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Another Broken Home (A Green Day Fanficiton)

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Billie Joe has just about had enough, at around the same time Ashley feels the same... Only a twist of fate can bring the young fan to meet her idol, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

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Chapter One: A New Kind of Tension

Disclaimer: I don't own Green Day. Sorry to let you down if you thought I did. :3

"... about Green Day, ad the riot they started at a concert with over 60,000 people in the audience. According to one young member of the crowd, the experience was scary yet extremely exciting..."

Ashley's eyes flashed open as she hear the news report from the next room over. She slowly pulled herself into a sitting position, blinking rapidly and trying to wake her mind up. She stuggled to hear the low sound of the TV from the livingroom; but she could no longer make out the muffled words.

Did the news reallly just say something about Green Day? And a riot!? Or was it just her exhausted mind playing tricks on her? She had to know.

Making every precaution to be quiet, she crept towards the living room. On her way out of her bedroom she glanced up at the clock that hung above her door- it was 11:34. She smiled at the realization that hearing the name of her favorite band emitted at low volume from a TV in another room had woken her up from a dead sleep.

She tip-toed towards the livingroom and poked her head in. Sure enough, the TV was on some random news channel. Ashley's dad was snoring, dead asleep on one of the two couches.

On the TV screen a punk-looking young girl was being interveiwed in a quickly emtying arena. She was talking excitedly into the microphone, but Ashley still couldn't make out any words.

Ashley crept into the livingroom. She tried her best to be quiet, but the floorboards kept creaking under her feet. Hardwood floors could be a bitch.

She reached the couch her dad was not asleep on and leaned against the back of it, as the TV screen switched from the punk-looking girl to an uptight looking newscaster.

"Now we'll get some footage of this horrifying event." she recited quickly.

The screen suddenly was at a shot of Billie Joe Armstrong playing guitar energetically and singing his heart out into a microphone, on a huge stage. He was in the middle of the chorus of American Idiot. Ashely gasped with excitement. Seeing Green Day on TV gave her the same thrill as usual. It never got old. She could already tell by the good quality that this was professionally filmed, not just some fan struggling to hold the camera above everyone elses' heads. Even better!

Struggling to contain her excitement, she hopped onto the couch. She almost laughed out loud at how much of a fangirl she was being, but stopped herself fast. She would be in a lot of trouble if she woke her dad up right now.

"Television dreams of tomorrow, we're not the ones who meant to follow, for that's enough to argue!" Billie Joe sang on the TV, flipping his messy black hair back and proceding to play the main rift of the song on his guitar again.

Ashley loved Green Day's new album, American Idiot, as much as the next person, but was proud to say she had been a fan ever since Dookie came out, when she was only 4 years old. She knew she would always love the band.

The TV showed a shot of Mike Dirnt agressivly stumming the bass, and Tre rocking out at the drums. Ashley found herself smiling like a maniac as she watched her favoite band on TV, once again.

"Well, maybe I'm the faggot America, I'm not a part of a redneck agenda!" Billie Joe sang all of his lyrics with an aggressive growl to his voice- giving them an intense energy. Ashley could feel it even through the TV. His anry voice gave away that he meant every single word he sang. The gigantic crowd let out a wild chaos of screaming an yelling. They were pretty riled up. By this weird energy Billie Joe was giving off. Something about this situation already seemed pretty sketcy to Ashley.

"Now, everybody, do the propoganda, and sing along to the age of paranoia!" As Billie began to sing the captivation chorus again, something flew by his head. He ducked instinctively, and the object hit the stage a few feet behind him, shattering into a million peices.

Billie abruptly quit playing guitar and glared into the audience. He seemed quite a bit startled... who wouldn't be? Mike and Jason stopped playing their instruments as well, but Tre kept up the drums at a steady beat.He seemed to be having fun; excitement shone in his bright blue eyes.

"What are you trying to do, fucking kill me!?" Billie finally yelled into the crowd with an amused expression, but an angry voice. He was kind of in that 'what the fuck just happened' stage. But he didn't seem afraid one bit. He stood empoweringly, sweat running down his face and dampening his hair. Three more of what now appeared to be glass beer bottles flew onto the stage and exploded, sending tiny fragments all over the place. Mike was glancing doubtedly at Billie.

More sounds of breaking glass were heard, but from the audience. They were getting more frequent.

Ashley aslo began to notice that she was seeing less different angles of the band. She wondered, could some of the camera men be fleeing the scene? No way!

"You wanna hear what I have to say, now?" Billie called out. The audience screamed with approval.

Then he said it again, for emphasis. "You want to hear what I have to fucking say?" Or just because he needed to add the word 'fuck'.

"You all know that we're gettin nothing but fucking bullshit in this country right now. Fuck it! And right here, right now, let's start a fucking riot!!!"

Ashely gasped. Did he really just say that?

She could hear the crowd going wild. All of the cameras were abandon, except for one brave soul on the left of the stage. Mike glanced at Billie and nodded. Tre quit drumming for a bit and tapped his drumsticks together fast- one, two, one two three four-

"Welcome to a new kind of tension, all across the alien nation..." Glass bottles flew everywhere, shattering glass all over the place. Ashley hoped that no one got hurt although the odds were- people did. But even more important: was Green Day okay? The answer to that question didn't seem very bright, as a glass bottle hit the last remaining camera lense, shattering it. She couldn't really see anything, now.

Suddenly a voice sounded over the speakers, above Green Day's playing.


"Fuck no, we're sure as hell gonna keep playing!" protested Billie Joe as he launched into the guitar solo. But suddenly. the drumming stopped, and the camera faded to black...

Before Ashley knew it, the television screen was back on that same stuck-up newscaster. Ashley was biting her nails and stressing out. Was Green Day okay? Were the people in the audience alright? Those were the questions running thorugh her head. She stared eagerly at this woman who she hated for the answers.

"Ok, this footage is from around 8:00 tonight. American Idiot was only the first song on their setlist, so things excelated very fast. Shortly after this tape ended, a fire started to the left of the stage and began to spread throughout the stadium..."

As she began to talk about the 'political motives' of the riot, Ashley tuned her out. She was 14, she couldn't have cared less. She just wanted to know if her favorite band was OK.

"Green Day may or may not have planned this chaos, but front man Billie Joe Armstrong definitely seemed to be encouraging it. When they refused to evacuate security was forced to pull them off the stage..."

Ashley listened as she listed the large amount of injuries, and all the people who ended up in the hospital for severe cuts, burns, and broken bones. 500 something. Going to a Green Day concert was the young girl's dream, but she was glad she hadn't gone to this one..

"Oh, and just in we have contact with Green Day live grom the airport right now, they are about to head back to Oakland. Maybe we can get a few words with Billie Joe..."

Ashley sat up straighter. Green Day live!? Awesome! She had never seen Green Day live before, at all. Her access to the television was rather limited.

Her eyes lit up as the screen changed from showing the bitchy news woman to Billie Joe Armstrong himself, flanked by Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

Billie's hair was black as always, and very curly. He had that fresh-put-of-the-last-minute-hotel-shower look, and so did his band mates. He had dark shadows under his eyes and they were a dull green instead of bright as usual, but he still looked sexy regardless. Mike, Tre and him were walking swiftly through the plane station, surrounded by paparazzi.

Dozens of microphones were shoved in the frontman's face. "Billie Joe, did you plan on starting this riot." an overly-excited femal voice questioned.

Maybe, maybe not." he replied nonchalantly. Ashley held in a fan-girl scream. She couldn't beleive she was watching the Billie Joe Armstrong, as he was that very second.

"Do you plan on defusing this tension?"

"We understand this isn't the first punk-band related riot to occur recently..."

"The government is concerned about rebellion..."

All of the questions were irritating Ashley, and she wasn't even the one being pestered!

"Fuck the government!"Billie finally snapped.He seemed to be a bit buzzed with energy from the concert... and maybe a little something more than that. "They can't control what I'm gonna do at my fucking concerts, no matter how god damn hard they try!" He was slurring his words. Cameras began to flash in his face. "If I want to play American Idiot, I sure as hell will. If I want to start a fucking rebellion, I sure as hell will! What happened to-"

He was cut as a woman with dark dreadlocks pulled him aside and stared whispering into his ear. Mike and Tre were glancing at him, doubtful. It was becoming pretty damn obvious that he was drunk.

Ashley guessed the woman was his wife. She was pretty, except Ashley hated dreadlocks.

Then, suddenly, the TV scree switched back to a boring male TV reporter.

After an over-extended apology for them not getting the censoring for Billie Joe's bad language done in time, he said "As to Mr.Armstrong, I wouldn't wanna mess with HIM right now! In other news, a car was found crashed into a ravine last night, and..."

Ashley lay down on her back and stared up at the ceiling. A rebellion? Had har favorite rockstar gone crazy? Did he even really mean it? If he didn't, he should probably learn to watch his mouth. But if he did mean it... he's insane.

Just the right amount of insane.
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