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I had the best day ever at school,i'm not kidding. plus,I have an epic idea for a new oneshot.

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Happy Pancake Day btw.
I might be having one later I dunno,we'll have to see..

Let me tell you why today was so awesome.

At first break,I was hanging with my mates Ella,Ellie and Sophie.
We (except Sophie,she was just stood there looking like an awkward lemon) talk about band members.
I then started off the topic of Fan Fics.
Ella reads dirty stuff too,oh my god.
Ellie said she had a fasination of Andy Biersack being her english teacher,I thought it was awesome.
I told her my one,where Gerard was my art teacher.
It was so fun!
I was supposed to walk home with Ellie today,but we were let out late at art because everyone wouldn't shut the hell up.

Now,my oneshot idea.

So,last night,I remembered back when dan and phil did a reaction vid to breaking dawn.I then remebered when I watched it.
I've watched all four films,don't judge me.
I then remebered on part one,in the credits,the song A Thousand Years is playing.
I then had the awesome idea for a Serard.

It'll be like twilight,all the films,except part one and two of breaking dawn.
I'll take tiny snippets of the first second and third films.
No,scrap that.
Here's what I'll really do..

I moved to Gerard's school.I end up working with him in art.I see all his vampire features.

Note:Gerard will be a vampire in this.

Anyway,we become night,he tells me he's a vampire and stuff,and kisses me.Then time lapse to the next day,where we go 'public',then about two weeks where he proposes to me in the meadow from the twilight films.
He even says the line: "I have loved you for a thousand years."
and I say: "I'll love you for a thousand more."

I will name the oneshot,I Loved You For A Thousand Years,I'll Love You For A Thousand More.

I'm gonna write it today,along with your oneshot Mia,I've made a mental reminder so I don't forget.

Look out for the oneshots.I want rates AND reviews,not just reviews.

xo Sadie
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