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Sad poem.

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This poem is kinda depressing, and contains suicide. Sorry guys!

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This is a bit depressing, but I like it. I wrote it on a bad day so... I'm sure you understand. Anyway hope you enjoy it! Sorry if anyone finds this offending!

Last Goodnight

Find the rope,
Get the chair.
Up you go,
Pull back your hair.
Tie the knot,
Make sure it's tight.
This is it, your last goodnight.

They pushed you far and far away,
They caused you pain everyday.
"I hate you", you have screamed and roared,
You feel like you've been stabbed with a sword.
These wounds may clean and seal,
But they will never heal.

But while you kick the chair and hang,
There will be an awful bang.
Your door will open and in will come,
Someone who loves you,
Someone you love.

The others made you feel so bad,
You've forgotten what you had.
The ones you love, the ones who care,
They have always been right there.
All you need to do is look,
It's just like reading an open book.

"Call 911!", you here her shout,
You don't want to live you try to say,
But you've no energy to start giving out.
You feel so drained and just want to die,
But all you can do is watch your Mother cry.
"My Baby!", she screams and bellows aloud,
This attracts a worried crowd.
Your neighbours hear and rush to help,
But pain and sorrow is all you felt.

You slip out of consciousness, and you breathing stops,
You feel your heart making a final 'pop'.
You feel at peace now that you can leave,
But a horrible guilt will follow thee.

You have left your family behind,
To mourn your dead, while neighbours be kind.
The funeral needs planing,
But it's so hard, to arrange a coffin for your baby child.

Suddenly you awaken in a hospital bed,
With a horrible pain inside your head.
"Had I really done?", you ask yourself,
"Is that how bad I really felt?"
Your mothers beside you,
Your farther too,
Everyone else is waiting to see if you pull through.

From then on life is different,
You're hardly ever alone,
You're going to counselling,
You're just skin and bone.
"You'll be healthy in no time", the doctor had said,
Guess he didn't know what was going on in your head.

From then on you eat less,
Self-harming more.
You always remember to lock your door.
You're slowly dying, but it's not fast enough,
You go into the bathroom and start throwing up.
You get caught eventually,
Your family force you to eat healthily.

You slowly get better,
It takes some time,
But you hate this life you still want to die.
You get a blade, you don't need to ask yourself why,
You cut, to shallow, give it another try.
Again you cut this time it's deep, the pain is nothing,
Compared to what goes on underneath.
You lay down on your bed waiting to die,
Waiting to be up in the sky.
Your soul will be free at last you know,
Your wounds will heal and begin to not show.
No one will find you in time to save you,
This time it's over, so long, goodbye.

This is it, Your last goodnight.

I know it's long (and really fucking depressing) I'm sorry if I upset anyone. Please forgive me! I'm only a young poet! Anyway if you not to traumatised to do it please R&R!

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