chemical Romance or something?'  I noticed now that he had a strong New Jersey accent and nodded in response. Even though I was almost drooling over the black skinny jeans he was wearing.

'Yeah, those guys. They're playing here tonight actually, the o2 academy?' I stated, still holding the book in my hand, fidgeting with the pages, I continued when he nodded. God this guy was hot, like seriously... 'Are you like... Are you going?' I asked nervously, lacking in the confidence zone.

Looking genuinely shocked at my question he nodded and quickly said, 'Actually yeah, I'm going... I might see you there then?' He cheekily grinned at me and I felt my pale skin go scarlet red.

'Y-yeah, okay...' I smiled, even though on the inside I was completely fangirling about this guy talking to me... of all people...
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