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We Were Meant to Be

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Typical girl falls for guy at concet

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Hi Holly, thank you that you got home safely I was worried, I been looking at my phone since you left here. From J xx’

Holly fell asleep thinking of Jared and the night she had. She couldn’t believe it that she had been front row as well as meeting Jared. She still couldn’t believe that he had given her his number that he had her number too. Holly fell asleep but that wasn’t going to be for long as she received another text. Her phone started vibrating. She looked at the screen and it said Jared:

She opened it and it read:

‘Hi Holly sorry if I woke you but I am wondering if you want to meet tomorrow that’s if you want to. From J xx’

She grabbed her phone and send a text back saying:

‘Hi Jay, I was about to go to sleep anyway you can text anytime you want. I would love to meet you but where as your in Manchester. From’

She laid back onto her bed when her phone started Vibrating again.

‘Hi Holly, I would love to meet, we are in Leeds tomorrow so meet me outside the train station as we are catching the train. From jay xxx’

She quickly replied:

‘Hi jay, you do know that the train from Manchester to Leeds runs through where I live so I might see you on the train , Holly xxx
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