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Chapter 14

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Author's notes: I am so sorry this took so long. But my beta decided to take for bloody ever to write out his little part. Hopefully, with having a good idea how the next chapter will go, this won't take so long to get out. Enjoy!

Chapter 14

Ranma was taking a break from the training Sati was putting him through. It amazed him how much faster and stronger he had become. How his senses had changed and increased in clarity. The elder werewolf had told him they would just get better once his first transformation was complete. But that wasn't the only thing that had changed, he now had a very healthy attraction to girls. While before he had ignored their assets just like those on Shampoo, he sure wasn't now. Even Akane had caught his eye once or twice before deciding that A: the pain just wasn't worth it and B: there are a lot of better choices around.

Also, much to his horror and to Sati's amusement, he found he had a small attraction to boys. Not to the point that he wanted to make out with them like the girls, thank Kami, and it seemed to only happen in his female form. Sati wrote it off as his female side seeing the boys as potential mates. It seemed that most humanoid races tended to be bisexual naturally except for the few odd cases like Jasper who turned out was completely straight. He had asked her about that which sent the New Yorker into a fit a laughs before telling him she just wasn't into girls.

Right now he was reading his new book, the one the old pervert left behind. He was gleeful to see so many different techniques, the true Neko-ken is one he was most interested at the moment. He was hoping that it could get rid of his stupid fear of small cats. Despite what most people were thinking or told, Ranma was not afraid of all cats. The big cats didn't bother him at all, it was small cats like house and ally cats that got to him. When he first learned that a few years ago, after Sati had left him and his father, he had written a letter to his adopted auntie. The letter he received in return told him to visit a doctor/healer she knew that happen to be near the area that the pig tail boy was camping at the time. The doctor, a man named Raziel, explained why Ranma was affected by some cats and not others....


"It seems to me, Saotome-san, your fear of felines is select because of the way you father put you through the so called 'training'," Raziel, a kind hearted blond man who Ranma would learn much later was in fact an angel, said as he watched Ranma from across his desk.

"Whadda mean doc?" the much younger looking Ranma asked, confused still.

"Because it was house and ally cats your father put into the pit, and attacked you, you have a deep stated fear of them. But because there were no big cats attacking you, your mind and body feels no extreme fear for them. You may get a bit nervous perhaps because they resemble their smaller cousins but that's about it," the man tried to explain.

"I get it... I think..." the boy frowned as he when over what Raziel had said. Raziel watched Ranma for a few more minutes before trying to explain it in an easier fashion.

"Let me put it this way. What if your father had only put one breed of cat into the pit, like Tabbies or Siamese, then you would have a fear of that breed only. Other breeds would not bother you for the most part," The angel shrugged his shoulders. "At least that seems like what has happen here. It is a mental imprinted learned fear."

"I think I get what you're getting at doc," the young Ranma said.

End Flashback

Ranma sighed, shaking his head as he remembered that conversation. Of course it lead to the memory of the time Kuno had found out about his fear of cats and tried to use a tiger with the all small cats he had Sasuke gather. If it had only been the tiger itself, there wouldn't have been a real problem but there had been a bunch of small cats as well, which was what set off his cat mode since he couldn't get away from them. As such, everyone thought the pigtailed boy was afraid of all felines. He still couldn't figure out how Sasuke and Kuno got the tiger into the pit. Finally, Ranma looked down at the book in his lap, he would have to try to fix his problem after this full moon transformation business.

'Maybe I should look at those techniques Nabiki suggested' sensing the aquasexaul thoughts, the pages of the book flipped a bit, the words changing from the Neko-ken to varies sexual techniques.


Nabiki looked down at the lightly snoring Jasper, who was sprawled out on the ground next to the koi pond. One arm was laying over her eyes to block out the sun. Nabiki prodded her foot into the werewolf's side who only snorted a bit before turning over onto her side. The middle Tendo daughter sighed before going back inside. A moment later she came back out with a pail, the same one that Akane always used on Ranma, filling it with chilly water from the koi pond. Then with a smirk, she dumped all of the water onto the snoozing Jasper.

" AHHH, What the hell?!?!" Jasper shoot up, falling to the ground twice before being able to stand up. The soaking wet American stood there for a moment looking at the other teen in shock before shaking off the water much like a canine, sending a spray of water at Nabiki.

"Hey, watch it," she said, holding up a hand to ward off the water from her face.

"Brought it on yourself," the other girl said as she stopped shaking. "So, is der a reason why you fucking woke me up like dat?"

"You were in the middle of the yard asleep, and wouldn't wake up when I tried," Nabiki said, waiting for an answer. Jasper just yawned, running a hand through her wet hair, and went to go find another place to lay down. "Hey! I was waiting for an explanation here."

"Ya be tried too if you'd been doin' all dis work Sati's been having me do," Jasper propped herself up against the porch, settling down. Nabiki frowned, and followed over, leaning over so the werewolf would be the only one to hear her.

"Does this have to do with 'you know what'?" Jasper nodded, crossing her arms loosely over her chest.

"Yeah, when it comes to something like this, usually there's more time ta prepare," she said, not bothering to speak as softly as Nabiki. "But most half breeds either live with a pack or near one, so there's always an eye kept on them. Same goes for the few pure bloods that end up transforming late in life."

Nabiki frowned, still not completely understanding something. "Why is this so dangerous? I can see why you need to be ready for some dangers, but the two of you seem to be putting a lot of work into this than it seems it needs."

"Because Ranma is going to take a lot more work than most," Sati said as she stepped through the sliding door. "I hadn't meant on telling you this until I got to speak to all three of you girls, but the cub's first transformation is going to be a lot... wilder than normal."

"... Why?" Nabiki asked, blinking her eyes in confusion. Now that the attention was off her, Jasper settled down to nap more, tuning out the other two. Sati shook her head a bit as she leaded against a pole.

"There seemed to be some sort of seal on Ranma's being, most likely placed there when he was a babe. It is blocking out any sort part of Ranma's true self, keeping him as human as possible. At least it was, now that the cub is older and there is no one to refresh the seal, so it is breaking apart. Once it breaks down on the next full moon, all of Ranma's pent up instincts and hormones will flood forth. It will be like an over load, so extra precautions will have to be taken in this case."

Sati sighed before looking Nabiki straight in the eyes. "I will warn you now girl, sex with Ranma will be anything but nice and gentle. He will most likely be big as a hybrid, and the sex will be wild and rough enough as it. If we don't calm him down before hand, you will more than likely be hurt, so if you want to back out now will be the time to do so," Nabiki gave it thought before a proud smirk developed on her face.

"I said I would help didn't I?"


At the corner of the house, German listened to the girl's conversation and started to panic a bit. The seal that he had placed on Ranma was breaking? The same seal that helped him keep some control over the ungrateful whelp? No wonder the boy had become more and more disobedient as time went on. The man who made the seal assured Genma that it would never break!

Ranma was not Genma's son by blood, in fact the boy wasn't even Nodoka's, he was adopted. A strange man had given him to the Saotome’s, knowing the pair wanted a strong and manly son. So what better than a lycanthrope? But the man had warned him that Ranma natural nature would come out and most likely make him a disobedient child. That had been why the seal had been put on Ranma without telling Nodoka. The twit of a woman didn't even know Ranma wasn't even human!

Now the seal was breaking, all of the control Genma had, was going to be lost! And he was bedding the middle Tendo daughter, the one of the three he wanted the least to have Ranma to marry. There was no way to control the girl! He'd rather have Kasumi or of course Akane! That was it! If he had sex with Akane, then he and Tendo could force the two to wed! And his life in bliss would be for the most part, back on track. All that would be left redo the seal. But first he had to make the boy want Akane.

'Hmm, maybe....' German quietly bounded off, it was time to do a little 'shopping'. And by shopping, I mean stealing.


"Clubbing," Sati looked up at Jasper, raising an eyebrow at the younger werewolf. It had been a few hours since the talk between Sati and Nabiki, since then she and Ranma had gone back to training till near sunset which lead the older woman and her student to the roof of the Tendo compound. Now Jasper was perched on the edge of the roof, having come to find the other two Lycans.

" 'clubbing'... and that's supposed to mean what to us?" Sati finally said, doing a gesture with her hand.

"As in let's go to a back club. I'm tired of this fucking running around, I need a really stiff drink and to be among other beings other than humans for a while," Jasper said, counting off the reasons on her fingers. "Plus I need ta see my boss."

"What's a 'back club'?" Ranma finally piped up. The pig tailed boy knew what a club was, even if he'd never been in one but a 'back club'?

"It's a phrase used for a club in the back of a club, used by the non human races. It allows them to be themselves and not hide from the humans since very few humans are ever allowed back there," Sati explained, suddenly liking this idea more and more. "Any club that has a back club is usually owned by either a human that knows about the supernatural world or a vampire, like a Tordar, or a demon. Back bars are the same thing but in the back of a bar."

"And more aren’t really in the /back’ /of a club or bar, but rather underground," Jasper added, having a bit more knowledge about these kinds of clubs.

"...Oh..." Ranma finally said, sorta getting it.

"Cub, why don't you go ahead with Jasper to which ever club she wants to go to," Sati said, standing up and stretching her arms over her head. "I'll catch up in a bit."

"Hai auntie," Ranma said as he stood as well, joining Jasper at the edge. The two were-wolfs leaped off the roof, starting to roof hop toward the main part of Nerima. Sati meanwhile moved to go inside, she knew a pair of females that needed to have a night out.


“‘The Wild'?" Ranma asked, looking up at the sign of the club. “Isn’t that name sorta....strange?"

"Not really. I've seen weirder. Come on, let's go in," Jasper grabbed Ranma's hand, dragging the pig tailed teen to the front door, by passing the line totally. She nodded to the bouncer, who smirked and nodded back, a fang peeking over his lip. He let the two teens by, much to the protest to the human's waiting in line still.

"Do you know him?" Ranma asked loudly, still being dragged by the New Yorker to the back.

"Nah, but he's a bloody vamp, he knows to let us in," Jasper said just as loudly, come up on a door nearly unseen in the back. After looking around with her bright yellow eyes, she opened the door and slipped through. After they went in, the two teens climbed down the stairs to the bottom where they were greeted but a large built were-bear. His large snout sniffed Ranma and Jasper, letting out a large toothy grin before opening the door.

"Would you like the change before joining the others?" he asked in a large guff voice.

"He can't yet but I will, " Jasper said with a smirk before shifting in front of Ranma's eyes. She grew over a foot taller, jet black fur sprouting all over her body as her ears moved to the top of her head, light glinting off her earrings. Her clothing became tighter against her body, one button done up on her top now. Lastly, a jet black tail spilled out over the edge of her top of her pants and she stepped out of her boots since they were the wrong shape to hold them.

Once that was all done, the now wolfish Jasper handed her boots to the were-bear bouncer and dragged Ranma into the back club where he encountered many, many different races.


Ranma was amazed at how many different kinds of races there were. Jasper pointed out a few as friendly and others that should be avoided. Ranma's jaw dropped as he saw a beautiful woman with a lower body of a snake. Jasper laughed at this.

"I see the lamia caught your eye Ranma," she snickered as he turned red," you watch yourself with a lamia, dey can get very possessive."

Ranma nodded his head and turned to his left seeing something that looked like a were-fox in a kimono. Jasper followed his gaze and saw the Kitsune.

"That Ranma is a classical Japanese Kitsune. It's very rare to see one of those as they usually keep ta themselves. Ranma I'm gonna leave you by yourself for a while. I need to have a talk to someone I haven't seen in a while. So just go sit down at the booth over there and I'll come get you when I'm done."

Ranma did as she said and sat down quietly waiting for Jasper to come back. His eyes couldn't help but wonder back to the lamia and kitsune. It was difficult not to get worked up considering how attractive both of them were. The lamia was wearing a golden link necklace that only covered the bare minimum of her impressive breasts. She had bright green eyes and shockingly pink hair that was braided to just above her serpentine bottom. She had a red and brown tiger stripped pattern on her scales. The rings on her fingers were lined with some of the most expensive jewels Ranma had ever seen. This lady was definitely loaded. Ranma was giving her shapely body a once over again when she caught his eyes. She gave him a toothy grin which showed off her impressive canines. Ranma quickly averted his eyes with a heavy blush on his face. If he hadn't looked away he might have seen her give off a giggle with her hand in front of her mouth. Ranma gave another quick glance but was caught by her again.

Something glittered in her eyes and Ranma soon found that he couldn't avert his eyes away from hers. She leaned towards the barman and said something to him that Ranma couldn't make out over the background music. She slithered over towards him in what was probably one of the sexiest movements that Ranma had seen ever. Their eyes were still looked as she got right up next to him.

“Why hello gorgeous, what's your name?" she huskily breathed into his ear.

" R..Ra..Ranma," he said with a nuclear face.

" Ranma, wild horse eh?" she moaned his name," Mind if I join you Ranma?"

Ranma smiled shyly as she sat down right next to him. Her forked tongue quickly flicked against his ear. She was truly surprised to find that this one was not only a virgin but his first transformation was upcoming. Her smile turned devious and she changed her pheromones accordingly. She hadn't had mate in many centuries and a were-wolf always bonded to their firsts. Plus Ranma definitely seemed but a good catch.

“Could I maybe have your name?" Ranma asked with a shaky voice, but relaxed slightly as something in the air changed.

“Oh how rude of me. My name is Raka Ralara, but please call me Rara."

“Nice to meet you Rara," he said with a nervous smile.

“Oh the pleasure is mine Ranma," she breathed with a smile," so Ranma what brings you to my club?"

Ranma only now realized that she had not only wrapped her arms around him, but also that most of her snake body had wrapped around him as well. Now was definitely not the time to be rude and oddly enough he was actually pretty comfortable with her around him.

Rara smiled as she felt him relax into her embrace, the pheromones were definitely doing their work. She almost let out a laugh at how easy it was, but she couldn't get rid of the feeling that Ranma had something extremely special to him. This only served to make her want him more.

“Well, Jasper got me to come with-"

" Jasper? As in Sati's friend?"

“Oh you know Auntie?"

This teen had gotten the attention of Jasper and Sati. There was no doubt now that Ranma was definitely special. Sati was one of the ancients and for him to be related to her was making this union sound better by the second.

“So you're related to Sati in blood then?"

" Oh no, she's not my real auntie," he said with a smile," but she took care of me for a while when I was younger."

Not a blood relation, but for him to call her auntie definitely meant they had a meaningful relationship. Sati still owned her big for that one time and this young were-wolf had sparked her interest. The smile on her face grew immensely now, this was just too good to be true. Sati would have a very hard time saying no to Rara's request to court Ranma, as the two of them went way back.

“Oh I know Sati quite well actually. We've known each other for a long time. Actually she owns me big time for this one little thing I did for her."

“What’s that Rara?"

“Nothing really....oh Sati's at the door," she finished with a smile.


Ranma turned his head towards the entrance and saw Sati with Nabiki, Shampoo, and Kasumi. Rara stood up with Ranma still in her tight embrace and waved at them. Sati caught sight of them and nearly freaked. She put her face into her hand and groaned. There was someone she didn't expect to see in a long time, with Ranma tightly wound within her arms and tail. This was not good, Rara seemed to have taken a keen interest in Ranma and the look in her eyes was also hard to miss. Sati knew this was going to hell, she not only owed the lamia a lot. She got the dreadful feeling on what exactly this sexy snake would ask as repayment. Ranma's life just got that much more complicated.


Earlier that evening

"Nihao!" Shampoo called, skidding her bike as she came to a stop in the Tendo's yard. Tonight she was going to take Ranma out on a date, since she and her 'husband' were going to get better acquainted soon. True, she knew the raven haired teen was going to sleep with two other as well for this transformation thing, and she couldn't use this ritual to complete the marriage bond. But that didn't mean she couldn't get Ranma to take her on a date and hopefully convince him that she was the right choice to be his mate.

Of course after she finally had Ranma, Shampoo wasn't against her husband taking one or two other wives as well. As long as they understood she was the head wife of course. It wasn't unusual back in the tribe for the Joketsuzoku men to have more than one spouse, after all, there was so few of them in all the tribes and they needed a way to spread the genes. Of course that caused problems of their own with interbreeding, something magic couldn't even fix for them. Which was the reason why the laws were there for outsiders, though most were useless or pointless in this day and age. Right now a new attempt to get new blood into the tribes, both the one Shampoo was from and the two other sister tribes, was in effect. Many Joketsuzoku, mostly female but a small handful of the males too, had gone out into the world looking for spouses. Some were here in Japan, some combing the other parts of Asia. Some had even gone to the States, Europe, and Africa in search of spouses. Not that this was a well known fact, after all, it wasn't outsiders business what the Joketsuzoku were doing unless it directly involved them.

Back to the point, Shampoo left her bike leaning against the wall and bounded inside.

"Nihao!" She called again, poking her head in several down stairs rooms and not finding anyone. Not even too too nice girl. Shampoo huffed a bit, placing her hands on her hips as she tried to figure out where Ranma and the rest of people living at the Tendo home were. Her ears perked up at a low murmur of voices coming from upstairs and bounded up them, following the sound to the room that had Kasumi's name on it. The teen opened the door, quite surprised at what she saw behind it.

Kasumi stood in the middle of the room, her face as red as a tomato as Sati and Nabiki made adjustments to the outfit she was wearing. It was a sleeveless, corset style dress that was all the way down the front with a black ribbon, large pockets near the bottom and a ruffled skirt attached. Plus she was wearing a pair of leggings that had black and white strips along the whole length. Also to complete the outfit, Kasumi was wearing a pair of black heels with a red ribbon laced up the back of each of them. Plus she was wearing a pair of dangling earrings that had a red stone at the end of them and necklace that had a butterfly on it. All in all, the outfit wasn't all that revealing but it was much less that Kasumi was use to wearing. At the moment, Sati was doing the girl's make up while her sister put the finishing touches on the outfit.

"Ruuu, what going on here? Why too too nice girl done up like that?" Shampoo asked, a bit shocked to see Kasumi dolled up like that. Now that she was looking at the other two, the Amazon noticed Sati and Nabiki was dressed for a night out as well. Nabiki was dressed in a pleated miniskirt and a white corset top had billowy sleeves that were tied at the wrist before spreading out again over her hands and was lined with black along the edges of the top. Plus a pair of black pumps and a black choker necklace. Sati on the other hand had a pair of tight black leather pants on with a tight T-shirt that had a white HIM Heartagram in the middle of the chest not to mention a pair of boots that were nearly up to her knees and had buckles and straps on them.

"We're going clubbing tonight. Kasumi-chan here just needed help with her outfit," Sati said, ignoring the mutterings of 'This is very improper' from Kasumi. "If you’re looking for Ranma, he's already gone ahead with Jasper to the club."

"What!? Airen go on date with other girl!?" Shampoo yelled, already turning around to go and find her future husband and beat Jasper to a pulp. As such, the Amazon yelped in surprise when she was grabbed from behind and easily lifted up a few inches in the air.

"Now now cub. No need to go off all in a huff. Ranma's not on a date with Jasper," Sati said, arms locked over Shampoo's stomach, not even flinching as the teen kicked at her. "They’re just at the same back club, you’re more than welcome to come along and see for yourself if you don't believe me," the werewolf added, soothing the ruffled girl until Shampoo calmed down. After which, Sati let her go and turned back to finishing Kasumi's makeup.

"Alright, Shampoo coming with Wolf girl, too too nice girl, and money girl to club," Shampoo agreed. After all, she had to make sure no one would try to take her husband.


Nabiki looked around the club, 'The Wild', amazed though she was mostly able to keep it off her face. 'The Wild' was a very good name for the place, the music was wild and so was the dancing. The people out on the floor outfits made her and her sister's look very tame and it seems Kasumi agreed if the blush on the girl's cheeks was anything to go by. But it really blew her mind once the werewolf led them down stairs. The werewolf, now fully transformed in hybrid form, vouched for the three girls for being among a bunch of non humans. Now Nabiki didn't bother to hide her wonder, they were surrounded by creatures from legends, plus her manga and anime.

Speaking of legendary creatures, one was coming toward them and she had Ranma wrapped up in her coils.

"Sati... who and what is that?" She asked as she leaned in close to the werewolf, who looked less than happy to see the snake woman.

"That... is Raka Ralara, or Rara as she prefers to be called. And to what she is, well now of days most people call her a Naga but truly she's a lamia. She's an.... 'old friend.'" Sati said this with distaste.

"You don't sound too happy to see her," Kasumi said, her hands clasped in front of her.

"At the moment I'm not," Sati manages to mutter as Rara and Ranma finally came up to the group of females.

"Hello Sati, I haven't seen you in so long," Rara said pleasantly, uncoiling herself from around Ranma to lightly hug Sati briefly. The moment the lamia let go of the teen, Shampoo attached herself to Ranma, glaring.

"Yes, a really long time," Sati agreed with false niceness. “I’m guessing life has been good for you."

"Oh yes," Rara agreed with a nod of her head, grabbing onto Sati's arm and starting to drag the other female away. "Oh, there's something I must speak to you about!" With one last 'help me!' look thrown over her shoulder, Sati was lead away, leaving the group of teens on their own.


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