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Chapter 13

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Author Notes: Goman! bows I didn't mean to take too long but not only did I have writer's blocks, some parts are be to redone a couple of times. Hopefully, the next chapter won't take as long.

Chapter 13

Night had descended upon Nerima and a rare, peaceful, calm seemed to hover over the Tendo Dojo, with those within sleeping comfortably, if not always contently. Unfortunately, this was not to last as a small shadowy figure crept over the wall of the Tendo compound before darting furtively to the side of the house and concealing itself among some bushes. Moving with extreme caution, the small figure made its way to a particular window on the ground floor of the house before stopping once more.

It was obvious from the way the small figure was looking furtively about that it expected to be caught at any moment, especially as there was no concealing brush available on this side of the house, but it seemed determined to carry out its mission. In utter silence the figure extracted something from within its dark clothing and after another moment lifted the item above its head. At that moment, the crescent-moon emerged from behind the clouds, casting its pale light upon the mysterious figure, to reveal... Happosai, perverted Grandmaster of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts.

/‘This should allow me to get past that blasted she-bitch,/’ Happosai thought, as he poured the contents of the pouch he held above his head over himself. The dust, nothing more really than a mixture of dried and powdered herbs, was an old hunter's trick to completely mask one's scent and allow said hunter to get within easy striking distance of their intended prey. Knowing just how sensitive a werewolf's sense of smell actually was, Happosai covered himself completely with the powder, even going so far as to pour a considerable amount inside his clothing, until he was completely covered and looked, if there had been more light available, as if he'd rolled about for some time in a giant vat of catnip or something. It wasn't the least bit comfortable, and caused a nearly overwhelming urge to scratch himself all over, but he restrained himself from doing so by sheer force of will. His mission was far too important to jeopardize it simply because of some physical discomfort. Once he was certain that he'd covered himself completely with the dust, Happosai slowly and cautiously scaled the short distance to the window of his former room, silently opened the well-lubricated window, and crept into the dark interior.

Despite what many may have thought or believed, Happosai had not hidden the majority of his ill-gotten gains over his lifetime within the Tendo compound, as more than a few of his old enemies were well-aware of his place of residence. Other than a few, relatively minor, magical trinkets, and a small amount of gold and jewels, the only other items of note in his room was the vast quantity of feminine undergarments. In truth, at first glance, there was nothing in the room that Happosai couldn't replace with relative ease and a bit of time, or even truly miss. Except... for one item.

In a carefully constructed hiding space, hidden beneath the floorboards, beneath a certain tatami, which in turn was buried beneath a large mound of unwashed panties, was Happosai's greatest treasure... and his greatest weakness. Where exactly Happosai had acquired the item, even he couldn't remember, but without this one item... he'd have long since been replaced as the Grandmaster of the style he'd created. Carefully, and silently, moving the unwashed panties aside, Happosai lifted the tatami to expose the bare wood floor beneath. Reaching down, he gently pressed the corner of one board, causing the other end of the unsecured board to rise enough for him to take hold of it and lift the board aside, exposing the hidden cache beneath. Almost reverently, Happosai reached down and lifted out what appeared to be nothing more than a moderately large and thick tome, the covers of which were held securely closed with what appeared to be bronze clasps. Other than appearing to be quite old, and rather well-used, the old tome was otherwise unremarkable in appearance. Happosai, however, was fully aware that the tome he held in his greedy little hands was anything but unremarkable.

In truth, the ancient tome was the magical equivalent of a modern personal computer, with a few extras that modern computers were only just now beginning to be programmed with, such as translation programs. Unfortunately, that didn't include a magical equivalent of the Internet. The tome only contained the information that was written into it, but after well-over two-hundred-years Happosai had written down a considerable amount of information into the tome. No matter how trivial or useless it may have at first appeared, Happosai had painstakingly copied every martial arts and magical scroll he'd managed to acquire into the tome, including those he couldn't even read due to being in a dead, or simply unknown, language. He'd learned early on in his possession of the tome that, no matter what language was written into the tome, that same information would later be displayed in the written language of the reader. In short, the magical tome had made it possible for Happosai to gather a vast store of magical and martial knowledge, without the hindrance of having to personally remember it all, or carry around a huge library of scrolls and books wherever he went. The tome had made it possible for him to be the Grandmaster of his own style, and to remain in his position until the present time. If he encountered a technique he couldn't immediately counter with the knowledge he had on hand, he simply retreated from the situation until he could consult his tome, find any and all information that had been entered about that particular technique or one similar to it and could develop a counter. Which he would later add to the tome's contents... if it worked.

One of the best things about the magical tome, however, wasn't that it could translate any written language into another modern written language. No, the best thing about it was that one didn't have to search for the information one desired, or consult an index or table of contents. The tome didn't have either of those in any case, unless that was what one was looking for. No, one simply opened the tome, thought about the subject one wanted to know, and the tome would provide a list of entries that related to that particular subject. If the reader didn't request information on a particular topic, or was intending to write down further information into the tome... the pages remained blank.

In any case, now that Happosai had recovered his most prized possession, it was now time to move on to the second phase of his plans... finally acquiring Ranma-chan as his personal toy and devoted slave, before leaving Nerima for good. Opening the tome and thinking about what he wanted to accomplish, he carefully scrutinized the information that appeared on the previously blank page in the pale moonlight, before proceeding to gather the necessary ingredients and equipment. There would be no mistakes, and nothing would be allowed to go wrong...

Murphy loves a challenge...


Once he'd gathered everything he'd need, Happosai had exited the house to approach the room Ranma shared with his father from outside, having sensed Sati's presence in the room beneath the stairs and wanting to stay well-clear of her... just in case. Hopping into the guest room, Happosai dashed around quickly, striking shiatsu points on both Ranma and his father, which would ensure that neither of them would awaken until it was all over with and he was long gone with his new slave.

Moving quickly, and as silently as he could, Happosai proceeded to create the required mystical symbols and the circle of candles, including the four larger ones that were placed at the cardinal compass points, around Ranma's unconscious form. Once more consulting the tome, and ensuring that the symbols he'd drawn around his victim were precisely as required, he moved on to the ingredients necessary for the incense that was to be burned during the spell he intended to cast, measuring each one with careful precision before moving on to the next.

None too soon, in Happosai's opinion, all was in readiness and only two things remained to be done... changing Ranma to his girl-form and casting the spell. With extreme care the old lecher moved over to Ranma and with even greater care, to ensure that it would not splash and incidentally corrupt any of the mystical symbols he'd drawn, poured water over the sleeping youth, eliciting a change in gender.

It was a struggle, but Happosai restrained himself from latching onto the bountiful bosom that sprang up beneath Ranma's muscle-t, consoling himself with the knowledge than soon... soon, he'd be able to enjoy far more than a quick grope and fondle of the petite redhead. All he had to do was be a little patient, and complete the spell.

Moving back outside the circle of candles, Happosai quickly lit them all, then set the incense to burning. Then, once the incense had had the opportunity to completely permeate the room, Happosai once again consulted the tome... and began to read, chanting the words of the spell softly but clearly, forcing himself to enunciate each and every syllable precisely and carefully.

Unfortunately, for Happosai, the spell was both long and complex... it wasn't as easy as some might have thought to turn someone as strong-willed as Ranma into a willing and devoted slave, especially a 'sex-slave'. And the spell would have to overcome more than just Ranma's will, after all. There was also the locking of her form and her gender preferences that had to be overcome. Happosai hadn't even gotten halfway through the spell yet, and already the burning candles had heated the room to such a degree that Happosai had begun to sweat heavily, which in turn caused his desire to scratch himself to increase exponentially, and the dawn was fast approaching. Still, Happosai hadn't lived as long as he had without having learned to control himself and most of his body's involuntary reflexes, so he continued reading and chanting, ignoring his bodies increasing need for relief.

Happosai's undoing, however, was that he could only control most of his involuntary reflexes, as opposed to all, and his overuse of the scent-masking dust which, by the way, had been ground to the consistency of an extremely fine powder and was puffing out from within his clothes in little dust-clouds with each little movement on his part. Subsequently, it was virtually inevitable that one such dust-cloud would make its appearance in front of his face and thereby be inhaled into Happosai's nasal passages. While the mixture of herbs was an excellent means of concealing one's scent, a few of them also happened to be major irritants to one's sinuses.


With that one act of Happosai's body to clear its sinuses of the irritant... the gathering magic of the spell he'd been casting dissipated, helped along by the fact that his convulsive sneeze had also blown out several of the candles. The first sneeze also caused more of the dust to be put into the air, and subsequently be inhaled by Happosai, thereby eliciting even more sneezing. The spell broken, and the sky outside beginning to lighten with the approaching dawn, Happosai could only lament yet another missed opportunity as he continued to sneeze and give in to the urge to vigorously scratch himself all over.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, no-one's really sure where, a fellow by the name of Murphy was toasting himself for vanquishing yet another challenger...

"Ah-choo! Whas goin' on..." Ranma-chan asked drowsily, sitting up and looking around as she rubbed her irritated button of a nose. Due to her presently changing metabolism and the abundant amounts of dust floating about the room, not to mention the changing of genders and the noise Happosai was now making, the shiatsu pressure point had only had limited effect upon her. Taking note of Happosai in her room, the symbols drawn on the floor, her current gender, the candles and so on... well, it didn't take a genius to know that something smelled rotten in Denmark... or something like that, since Ranma-chan presently couldn't seem to smell anything. "Hey, ya ol' letch! What the... ah.. ahh-choo... What the heck d'ya think you're doing?"

In response, Happosai simply leapt towards her bosom intending to at least get a quick grope in before having to flee the premises, but he was met with Ranma-chan's dainty fist and sent flying backwards to crash against the wall. Unfortunately, this action also put even more of the dust into the air, which sent Ranma-chan into a sneezing fit herself. And so it went for the next few moments, both combatants sneezing and upon occasion coughing, as they jockeyed for dominance... or a quick recharge.

"WHAT THE HELL'S GOI--EEEK!!! PERVERT!!!" Akane screamed as she burst into the room only to suddenly find her pajama-top filled to bursting with a perverted old martial artist, and promptly relieved of the brassiere she'd been wearing beneath. Then, as she began hopping about and attempting to remove the groping little rodent from her now shredded top, said rodent quickly did away with her pajama-bottoms and relieved her of her panties.

"A THONG!?" Happosai crowed, bouncing around the room in glee, but still taking every opportunity to feel-up the youngest Tendo's now all but nude body. "Akane, my dear, you make this old man proud! Ranma! You ingrate! Why can't you ever wear something so delightful?!"

"In your dreams, ya ol' letch!" Ranma-chan barked, clipping Happosai in the side with a swift kick and sending him tumbling, as Akane fled the room through the open doorway, through which Nabiki and Kasumi peered curiously.

Happosai was beginning to grow desperate, knowing that Sati could arrive at any moment. He had to get away, and fast, not to mention recover his tome, but at that moment he became distracted as Nabiki shifted her position slightly and inadvertently gave the old lecher a clear view of exactly what she was wearing... which wasn't really all that much. In point of fact, all she was wearing was a short camisole and silk panties, both of dark emerald green, and the camisole was practically see-thru.

"HOTCHA!!! COME TO HAPPI!!!" the old pervert howled and made a beeline for Nabiki.

Until that moment, Nabiki had never really had to worry about the old letch, fending him off with the occasional threat and wanted piece of information, although the loss of the occasional undergarment was rather irritating. And despite her past behavior to the contrary, Nabiki was completely unsullied by the touch of any man, with every intention of remaining that way until a time of her own choosing. Now, however, witnessing the pervert heading straight for her at considerable speed, the clear and blatant lust evident in his eyes... Nabiki panicked.

"RANMA!!!" she screamed in sheer terror, desperately attempting to move out of the lecher's flight trajectory, but already knowing that it was far too late and subconsciously already feeling his lecherous little hands molesting her body.

"DIE!!!" Ranma-chan screamed, leaping forward and hitting Happosai squarely with a chi-enhanced kick that had all the power behind it that she could muster, launching the old pervert through the wall and far out across the city. "Stinkin' Pervert!"

"Nabiki? Nabiki, it's all right! He's gone now!"

Ranma-chan turned back to look out into the hallway and was surprised to see Nabiki almost curled up into a little ball against the opposite wall, her arms wrapped tightly about her drawn up legs and shivering uncontrollably, as Kasumi hovered over her in concern.

"What happened?" Ranma-chan asked in concern rushing over to the two girls. "He didn't even touch her!"

"I... I don't know," Kasumi stammered, obviously distressed over Nabiki's behavior and lack of response.

"Hey? Nabiki?" Ranma-chan softly called, hesitantly reaching out to touch the shivering girl. "It's okay! He's gone! He won't--ACK!!" The instant Ranma-chan had touched Nabiki's shoulder, the older girl had snapped her head up, eyes wide in fright and looking all around before locking onto Ranma's own. Then, suddenly, Ranma-chan was bowled over onto the floor as Nabiki uncoiled from her position like a striking cobra to literally wrap herself about the smaller girl, still shivering in apparent fear.

"Uhm... Perhaps, you should just hold her for a while, Ranma-chan," Kasumi said, noting that it would likely take a truckload of dynamite to separate Nabiki from Ranma at the moment. "I think she's just very upset and frightened over what almost happened."

"Yeah, no foolin'," Ranma-chan said, carefully wrapping her arms about Nabiki, while trying to ignore the fact that she had a practically naked girl glued to her own body with a death-grip. "I wouldn't wish the Ol' Letch on anyone, least of all a girl, but... Isn't this a bit... well, much?"

"That would depend on a great many things, Cub."

"Huh?" Ranma-chan grunted, looking to one side and seeing Sati standing at the top of the stairs, dressed only in a cut-off t-shirt and panties. Under the circumstances though, while she couldn't help but find the image... enticing, the fact that she also presently had a near-naked Nabiki shivering against her own body kinda detracted from her normal ability to blush over the situation she was in. "Where ya been, Auntie? The Ol' Letch was here and..."

"So I heard," Sati responded, walking closer and kneeling down beside them. "Of course, by the time I knew something was wrong in the house, I could also hear that you were handling the situation. Too many fighters, in such an enclosed space, could have easily shifted the odds in the favor of someone of Happi's size and skill. So, I waited at the base of the stairs in case he came that way, and only decided to come upstairs when it suddenly grew quiet. Since you're still here and in one piece, I suppose it was the right thing to do. So, what's wrong with Nabiki?"

"Don't know," Ranma-chan sighed, gently tightening her arms about the shivering girl and carefully lifting herself up into a seated position. "The Ol' Letch didn't even touch her. Just jumped at her before I kicked him away."

"Hmm..." Sati mused, looking the obviously still frightened Nabiki over, before shifting her gaze to Kasumi. In contrast to the highly revealing sleepwear that Nabiki was wearing, Kasumi was wearing a long silk negligee that, while it would highlight her attractive figure, was completely opaque and she'd donned a robe over that. "Kasumi? Doesn't Nabiki usually wear pajamas to sleep in?"

"Oh, no," Kasumi responded. "She only puts on her pajamas if she has to leave her room for some reason before she actually has to dress for the day, or on particularly cold nights. While I think it's rather scandalous, Nabiki normally sleeps in the nude, but she does have a few items of lingerie that she will sometimes sleep in as well. I suppose that in all the excitement, she simply forgot to put on her pajamas."

This time, Ranma couldn't suppress the blush that appeared on her cheeks, as her mind filled with images of a nude sleeping Nabiki.

"So... Nabiki's never been a recipient of Happosai's... attentions?"

"No, I don't believe so," Kasumi responded, seeming to think the question over. "For some reason Grandfather Happosai never really seemed to bother Nabiki and I."

"Hey, you're right!" Ranma-chan piped up. "I've often wondered about that. I can understand why he'd never molest you, Kasumi, as I can't imagine anyone doin' that to someone as nice as you are." While Ranma missed it, Sati didn't. Kasumi's expression, just for a moment, had shifted to one of disappointment. "It was Nabiki, though, that I could never figure out."

"Actually, if I understand the way things have been here, it's perfectly understandable," Sati explained, having thought over what she'd noticed about the occupants of the Tendo residence, and what she knew of Happosai. "Kasumi and Nabiki were the only two in this house that he couldn't really afford to antagonize in any great way."

"What d'ya mean?"

"Think about it, Cub," Sati explained. "While Soun Tendo may be the recognized head of the Tendo household... Is he really?"

Ranma-chan did think about it. "Good point, Auntie. Despite what he and Pops may say, it's really Kasumi and Nabiki that run everything."

"Exactly," Sati agreed. "While Kasumi's been doing all of the cooking and cleaning, including for Happosai, Nabiki's been the one ensuring that all of the bills were paid and that Kasumi could continue to place such excellent meals on the table. If he molested either of them, he ran the risk of driving one or both away, which would have been bad for all of you, including him."

"Then why'd he try to..." Ranma-chan began, only to trail off and think it over for a moment. After a few moments, she looked back up and said, "He's leaving, isn't he? And he doesn't really have any intentions of coming back for a while."

"That would be my guess. So, he no longer felt he needed to hold back from molesting these two," Sati said, pointing at Nabiki and Kasumi.

"Okay, I can understand all that," Ranma-chan said, fighting a losing battle with her own hands, as they continued to drop down and caress Nabiki's bottom until she'd realize what she was doing and lift them back up to Nabiki's hips. Only to have them drop back down to that delectable bottom the instant her concentration wavered. "None of that explains why Nabiki reacted like this, since he never even touched her."

"That, I'm afraid, is likely to be something that only Nabiki can tell us," Sati sighed, smirking at Ranma's up and down hand movements. She could also see that while Kasumi wanted to say something about it, she was restraining herself, most likely due to the fact that until Nabiki released her death-grip upon Ranma-chan it would be a complete waste of breath. "For now, though... why don't you carry Nabiki back to her room and put her back in bed. Stay with her for a while, not that I can really see how you can get away from her while she's holding you like that, and I'll send Kasumi back up to wake the two of you when breakfast is ready."

"I-If you say so, Auntie," Ranma-chan stammered, while awkwardly getting to her feet, with Nabiki's arms and legs wrapped tightly about her smaller body.

"I do, Cub," Sati said, holding up a hand to silence Kasumi when she was about to say something. "Nabiki seems to trust you, a great deal. And I seriously doubt that she would want to be alone right now."


"It's not proper, Sati," Kasumi said the instant that Ranma-chan carried Nabiki into her room. "Especially with the way he couldn't seem to... restrain his hands."

"Do you honestly believe that Ranma would willingly do anything improper with Nabiki, Kasumi?" Sati asked.

"There was a time when I would have immediately said that the very idea was ridiculous, but lately..."

"You're right. Ranma's becoming an adult, with an adult's reactions and instinctual behavior, especially towards the opposite gender," Sati said, once again holding a hand up to forestall any comments from Kasumi. "But, Ranma is not yet an adult. Soon, yes, but not yet. At the moment, Nabiki trusts him, and clearly doesn't want to be away from him. And, there's also Nabiki's own dawning maturity to take into consideration."

"What do you mean?"

"I guess you didn't notice anything other than what Ranma's hands were doing," Sati said with a smirk. "I did, though. Each time Ranma's hands dropped to her bottom, Nabiki held Ranma just a little tighter and was rocking her hips against him just a tiny bit. I'm not entirely certain that the girl is as terrified as she first appeared to be."


As things turned out... it wasn't Kasumi that called Ranma and Nabiki to breakfast... although the two of them would no doubt have preferred it to be so.

Jasper had come over to the Dojo early that morning to discuss a few things with Sati about Ranma's upcoming change, and she'd subsequently been drafted to wake the two, after Akane came downstairs, complete with now empty water bucket in hand, asking as to the whereabouts of her perverted fiancé. Not the least bit surprising, Akane wasn't at all pleased to learn of his present location, no matter what the circumstances that had placed him there. Still, she could rant and stew all she liked, but until Sati applied the counter to the paralyzation shiatsu point she'd pressed on Akane, there wasn't a whole lot else that she could do.

Jasper hadn’t really given the situation a lot of thought, and upon entering Nabiki’s bedroom, after failing to get a response from her knocking, she just stood there taking in the scene for a few moments. On the one hand, the picture of the two girls occupying Nabiki’s bed was extremely cute, what with the way that they were cuddled up together, arms and legs entwined. On the other hand, it was also somewhat erotic, due to the fact that Ranma-chan’s muscle-t had ridden up to expose her breasts, which were pressed right up against Nabiki’s own endowments, and somehow Ranma-chan’s boxer-shorts had slipped down to her knees and her exposed bottom was presently being held in a rather possessive manner by a still sleeping Nabiki.

It was almost a shame to wake the two for breakfast. Almost, Jasper thought, as she withdrew a small aerosol can from a pouch on her belt, an evil smile appearing on her lips.

Sati and Kasumi, both in the kitchen and putting the finishing touches on that morning‘s breakfast, jumped at the sound of an air-horn blaring away loudly inside the house. This was followed a moment later by the sound of two bodies hitting the floor, after obviously having been rudely awakened, and a loud, cheery, voice announcing that breakfast was ready and cackling madly. This in turn was followed by an angered shout, either from Ranma-chan or Nabiki, and yet another loud thump of a body hitting the floor.


“Don’t you ever do that again!” Nabiki growled, glaring at Jasper from across the table.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Jasper snickered. “I just wish dat I’d had my digi-cam with me, so I coulda gotten a picture o’ da two of ya. It was so cuuuuuuute!”

“Oh sure, I bet,” Ranma growled, once again male after a quick bath. “Nabiki may have taken pictures of my girl-form while I slept, and sold them, but she never actually tried to get complete nudes. What’s the big idea of lifting up my shirt and pulling my boxers down, huh?”

“Yeah,” Nabiki agreed. “Even I have limits.”

Jasper just stared the two of them for a few moments... before finally falling over onto her side and laughing hard.

“What’s so funny?” Ranma snapped.

“Apparently...” Jasper began, trying to reign in her laughter. “Apparently, Nabiki’s ‘limits’, don’t extend ta when she’s asleep.”

“Huh?” Ranma asked. “What’s that supposed ta mean?”

“It means,” Sati calmly said, pausing in her meal. “That when Jasper went up to wake the two of you, your clothing was already in the condition you found it upon waking up. Nabiki, it seems, has roving hands when she’s asleep.”

“My sister is not a pervert!” Akane snarled, glaring at them, especially Sati. While Akane could now move the upper portion of her body, her legs were still paralyzed. Otherwise, she’d have already pounded Ranma into the ground.

“No one said she was, Cub,” Sati responded. “Just because she may have gotten a little... overly attentive, as they both slept, and engaged in some harmless fondling of her bedmate, doesn’t make her, or Ranma, a pervert.”

“He’s always been a pervert, and he’ll always be a pervert!” Akane growled, glaring at him.

“Forget it, Daddy!” a blushing Nabiki growled, having noticed her father and Mr. Saotome exchanging furtive glances. “Nothing happened, and I am not marrying Ranma at any time in the immediate future.”

“But...” Soun began.

“Father,” Kasumi interrupted. “They were both girls at the time, and if Nabiki says nothing happened, then I’m certain that nothing did.”

Sati smirked as she noted Soun slump in defeat as yet another opportunity to force Ranma into marrying one of his daughters slipped through his fingers. She wondered if anyone else had noted that Nabiki hadn’t stated that she would ‘never’ marry Ranma, as Akane was so fond of reminding everyone, but that she wouldn’t be doing so ‘in the immediate future’.

“In any case,” Genma began, not as easily dissuaded as his friend. “The fact remains that Ranma has shared the bed of a woman, while inappropriately dressed, and intimate contact was exchanged. The only honorable course of action, in such a situation, is for the boy to marry said woman.”

“Gee, Pop,” Ranma said, fully aware of what his father was attempting, but also easily recognizing a means of derailing the ol’ panda’s attempt to force him to marry before he was ready. “I wish you’d make up your mind. First you want me to marry one of Mr. Tendo’s daughters, but now you’re sayin’ that you want me to marry Shampoo.”

“Huh? That’s not...” Genma began, obviously confused.

“Well, who else could ya be talkin’ ‘bout?” Ranma asked. “If I’m supposed ta marry the girl that I’ve slept with, while ‘inappropriately’ dressed, and ‘intimate’ contact was ‘exchanged’, then ya gotta be talkin’ ‘bout Shampoo. She’s the first girl I’ve ever woke up and found in bed with me, more than once, inappropriately dressed and, more often than I care ta think about, with her hands definitely making ‘intimate contact’. What’s the matter, Pop, Mr. Tendo’s daughters suddenly not good enough, or somethin’? Did the Ol’ Ghoul offer somethin’ to ya, if ya could get me hitched ta Shampoo? Why the sudden change of engagements? Especially after all Mr. Tendo’s done for us while we’ve been here.”

“Genma...” Soun growled, all too easily able to imagine Genma transferring the engagement of his son to someone other than one of his own daughters... if sufficiently enticed.

If there was one thing that Genma Saotome had learned about his oldest friend, Soun Tendo, over the many years of their friendship, it was that, just like his youngest daughter, there was no reasoning with him once he became angry. And one look at his old friend informed Genma that he was, indeed, angry. Unlike his idiot son, however, who would hang around and attempt to reason with his angered fiancée, Genma was far wiser and more experienced. Nope, the best thing to do in this situation, as had occurred in the past, was to run for it and give his friend a chance to calm down before trying to explain anything. And so... Genma bolted, with Soun in hot pursuit.

“Pretty smooth, Saotome,” Nabiki giggled. “And just where were Shampoo’s hands, hmm?”

Ranma opened his mouth to respond, and then suddenly snapped it closed, blushing furiously.

“Pervert! Just like I said!” Akane snorted.

“As interesting as all this has been,” Sati began, producing the large tome that Happosai had left behind and setting it upon the table, before pushing it towards Ranma, “I found this in your room, after you took Nabiki back to hers. As Happosai’s ‘heir’, I believe it would belong to you. At least, until such time as he tries to retrieve it.”

“There’s nothing in it,” Ranma said, after opening the tome and flipping through the blank pages. “The pages are all blank.”

“Is dat what I think it is?” Jasper asked, slightly wide-eyed.

“Yep. A magical tome,” Sati replied, before going on to explain how such a tome worked to Ranma and the others. Once she’d explained how it worked, Ranma was having the book produce all kinds of information on a multitude of martial arts techniques and styles that he’d heard about over the years, including information on the Neko-ken and...

“That lyin’ sneak,” Ranma growled, looking over the text that had appeared when he’d pondered on the various styles that had been incorporated into the Saotome School, and discovered several that his father had never even hinted at. “He’s been holdin’ out on me.”

“Could I look at that for a moment, Saotome?” Nabiki asked. Not too surprisingly, the pages went blank when Ranma handed the tome to her. But new text appeared quickly once Nabiki had it in her lap.

“Whatcha lookin’ for?” Ranma asked, peering over her shoulder, and promptly blushing crimson at what he saw. Apparently, the tome could produce pictures as well.

“Oh, I just figured that since the Ol’ Perv had it, this thing just had to have some kind of information on sexual martial arts techniques,” Nabiki said with a big grin, before setting the book back in front of Ranma, but maintaining physical contact with it so that the pages didn’t go blank again. “Be a good boy, won’t you, and study these sections diligently.”

“Nabiki!” Kasumi and Akane both said.

“Hey, Ranma could use all the help he can get, when it comes to girls and intimate situations,” Nabiki said in defense of her actions. Of course, what she didn’t say was that if Ranma actually did learn those sections of the tome, then he was going make some girl very contented later on.

"Gimme that!" Akane growled, leaning across the table and yanking the tome over to her. But, try as she might, the pages remained blank. "Why isn't it working?"

"Probably because you took it without permission," Sati said. "Most magical tomes, like that one, have spells built into them so that only certain individuals can actually view the contents. Some tomes have even been known to gain some minor self-awareness, after a few centuries of existence. At a guess, though, I'd say that Ranma, being Happosai's recognized 'heir', at least by Happosai, qualifies him to view the contents."

"Then why could Nabiki get it to work?" Akane demanded. "She's not even a martial artist."

"She asked Ranma for the use of the tome, and he handed it to her," Sati explained. "You, on the other hand, simply took it from him, without asking or getting his permission. Heck, if I hadn't felt the magic on it, and recognized it for it was, I'd have just assumed it was a blank book. I couldn't get it to work for me, either. I wasn't even sure that it would work for Ranma."

Needless to say, Akane was less than pleased when, even after getting Ranma's permission to use the tome... the pages steadfastly remained blank. Even having Ranma hold the tome and question it himself, while Akane looked over his shoulder, didn't produce the desired results. Ranma could see the text, but Akane was still seeing a blank page.


The following days were rather hectic as the next full moon drew ever closer. Jasper, who was helping Sati get everything set up for Ranma's first transformation, hadn't even gotten much of a chance to go after Taeko Kuno. Luckily, for him, the self-proclaimed werewolf hunter seemed to be laying low at the moment, so there was no great need to worry about him. Sati had rented a cabin outside of Tokyo, in an isolated bit of forest, and made arrangements for having fairly large amounts of fresh meat delivered daily for their stay. She also managed, with Nabiki's help, to acquire a fair amount of steel girders, or 'I'-bars, from some of the demolition sites around Tokyo. With Ranma's steadily increasing strength normal wooden training posts were just a waste of time and effort.

Speaking of which...


The dull ringing sound pealed out across Tendo compound as Ranma's fist connected with the partially buried girder, leaving a large dent in the hardened metal.


Another dent was added, this one making the girder vibrate noticeably. Standing to one side, Sati silently gauged the strength of the blows and... was a little disappointed.

"Oh, come on, Cub," she huffed. "You can do better than that. You've hit it twice already, and other than impressions of your fist, the thing's still straight as a rail. Put some actual muscle into it."


Sati looked over the now heavily dented girder, the top of which was now bent back at about a thirty-degree angle off the vertical, as Ranma hoped around with his hands beneath his armpits a grimace of pain on his face.

"Not bad, Cub, not bad," she sighed, before glaring at him. "But I said /muscle/, not speed. All the speed in the world isn't going to do you a lick of good, if you can't do some serious damage when you connect."

Akane, who'd been in the dojo performing her own training, had been watching through the open doors and wondered what was so special about putting dents into a hunk of metal. Sure, the metal was a bit more durable than the concrete slabs she habitually destroyed, but what was the point? Really, how often was a martial artist going to be called upon to beat up something made out of metal? Concrete, cement and such, on the other hand... One never knew when they'd have knock down a wall or two. Brushing the concrete dust from her hands, Akane stomped her way outside.

"What's this so-called training supposed to accomplish?" Akane asked, as Sati pulled the girder from the ground, only to toss it aside and place another, undamaged, girder into its place.

"Strength, focus and tolerance," Sati grunted, ramming the girder down tight. "It's harder than it looks. Ranma's developed his speed nicely, but he relies on it far too much. He's become unbalanced."

"Hmphf," Akane snorted, smirking at Ranma who was still grimacing in obvious pain and rubbing at his abused knuckles. "Even I'm stronger than that jerk," She then snidely added, "And I'm just a girl."

"Don't ya mean gorilla?" Ranma shot back.

"Why you..." Akane growled, taking a step towards him before stopping, a determined expression appearing on face as her hands closed into tight fists. "Fine! I'm gorilla, but that's still better than being an arrogant, insensitive, PERVERTED JERK!" Akane growled, her voice rising into a scream at the end, as she spun about and delivered a truly devastating blow to the upright girder.

"Hmm... Now that," Sati sighed, watching as an expression of intense pain replaced Akane's previously enraged expression, "wasn't a very wise thing to do."

Akane simply whimpered, as she slowly drew her fist away from the unblemished girder to cradle it against her chest. Neither Sati, nor Ranma, had to examine Akane's hand to know that she had broken several bones. As a result, any further training of Ranma was put on hold as he escorted the youngest Tendo to Tofu's clinic.


The following afternoon found Akane, her right hand in a plaster cast that extended halfway up her forearm, glaring at Jasper, who was doubled over in laughter after Akane had, reluctantly, explained how she'd broken her hand, while trying ineffectively to use chopsticks with her left hand.

"Dat is so fuckin' funny," Jasper laughed, and then laughed harder as Akane, by no means ambidextrous, applied a little too much pressure to the chopsticks in her left hand. This excess pressure resulted in the small ball of rice she was attempting to get to her mouth to suddenly fly upwards, only to land on the top of her head with a splat.

"Ha, ha," Akane grumped, cleaning the rice from her hair. "Laugh it up, why don't you! I'll bet you couldn't have done any better. You're not even a martial artist."

"Hmphf. What's being a martial artist gotta do wit' it?" Jasper grunted, getting herself back under control. "I can do a bit o' dat chop suki shit, too, but I don' go aroun' braggin' 'bout it! What Sati was tryin' ta teach Ranma was how ta control his strength, ta focus it, an' ta learn how ta deal wit' a bit o' hurt in da process. Instead, he went an' tried ta play patty-cake wit' a steel girder, hittin' it a lot, but not really doin' dat much damage. You, on da other hand..." Jasper couldn't quite repress the snicker that escaped. "Ya had da right idea, placin' all your strength in a single blow, but..."

"I still say you couldn't do any better," Akane growled. She then made a point of looking Jasper up and down, before muttering, "Wimp."

"Oh, I'm a 'wimp' am I?" Jasper responded, baring her teeth a bit in a feral grin. "Looks are often deceivin'... Nitro."


"Short for 'nitroglycerin'," Jasper snickered. "From everythin' I've heard 'bout ya, it fits. Handle wit' extreme care or... BOOM!"

"Put up, or shut up, Wimp!" Akane growled, getting to her feet and not caring for the nickname at all. Her temper wasn't that bad!

"Fine, fine," Jasper grumbled, getting to her feet and following Akane out into the yard and over to the girder. "Dis da same one ya broke your paw on? Hmm, no dents. Not a one."

"Less talk. More action," Akane growled, refraining from answering the question.

"Yeah, yeah," Jasper grunted, taking position before the upright girder. Despite being a werewolf herself, Jasper was fully aware that she wasn't close to being as strong as Sati, or even Ranma once he'd undergone his first transformation. Still...


When Jasper lowered her fist to her side, there was a noticeable impression of it remaining in the steel girder, which was also noticeably no longer straight, if only by a little. She turned and faced Akane, lifting an eyebrow in question as to her ability to do as she said she could. For her own part, Akane just glared at the girder, then at Jasper, before sniffing loudly, turning on her heel and stomping back into the house.

Jasper continued to remain standing there, fist still clenched at her side, until Akane was well out of sight. When she was reasonably certain that Akane wouldn't make a sudden reappearance, Jasper finally voiced her thoughts on the concept of striking steel girders as hard as one could with their bare hand. "God damn, son-of-a-fuckin'-bitch, that hurts!" Jasper growled, dropping to her knees and cradling her throbbing hand.

Luckily, her hand was only severely bruised, to the bone, but it would be completely healed within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, for at least the next hour or so, it was still going to hurt like bloody blazes.


Sati sat perched on the roof of Furinkan High, watching the students circulate in the school yard during the lunch period. The next full moon was the following week and she had yet to decide on the final items necessary for Ranma's first transformation. Namely females willing to have wild animal sex, with a creature out of myth and legend. Not too surprisingly, it was easier said than done. And unfortunately, other than Jasper and herself, she would have to make her selections from among the local human population.

The main problems with including human participants in the Rite of the First Moon were the disparities in size, strength and endurance. Especially in regards to a male Were and a human female. While it wasn't a certainty, despite the impression she had been giving. It was highly likely that some sex would occur, which for the human participants could result in serious injury if precautions weren't taken beforehand, in the case of young male undergoing the Rite. It was customary to have at least three or more female Were on hand, and also being fertile at that set time. There was a reason why other male Weres were strictly forbidden from taking part in the Rite. Fights because of territorial disputes, dominance, and mating rights usually end in serious injury. While extremely rare for it to occur, it was not entirely unheard of for a young male Were, if sufficiently strong and dominant enough, to decide to keep the females taking part in the Rite and attempt to form his own Pack. This was also the reason that the female Weres taking part were often unmated volunteers from neighboring Packs, and usually much older and more experienced than the male, which would tend making it much more difficult for the young male to dominate them.

While Ranma, would certainly become more aggressive and dominant of those around him, after he underwent the Rite. Sati was reasonably certain that he wasn't the type to enforce his will upon those females that truly didn't wish to be mated to him. And yet, the possibility remained, which is one of the reasons Sati was rather pleased that Jasper had chosen to remain and take part in the Rite. As a young and relatively inexperienced Were herself, Jasper was not required to take part and could have easily refused. Sati, herself, had no fears that Ranma would be able to dominate her... unless she allowed it, that is.

Which still left Sati with the problem of locating other willing participants. And since there were no Packs nearby, werewolves being rather rare in Japan, she was forced to consider other options, namely human participants.

Ranma's fiancées, of course, were an obvious choice. And yet, there were inherent problems in those choices. Akane was simply too emotionally immature to take part, and would be for quite some time to come. If Sati were any judge of maturity, and then, of course, there was the likely reactions of Soun and Genma if they learned that Ranma and Akane had engaged in ANY form of sexual activity. Their reactions, alone, were enough to disqualify Akane from consideration. Neither of the children deserved that kind of pressure and Sati seriously doubted Akane's ability to keep her mouth shut.

Nabiki, while not an 'official' fiancée, had shown some definite interest in Ranma, and the Saotome/Tendo arrangement HAD been between Ranma and one of Soun's daughters, not just to Akane. Sati was reasonably certain that the girl could keep quiet about anything that happened, but... would Nabiki be willing to run the risk of becoming Ranma's chosen mate... or one of his mates. For strong males were often known to take more than a single mate in time.

Kasumi perhaps, and like Nabiki, yet another 'unofficial' fiancée. And yet, Sati had the impression that the eldest Tendo daughter viewed Ranma as more of a little brother. A handsome and attractive brother but a brother nonetheless, rather than as any kind of potential life mates. There was also the fact that Kasumi was far too likely to give in to the demands of her father, no matter what the consequences may be.

Ukyo Kuonji seemed rather clingy to Sati. She would almost certainly go the same route as the fathers in insisting that Ranma marry her afterwards, despite the participation of others. Sati didn't really know the girl all that well, but from her brief encounters with the girl, and from what Ranma had written about her. Sati had the impression that the Kuonji girl was more fixated on a fantasy of what married life with Ranma would be like, rather than any possible reality. She'd keep the girl in mind, but wouldn't approach her if she could find an alternate.

Shampoo definite benefits there, but also some notable problems. The Joketsuzoku's 'Kiss of Marriage' while binding, as Weres were no exceptions to Joketsuzoku Law and there weren't many who were. It is all but impossible to enforce it upon Were, for obvious reasons, not at least of which was the continuing survival of that said Joketsuzoku. Still, there were ways around such problems. The real question was would Shampoo and especially Cologne go with the offer that Sati had in mind.

Kodachi Kuno. An unknown, and had several things going against her involvement, not the least of which was Ranma's own opinions of the girl. There were also her family relations to take into consideration, as well, notably one Taeko Kuno.

Decisions, decisions, decisions... Sati was really beginning to miss the 'old days'.

Sati's attention was suddenly returned to the school yard below, as she noted the arrival of Shampoo and her subsequent glomping of a certain pigtailed martial artist. From what she'd gathered from Ranma's letters and her own observations since arriving in Nerima, this was far from being an unusual occurrence. Nor were the reactions of Shampoo's rivals for Ranma, namely Akane and Ukyo, in any way unexpected. Consisting of jealous glares, the assuming of aggressive stances and, in Akane's case, the appearance of a battle aura.

And yet, something new had been added to the equation. Even from her position upon the roof of the school, Sati had no difficulty in noting that Ranma's hands were in no way attempting to force Shampoo away from himself. Quite the opposite, in fact, as they'd descended to the Amazon's behind and pulled her tighter against him, much too said Amazon's obvious delight and the growing displeasure of two others. Naturally, it didn't take long for chaos to erupt, especially with the sudden appearance of yet another well-known Amazon, this one with notable sight impairment.

Deciding to get a closer look at things, Sati leaped down from the roof and made her way over to the developing brawl. Needless to say, she noted that Ranma was having the usual difficulties in attempting to defuse the volatile situation, what with the other relevant parties taking anything he said or did and twisting it around to favor their own biased view of the situation.

"Looks like I'm finally going to see one of these famous brawls," she said softly as she leaned against one of the trees in the school's court yard, out of the site of the others.

Ranma was busy dodging Mousse's chained weapons while the girl's got into their own fight. The Werewolf frowned as she watched the fight between the girls. Watching Ukyo fight, Sati was beginning to doubt that the girl could take a nearly full grown Lycan male. Not to say that the girl couldn't fight, she was seemingly holding her own against Shampoo, but Sati's trained eye noticed that for the most part, the Amazon was holding back against the other girl.

'Well that takes her off my list.' she thought with a sigh.

"What's going on here?" Sati was jerked out of her thoughts by a high pitched childish voice. She looked toward where the voice came from, raising as eye brow at the site of young girl stalking toward the group of teenagers. Ranma and the others had stopped fighting and now were looking for a way to escape the girl's wraith.

"Delinquents!" the girl yelled as she drew out a 50 piece yen coin, "Happo 50 Yen Satsu!"

It dawned on Sati that the girl was Ranma's English teacher Hinako Ninomiya as she watched the girl turned into a sexy older woman. In her 2 thousand years, Sati had never quite seen something like this. Heard of it yes, many times but they were mostly rumors. But this was the first time the werewolf had seen this technique. An idea was starting to form in her head as she turned her attention to the group of drained teens that lay on the ground. She wondered in Hinako's attack would work on a nearly full grown Werewolf that needed to be kept someone under control.


"We need to talk," Sati said as she stood in Nabiki's doorway, arms crossed over her chest.

Nabiki looked up from her homework, raising an eyebrow, but waved her hand toward her computer chair for the werewolf to sit in. After closing the door behind her, Sati did just that, studying the human girl a bit as Nabiki watched her in return.

"So... just what is it you wanted to talk about?" She finally asked starting to get a bit unnerved by the other's staring.

"I know you know Ranma's little secret," Sati said as she leaned back into the chair, crossing her arms over her chest again, "And I'm glad you haven't let it slip out to anyone before we were ready. Well, before Ranma was ready anyway." Nabiki blushed a bit at realizing that she had been caught at her spying.

"Ok, you’re welcome I guess," She finally said, looking back down at her homework so the other wouldn't see her face,” But that's not what you’re up here for, is it. "

"No, there's something else I need to speak to you about," Sati said in agreement, "You heard the conversation between myself, Ranma, and Jasper when the female cub came here correct?" Nabiki nodded, wondering where this was going since she never heard the talk on the roof that had happen later. "During those first three nights, Ranma is going to have a very strong urge to ..... mate."

"Mate?" Nabiki looked up at Sati in a bit of shock, blinking eyes in surprise. Sati chuckled and nodded before stopping and thinking a bit on it.

"Well it's more like mindless sex. The point is, the cub is going to have a couple of female companions for those nights for that very act. It's just sex, no strings attached so to speak," The middle Tendo daughter looked at Sati, trying to process just what she was asking her.

"You want me to be one of the girls?" it finally dawned on Nabiki.

"Yes, out of you and your two sisters, you are the best choice. Kasumi is too proper for this and Akane will go overboard about this with that temper of hers. You on the other hand seem to be able to keep a cool head about this idea and understand that it's just sex," Sati explained with a shrug of her shoulders, "Of course the choice is totally yours, and if you don't feel comfortable with this then you can decline." A thoughtful look crossed Nabiki's face as she weighed the pro and cons of this suggestion.

"Can I get back to you on this? It's a lot to think about," She finally said, sitting up on her bed.

"Yes, but there is only a week left so don't take you long to make a decision," Sati said with a nod as she stood from the chair and headed toward the door, "I think I'll go see how Kasumi is doing with dinner and see if she needs any help." Nabiki just absently nodded and stood to walk over to the window as thoughts ran through her head. As she looked down toward the ground, a confused look crossed the teens face as she watched Ranma and Jasper kick around a little... ball?



"Just what are you doing?" Ranma asked as he watched Japer bounce some kind of ball with her feet.

"Breakin’ in my new hacky sack," she responded, not breaking the rhythm she had going as she bounced it high enough for her to catch with her hands.

"Your what?" as quizzical look crossed Ranma's face at this.

"Hacky sack," she threw the ball over to Ranma who caught it easily, "You bounce it around on your body, dun't let it touch the ground and you can't catch it in a game. It's kinda like a mini-soccer ball if ya had to compare it to sumthin." This time a look of confusion crossed the teen's face as he handed the ball back to Jasper. The girl blew her bangs out of her face as she took the hacky sack back. "Look, jest watch."

"Ok," Ranma watched as Jasper dropped the ball on top of her foot then started to bounce it. After a couple of minutes she bounced it back up to her hand.

"Ok, you try now. And once you get the hang of it try bouncing it back ta me," the Werewolf said as she threw her ball back over to the other Werewolf. Soon the two teens were playing a game of hacky sack, the black hair teen having caught on to the basics of the game pretty quick.

"What are you two doing?" both teens turned toward Nabiki who was standing in the door way, her arms crossed over her chest.

"He's helping me break in my new hacky sack," Jasper said, throwing the sack into the air. Nabiki raised an eyebrow, walking over to the pair and taking the ball from the other girl. She dropped it to the ground, being able to bounce it a couple of times before missing. "You play?" Jasper asked with a bark of laughter.

"I played a couple of times," Nabiki said with a small laugh of her own, "But as you can see, I'm not that good. And just how did you get so good so fast Ranma?" the older girl turned toward boy.

"Hacky sack is a lot about reflexes," Jasper offered. Nabiki 'ahed' in understanding. Ranma blushed lightly, reaching up behind his head to rub the back of his neck. "And the game takes a lot of time for most people to get any good at. Come on people, let's fucking play."

This lead to the scene that Akane came upon a half hour later. A hacky sack game between Jasper, Ranma, Nabiki, and Shampoo was going off smoothly, the ball bouncing from one person to another quickly. Nabiki getting better at it as the game went along.

"What is she doing here!?!" Akane yelled, pointing at Shampoo with her hand. The Amazon had showed up about midway through the other three player's game before being forced to join. Said Amazon was startled from the other girl's yell, hitting the hacky sack harder than she needed to and it soared toward Akane at the very fast speed. Akane's hand shot up, meaning to catch the ball and keep it from hitting her in the face. The ball slammed into her hand, knocking it back into her face and smashing into her mouth since she forgot that her hand had a heavy cast on, in the heat of the moment. Akane moaned in pain as she covered her bleeding mouth with her unbroken hand, tears springing to dark eyes.

"Shampoo think little ball make good weapon against too too violent girl," Shampoo said with a bit of a laugh.


Next night, Sati sat in one of the trees of the park, waiting in the branches for someone. She didn't have to wait long as Hinako, once again in her little girl form, skipped down the path, an ice cream cone in her hands. Sati even wondered if the child teacher would even go for what the Werewolf was about to suggest to her.

'Well, only one way to find out,' the woman thought as she moved from her branch to another, getting ready to confront Hinako below.

Hinako, meanwhile, didn't even realize she was being watched by a pair of moon yellow eyes as all of her attention was on the ice cream cone at the moment. A rustling noise and the soft thud of someone landing caught her attention, causing her to look up. There was a figure in the shadow, the only thing Hinako could see was the pair of moon yellow eyes that had been watching her before. The first thing that popped into the girl's head that this was a thief, a murderer, or maybe a rapist.

'Perfect, I'll teach this delinquent that they didn't mess with Ninomiya Hinako,' Hinako thought with smirk crossing her child-like face as she dug into of the pockets of her dress to take out one of her yen coins.

"Don't you ever get tired of being like that?" Sati asked as she stepped out of the shadow of the trees into the light, "I know of a way to fix your minor problem to where you don't turn into a little girl again, staying as an adult," the werewolf commented, looking as her sharp nails, fringing boredom.

"What do you mean?" Hinako narrowed her childish eyes, still not completely trusting Sati, a lesson learned after living in Nerima for a while. But at the same time she was interested in what the other woman had to say. Truth be told, she had a pretty good idea what Sati was talking about. After all, how many people changed into a grown woman after sucking up other people's chi then turned back into a child once that energy was used.

"Before I answer that, tell me what you truly think of your student Ranma?" Sati said, looking Hinako straight in the eyes now.


"Clean up the rest of those tables, slacker," Cologne said, raising her staff lightly to threaten Mousse, who was scrubbing at the Nekohanten’s tables. Shampoo was in the back, cleaning up the kitchen. The three amazons were getting ready to close the restaurant for the night. The bell about the door rang, alerting Cologne that someone had come in.

"Sorry, but we are closed for the night," she said, not bothering to look over at the door.

~Elder Kon Lon of the Joketsuzoku, I request the use of your great granddaughter and heir Xian Pu in the Rite of the First Moon,~ Sati called out from where she stood in the door way. Cologne looked up at her old friend and sighed.

~So my theory was correct it seems,~ She muttered as she hopped toward the back of the restaurant. "Finish closing up," she snapped at Moose who had stopped cleaning to listen in on the two women's conversation. Sati followed after the withered woman, Shampoo following as well when her grandmother motioned for her too.

~Son-in-law is one of your kind?~ Cologne stated once the trio was sitting down.

~Yes, and his first transformation is coming up. I would like her,~ Sati waved her hand in Shampoo's direction, who was quite confused on what was going on, ~to be his first. But the rules of the rite still apply as usual, so you cannot use this to seal the kiss of marriage.~

~Well, it is considered an honor to be asked to be part of the rite,~ the Amazon elder said, rubbing her chin.

~Great Grandmother, what is this Rite she is talking about?~ Shampoo finally asked, questions clear in her eyes.

~The Rite of the First Moon, is an honor to asked to join it,~ Cologne focused on the younger Amazon, ~It means your husband is one of the Were, the rite asks for a young Joketsuzoku to help Lycan who has come to their first transformation late in life. It's basically sex, and it's even a greater honor to be asked to be his first.~ Shampoo's eyes lit up as she came to understanding on just what the werewolf was asking.

~What do I have to do?~ she asked in excitement.


"Sati," Nabiki quite voice called out to the werewolf as she came into the Tendo house hold. She didn't think anyone else was really awake, having stayed at the Nekohanten for quite awhile.

"Hello cub, didn't think you would still be awake," she said, watching Nabiki. The middle daughter walked over to the older woman, bowing her head.

"I'll do it," Nabiki said with a heavy blush.


Edit 5-14-14: Changed Amazon to Joketsuzoku again whenever they are talking about the clan/village. Edited Sati to her new age and fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes. Biggest thing I did here was combined both parts of Chapter 13 into one chapter.
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