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Tangled Up

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After six weeks on the road, he couldn't wait to get tangled up with her. Smut. Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)/OC. One shot.

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It was all Jon Moxley could do to contain himself long enough to get through the door to what was now their apartment. He’d been overseas for six weeks; six long, lonely weeks with only a voice on the other end of his phone to soothe the ache in both his heart and his pants. When they were lucky enough to get some privacy, he’d had a visual, but she’d only teased him, never showing off the curves that he’d been dying to get his hands on.

When Jon had landed at the airport in Cincinnati, she’d been waiting on him, wearing the Reds shirt she’d stolen from him on her first night at the apartment, and those holey jeans that hugged her ass and thighs in all the right places, and his leather jacket. He’d been so hard he could barely walk at that point, but he managed to make it to the car and subsequently the passenger seat, without completely tearing out the crotch of his jeans.

His composure had started to slip by the time she parked the car in the garage of their building. Jon had pulled her halfway across the center console, just long enough to attach his lips to hers, and slip a hand up the back of her shirt, but she’d pulled away just before he could get his fingers on the clasp of her bra. The incoherent noise of frustration that escaped his mouth only made her giggle, and served to make him that much harder. He’d missed that sound.

Jon had fidgeted impatiently, shifting his bag from hand to hand as she unlocked the door. Finally, they walked in, and he’d paused long enough to drop his bag and shed his hoodie, before pinning her to the door.

“You fucking tease, I have been so Goddamn hard I could’ve beaten Tyler to death with my cock, and believe me, I’ve been sorely tempted,” he snarled, his hands roaming over her hips and squeezing her thighs, before slipping under her shirt.

He smirked, noting the soft moan that escaped her lips as his fingers grazed over her ribs on their way to her bra clasp; he lapped soft kisses along her jaw and neck, pressing his body flush to hers, making quick work of the t-shirt she’d been wearing. The smirk melted into a wolfish grin as his shirt joined hers in the floor, and small hands caressed his chest and stomach, before squeezing his biceps.

“Did you miss me, baby? Huh?”

Jon purred this into her ear as he lifted her legs and hooked them around his waist. He paused, noting that she’d locked her ankles at the small of his back, and took time to roll his hips, grinding his raging erection against her. He smirked in satisfaction as a gasp and a soft cry of pleasure met his ears, returning the gesture with a moan of his own when her fingernails dug into his shoulder blades. Without another word, he carried her to their bedroom, gently dropping her on their bed.

Jon’s body hovered over hers, and he rained kisses down on her neck and shoulders as he undid the fly of her jeans, tugging them down off her hips. She whined as she finished kicking them off, fumbling with the fly on his; with a groan of frustration, he gently removed her hands and did it himself, eager to get rid of every barrier separating his skin from hers.

Finally, his fingers found the waistband of her underwear, tugging them off slowly. He moaned in her ear as he settled between her legs, expertly hooking them around his back. For a moment, Jon just stared down at her, more turned on than ever by the fact that she was just as hot for him as he was for her. He kissed her deeply, passionately, as he entered her with a deep thrust. She cried out softly into his mouth, clinging tighter to him, and rolling her hips up against his in an effort to push him deeper.

His hands found hers, lacing their fingers and pinning them above her head; slowly, he began to rock, rhythmically trusting into her. Jon purred as the quiet moans of pleasure that he’d missed so much began to meet his ears. He wrenched louder ones from her when his mouth closed around her nipple, sucking and nibbling as he picked up the pace a little bit, driving deeper with each thrust. She writhed beneath him, arching and rolling her hips in time with his, panting softly as she began to tighten even more around his girth.

“Not yet, beautiful girl.”

She shivered, bucking up into him as he whispered this into her ear.


“How badly do you want it?”

“Baby, please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

He was moving so slowly now that he was almost stationary inside her. She squirmed, desperately trying to push him deeper.

“Baby, please, I need to…”

“What do you need to do? Do you need to come, baby?”


“I can’t hear you, beautiful.”


Jon grinned devilishly as he nuzzled her cheek with his nose.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied, before lifting her hips and hooking her legs over his shoulders.

He thrust deeper, hard and fast, just like he’d been dying to do all those nights he was stuck in a hotel room by himself, with just his hand to deal with the persistent erection that had nagged him almost endlessly. The soft moans and gasps he’d heard earlier soon morphed into loud cries of pleasure. She clenched almost impossibly tight around him, and he smirked as he heard the muted scream that accompanied her orgasm. He joined her seconds later, thrusting as deep as he could inside her, and coming the hardest he could ever remember coming.

For a moment, Jon just laid there on top of her, unable to form a coherent thought, let alone move. Finally, he managed the energy to do so, and rolled onto his back, pulling her close to his side, and wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“Thank you for making my homecoming that much better. You’re a very talented girl—OOF”

She smacked him in the crotch, gently shoving him as he chuckled, and tightened his grip on her, kissing her softly.

“I love you,” he murmured.
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