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Howlin' For You

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My first attempt at fanfiction- In which Frank is immature, and Gerard is too sexy for Frank's sanity. [Frerard]

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Howlin’ For You.

“Helloooo? Earth to Frankie! Is there anybody in there?” Gerard says jokingly, nudging me in the side, and jolting me out of my trance. My cheeks immediately flush red in embarrassment. I certainly hope he didn’t catch me staring… again. This has become a rather bad habit of mine as of late. It’s not even my fault. I swear! It’s like he’s purposely gorgeous, just to make my life difficult. What a bitch. A sassy bitch that looks better in a feather boa than you ever will. But that story is for some other time.

Anyway, back to Gerard being obscenely gorgeous. He’s got this really thick black hair that always smells like coffee, cigarettes and charcoal, and it’s always styled into perfect chaos. His skin is pale, but not to such an extent that he looks sick. It’s just lovely and delicate. He loves dressing in anything black with a band logo plastered on it, and he’s never one to shy away from a leather jacket. He’s outwardly confident, but I know it hides his insecurities and fears. He thinks he’s too awkward, too nerdy, too pale, too ugly for anyone to care about. I wish I could show him just how wrong he truly is. But that would ruin everything. So I do my best to ignore the fuzzy little butterfly feelings that spring into my stomach when he smiles at me, or when he hugs me. Unfortunately for me and my hormones, Gerard just put his arm around my shoulders, and he’s looking at me expectantly, one eyebrow quirked. Also, I’m pretty sure my insides just imploded a little. Trying to play it cool, I poke at his nose with my skeleton glove-clad finger, and do my best to put on a poker face.

“I’m afraid Frank is unavailable at the moment, he’s in a very important business meeting right now, so you will just have to try again later” I retort in a sassy, mock-receptionist voice, smirking at him. He chuckles softly, and rolls his eyes in response. He flicks off the ash at the end of his cigarette with a practiced hand and takes a long drag, blowing the smoke into the cool summer's evening air that surrounds us. He puts out the cigarette by crushing it against the sole of his beaten red Converse. Whoever said smoking was bad for your health forgot to mention that it was also ridiculously sexy.

“Well, in that case…” he says, a devilish smile spread across his chapped lips, “I guess he probably doesn't have time to hear about the Iron Maiden concert we now have tickets to…” says teasingly. My heart stops for a split second as his words actually register in my brain.
“ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU GOT THEM?!” I squeal rather high-pitched (but totally in a manly way.) I instantly throw my arms around him, and giggle (again, so totally manly) like a lunatic into the soft fabric of his jacket. I feel him jump, but he relaxes as soon as the initial shock of having his rather short and tattooed companion launched into him passes. He wraps his slender arms around my waist, and hugs me tight, before pulling away, leaving my cheeks just a little warmer than they were a minute ago.

“I could have sworn Frank was ‘unavailable at the moment’” Gerard says rather sarcastically, making little quotation marks in the air with his fingers. “But I suppose there was an opening, hmm?” He says with a grin. I can’t help but beam at him, the excitement starting to really sink in. I couldn’t believe it!

“Yeah, you could say that…” I reply. “Or perhaps, just maybe, it’s because we’re going to a fucking Maiden concert?! Oh my god Gee! This is the greatest!” I shout. “You are officially the bestest, most fantastic best friend in the whole entire world!” I proceed to once again launch myself at him, giving him another bone-crushing hug. Damn, he smells good. I’ve got my head tucked into the crook of his neck, and I can’t help but giggle into the soft flesh, this whole situation leaving me high with happiness. Gerard squeaks and flinches away to the other end of the park bench we’re sat on. I forgot he was so ticklish! I actually find it kind of adorable.
“Well I’m glad you’re excited about the concert, Frankie. I figured I ought to get you something epic for your 18th birthday. It’s not every day you turn 18 you know.” he says with a soft smile, sliding back over to me as he rubs his neck.

“Oh come on Gee, my birthday is months away, not next month like the concert. Unless I get cake too, this doesn’t count as a present.” I say teasingly, folding my arms and pouting like a toddler whose mom would give him a cookie. I can’t hold the pout for long, a stupid grin quickly replaces it almost immediately. He winks at me and gets to his feet, brushing the dirt the bench left on his jeans. I may or may not have accidentally on purpose noticed how great his ass looks in those jeans. Fuck. He takes a few strides before he turns back to face me, an identical grin stretched on his face. He shakes his head slightly, and chuckles.

“Oh Frankie, you’re such a kid.” He says affectionately. “Of course you can have cake. But I’m going to pick it out, and you’re just gonna have to suck it up and like it.” He says, poking his tongue out at me. I can think of another place that tongue could be… Knock it off brain, nobody asked you. Don’t ruin this moment for me. But Frankie, he even said suck it. This totally wasn’t even my idea. He said it first, not me. Oh for fuck’s sake, go away. Not the time. We can think about this later.

“Okay fine, I suppose that’s fair.” I say in mock disappointment, rolling my hazel eyes just a little. “I’m kidding Gee, you know that. I just can’t believe you got tickets!” I shout. I hop up onto the back of the bench, and Gerard looks up at me, head cocked to the side. Hehe. You said cock. Seriously, go away brain. Not cool bro.

“Frank, what are you doing up there exactly?” Gerard asks, one hand planted on his hip.
“You’re gonna give me a piggy-back ride, and since I’m too short to jump onto your back, here I am. And you’re not allowed to say no, so come here.” I state, my arms outstretched, hands gesturing for him to come closer. He giggles quietly and I swear to raptor Jesus, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. He pads back over to the bench and turns away from me.

“Alright fine, come on then, up you go.” He says, hunching over so I can get on more easily. I jump on his back and wrap my arms gently around his neck, my legs bent and pressed against his sides. He grabs hold of my shins to keep me in place and starts off down the asphalt path. When we reach the sidewalk, he breaks into a run, something I thought only occurred when he ran out of coffee, and I shriek in delight. Fuck you guys. If I’m cursed being this short, I get to act like a kid every now and then. After about a block and a half, I notice that he’s getting short of breath and a bit sweaty. Hey Frank, guess what? You’re riding Gerard, and he’s hot and sweaty, and panting. How hot is that? Brain, I swear, now is literally the least appropriate time for you to give me a boner. Except that one time at Uncle Chuck’s business party when the waiter looked a lot like Gerard and I had to excuse myself in the middle of his boss’s speech. Yeah, that was pretty awkward.

Thankfully, I can ignore my brain for a moment, as Gerard stops and puts me down. I feel a little disappointed, but hey, at least it happened at all.
“Fuck… Frankie… I need to quit smoking…” he gasps between his pants for air. “More realistically, I need to quit running. Makes me sweaty and gross.” He says, his nose wrinkling up.

“Well I think it’s hot.” I blurt out, not realizing what I just said. I blush profusely and hope he couldn’t hear me over his seemingly sexual panting.

“You… Think it’s hot?” He asks in disbelief. Dammit. He did hear me. His eyebrows are raised, silently questioning my sanity. Doing my best to be casual and play it off as a joke, I throw an arm around him and whisper in his ear,

“Totally sexy, sugar”, I purr seductively, and then kiss him on the cheek. He just gawks at me wide-eyed and speechless in confusion. I wink at him, and strut away without another word.

I really hope you guys liked this. I would love constructive criticism, as this is my first ever fanfic, and would appreciate feedback!
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