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Chapter 15

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 15

It had been roughly an hour since Sati and the girls had shown up at the club ' The Wild', owned by the Lamia Rara. It had also been an hour since Sati had been dragged off by said Lamia for a talk, leaving Ranma, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Shampoo by themselves since Jasper was nowhere to be seen either.

A bat girl, aka furry, slid up with a giggle to Ranma, her winged arms clasped behind her back. "Hi there handsome. Wanna dance?" She asked before jumping back a bit as a growling Shampoo appeared in front of her.

"He Shampoo's Arien so back off bat girl," The Amazon teen said, glared heatedly. So she was a bit shocked when the bat girl laughed and grabbed her hand.

"Oh, you can join in too!" the bat, who was of the fruit bat type, said as she grabbed Ranma's hand as well and dragged the both of them to the dance floor. Nabiki blinked, watching as the two youngest got dragged off by a hyper bat girl.

"Well that was unexpected," She mused, turning to speak to Kasumi. "Wasn't it sis....Um... Kasumi?" She blinked her brown eyes as she realized that Kasumi wasn't at her side. The middle Tendo started to look around for her elder sister, finally spotting her on the dance floor in the arms of a tall handsome man. Who had pointed ears and strange markings on his face, which pointed out the fact he was in no way human.

"It seems all of your friends have abandoned you pretty lady," A smooth low voice said from behind Nabiki. The girl turned around and tilted her head up to look at the owner of the voice.

Said owner was a very pale skin young man with silver tipped long black hair with bangs that swept into his icy blue eyes. He wore a tight black leather outfit that showed off his lean form.

"Yeah, I guess they did," Nabiki agreed, turning to fully face the man. "I'm Tendo Nabiki."

"I'm called Colby," Colby held out his hand to Nabiki, smiling charmingly. "Care to dance Nabiki?" The Japanese girl looked at the other's hand for a moment before shrugging and taking hold of the man's hand. She shivered a bit as she thought in the back of her mind that Colby's hand was cold as ice but the thought left her mind quickly as the pair hit the dance floor. Colby brought Nabiki's body close to his in a fast pace dance.

Colby lead Nabiki through several songs, hands petting over the girl's from. A slow song sounded over the club's speakers, Nabiki turning around to where she was facing her partner. Her slim arms wrapped around Colby's neck while he wrapped his arms around the girl's waist. As they rocked to the slow dance, Colby slowly lowered his head to Nabiki's neck, opening his mouth slightly to reveal needle sharp fangs. As the vampire dug his fangs into Nabiki's neck, a hand grabbed him by the back of his shirt and jerked him away. Colby's fangs sliced Nabiki's skin as he was dragged off her, the girl slapping a hand over the wound to slow the bleeding.


Sati frowned as she looked for the group of teens, it was getting late and she was missing two people in her group, Kasumi and Nabiki. She had rescued Ranma and Shampoo from the bat girl after her little 'talk' with Rara, with Jasper showing up a few minutes later muttering under her breath. Kasumi she couldn't tell to come on since the girl was a grown woman and on top of that she was quite charmed by her demon dance partner. Who seemed just as charmed with the human woman and Sati trusted the male demon not to do anything to harm Kasumi.

"Alright, spread out and look for Nabiki. Meet by the exit in 10 minutes," Sati finally said, heading one way to find the middle Tendo daughter. Ranma and Shampoo headed another with Jasper a third. Kasumi was found in the meantime during the search and told they were heading home and not to wait up on them. It was Jasper who found Nabiki in the arms of a vampire and pointed it out to Ranma since the younger Lycan was a few feet away. Just in time for the two were's to see Colby lower his head to the Brunette's neck and starting to take a bite.

With a deep growl, Ranma rushed forward and grabbed the vampire by the back of the shirt before bodily dragging Colby away. Colby squawked, not expecting to be bodily dragged away from his meal.

"You bastard!" Nabiki yelled as she slapped her hand over the bite marks on her neck. She couldn't believe it! She was almost a snack for a vampire! The girl resisted for a moment when she felt Jasper pulling at her hand, still glaring heatedly at Colby who was too busy struggling with Ranma to notice, before letting the American werewolf taking a look at the damage. Nabiki wasn't surprise to hear the other start cursing in English.

"Come on, we gotta get that washed out right quick," Jasper said, tugging Nabiki in the direction of the restrooms. The other girl followed after a moment, still wanting to inflect pain on the vampire who did this to her. A gasp escaped Nabiki as a thought suddenly accrued to her, remembering all the vampire books and movies she read or seen over the years.

"I'm going to be a vampire" she said as she paled greatly.

"I doubt that, come on already!" Jasper said as she walked through the crowd, dragging the stunned Nabiki behind her. The girls made it to the bathroom, the loud music cut off as the door swung shut behind them.

"What you mean you doubt that? I was just bitten by a fucking vampire, I read books, people turn into a vampire that way!" Nabiki said, barely keeping her clam front.

"Don't believe every fucking thing you read in books," Jasper said as she grabbed a bunch of paper towels, wetting them before pressing them to Nabiki's neck. "Like Lycans, there are several types of vampires. The clans that turn just by bite alone is rare, that ass hole out there is from a clan that has to have to exchange blood for someone to turn."

"Huh, wha... You mean like in some of those American movies?" Nabiki asked as she processed this information.

"Yeah, every legend or story has some truthfulness to it. Vampires are no different. There's yer three basic types that each needs a different source: Blood, Chi, and Energy. They all split into different types, or clans, that are different from each other usually depending on who the first of that clan was." Nabiki felt silly and foolish about her outburst. And for the fact that after everything Sati had told her about the Lycan races, it never accrued to her the same would apply to other so-called mythical races.

"So you’re sure I'm not going to turn into a Vampire?" Nabiki asked, wanting to be sure, finally going back completely into her cool facade. Jasper took away the bloodied paper towels to get a good look at the cuts on the human girl's neck.

"I'm sure. Ya can tell by tha scent," Jasper said as she got a fresh set of paper towels. "Ah don't think it will scar. He'd scrapped ya petty bad but not as deep as I thought."

"Great" Nabiki said, stepping away from Jasper to look in the mirror at the cuts.


While Jasper and Nabiki were in the restroom, Colby ripped himself from Ranma’s grip, spinning around to face the teen with a snarl on his lips.

"What do you think you’re doing crossbreed!?!" Colby spat out the word crossbreed.

"Keeping you from snacking on one of my friends," Ranma replied, a growl in his voice. His lips were pulled back in a snarl, showing off a set of fangs that could rival Ryoga's. Colby bared his own sharp fangs, getting ready to lunge at Ranma. A large, furry hand-paw descended on the vampire’s shoulder, stopping his movements and lifting him in the air. A large were-grizzly held on tight to Colby while a slightly smaller were-tiger coxed a miffed Ranma into Shampoo's arms.

"Oh Colby, causing trouble in my club again are we?" Rara asked as she slithered up, brushing her fingers over the irate vampires jaw. "You know how I feel about that, you’re making my customers uncomfortable." In truth the Lamia cared less that the vampire was trying to get a drink from a human, but the girl was a friend of Ranma's and being on his side would give her a point on her claim on the boy. "Take him outside boys." Rara said, turning away from her bouncers.

"Wait, I've got one last thing to say to him" Nabiki said, stomping up with Jasper following behind.

"Well she looks pissed" Sati said, surprising Ranma and Shampoo as she popped up behind them.

"Where were you Auntie?" Ranma asked, cocking an eyebrow at the elder Lycan.

"Watching, I wanted to see how you handled yourself. I didn't quite expect you to get in fight with a vampyer so soon, but you handled yourself for the most part," Sati commented, assessing her student’s abilities. "But we still have to go over some things."

Meanwhile, Nabiki stepped up close to Colby, and gave the vampire a cold smile. She placed her hands on the man's shoulder before jamming her knee up into his crotch area. Colby gave a grunt of pain, sliding to the ground, holding onto his abused privates.

"You ever come near me again or try that trick on someone I know, I'll make your life a un-dead hell," Nabiki hissed, kicking Colby in the gut for good measure before turning and stalking away.

She stopped and grabbed Ranma by the arm before dragging the stunned teen out, much to the amusement of Sati and Jasper while Shampoo raced after to save her Arien.


The next morning had two blurry eye females, namely Nabiki and Sati, sitting at the table nursing coffee mugs. Nabiki wore a pajama top with a high neck, hiding the still healing bite marks from her father and Akane. Kasumi came in, placing plates of food in front of her family, looking as cheerful and happy as always despite coming in late from the club. Ranma sat beside his father, looking deep in thought, absently snapping his chop sticks at Genma when the older man got too close to his food. Today was the day he and the girls headed out to the woods and tonight was the first night of the full moon. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he was nervous. This was a lot different that changing into a girl with cold water or any of the other things that happened to him over the last few years.

He was also losing his virginity that night, and it was very possible he could hurt Shampoo or Nabiki in the process. And whoever else Sati had chosen to sleep with him, the older Lycan hadn't told him just who it was yet, just that it wasn't her or Jasper. Or any of the other girls that he was engaged to marry for that matter.

"Well cub, ready for our training trip?" Sati asked once she felt she was awake enough.

"Yep!" Ranma said with a nod. Akane's head lifted at this, frowning.

"What training trip? How come none of us knew about this?" She asked, looking around and noticed her father duck his head a bit behind the paper. "Wait, you know that pervert is going on a 'training trip' with that demon?"

"Well.... Sati had mentioned a few times that she was stepping up the training she was giving Ranma and was taking the boy on one." Soun said, lowering and folding the paper. "I had thought you had known as well as the rest of us."

"Don't worry cub, we'll be back in 4 or 5 days," Sati said pleasantly, causing Akane to huff a bit. Sati mentally sighed; the girl's attitude was getting annoying. She was also being to think that Soun never properly disciplined his youngest daughter, even spoiling her. Of course, that was really none of Sati's business nor did it mean it was true, it was only her opinion. Just like some of the girls at Akane's school thought she might be a lesbian.

"I'm not worried." Akane muttered, going back to her breakfast.

"Well, speaking of not being here, my class is taking a trip so I'm not going to be here either," Nabiki said, only half telling the truth. Her class was taking a trip, she just wasn't going with them since she was going with Sati and Ranma for the boy's whole transformation thing.

"Wait, you still got school Ranma," Akane piped up again. Ranma rolled his eyes and leaned his chin onto his hand.

"As much school as we missed during the last year with all the crap that goes on, do you really think it matters?" He asked feral looking cobalt blue eyes boring into the youngest Tendo. She was quite sure his eyes didn't have a feral look in them before. "As long as the work made up, the teachers don't give a damn."

"He's right sis." Nabiki said, thinking it over. "After all, as much school you and him miss, you still moved up a grade. But there's something bothering me, how do Ryoga, Shampoo and Mousse get away with it? None of them go to school."

"Ryoga's homed school, it's the best thing for him. He can't make it to school every day with out help with his lack of direction, so he takes school with him," Ranma explained. "It was something I had suggested not long after I met him because I had to do the same thing when me and Pop's was on the move. Pop's didn't like it but it was the only way he could take me on that long ass training trip."

"It makes sense, as long as he keeps up with his school work, he's up to school level with Ranma and Akane or even Nabiki," Sati said, not mentioning the fact it was her that made Genma allow Ranma to take home school courses. "As for the other two Nabiki, it's pretty much the same. Cologne home school's her great granddaughter and Mousse. She doesn't trust the school system to teach Shampoo what she needs to know."

"Yeah, to make crazy potions and learning how to be an Amazon warrior," Akane remarked, finally finished with her breakfast and pushing the plate away. Kasumi breezed by and picked it up on her way to the kitchen. Sati snorted softly and shook her head.

"Oh how wrong you are child. Despite what you think, the Joketsuzoku very much know what is going on in the world, they just chose to live a more simple life. They often send tribe members, both man and woman, out into the world to either learn what they can or to collect news on what is going on. There are healers in the village that are trained as doctors as well. If the ancient ways of healing doesn't work, and believe me some of it is better than some modern medicine, then they can fall back on today's meds." Said explained, pausing to sip her coffee. " Cologne does train Shampoo in laws and ways of her tribe, after all Shampoo will one day be the leader of her village. But if you were to talk to her about subjects you learn in school, I'm willing to bet she would know them just as well as any other student."

"Well she doesn't act like it, she can't even speak proper Japanese," Akane argued still.

"She's not native to Japan, and there are plenty of foreigners who can't speak other languages very well outside of their own. Maybe if she had learned as a child that might be different, after all children have an easier time learning such things. But before Ranma, she had no reason to learn," Sati countered again. “Besides, even I have a problem with some languages. It took me nearly 100 years to speak proper English and almost double that to speak Japanese. My native tongue was much different from either of those. With the exception of my oldest child, it's a dead language now and no one can even remember it never mind speak it. Young Jasper and Ryoga might know, at the very least they has the ability to learn it."

"Huh, why?" Ranma asked, wondering what it was Ryoga could do that he couldn't.

"Because they're both are linguist. Ryoga out of necessity to be able to make his way around everywhere he goes. Jasper on the other hand in a treasure hunter, she also travel's around the world and learned that way plus it makes her job easier. Her father Silvereye is a treasure hunter as well, he use to take his cub with him during the summers," Sati explained. After that, the discussion was brought to a halt as a clock Kasumi had gotten chimed it was time for school, sending Akane running off in a flurry off on her own.


Later that morning, Sati and Ranma was seen walking out the door, ready to head on their 'training trip', which in a way it was. On their backs was a pair of traveling pack, mostly for show since there was no plans of sleeping in the middle of the forest in tents and sleeping bags when they had a perfectly nice cabin to stay in. The plan was to leave on foot and walk to the other side of Nerima and take the van Sati had rented to the cabin. Nabiki, who had left not long after Akane to give the illusion that she was going on a school trip, was to meet them there along with Jasper, Shampoo and Hinako Ninomiya at the van. Ranma didn't know that the third girl was in fact his child-like teacher, and he wouldn't know until they got to the meeting place and it was too late to back out.

Sati had made sure she had taken the time explain everything to Nabiki, Shampoo and Hinako, making sure Hinako swore on her life that she would never reveal Ranma's 'little' secret. In exchange for helping and keeping her mouth shut, Sati would help her regain and keep her adult form without changing into a child again. The teacher thought it was a fair exchange and happily took the offer.

But at the moment, Sati had something else on her mind other than the next few day’s actives, not that those were far from her mind. Something was strange about her adopted cub's scent. It was becoming less and less human, which made no sense at all. When she had first met Ranma, stuck in the throes of the Neko-ken for the first time, Sati had been able to smell the werewolf in the boy, but it had been mixed with human showing he was only a half breed. But now the human part was all but gone and replaced with something else that Sati couldn't quite put her finger on. It made no sense and shouldn't be possible for him to lose his human blood like that. Unless it had something to do with that seal put on Ranma as a child. It was something the elder Were had to look into.

"What's Ninomiya-sensei doing here Auntie?" Ranma asked, snapping Sati out of her thoughts as the teen stopped short suddenly.

"She's going be been one of your bed mates Cub," Sati said, holding up her hand to stop any protest the boy had before they started as Ranma opened his mouth again. "Trust me Ranma, she already swore that she wouldn't tell anyone about your new status. In exchange, I will help her keep her adult from. Also that coin trick of her's will come in handy in case you start to get out of control. I'm not saying that you will, but I rather be prepared in case you do." Ramna's mouth snapped close during this, sighing as his shoulders slumped a bit.

"Alright Auntie. I may not like it, but you know more about all this than I do. I don't wanna end up hurting anyone if it can be avoided," Ranma agreed finally, resuming walking to the van. Sati sighed lowly in relief, she had been a bit worried that the boy would react a bit worse than that but it showed how mature her 'son' really was despite what other people thought of him.

Ranma greeted the girls, and nodded to his teacher, as he threw his pack into the back of the van on top of the other bags there. He did the same with Sati's bag as she handed it to teen. Shampoo latched onto his arm, leaning her head onto his shoulder and smiling prettily up at her 'husband'.

"Shampoo very happy to help Arien tonight!" The Amazon teen said.

"Heh... thanks Shampoo. Say, where's the old ghoul, I would've thought she'd tag along too," Ranma remarked, looking around for Cologne.

"Great Grandmother say she think Shampoo is able to handle on own, stay behind to look after restaurant and keep eye on stupid duck boy," Shampoo said, letting go of Ranma's arm and climbing into the one of the seats in the van. Ranma shook his head before jumping as Jasper appeared at his side and spoke.

"We haz got ta work on her language skills," The American said, watching the Amazon.

"This coming from someone who doesn't speak proper English?" Nabiki asked as she walked by to get into the van.

"I'm from New York so it's called an accent. 'Sides, at least I don't speak in tha third person. That iz what we need ta work on," Remarked Jasper with a shrug, turning and climbing onto the dirt bike Ranma remember from the first time Jasper showed up at the Tendo Dojo. He was a bit surprised he hadn't noticed it before.

"Time to quit day dreaming Cub," Sati called as she climbed into the driver's seat, Hinako taking the passenger’s side. Ranma sighed and climb in, closing the door behind him and taking a seat. Once everyone was ready, Sati turned the engine over and pulled out of park, heading down the street with Jasper following behind on her bike.


"Whoop!" Ranma sighed as he watch Jasper for the third time send her dirt bike spinning in front of the van, just barely avoiding getting hit.

"Does she have a death wish?!" Nabiki asked in alarm as she watched out the window of the other side of the van. Sati chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

"She's a thrill seeker and an adrenalin junky," Sati explained, honking the horn when Jasper passed in front again. "The more dangerous, the more of a rush of adrenaline she gets. Alright there cub?" She looked back briefly over her shoulder at Ranma.

"Hmmm? Yeah, sure" He said, looking up at the elder wolf. His legs was jumping, showing how wired he really was.

"Well don't worry, we'll be coming up on the cabin in a minute or so." Sati said as she turned in the bend. And true to her word, up ahead was a two story cabin settled nicely in between the forest trees. Jasper ended her wild ride and rode up to the cabin, parking her bike at the side. Sati drove the van up beside it, killing the engine. "Alright, everyone out!" she chirped as she threw open the driver side door. The three teens in the back plus one child-like adult followed suit, stopping long enough to grab their bags before going into the cabin.

"Oh, this is really nice," Nabiki said, quite pleasured with what she saw. The inside was quite modern, with a decent size kitchen off to the right of the front door. Then there was a dining area with a large living room like one a few feet away complete with comfortable looking leather couches and chairs in front of a large TV next to a fire place. There were two other doors on the ground level, one that lead to a back porch and the other to a large furo. Off to the side was a set of stairs that must have lead up to the bed rooms.

"Ok guys, this place only has three bed rooms, but two of them have two beds each. Nabiki and Shampoo, you will share one room while I share one with Hinako-san. Ranma you have the single bed room since Jasper already called the down stair's couch," Sati explained, heading straight for the stairs so she could put her things up. The other followed after, thinking it was a good idea while Jasper flopped onto the couch to watch TV. A few minutes later Ranma came back down, have only dumped his bag into the corner of his room, sitting on the other end of the couch. He stared at the screen but wasn't watching what was on the TV, much more distracted by the upcoming night.


"Alright you three, all of you need to stay inside for now. You can watch from the upstairs window but during this first part of the transformation, it would be too dangerous to be around Ranma," Sati explained to Nabiki, Shampoo and Hinako. It was finally night, sun having already set, and moon rise was only minutes away. "Once we have him calm and closer to being in his right mind, then your part will be up Shampoo. You remember everything I told you?"

"Hai, Shampoo remember" The younger Amazon said, standing proudly.

"Good, then just wait until the signal then." Sati said as she turned and walked out the door, closing it behind her. Up ahead in the clearing in front of the cabin Jasper and Ranma was waiting on her.

Jasper looked up in the sky for a moment before looking down and reaching up to start undoing the buttons on her shirt, shrugging it off before grasping the edge of her fishnet and starting to pull it over her head.

"Wha-what the hell are you doing?!" Ranma asked in surprise as he watched her.

"What does it look like? I don't want my clothing to get destroyed when I go full wolf if I can avoid it," Jasper said, tossing the fishnet to the side, leaving the upper part of her body complete nude since she hadn't been wearing a bra, before going for her pants. "If you gonna save yer shirt and pants, I suggest ya do tha same thing."

"You have no problem with getting naked in front of someone you barely know?" Ranma asked, a bit surprised. Getting nude in front of other guys or someone you was with was one thing, but he only met Jasper a month before and she didn't hang around often by the Dojo.

"That's a human line of thought." Jasper said with a roll of her eyes. "You'll find quick that outside of the human race, all others have no problem with showing off der bodies," Ranma frowned and turned to look at Sati as she walked up.

"She's right, most non humans aren’t shy about their bodies," Sati said with a shrug of her shoulders. Ranma sighed then turned and started to strip himself. Soon, both of the teenaged werewolves were nude, Ranma holding his hands slightly in front of his crotch area, before all three turned their attention to the horizon.

"Here we go" Jasper said as the moon started to come up, the light making the three lycan's eyes glow, Ranma tensed up, heart beating fast. Finally, the moon had risen fully, casting full light over the woods and hitting the trio. Both Sati and Jasper both quickly fell to the ground on all fours, their bodies growing bigger and quickly sporting fur while taking on a wolf shape. Soon a large gray bitch wolf and an even larger black one stood, watching a very painful first transformation of one Ranma Saotome.


Ranma grit his teeth for as long as he could before he gave up and gave a pained scream. The pain was much, much worse that when he was attacked by the starved cats when he was 9. Much worse that the first time he turned into his girl form and more than all the things his fat lump of a father put him through. He was almost convinced that the pain he was in at the moment was worse than anything that happened to his insides from Akane's cooking! Or her mallet!

Ranma fell to the ground as his bones snapped and reshaped in a much different way that when he turned into his female form and he couldn't help but wonder for a very brief moment if this was how Genma, Shampoo or even Ryoga felt the first time they changed into their cursed animal forms. He could hear and feel his bones snapping all over as his legs and arms changed, his back screamed in pain as his spine became more flexible and a tail started to grow out of the end of it. His pained screams were cut off as his face started to stretch out into a wide, longish muzzle while his ears crept up the side of his head to the top, changing shape into round things that flatten against his head.

Hands and feet were shifted into large wide paws with wicked sharp claws while his blue eyes sharpened in sight and gained cat like slits. Finally dark gray fur with black strips spouted over the boy's new body while his mind became more feral. A low growl rumbled in the back of Ranma throat as the pain finally ebbed away and he turned to face the two females, eyeing Jasper who growled in response with hackles raised and lips pulled back from razor sharp teeth. Ranma leapt at Jasper, sending the two young weres tumbling off into the trees while Sati watched them for a moment before turning toward the cabin and leaping toward it. A hop and a leap allowed the elder werewolf access to the slanted roof, transforming into her hybrid from so to speak to the girls.

"Why black were girl fight with Arien?" Shampoo asked as she watched Jasper kick her hind feet into Ranma's under belly, throwing the bigger Lycan off her.

"They're both alphas, in most were creatures clans and packs, the leader position isn't just limited to males. Females have taken the place of alpha plenty of times, it's instinct for the pair to duke it out. It will last until Ranma gets a hold on his instincts," Sati explained, watching the pair below.

"I've got a better question, why does Ranma look like that. I thought he was just a werewolf, did something go wrong?" Nabiki asked, quick to point out that Ranma looked like a smoothly blended cross between a tiger and a wolf.

"That.... I'm not sure of yet." Sati said with frown. "I think it has to do with that seal, because the cub has lost all human scent he had."


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