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Motivate Me

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Valentine's Day fluff. Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)/OC. Oneshot.

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“What the fuck am I doing here,” Jon mumbled.

Jon Moxley was doing something completely foreign to him; in his 27 years on this earth, he had never gone shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, not once, ever. That was before her, however.

He found himself at a loss, drowning in a sea of chocolates, jewelry, stuffed animals, and sexy lingerie. If he were shopping for his own pleasure, Jon would be searching through the rack with the sexy black corset sets, as he was dying to see it on the curvy body he couldn’t seem to get enough of lately. Unfortunately, he wasn’t searching for sexy, he was searching for sweet and romantic, and to a point, it was annoying the hell out of him.

“Goddamn it, she’s turned me into a fuckin’ sap,” he grouched, kneeling next to a shelf with huge teddy bears on it.

The bear he had his eye on was almost as tall as she was, and in his mind’s eye, he could see her happily cuddling to it, hugging it in much the same manner she hugged him. It would be something for her to snuggle with while he was on the road, which would make the separation a little bit easier for her. Even though he tried his damnedest to be the hardened badass everyone believed him to be, he could not resist indulging her love of cuddling.

“Especially when she makes that happy noise she always makes. Damn her and her happy noise. Now, if only there were something to make the separation easier for me. Like a Playboy style photo shoot with that corset set…”

Upon closer inspection, he noticed the flower sewn to one of the bear’s paws was a jewelry box. Inside was a heart shaped pendant with red and white stones. Jon smiled widely, hauling the bear off the shelf, and heading towards a cash register. He paused at the end of the aisle, and plucked a heart shaped box of chocolates from the display.

“At least I know she loves chocolate, so I can’t go wrong with this.”

Once he’d finished at the register, Jon strode towards his car, glaring and snarling at a passing teenager who dared to snicker at the large blonde bear tucked under his arm.

“The things I do for you,” he sighed, putting the car into gear.

When he arrived home, he found that he was the first one there, so he made a point of hiding the chocolates behind a throw pillow on their sofa. He’d barely finished doing so when he heard the slamming of a car door. Jon carefully positioned himself in front of the bear, and waited for her to walk in.

“Hey, babe. Happy Valentine’s Day,” he stated happily, leaning down to kiss her forehead as she hugged him tightly.

“Hi. Happy Valentine’s Day,” she replied, before holding up a gift bag from the same store Jon had just returned from.

“Is that for me?”

“Uh huh. What are you hiding?”

Jon smirked, refusing to budge.

“Nothing,” he replied.

“Jonathan, I can tell you’re hiding something. Tell me, please?”

“Hmmm. Motivate me,” he continued, his smirk now replaced with a devilish smile.

“Well, I did say the gift was for you. What I didn’t say is that it’s for me to wear and you to enjoy...” she trailed off, slowly pulling the sexy black corset set from the bag, and dangling it in front of him.

“Is that all I get?”

She rolled her eyes, and Jon chuckled softly, slouching slightly so that, as she stood on her tiptoes, she could softly press her lips to his.

“Alright, alright, consider me motivated. Close your eyes, please?”

She complied with a smile, and he stepped away from the bear, hovering behind her and resisting the urge to pinch her ass.

“Okay, open ‘em.”

Before he realized what was happening, the young woman had squealed in delight, and launched herself at him, hugging him tightly.

“I love it, Jon. This was exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.”

Jon struggled to recover his breath, before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer, kissing the top of her head.

“Was it? I did okay?”

“You did perfectly, I’ve been eyeing that bear for a month.”

“That works out, then, because you have no idea how much willpower went into getting that and not what you bought. Why don’t we leave the bear in here, and you can indulge my x-rated fantasy?”

“Jonathan, you are terrible! PUT ME DOWN!”
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