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I Loved You For A Thousand Years,I'll Love You For A Thousand More

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"Don't be afraid,I love you." Oneshot based off A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

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Okay,my oneshot.I worked hard on this okay,so be kind.Rate and Review,I want more rates than just one please.Sorry if it's too much to ask.

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I Loved You For A Thousand Years,I'll Love You For A Thousand More.

I walk into my new school on a rainy Monday morning in Summit,New Jersey.My longish,dark brown hair was soaked,along with my clothes.Luckily,I had a spare T-shirt and jeans with black Converse in my bag,a medium sized,black Vans bag.I slung it over my shoulder as I ran to the locker rooms to change.

After 10 minutes,I re-appeared in the hallway in a black Peirce The Veil top,a zip-up Demolition Lovers hoodie and faded blue skinnys.My shoes squeaked as I walked along the laminated floor to the office to collect my schedule.Behind the shined desk was a middle aged woman who looked like she'd put on a bit of weight ; I didn't say anything though.

"Welcome to Summit High."The woman sighed as she chewed on her gum with her mouth wide open.I couldn't stand it.I hated it when people do that."How may I help?"
"Hi.I'm umm..Sadie.Sadie Hobbs.I just moved here and I'm --"
"Here to get your schedule,I presume."
"Yes."I reply,and the woman handed me a timetable and a book.
"Your planner."She told me when she gave me the book."You put assignments in here,and nothing else."
"Thanks."I say,my pure British accent coming through.
"Ah! We have a Brit in our school."The receptionist noted.
"Yeah."I say.
"Well,hurry along."
"All right."I say,and walk off to my first lesson.Art.

"Class.This is Miss Hobbs.She is new to us,and new to America.So,be kind."The teacher,Mr.Bell,greets.
I look around the classroom,at all the staring faces.
"You shall be seated by Mr.Way.He'll be your work partner."
"Okay."I say,and walk towards the boy at the back of the classroom.
I trip on one of the chair legs,nearly falling flat on my face if it wasn't for a table in front of me.
A chorus of stiffled laughs fill the room as I sit in my seat.The boy next to me covers his face.
I click on my iPod to my favourite song,King For A Day,and softly sing along as quiet as I can while I draw.

You told me think about it,well I did.
And I don't wanna feel a thing anymore.
I'm tired of begging for the things that I want.
I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floor.

Imagine living like a king someday.
A single night without a ghost in the walls.
And if the bass shakes the earth underground,we'll start a new revolution.

"Could you switch that off?"I heard the boy ask,and I look up at him from my work.
"I work a lot better with music."I say,before returning to my work.
"What are you drawing?"I heard the boy say as he looked over at my work.
"A Fallen Angel."I say,and the boy's face lights up,and he gets a twinkle in his dark red eyes.
"Black Veil Brides?"
"Yes."I say.
He had good taste.
I kept staring at him.He had black hair,right down to his shoulders,with a bit of hair on his forhead.He wore eyeliner,and his skin was pale white,almost like snow.
His eyes were the darkest of red,yet had hints of bright red too.And brown.
"What is your name?"He asks.
"Gerard."He replies,just as the bell rings and he darts out of the classroom.

After school,I saw him stood by his locker,with another boy with him.
They were hushed pretty close.
I wonder what they were saying.
I shrug it off as I turn on my headphones and head out of school.

A few weeks later,I heard a tap at my bedroom window.I got off my bed to see who it was.
It was Gerard,who was smiling.
I opened up my window,to hear the sound of his voice call my name.

"Sadie! Can I come up?"
"Yeah!"I say,and watch him climb up the full two stories to my bedroom.He enclosed me in a tight hug.
"Hey!"He greeted with a smile.His white teeth sparkled in the dim light of my room.
"Hi.What are you doin' here?"I ask,and he sits me on the bed.
"I have something I gotta say.Mikey's gonna kill me but I can live with him."
"Well,spit it out!"I smile.
"I'm...a vampire."He sighs.
A what?
"And..I love you."
"You love me?"I ask,and he looks at me with puppy like eyes.
"Yes.I have been waiting for the perfect girl for a thousand years of my existance.And here you are."He smiles.
"Y-You think I'm Perfect?"
Gerard leans in,and kisses me softly.
"Does that answer your question?"
I nod with a smile and he wraps his arms around me as we lay back on my bed and I drift off to sleep

Later that month,we were in the meadow.
Gerard had found it a few weeks ago,and we have been coming here everyday to draw or have a picnic.
But,not today.
Today,we were just looking up at the clear blue sky,laying in eachother's arms.
Well,I was laying in his.
I could hear his heartbeat as I lay on his chest.
"Sadie.I have a question."
"What is it?"I ask,as I look up at him.His skin shone like crystals in the sun.
He developed a small smile on his lips."Will you marry me?"
"Of course."I smile,and he kisses me lightly.
"Do you know how long I've loved you? A thousand years."He smiles.
I smile back.
"And I'll love you for a thousand more."
He kisses me again,and I rest my head back on his head as the sun sets on a perfect day.

A happy ending :`)
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