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If you read Yesterday or Bird and the Worm check this

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A few things I need to tell you all.

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Ok so I know, it has been a while since I last updated. And yeah actually, I was gone for a looong time, off of here completely:/ But listen, I love these stories, they are my babies and I miss them. So here is what I'm doing. Right now I'm writing a kellic(Vic Fuentes/Kellin Quinn) on tumblr but after I finish it, I'm going to finish these stories up. Uhm I may just take these down until then, start fresh, because they suck and you guys deserve better. So yeah, that's what I'm going to do with these. I will finish Yesterday first since you're so close to being done, and I may take down BAW and not put it back up, it's just not original:/ but I DO have a new freard planned:3 so I can't wait to share that. I'm sorry to anyone who read my stories and felt let down, I feel like shit about this but I have such major writers block at times and these just weren't working out. I hope you can forgive me and will come back when I start posting again:/ thank you all for being amazing(:
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