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Will You Be My Valentine?

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Cute valentines story. Serard story. R&R

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Will You Be My Valentine?

"Happy Valentines!"My best friend,Gerard,giggled as he handed me a soft teddy bear.
"Thank you!"I giggle back as I take the teddy from my 5 year old friend's hand and hug him tightly.He kisses me lightly on the cheek before running across the playground,giggling.
I sigh happily as I hugged my teddy bear close to me.It felt soft against my skin,cuddly.

5 years later-10 years old.

"Hey,Sadie!"Gerard called to me from over the playground.I looked to see him running over to me with a wide smile on his face.
"Hey,Gee!"I smiled,getting up and hugging him.He handed me a sheet of paper.
"Open it!"He smiled,and I did so.
It was a drawing of a rose,full in colour,with a single question underneath.
It read:

Will you be my valentine?

I looked back up at him,and nodded.
"Okay!"I smile,and he slips my hand in his.
"I love you!"He whispers,and kisses me.
"Me too,Gee!"I smile,and we walk across the playground back into the building,never letting go,letting our hands break the bond.

7 Years Later-17 years old.

I waited outside my house for my boyfriend,Gee,to arrive.
He'd booked a resturant for us,for our 7 year aniversary,and for Valentine's Day.
He was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.

A limo pulled up where I was standing,and Gee stepped out.He had on a tuxedo,but with a little twist.
He wore converses instead of shined shoes,I laughed when I noticed them.
"Gerard Way,the man who is never ordinary!"I smile as I wrap my arms around his neck.
"Sadie Hobbs,the girl who has put up with me for 7 beautiful fuckin' years!"He smiles back as he kisses my neck,then my lips."Happy aniversary."
"Where's my gift then? Unless,that was the gift.."
"That,"He said,slipping his hand in mine."That was pre-gift.You get the real gift when we get to the resturant,little miss Impatient."He laughed,and I frowned.
"I'm not impatient!"I protest,but he cuts me off with a kiss.
"Okay."I sigh."Maybe I am."
"But,I still love you.."He whispers as we get into the limo.

At the resturant,we sat outside in the cool,winter's breeze.
Spring was on the horizon,I could tell.
I rested my head on Gee's shoulder,his long black hair tickling my nose.
Our dinner arrived after a few minutes,aproximately half an hour after the sun set,which happened two minutes ago when we arrived.
Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Me and Gee did that thing that was on The Lady And The Tramp.
We do it every date,it's our thing.
We love disney films.

"Here."Gee smiles,handing me a small box."Your present."
We were on our way home,walking in the breeze,Gee had his arm around me to keep me warm.
I opened the box to reveal a locket,split in half.
"I have the other half."Gee said,pulling out the other half of the locket.They clipped together to reveal a small,golden heart,with,written in italics,the word 'Forever'.
"It's beautiful!"I smile as Gerard put it on me.
"Just like you."He smiled,and kissed me.
"Happy Valentine's Day,Gerard."I whisper,and he rests his forehead on mine so his breath warmed me as he spoke.
"Happy Valentine's Day,Sadie."

Just a cute oneshot for today,of all days.
Gerard is my Valentine,well,his picture anyway.

Rate and Review,guys.
xo Sadie
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