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For Solitude and Pain

by AlexisSCREAM 1 review

If only you knew what it is like to be me.

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I posted this dA ages ago, but just throught to post it here, since I'm typing out some of my old crappy poetry and whatnot.

If only you knew what it is like to be me,
If only you could see the things that I see,
If only you could be the things I should be,
I'm not because I can hardly breathe.

I've been trapped in my head, surrounded by doubt,
I've sat, curled in a corner, crying my eyes out,
Watch me scream and cry and beg and shout,
These thoughts of acid would tear you apart.

Around others, I've learnt to pretend,
My own thoughts attack me, I cannot defend,
Has anyone got a hand they could lend?
Because I've fallen so far down.

Nobody cares that I'm out of luck,
Nobody really gives a fuck,
They don't care that I'm truly stuck,
With no one wanting to help.

With every other tear that I cry,
I begin to wonder how I should die,
When I'm asked how I am, I only lie,
And run away to hide.

But I can't hide from my inner conflict,
Or the scars left from each wound I inflict,
These chains here, they restrict,
Me so that I cannot let go.
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