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I Don't Need Anybody But You

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I Don't Need Anybody But You.

I switched off the ignition of my car,outside Sunningdale Orphanage.
I sighed as I sat back in the driver's seat,listening to the drops of rain splash against the windows.
It was raining,fucking perfect.
I grabbed my car keys and got out the car,pulling my hood over my head.

Once inside the orphanage,I walked up to the front desk.
I was greeted by a woman in her 20s,smiling widely.Fakely.
"Hi! Welcome to Sunningdale Orphanage! May we help you?"She mused.
"Yeah.I'm here to adopt."
"Gerard,Gerard Way."I greet.
"Well,go right on into the lounge.It's just down the hall,then make a right.When you've picked out who you want,there'll be a woman there who can go over all the paperwork with you."
"Thanks."I smile,throwing a couple of bucks on the counter."Here's a donation,for this place."
"Well,that's very generous,Mr.Way.Thank you."The receptionist smiled,putting the money in a small plastic tub.
"You're welcome!"I say and head over to the lounge.

Running around the lounge were dozens of kids.
Three year olds up to Sixteen year olds.
Too common,in my opinion,they were trying to hard to get noticed.
I looked over in the corner to see a girl,looked about Thirteen,sat alone.

"Hey,why aren't you over with the other children?"I ask the girl as I sat by her.
"Nobody likes me."I heard her mumble.
"Yeah.I keep to myself,no one wants me around."The girl answered,a little louder,while scribbling.
"What are you drawing? Can I look?"
"Go ahead."She says,and slides it over towards me.
I encase it in my hands,and have a long look.
It was a single rose,the petals were black.
I noticed there was something on the other side.
It was a note.
It read:

Dearest Carers.
I'm sorry,for everything I have done.
I'm sorry for never eating anything,for all these cuts and all the lies I told.
I'm sorry for being such a failure for you.
Tonight,will be my last night here.
But,I'm not going to be adopted.
I'm going to die,I'll slit my throat,and drown in my own blood.

I have a reason for all of this.
I'm sick of my past.
I'm sick of the present.
And I'm sick of what my future will become.

I'll miss you,but I know you won't miss me.

xo Mia

I drew a tear as I read her note.
Sliding it back,I muttered to her.
"Don't ever think of yourself that way.Mia,you're going to find someone who will love you,but that'll never happen if you die."
I got up and found the woman who would give me the next step.
"I have found the girl I want.Her name is Mia."

"Ah! Mia Cassern,aged 13 years old."The supervisor,Mrs.Bell,smiled as she passed me her file.
I flicked through it.Typical details.
But,then something struck me.
She was abused.

"How long was she abused for?"
"Well,when she got here,her mother told us her father hit both her and Mia since Mia was three years old."Mrs.Bell said,sitting at the desk.
"What happened?"
"Her father."Mrs.Bell started."He was very violent.He was an alcoholic and a drug addict.He was also charged with the rape of Mia and her mother 2 weeks ago."
"Rape? That sick fu-- person raped her?"
"Yes.Mia never went to the court case.Since she came here she was put on anti-depressants.She has self-harmed twenty times since she came here a few months ago.She is very sad,yet we cannot help her.We don't know what to do."
"Let me help her.I've been a self harmer before,yet music,and my band,saved me.I'll finally have a new person to talk to.So,can I adopt Mia?"
"Well,since you seem to care about this girl.Yes,Mr.Way.You may adopt her."
"Thank you!"I smile,and leave the room to find Mia.

"Mia! Guess what!"
"What?"She asked,looking up at me from her drawing.
"Mrs.Bell said I could adopt you.Go get your stuff kiddo,you're coming home with me!"
"Really?!"Mia smiled widely.
"Yeah,kid!"I smile back,and Mia runs down the hall as fast as humanly possible.
After a few minutes,she returned with her stuff.
"I'm ready!"
"Then let's go."I say,and we both walk out of the orphanage back to the car,and set off home.

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