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Half Term -- Day One

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Here's what I've done on the first day of my half term.

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Good Afternoon everyone (and good morning for the American people who love meh!)
How was your night? good!

Here's what I've done today.

I got up at 8am and the first thing I did was turn on my laptop,which was fully charged.
As it booted up,I plugged in my headphones and put on the very first song of my playlist,King For A Day.
My laptop loaded up quick and I tweeted for a bit,then came on Ficwad and updated my Fallen Angels fic with the newest Serard story.Waiting for new reviews,only Becca has reviewed it.
I then went back onto twitter,then on my account,answered the question of the day,stalkied famous people's answers then went on the ps3.I went on Playstation Home.It's sort of like a social netwroking site,yet you have an avatar and stuff,you can own apartments and stuff.Like The Sims.I went to one of the places called the singstar rooms,and a chav like avatar came and talked to my goth avatar.No,really.I'm dressed as a goth on Playstation Home.I looked awesome.Heres the convo.Bold is him,italics is me.

Wanna dance?
No,I have my headphones in (which I did at that time)

Greebo? WTF?
I then sat on the floor of the singstar rooms and watched as that chav chatted up another girl.I said aloud:

This place is full of idiots


I then went to the beach and relaxed,then The Playground and sung a bit of I'm Not Okay.
Such fun.

Then I came off the PS3,got some breakfast then played some computer games.
I played the Helena game,it's really fun.
I can't pass the first level though,same with the MCR:Sweet Revenge game.
Fucking hell.

Now I am typing this up.

I have only one more chapter to write for YCRAWMAYW.
Then I'll update the Fallen Angels Serard series of oneshots thing..


Mia,I wrote the new oneshot you wanted.
Please read it,I put what I want my oneshot to be about in the description after the oneshot aswell.
Nothing specific can happen.
Everything is explained I think,but review this and I'll tell ya exactly what you wanna know.

That's about it for now.

Time to read some fics,I think...

partys to MCR

xo Sadie
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