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Chapter 16

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 16

"Just what do you mean by 'Lost all human scent he had'?" Nabiki asked dryly, eyes still glued to the fight below, though it appeared Ranma wasn't fighting as hard, every now and then shaking his head as if he was trying to clear it.

"It's just as it sounds. When I first met Ranma, his scent smelled of a mix of human and Lycan wolf. But now that I think back on it, there was a faint scent of feline mixed in with it but I had always assumed it had to do with the Nekoken," Sati said, ears flattened a bit and rubbing her chin.

"What does the Nekoken have to do with anything?" Nabiki asked, finally turning all her attention to Sati.

"The cat fist does very strange things to one’s body, giving one a few feline like abilities when taught correctly to humans since it was intentioned to be taught to the various cat races of the world. It still leaves a huge imprint even when it's not. But, not long after the first full moon after Genma was stupid enough to try and teach the boy the Nekoken, the seal that trapped Ranma was starting breaking down. I had no idea it was strong enough to do this to him. It fully trapped a full blooded Lycan, though from two different flavors of animals, making him seem at least half human"

"You ever see a seal like that?" Nabiki asked. Sati nodded her head slowly, watching below as Ranma finally seemed to get a hold of himself, somewhat at least, sitting back on his hunches and panting heavily, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

"I've seen something like this, used mostly on half humans by human parents who don't want to be reminded of the non-human parent. But never one completely like this nor have I seen a like this on someone who's not human to begin with. I will have to think about it, perhaps Happosai's book will have something on it," She stated, somewhat lost about this new development. At the moment though, it mattered not since Ranma had seemed to get a grip on his wilder side. "Alright Shampoo, be prepared for when I call you down."

With that, Sati leapt from the roof onto the ground below and walked up to the two panting teenaged weres. Ranma growled softly as the elder approached, feline like blue eyes looking up at her.

"You better have a better hold of yourself than that cub," Sati said as she crossed her arms over her chest and stared down at the younger boy. "Or I will not help you learn how to shift." Ranma gave an apologist look, whining softly. "Alright cub, I forgive you. Ok, first watch Jasper to get an idea what to do."

Ranma turned his attention to Jasper, watching closely as the female teen slowly changed her body. Her large lupintine form became closer to human shape, her front forelegs shifting into arms and large paws closer to hands. The rest of her form followed suit, her blackish brown hair growing back out from her scalp.

"Now, try the same thing yourself Ranma, it's a part of you to do this," Sati instructed, sitting on the ground in front of Ranma. “It will hurt a bit but nothing you haven’t handled before. Close your eyes and concentrate on yourself. Think about what Jasper had done, do the same."

Ranma closed his eyes and looked into himself.


"Do you understand a word they're saying?" Nabiki asked as she watched with rapt attention.

"No, sound like yips and barks to Shampoo," Shampoo said just as much attention on the group on the ground. Hinako had left to go lay down, wanting to sleep rather than enjoy the show since she was going to see enough of it tomorrow. "Like dogs or wolves."

"Hmmm, I think their some yowls mix with Ranma's. Maybe it's their native language," The Japanese girl mused, tapping her fingers on her chin.

"Look, money girl! Arien is changing!" Shampoo exclaimed pointing toward Ranma as the boy changed much the same way Jasper did moments before. Though it looked much more painful and slower than what the female Lycan had done, by the time he was done, Ranma was panting heavily once again while leaning on all fours. "Ayia, Arien is gorgeous."

"Hmm Mhmm. And just think, tonight, that piece of man meat down there is all yours," Nabiki said with a smirk as a dazed and happy look entered Shampoo's face. Nabiki was a little jealous that Shampoo was getting first crack at Ranma now that the boy was going to be than willing to rut it out, so to speak, but also remembered the dangers Sati had told her about. Out of the three of them there, Shampoo was the strongest and would be able to handle what Ranma did to her.


"Very good cub," Sati praised, reaching down and helping Ranma stand. The teen stumbled slightly, not quite use to his new body. "Don't worry; you'll get the hang of moving around soon."

"This is.... strange but feels right at the same time," Ranma said as he slowly started to walk around, testing his new limbs out. The tail hitting his legs every now and then was very distracting.

"Well this is a natural form for you Ranma," Sati pointed out, amused as the teen glared at his tail. “Learn to work with that tail, move with it. It will help your balance," The elder Lycan helped Ranma get use to his new body, using Jasper as an example every now and then. It only took an hour or two for Ranma to get use to his new from, even working with his new limb. It was a good thing Ranma was a fast learner.

Ranma was still over run by his instincts though, currently circling around Jasper with an odd gleam in his eyes. Sati sighed; children who started their transformations young were so much easier to deal with than teenagers with repressed hormones. As she watched Jasper growl, teeth bared and taking a swipe at Ranma's head when he came just a bit to close, Sati figured now was a good as time as any to let Shampoo play her part in this and let her adopted cub get his sexual frustrations out.

Sati turned to the house and made a signal with her hand before growling at Jasper. The younger female nodded before knocking Ranma hard upside the head to distract him before leaping into the air and hiding in the trees, followed closely by Sati. Ranma paid no attention to this as a new scent caught his attention, a female in heat. The Lycan quickly spun around to face his new prey.


Shampoo noticed Sati's signal, quickly shedding what little clothing she had been wearing before starting to climb out the window.

"Have fun," Nabiki said with a smirk as she watched the purple hair girl.

"Shampoo plan too," The Amazon responded with a smirk of her own before jumping down to the ground below. Nabiki sighed before turning away from the window and went to lay down on one of the beds.

Shampoo slowly made her way over to Ranma, being careful not to give off changeling vibe. Her breath hitched in her throat as Ranma turned his attention to her, licking her lips as she gazed over his toned, furry body. She stopped a couple of feet in front of the other teen, leaning her head back and bearing her throat to Ranma as the Lycan stepped closer to her, pressing his cold nose against her skin and tongue snaking out to briefly lick at her neck. The Amazon teenager couldn't help the small shiver of excitement that raced through her body.

Ranma's head became slightly clouded as his instincts took over as he lapped softly at Shampoo's skin, knowing somewhere in the back of his mind he knew this female but at the moment he couldn't care less where it was only that she was a submissive female and was willing. His large hands started to run themselves over the girl's body, claws lightly scrapping the skin leaving behind thin red marks. One hand cupped Shampoo's ass, lifting her slightly off the ground while other tangled in her purple toned hair before he pressed his mouth up against her's in a dominating kiss.

'Aiyah, this is much different from kissing a human' Shampoo thought to herself as she moaned softly, Ranma's muzzle was shaped very differently and at first it made the kiss a bit awkward, something the girl soon got over and opened her mouth for the larger teen's wide, flat, slightly rough tongue.

Feeling a bit braver, Shampoo brought her hands up to wrap around Ranma's neck, eyes closed in bliss. She could feel the proof of Ranma eagerness, pressing against her neither region, moaning again as she ground herself up against the werewolf's hard-on. Ranma gave a half purring, half growing moan as he started to lower the two of them to the ground, never breaking the kiss between himself and Shampoo.

Ranma slowly started to move down Shampoo's body, wet tongue mapping out the girl's body and taking in the lusty scent she gave off. Already, Ranma's body was being greatly affected by it all, the head of his member sliding out of the shaft where it was hidden.

Shampoo slid her hands up over Ranma's shoulders, up his neck, and into his soft black hair. She was careful not to dislodge the dragon whisker tie that kept Ranma's hair from growing and started to trace over the shell of the teen's new furry ears. Shampoo started a bit as Ranma gave a small whine and leaned into her touch before a small smile crossed her pouty lips.

"Arien like that?" Shampoo cooed softly as she rubbed the base of the ear. The other teen gave a purring like moan, burying his nose between the Amazon's decent sized bosoms, said Amazon getting a wicked idea as she leaned up and took the tip of the ear into her mouth.

"Hrrnnnn, Shampoo," Ranma said, speaking for the first time, a needy moan in his voice. The sound made Shampoo even bolder, sucking hard at the tip of the ear while sliding her hands through the thick fur that covered Ranma and scratched her nails over his from. Ranma growled softly and crushed his mouth back against Shampoo's, her mouth already open to the other's wide tongue. Her shapely legs came up and hooked themselves over Ranma's furry hips.

"Ahh, Ranma," Shampoo mewled in delight, as she pulled away to catch a breath. Ranma slowly started to hump her, his hard member rubbing against Shampoo's neither regions. "Arien ready?” She asked lustily, all but purring herself. She reached down and wrapped a hand around the Lycan’s, hard cock, stroking it a couple of time making Ranma purr/moan while humping her hand. She guided the boy's member of her waiting wet hole.

Ranma took over from there, sliding into Shampoo with a growl as she gasped loudly, ignoring the tiny bit of pain that came with the pleasure of being filled by the were-hybrid large member. Her hands clutch at his shoulders, her head threw back and moaning loudly as Ranma filled her to the hilt.

Ranma had the presents of mind to stop long enough for Shampoo to adjust to his size, the Amazon lying under him panting and letting soft moans escape from her. He gently licked the space of her long neck, the semi-rough surface making Shampoo shiver.

"Hmmm, Arien move now" the female warrior commanded, reaching up to bury a hand in Ranma's raven black hair. Her other hand wrapped around the back of Ranma's neck, pulling the boy's head down for a kiss as the Lycan gave into her demands with an eager growl and started to thrust against Shampoo, his cock sliding in and out of her tight, warm hole.

Moans and whimpers of pleasure escaped from the Amazon girl, mixing with the purring and growls that escaped from the Lycan that was slowly pounding her into the soft ground. Shampoo almost completely lost all of her senses as she gave herself to Ranma, her nails digging into fur and muscle and legs wrapped tight around the Lycan's waist.

Ranma meanwhile licked and kissed Shampoo's neck and shoulders, every now and then leaving behind a small bite mark on the girl's pale skin.

"EEeeee, Arien!" Shampoo called loudly as her grip on Ranma became tighter while a shower of stars exploded in her eyes as Ranma's pounding cock pushed her over the edge. Ranma growled loudly as Shampoo's tight channel became tighter around him, almost pushing him over as well. As it was, he was only able to trust into the girl a few more times before he came as well, a cross between a howl and a yowl coming from him as he did. As both teens came down from their sexual high, Ranma turned onto his back with Shampoo laying on top, still buried deep within the Amazon who was glowing in the after sex. The act had tried both of the teens out, Shampoo already dozing softly as she basked in her glow. The deep rumble that came from Ranma's chest as the half tiger purred was able to lure the girl to sleep.

Ranma, much gentler than before, slowly ran his paw like hands over Shampoo's body; quite content himself as he slipped over into sleep as well. Back at the cabin, Sati smile softly as she closed the blinds and let the two sleep outside.


Ranma groaned as the bright sunlight hit his eyes. He lifted a furred hand up to block the light.

"Aiyah, stop moving," Shampoo said sleepily from where she was pillowed on top of Ranma. Ranma startled a bit, having forgotten the girl had fallen asleep with him last night. A deep blush heated his face under the fur but he wasn't embarrassed as he thought he would be as he looked down the naked girl using him as a bed. He looked around finally, looking for a way out of the position he was in.

"You look like you’re in a spot of trouble," Someone said behind him, making Ranma tilt his head back to see who was behind him. He was now looking at an amused looking, upside down Sati. Sati knelt down next to her adopted cub and the Amazon girl, the amused look never leaving her face. The elder Lycan was in human from, having shifted back after moonset.

"You gonna get me out of this?" Ranma finally asked, his ears moving to lay flat against his head.

"You had sex with the girl last night cub, surely you can carry her inside the cabin," Sati said, laughter in her voice. Ranma scowled at Sati but reasoned she was right, gathering Shampoo up in his arms, the girl much smaller than him now that he was in hybrid from.

"Geez, how did she...." Ranma didn't even finish his question, not really wanting to know the answer. He just shook his head and carried the Amazon girl back into the cabin. He passed a sleep mussed Nabiki who was heading into the kitchen to make herself coffee and a hyper Hinako-chibi who was in the living room part watching cartoons. On the other end of the couch sat Jasper who looked like she was sleeping instead of watching whatever show the child-like teacher was watching. None seemed to notice a naked but furred Ranma carrying an equally naked Shampoo to and up the stairs. He easily found the room Shampoo and Nabiki had been sharing, laying the Amazon girl on the bed that wasn't covered in the middle Tendo daughter's scent.

From there, he went into his room and grabbed a pair of loose pants, pulling them up over his differently shaped legs and frowning at how uncomfortable it was to have the band settle under the base of his new tail. The pants were a little tight as well and the ends of the legs came up half way up the shin, making Ranma forgo a shirt and going back down stairs.

"Why do I feel so different from last night?" Ranma asked as he saw Sati, who was busy pouring Nabiki a cup of coffee.

"The full moon does more than force the change of shape to our bodies. It also brings out our more basic and primal instincts," Sati said as she poured herself a cup. "It makes a Lycan wilder; it what makes the legends."

"But in all the years I've know you, you haven't seemed any different on a full moon than any other night," Ranma said as he sat at the table, folding his arms on the table top. "I can't say the same for Jasper, I barely know her."

"As you get use to your true form, you'll be able to curve your wild side if you wish," Sati explained before taking a sip of her coffee. "Some Lycan's don't but which ever your choose, you must remember to keep yourself in check so you not only keep from revealing yourself to a world that for the most part only sees you as a legend but also to keep from hurting anyone."

Ranma nodded then shifted a little as the band of his pants rubbed under his tail again.

"How do I change back?" Ranma asked, reaching behind him to pull his pants down a bit so it wasn't bunched up under his tail.

"It's simple; just concentrate on your human form. But..." Sati held up a hand, stopping Ranma from closing his eyes and changing back. "It'll be better if you stay like that for a while. The more your stay in that form, the more at ease you'll be with it. It's recommended for newly changed children and teenagers."

"Well can something be done about my pants then, it keeps rubbing at my tail." Ranma asked, tugging at his pants again. Sati laughed softly, ignoring the miffed look her adopted cub gave her and the tired amused chuckle Nabiki gave, as she walked around the hybrid Lycan and gave a look over at the problem Ranma was having. She hooked a finger into band of his pants, lifting her other hand up and holding out a finger.

Nabiki watched with rapid attention as Sati's thick nail became longer and sharper before she used the now claw to rip a tear into the top. That done, she pulled up the pants until Ranma tail, which was bushier than a tigers tail but slimmer than a wolfs, covered in the same dense dark gray fur with black stripes, was seated nicely into the notch. Then she produced a safety pin out of thin air and used it to close the top of the hole.

Ranma was looking down at his arms, noting for the first time the black stripes that lined his arms that reminded him of a tiger.

"Auntie.... why am I striped? Last I knew, wolves don't have stripes," Ranma asked, looking back up at Sati as the elder Lycan came back around in front of him.

"They don't, but a Lycan whose parents are a werewolf and a weretiger, well that's another story," Ranma frowned as he processed this while Nabiki held up a hand to get Sati's attention.

"I'm confused, how can a tiger and wolf make a baby? Aren’t they two different species of animals?" Nabiki asked before draining the last of her coffee.

"Yes, if we're speaking of normal creatures. Canines and Felines are unable to produce offspring together. But Lycan’s are not normal," Sati began to explain. “As we are in a way part human, our DNA works differently. We can breed with other races of Lycan animals as well as other races of humanoid races."

"Like people who are only half human," Nabiki said, remembering stories about people who are half vampire in video games, movies or her mangas.

"Yes," Sati agreed with a nod of her head. "Human's DNA will mix with most any other races."

"I thought you said I was a half breed," Ranma finally said, still frowning.

"I thought you were, until last night. I did tell you briefly before that there was a seal on you to keep you Lycan self locked away but it had broken down," Sati waiting until Ranma nodded to show he remembers. "Well... it seems it was a lot stronger than I thought. Did you bring that book that Happosai left behind?"

Ranma winced slightly then shook his head. "I left it in a hiding place back at the Dojo; I didn't think we would need it." Sati sighed then nodded her head.

"Then looking up the exact seal used on you will have to wait. But the point is I was wrong. You’re not a half werewolf like I thought but a crossbreed werewolf/tiger."

"So we know Genma isn't my dad but we still don't know if Nodoka is my mom," Ranma mused, walking over to the fridge and opened it to look for something to eat. He was starving; having not eating the night before after Shampoo tired him out.

"Wait, since when did you know Genma isn't your dad?" Nabiki asked a bit shocked at the news. Sure, she had her own suspicions that the two Saotome’s were not really father and son but she had no proof. "And what's this about Auntie Nodoka not being your mom?"

"Think about it Nabiki, Ranma is a full blooded Lycan from two different types of animals. Genma is human, baring his panda curse. His scent doesn’t mark him as Ranma's father. I can't say for sure about Nodoka because I have yet to meet his mother so there's a chance she is either a werewolf or weretiger but somehow I have a feeling that's not the case," Sati explained as Ranma came back over with a slice of steak, eating it raw.

"Why?" Nabiki asked giving Ranma a small look of disgust as the younger teen ate.

"No Lycan would leave their child to the care of a human parent that is not prepared to take care of a young were. Surely she would have prepared Ranma for his transformation years ago but if Ranma is adopted then it's likely she has no idea that Ranma isn't human. That seal would lock away his true self, making him seem completely human. It kept him from changing early in life as he likely would have."

"If Genma and Nodoka isn't his parents, who would be?" Nabiki asked next before slowly sipping on her coffee, which Sati had thankfully refilled by this point.

"That I don't know. You would be surprised how often Lycan children are kidnapped by either humans, certain clan of vampires or by some other race," Sati said, watching Ranma lick the juice of the steak off of his hand.

"What for?" Nabiki asked a puzzled frown on her face. Sati sighed sadly as she thought over the reason.

"Slavery, experiments, fights, many things. Vampires like to use werewolves as slaves and body guards, hence the reason why so many packs hate vampires."

"So that legend is true?" Nabiki asked learning yet another thing is myth vs. truth.

"For the most part. Some types of vampires and werewolves have a deep natural hatred of each other, some packs like I said hate vampires because they are made into slaves and then there are vampires and werewolves who get along just fine."

"Yeah, my best bud is a Dhampir but my partner slash rival in treasure hunting is a full blooded vampire," Jasper said from behind Nabiki, making the other girl jump in startled fright. Ranma couldn't help but chuckle in amusement at the sight. "I love Trisha like a sister but Baslie is an ass."

"Don't do that!" Nabiki bit out as she turned to glare at the American. The dark hair teenager just gave her a fanged grin, the way the pointy tooth peeked over her lip reminding the middle Tendo daughter of Ryoga for one brief moment. It was a fang thing.

"We're somewhat getting off the subject," Sati said, bringing the three teenager's attention back to her. "The thing is, if Nodoka Saotome is not Ranma's birth mother, which is starting to look like that's the case, there's only a slim chance that we'll find his real parents. Most non-human's don't submit their DNA for testing so finding them that way would be out and there's the fact we have to consider that they’re dead."

"This is getting complicated," Ranma said, having been licking off the steak juice from his fingers before but was now rubbing his forehead.

"Nothing we can do about it now, we'll try looking once we get back to the Tendo Dojo," Sati said, watching as the other's nodded in agreement. In the background, Hinako-chibi grabbed a remote and turned up the volume on the TV, trying to drown out the voices behind her so she could hear her cartoons.


Genma frowned as he looked over the spices and herbs he had gotten a few days ago. It was time to bring that unruly whelp under control. He would marry Soun's youngest daughter so he could happily retire and mooch off the two of them for the rest of his days. All he had to do is get Ranma to sleep with Akane, with these certain spices and herbs in her food which he had be secretly feeding her once he had them in his procession. According to the person he stole.... err.... borrowed them from, they made the subject who ate them more desirable to a werewolf.

The fat man growled softly under his breath as he tucked away the bottles of spices and herbs into a bag, as he reminded himself that the ungrateful whelp was more than likely completely out from under the control of the seal that the man he had gotten Ranma from assured him would never break.

'Should have known better than to trust that man,' Genma thought to himself as he finished packing away the bottles. The panda-shape shifter had tried to find the man, whose name he was never told, to try and reattach the seal but he didn't find the man. And now it was likely to late but he could still put Ranma back under his control by the way of Akane. All he had to do is get Ranma to bed the girl so he could force them to marry, then since he heard werewolves mate for life, he would have to stay with Akane.

"Now to get Tendo to agree to take the girl on a little 'training' trip," Genma said as he went to go look for his old friend, they needed to leave now if they were going to find Ranma. The only thing he was worried about was Sati but he was sure he could distract the female werewolf long enough for Ranma to sleep with Akane. It would be painful but worth it. Also, he needed to figure out where the boy was taken. 'It is too bad the middle Tendo girl is gone on that school trip, she would be able to find them... I think.'


"Alright, come at me again," Sati instructed Ranma as the younger Lycan took up a battle ready position again. She, for Ranma was in her female form, was panting softly from her workout while in her hybrid form. This form was close in looks to her male form but instead of dark gray fur with black stripes, the gray had been replaced by reddish brown making the black stripes stand out. She also didn't have any sweat glands, as she found out soon enough from the workout Sati was giving her.

"Auntie.... can we take a break?" Ranma asked, her tongue coming up to lick her nuzzle then shook her head after she did. She couldn't get use to doing things like that. "This panting thing is distracting."

"Well, I suppose now is a good time to take a break," Sati agreed, dropping from her relaxed stance. Ranma grinned, tongue still sticking out from between her bottom fangs, before going over to where the rest of group was. Both Nabiki and Jasper were in lounge chairs sunning, Nabiki in a bikini with a reflexive mirror for tanning while Jasper was wearing a red one with a small yin-yang in-between the breast area with her arms folded behind her head. Ranma reached into cooler between the two girls and took out a bottle of water. Her teacher was inside sleeping.

"You'll get use to the reactions your body is doing at the moment, cub," Sati said as she walked over too. Like Ranma, she was in hybrid form but was not panting as bad as the other Lycan. "You must remember that we are animals that were able to take human form, but we are still animals. You have a disadvantage of begin half wolf and half tiger; you have the reactions and instinct of two different types of animals in your blood."

"I'll just have ta remember not to get into a fight in this form, my opponent would be able to beat me easily cause I'd be thrown off by the panting," Ranma flopped down the ground between the girls, leaning her head back against Nabiki's chair.

Sati chuckled softly, sitting on the edge of Jasper seat, causing the younger Lycan to move her feet. "You will get use to it cub, soon you will get use to the actions and it will not bother you. But only with practice, once you are rested, come at me again."

"Hai Auntie-sensei," Ranma agreed with a sigh, her head dropping down to her chest. Sometimes Sati was more demanding and harder in her training that Genma was.


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